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Thursday, June 03, 2010
Yep its decided = i'm pretty much decided that I prefer being cold to being hot. It's soooo hot outside, which is fine, but i'm far more enjoying the coolness of my flat. And when I walked into the wee tesco down the road earlier to get stamps it was a beautiful feeling walking into the aircon.

I wonder how on earth I'm going to survive in Uganda where something like aircon will def not exist. I know Jen's told me before that you do actually acclimatise... thats a gd thing I suppose... altho I do not think that I am a normal person when it comes to being able to cope with heat. heh.

Anyway - we're getting there (slowly) with getting things sorted for going away. Met some of the group of 4 that are coming with us from Duncancraig High School on Tuesday night, so that's something, and at long last i've managed to get around to sorting out my travel Insurance... Have even managed to get some bits 'n bobs clothes-wise which is gd... Now i have to find a way of asking my bank for £200 of VERY good condition BANK OF ENGLAND notes... Apparently thats what you use to exchange your money in Uganda... also need to get me some Euros - perhaps I can nick some off of dad seeing as I gave him 30 Euros after I got back from Corfu a couple of years back... LOL

oh yeh, and insect repellant - deet spray apparently - can't decide whether I should get the 60ml or 120ml bottle tho? any takers? Can get that off of amazon tho, so no big deal there.

Passport away to get visa at the moment - so thats fine...

My sister's getting me my Malarone (Anti-malarials)

hmmm. Can't think of what else I need to do... it is getting crazily close tho.. 33 days - eeeeeeeep.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010
Abbie - the amusing pooch with odd tendencies...
Ok so this will be the last one for tonight (although not hopefully for a long time, i'll try and post more often... heh)

I love my pooch, and she makes me laugh a lot... especially with her facial expressions...

But seriously... what possessed her to lie down practically IN my plate cupboard?!

Again - all answers on a postcard XP


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what a view!
One of my friends that I know through mission invited me over to help her church out with a few thing last week... and she invited me into her flat before we made the short journey to her church... But WOW was I impressed with the view from her living room!!!

As you can see... her flat is right on the Clyde and she has a really gd view of the squinty bridge and the SECC

I could have that for me... not on a youthworkers salary though LOL


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Ok so a couple of weeks ago... we were waiting on Sauchihall street for our pals to arrive to go for dinner before our bible study group, and this is what I noticed... it amused me somewhat...

All answers on a postcard LOL


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I dunno if i've mentioned hollie on here for a long time... But if you didn't know, Abbie (my pooch) has a sister called Hollie and MY sister Fiona and her Hubby Richard have her....

But this has got to be one of the CUTEST pics of hollie ever!!!!

She'd just been a long walk to shackin' briggie 'n back if memory serves... very cute tho! =)

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Ok... so one day, Stephen (volunteer from my church) and I were on our way to the Bible study group we go to in the city.... we're driving along in heavy traffic on the M8 and this is what passes us...

Yes that is a train carriage. Most random, and most amusing.... =)


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Saturday, May 29, 2010
Banner painting
So if you follow me on her (which i know not many people do, but there you go) you will probably figured out by now that I'm quite arty...

Well before I came down to Glasgow i went through a phase of painting banners. Just a different expression of my faith I guess... I have the majority of my banners in a bag here - we've sometimes used them for missions and such in the past, although all but one have been gathering dust in a bag over recent years. the one hangs in my bedroom... it's one of my favourites. I'll maybe put up a pic of it some time.

But there are another 2 that i did - one has been hanging in my dad's study for the past 7 years, and the other, which i had TOTALLY forgotten about until my visit back north in April, has been hanging in the Church Centre in Kemnay. I was into the centre saying goodbye to a friend when I noticed it - another fave of mine I'd have to say... and was most suprised to see it still hanging there...

