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Friday, July 02, 2004
oops - i know i didn't post yesterday - forgot and then only remembered when i was in my bed - doh! oh well... not a whole lot happened anyway.. sorry - having a chillin time at the moment... well trying to anyway! Although having said that, yesterday was quite busy. Today i'm just abuot to head up to the academy to pick up my brothers drums, then i'm going up to Peterhead to see my grandparents. DRIVING - WHOO HOO! then i'll be back here pretty sharpish to have a quick look in on Simcha (the dance group i started here) and then i'll be off to catch my train back to Glasgow - my doesn't time fly when you're having fun!!!!! Graduation tomorrow, church on sunday, Troon monday - what fun. Think i'll be catching up on all my films next week at UGC - tee heee....
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