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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Had a good managers meeting yesterday. Didn't get any more of my essay done, but i suppose its not the end of the world coz it's pouring here today so ill just stay indoors and do it this afternoon. Its not dur for another 2 weeks anyway - so i'm writing it with plenty of time to spare.
Also went out with dad for a lovely meal at DiMaggio's and then to the cinema to see 'Open Water' - very weird film about divers being left in the ocean on their own. Didn't end how i expected it to end... lovely. And when i got back to the flat i was shattered and slept right through until 9am - whoo hoo!
Other than that there isnt much to report. I have work again tonight - Inspired, so i have to do prep for that at some point before i leave, and i'm hoping to have a go at seeing if the projector will work with my laptop - a little experiment - but i suppose that depends on how much of the essay i get done. Really want it finished before next Monday when we start back at college for our induction. All of the new students are in today - they must be in the worship area at the moment coz i haven't seen anyone yet. (although the youth min folk were in yesterday so i saw a couple of them). what joy...
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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Had a lovely night with dad last night! We went out for a meal (steak night, so dad was well chuffed!) and then went back to the college and dad gave me a pressie in the form of the Simcha Concert from 2002 on DVD - i was sooo happy... i watched it when i went to my bed!
I also helped Kat move rooms as she had to have moved by this morning for another person to move into her old room... didn't take us long - thankfully she didn't have a lot of stuff...
But oh well - i'm off to work for a manager's meeting soon so i should really go get myself ready.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Right okey doke... Had a really good practice in the church last night with the young people for the music group. I was really pleased and they seemed to build up confidence as the night went on. I think they jsut need the space in the church rather than the wee hall... Although it gets cold in their in the winter months. Maybe i can come to a compromise with the guy who does the heating... hmmm *thinks*.
We also had a 'meeting' when i got back last night so that we could meet the new wardens (and some of the new residents) and also that they could obviously meet us. It was cool we had hot chocolate - YUMMY! and just chatted for a while... but then i headed to bed so that i could do my Bible study!
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Monday, September 27, 2004
well... i just got an email from a friend which had headed to Italy 2 weeks ago to tell me she's back... Turns out Italy isn't so hot and she just doesn't want to do economics anymore... I reckon God has something big for her to do back here *big grin*
NOt much else to say today... once Kat gets back from her driving lesson then she and I will go food shopping then i won't have long before I have to go to work - it's the music group tonight and this is their last practice before playing at church next Sunday, so i hope it sounds ok...
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Sunday, September 26, 2004
HI! had a very productive day yesterday... got things done which i had been waiting WEEKS to do and hadn't got round to because i'd be ill and busy... so that was good. Also went to see a film called 'the punisher' which was ok, but i don't think i want to see it again... it's a bit gorey in some parts - euw!
However we had the start of the 15+ group today. Today we did an introductory session about Christianity as we're going to be looking at the deep stuff over the next few weeks and it went pretty well... Just hoping that they all come back and get something out of it. We can only pray! Plus the speaker did a very good sermon tonight, it was all about temptation and not giving into the evil one 'n stuff like that, and how God is bigger, which i just thought was FABBY!
Plus my cousin Daniel got Baptised today in the North Sea - WHOO HOO - so it's all good!
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Friday, September 24, 2004
It's been a busy day, but i just wanted to say, that I SAW KAY FROM LOOSE WOMEN WHILE I WAS IN TOWN TODAY! whooo hoo... i know no one will know who she is, but it put some light in my day seeing a famous person *big grin* now i've got to go and do some work - ARGH!

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What more can i say?! Last night was UNBELIEVABLE! The crunch finally came and I cracked! I would have given ANYTHING to have moved out of the college flats there and then! It's getting rediculas... things keeping breaking through wear and tear but never getting fixed and it's driving me insane! I came back to find my food in the fridge not being cooled because the kitchen had tripped and noone had 'noticed' - ARGH! It's just not funny anymore! And then the assistant warden had the cheek to have a go at me, and that just got me raging. Argh! It just annoys me that i'm stuck here. The only possible silver lining would be the wireless which we will hopefully be able to use soon... but if they restrict that then that's just going to annoy me even more! It's such an illogical place! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...
