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Thursday, November 29, 2007
At home, and soooooo relaxed.
Its nice... I'm sitting on my brothers double bed (he's at uni) looking out the window of what used to be my room when i was small... It's a blue sky, I can hear the birds tweeting, and it's oh so peaceful... a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Bishopbriggs.

(oooop Abbie has taken a shine to the fish and has her nose right up at the tank! *lol* just as well Phil's not here *heheh*)

But yeh... It's been a good 48 hours... Drove home on Tues to surprise my mum and brother (sister and dad already knew) coz I needed a break from work. Well actually considering I've been a total of something stupid like 30 hours over, in the past 4 weeks I kinda am due the time back, although i have taken some work with me to do. But yeh. No stress. No pressure, just peace. It's nice. And I'm glad I took the opportunity when it came along.

The drive was good - ipod music always good!
I've managed to make over 30 Christmas cards *yay*
Did some house work for mum yesterday. Went to Costco, Wastepaper enterprises, and lunch with my grandparents and aunt (who i also surprised) which was especially nice *grins*
Today I've been treated to a long lie. Something i've not had in a looooong time. And when I got up my dad had already walked Abbie and fed her. So yeh. Am pretty much being pampered. It's nice.

I've been doing some prep for Sunday though. Am more or less sorted for Sunday morning now... But about to do some research for Sunday night. Only for about 20 mins though. Abbie and I will go 'n pick mum up from her work at 12noon *smiles*
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
*has taken a hiatus*
Well... I'm at home... I'm not really on holiday in that i've taken work with me to do coz I have a lot of paperwork to catch up on after a couple of months of complete bedlam with prep for the youth coffee morning and other things taking up a huge amount of my time. In fact generally my hours have been crazy of late, so technically i'm at home trying hard to get some of my overtime back, coz i've tried this before and always end up over and more again. So yeah. Nice to be home :)
Already done some Christmas card making. And had the dogs out a walk...
Am knackered though. Has just hit me, bit time. Meh.

Fun Fun...

oh btw... 28 sleeps *grins*
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Thursday, November 15, 2007
i have such a sad sense of humour... that is all....

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coffee morning...

been very busy this morning... was up at 8am and haven't really stopped since... more craft stuff and making posters and leaflets for our youth coffee morning next Saturday... It's been a busy couple of days, and in the meantime that's really not going to change... i should get back to it...
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
a proper update with pics!!!
Well it's been a while since i've done a proper update.... it's been an extremely busy couple of days and i was soooooo glad of the chance for a long lie in bed this morning, followed by a chilled morning of watching some ER. Thought since i was chilling a bit that I would do an update with some pictures. Starting with the sponsored ramble.....
It had some of the most beautiful scenery at parts.. and it was good fun. The young people all did really well, especially the younger ones who were asking 'how much longer' from about 500 metres into it *lol* it was good though... although i ended up carrying Abbie for the last bit coz she was just sooo tired after all those extra walks while we were in Crovie the week before *heheh*
Saturday there was the BB coffee morning... They had a toy, book and cd sale.. I helped them out... was great fun! annnnd I found Honey!!!!!I'm gonna give her a good wash the the washing machine, but she's soooo cool! So that means i now have a honey and a sad sam. Makes me =). I also got a wee teddy for Abbie.. which she loooooooooves... seemed to make up for the fact that I had left her on her own all morning *hehehe*
anyway i guess i should go and do something more productive....
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Friday, November 02, 2007
I have my bank card at last... and it came relatively early in the day which means that i'm not stuff in the flat with a rather energetic pup for the rest of the day *grins*

My latest ER boxset came yesterday *grins* - i haven't seen this series at all, so am enjoying that...

I got to WIG last night... Was good. 1 Timothy 4 - all about false teachers 'n stuff... i have to say though we spent more time discussing other issues surrounding the passage than actually getting all of the questions done, but there was a lot of food for thought and a good session. I kinda wish i had a bible study group like that more often... will have to work on that i think. Anyone know of any wednesday night Bible Studies in the b'briggs area? wishful thinking i reckon.

Am currently trying to learn some finger picking for songs on guitar.... current choices being seven nation army by the white stripes (such a gooooood riff!!!!) and tears in heaven... which is actually quite hard.. but i'm learning. Decided that i needed to learn how to use guitar tabs so that i can get into the groove of writing bass tabs a bit easier for one of the young people who has just started playing the bass and wants to take it along to youth band. See we've been praying for drums and bass at youth band since it started almost 4 years ago... i guess its true when they say patience pays off *grins*

Anyway - its the BB coffee morning/ toy sale tomorrow - so I've offered to do some baking... already done peppermint sqaures *yum* but gonna try some banana cake and carrot cake today i think... all exciting!!! Will have to keep some for myself *grins* its for a good cause anyway - a couple of the BB boys are going over to LUWERO in Uganda to help out there. It'll be a great experience for them for sure.

Anyway - much to be getting on with as I'll have to take Abbie to the vet to get her stitches out soon =)

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