However, at the Pentecost in the park weekend my brother asked if they could use all of the banners in order to decorate the tent a bit - of course I was happy for that =)

Perhaps i'll do some banner painting again some day... think i'd need to get some more of that heavy lining tho - the more recent stuff i got wasn't as good to paint on =)

the things you can do with old curtain lining =)

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Can you spot the dog?
Lol - my brother is a total dafty sometimes...

can you spot Abbie the dog?

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Kemnay Church Centre Coffee Shop
Have you ever been to Kemnay?

or... more to the point have you ever been to the Church Centre Coffee shop there?

if your answer is no, then i totally encourage you to go some time. The soup is always good... When i was there back in April this wee note which had been left by another customer... it amused me. But its true!!!!

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Yeh so since January when we went to Deep Impact, on the way there Archie (the car) decided to stop regulating the air temp output in the car. Was awful. Basically meant that whenever you were in the car for more than like 10 mins you started to boil alive (unless you opened the windows, and yes if you wanted to not die of heat that included opening them even tho it was pouring outside)

But when i was home over the Easter Break my dad being the amazing man that he is sorted him out... but he had to figure out what the prob was before being able to get the 'bit' to repair him... so this is Archie mid-operation. lol.

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And the Truth...
Yeh so as you will remember we took our yp to a weekend away at the Barcaple Abernethy adventure centre back in February... As part of the weekend we had a morning service where the yp took part in workshops in order to effectively create their own service.

the workshops were:
and drama

Myself and a couple of the other leaders were in charge of the art workshop, and we figured that we could make a freeze of sorts for the yp to add to. Here is the background for our freeze which i made =)

We spent some time looking at scriptures which talked about Jesus and the Truth and obviously John 8:32 inspired these discussions greatly. Perhaps i'll manage at some point to get a pic of the freeze finished so that you can see the yp's additions to it =)

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Get ready for some back-log blogging...
Ok so i've not blogged in ages. Partly coz i've just been too busy... partly because the times i've had something to share i've not had access to the computer or just forgotten/been to busy to update with it...

So just now i'm currently transfering pics etc from my phone, so you never know, perhaps you'll get some stuff from that. =)

BUt for now things are gd. Was back home last weekend at Kemany for Pentecost in the Park. Surprised my family which is always fun, but i managed to get the weekend off work and it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.

For those of you who don't know what Pentecost in the Park is... Basically my home church run a weekend long event at their church and also in a Marquee in the local park which is open to all and includes stuff from coffee morning type stuff, to services with speakers, youth events, childrens events and loads more. Tis good fun. But the thing that makes it special for me is that the last time this happened 10 years ago in the year 2000, I was baptised during the morning service at it. The day after my 16th birthday. Man I feel old. But ye, so it was special, but it was mostly special to just be able to go back and be a part of my church family back there and just be able to muck in and work alongside folks that i've not been able to do that with for the past 7 years.

and really, to be honest, God is good, and that's really what matters =)

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Sunday, March 07, 2010
Barcaple youth weekend away - the result =)
Yes so, last weekend we took our young people away to the Abernethy Trust Activity Centre in Barcaple (down past Dumfries) and despite a hairy time getting things sorted on the run up to it (communication at the centre sucked big time on occasions), we got there and had a fabulous time!!! Like seriously!

The activities were amazing... like at the previous centre we've been to their 'team challenge' activity is basically puzzles that you need to work out as a team... so when my group got to that activity on the Saturday morning we were most amused when we found out that at Barcaple 'Team Challenge' is actually an assault course... which you (as a team) have to carry a bucket of water through, and a big plastic tube and in our case a tangerine (well the instructor had wanted to give us a raw egg... thankfully the kitchen didn't have any! lol). So basically there were cargo nets, small concrete tubes to crawl through, the 'chicken coupe' and although i probably got the most bruises from it (and a grazed knee) it was soooooooo much fun! and Such a laugh!