Having said that, i had a lovely afternoon with Sheena yesterday... She wanted to go and buy glasses... and ironically asked me to go with her as a second opinion - hehehe... of course it wasn't long before she realised that i'm one of the most non-commital people on the planet, especially when it comes to helping other people buy stuff for themselves - lol! But we found a pair which were lovely... but i still think she should have got the groovy pinky-red ones... they were LOUD - hehehehehe...
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Thursday, September 23, 2004
After i got back from the film last night i spent the whole night trying to do prep for the 15+ group which starts back on Sunday... Which was fun considering i needed 3 dvd's and i only had one of them... luckily Emily had the other two, but still! *rolls eyes* so there's nothing much to report to be honest... quite boring. Not doing much today either, just some more prep for that group and then I have to get some stuff to Sheena for it (i forgot to take the stuff down to photocopy with me - ARGH!) and then i've got a supervisors meeting and 'Inspired' tonight - both of which i'm sure will be greeeeeeat fun - lol!
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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Just been to sawe an awesome film called 'Wicker Park'... i recommend you all go and see it - it's FAB!
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Had a great nite last night... Dad and i headed off to Pizza Hut - yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - and then to a film, which was a slow-ish film, but once you'd seen it in it's entirity - it was actually quite good. It was Tom Cruise's latest film 'Collateral'. Headed to bed when i got back coz i was shattered, but surprise surprise i couldn't sleep.
Was up early this morning though coz i had a meeting at 9:30am with Tim (cherie's husband) about the youth in Bishopbriggs. He's trying to set up a network with the churches to get the youthworkers etc working together, which i think is fabulous!!!! I would have done it myself had i a little bit more experience and a few more years under my belt... but this is great!!! It's an answer to prayer! *WHOO HOO!* It's all very exciting.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Well last night's band practice wasn't the best i've heard, but i'm sure it'll improve as the kids get used to playing again - i just hope that the two songs for next week are sorted by then!
Dad picked me up after group and i made him food - so that was nice... today? welllllllllllllllllll was meant to be doing something with dad, but thats currently got a question mark next to it, other than that I could go to GB, but if i dont' go out with dad then i think i'll stay in and do some paperwork for church. It has to be done sometime *sigh*. Ill maybe grab some books out of the library for my essay later too, you never know. It just seems like i've got so much to do but never enough time to do it in - MOST frustrating! *rolls eyes*
Having said all that though it's actually SUNNY at the moment here in Glasgow, such a contrast to the previous few days - *WHOO HOO*
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Monday, September 20, 2004
I'm annoyed... a certain someone from the flat is driving me insane... today, i needed onto a computer to do something, but because they were using the only one which is working at the moment, i left them to it. WHen i EVENTUALLY got on they had the cheek to come and ask me to get off the computer so they could use it. I'm TRES annoyed.
I also had to fork out £30 for a stupid ink cartrigde today for the stupid printer... so i'm hoping i'll get that money back off the church, if i don't i'll be even more annoyed!
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my goodness... what a weekend! i've been bogged down with the cold for the whole of it! So spent most of it doing prep and generally being ill :-( Church was ok yesterday though i guess... oh and i had a BIG GRIN across my face on the way home from church last night when Sheena sent me a text telling me that she had been roller-blading... oh the mental image - hehehhehe... Got quite a bit of prep to be getting on with before Music group tonight - we have a prospective drummer coming along tonight... hopefully she'll like what she sees and will want to get involved... not much else that i can think of to report back on... very foggy headed - doh!
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Friday, September 17, 2004
Urgh... can't be bothered writing much today... Didn't sleep well last night. It was after 6am before i drifted into anything like a sleep... it was so annoying and so now i'm absolutely shattered!!!!! thankfully i didn't have to get up for anything, so i let myself sleep on for a bit, but i'm just so tired and i have a sore head *whoo hoo*.
Inspired was pretty good again last night. We spent a lot of time on mime and drama for a change, but it was good. And 2 of the girls came back which was fabby... now i've got loads and loads of prep to do for Music group, not mentioning the essay i have to write before i go back to college - argh! Ah well i'm off - must keep myself awake though!