But yeh, the sessions were great too. Despite worries about how we had such a great range of yp (p7-S6) attending and moreso that they varied hugely in their experience of God and Church, we had a great time. We learned about who God is... How he is Love, our stronghold, our Redeemer, the Truth and is unending. And the yp and leaders got loads out of it! So ultimately it was a magic weekend. God blessed us loads! =) He is awesome!!!!

Anyway - below you can see some video footage from the weekend that i've put together for our service at church tonight =)

Enjoy... =)

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Thursday, February 25, 2010
Barcaple youth weekend away
So we're taking our young people away in... 1 day and 15 hours time...

i'd really appreciate it if you would stand in prayer with me about it...

prayer points:
* we have a diverse range of yp attending from no relationship with God, to very passionate about God and walking daily with him - so if you could pray that all teaching would speak to all then that would be great!
* that we would all be safe not only in travel to and from (we've had a lot of snow with more on the way) but also during the outdoor activities that the centre has planned for us =)
* that there would be unquestionable unity amongst the team leading.
* that our focus would be completely on God - for yp and leaders.
* that yp would come to christ and know his love.

thanks =) xx

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010
The Steve Strong Show...
This is Stephen Strong at his best... like really!!! XD

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Monday, February 22, 2010
The excitement is building...
So... for the past 4 years we've been taking our youth from Kenmure on a youth weekend every year in February... we go to an adventure centre somewhere in scotland. The last 3 years we've been at the Compass Christian Centre in Glenshee, this year for a change we've opted to got to the Abernethy Trust Centre in Barcaple. It's not been without it's challenges so far, but i'm really looking forward to getting there and getting into it all =)

Our theme for the weekend is 'This is our God'. The idea behind this is that we have such a huge diversity amongst the young people (both age - P7-S6 and spiritual maturity - no Christian understanding to passionate for living for God) and so we've gone for this theme as it will hopefully allow us to really enable all groups to engage with God... either for the first time, or deepen a relationship they already have with God =)... The plan is to have 5 teaching sessions, each looking at who God is.
Friday night - God is Love
Saturday morning - God is a Stronghold
Saturday evening - God is a Redeemer
Sunday morning - God is Truth
Sunday afternoon - God is unending
The intention is to start each session with a big sheet of paper with the characteristic on it i.e. 'Love' and get the yp all to tell us what they think this means and write that onto it... Then we'll unpack what it means for God. So really looking forward to that =)

Aside from the sessions we have activities too =) so we'll be doing various team challenges, abseiling, zip wire... it's going to be lots of fun... yes we'll all be knackered by the time we get home, but it only happens once a year =)

stay tuned for thoughts after the weekend =)

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MLTP training...
So this weekend I've been in Dunblane for my latest MLTP training weekend (Mission Leaders Training Programme for the Church of Scotland)... I had kinda been dreading it coz i knew I had a lot of work still to do for the upcoming week with the church to The Abernethy Centre in Barcaple down past Dumfries... But it was actually a really gd weekend. Even almost relaxing in some ways. Had a few sessions, some role play (what joy) and I learned not to be too warey of wee babies LOL.

One of the couples involved in the Task Group for Impact (that organise the weekend) had their wee 7 week old daughter Lucy with them... and within 2 mins of walking into the room her dad Colin had put her in my arms.. now i'm not usually one for seeking to hold babies. Actually i normally have a feeling of doom whenever I have to hold one LOL, but this weekend Lucy has won my heart lol.

She's a wee darling. I think it's possible that I probably held her more this weekend than i've ever held a baby EVER! lol. Which is quite a milestone for me if i'm honest... BUt don't u think she's cute?

Anyway - I didn't mention this yet... but it would appear that my guitar has walked from the church which is very sad =( there was a glimmer of hope last night that we may have found someone that borrowed it, but it would appear not. meh.

Anyway a busy week ahead... I should really be asleep, but the GB men are winning the Curling against the USA (for now), its the 9th end (out of 10) so a close match... would really like to see it to its conclusion. hopefully. lol....

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