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Thursday, September 16, 2004
Yesterday seemed to come and go very quickly! eeeeeeeeeek. And when i got to my bed, guess what I couldn't sleep! ARGH! BUt oh well... worse things happen i guess. Got quite a bit of prep to do today. I really, really can't be bothered, but i need to get myself motivated. Once I start i'm sure i'll get on a roll!!!!
*random moment* my mum just texted me asking my shoe size... very odd *raises eyebrow* Sheena texted me yesterday, sounds like she's enjoying her break which is good... they actually had some sun yesterday - lol.
It very exciting at the moment... the college is installing a wireless system, of which my laptop can already pick up the signal. WHat's even more exciting was that i managed to browse the net for all of 2 seconds last night, but still it's very exciting!!!!! WHOO HOO!
Ohter than that i didn't do much yesterday - had my meeting with Iain, which was ok i guess. ANd i spent a lot otime online talking to some of my young people from church, and various other friends, which was nice... i love e-messenger *big grin*
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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Well it was a lovely day of nothingness yesterday... i didn't do much at all.. straight back into things today though! Got a meeting with my minister soon - what fun... but i also saw Cherie is back to work today - which i'm sure is going to be cool to have her back.
Also good news about the NYA photo CD which didn't work, we're getting a new one sent to us - whoo hoo!!! it pays to know people in high places - hehe - aka Steve *wink* BUt anyway - i should go... meeting to get to!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Managed to get 14 hours sleep last night with little interuption!!!! SOOOOOOOOO good considering that was more than i had managed to accumulate over the previous 4 nights! So i've been relaxing today, and doing some bits and pieces for work, but nothing overly taxing! Been looking at printers and external hard drives online to see what's available - what fun! Should really have gone to get food from Tesco's but considering it's raining, that's not exactly the biggest invitation to go out... it's at times like these that i miss my car!
But anyway - i can see the coming weeks becoming more and more hectic!!! Between my own stuff for church, meetings about joint youthwork with other churches in Bishopbriggs, an essay for college and the new term starting in a couple of weeks... who said the students life was an easy and relaxing one?!??!?!?!
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Monday, September 13, 2004
Well, i'm not long back from NYA 2004 (national youth assembly) and although i'm currently not feeling too tired, i can guarantee that i actually am... a full and packed programme was provided for us from 7am -2am and it was not unusal to hear that folk hadn't actually made it to bed (and i'm not just talking about delegates!)... over the course of the past 4 nights i've only had about 12 hours sleep, so i think i'm currently running on a reserve tank!
But the weekend was fab! Their workshops were inspiring, the worship was great and the debates were challenging and I loved getting the chance to make my views heard! We debated topics such as spirituality and the church, why young people are less likely to join the church and issues related to that, the issue of capping the number of ministers in training at any one time, and finally today, we looked at the 'inclusive church' - all the debates last more than 2 hours - but it was great! I'll definitely be heading back next year if I get the chance!!
now... food and then bed!
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Thursday, September 09, 2004
Yesterday was an interesting day i guess... spent most of it doing work for church and online researching software and hardware for my computer... also bought myself a 1GB pen drive *big grin* which i'm sure is going to be useful! Other than that i just had a music meeting, which was ok... went on a bit late though mind... was about 10pm by the time i got back and coule phone mum... And dad tells me that Scotland were held to a goalless draw... how annoying! you see that's only coz i didn't get to go!!!! *wink*
Ah well... not up to a whole lot today - just doing prep for Inspired tonight and creating a couple of posters for groups... shouldn't be too taxing *wink*.
Looking forward to tomorrow now though!! NYA BABEY!
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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Had a great time yesterday... After a day of chilling and cleaning I went out for pizza with dad and then we went to the cinema to see 'The Terminal'... was great and the film was quite good too :-) was quite funny... or at least dad thought it was funny - lol.
Been quite busy today... spent a lot of time researching hardware and software for my laptop which i got back yesterday - WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! and also spent a fair bit of time working on the Kenmure youth Calander for 2004 up until Christmas... just waiting on the GB to give me their dates... So it's been a busy enough day... Heading off to a music meeting tonight at the manse. I'm sure that will be fun. Then home to my comfy bed!!!!!!!
should really think about starting to pack for NYA... things are so last minute these days! *rolls eyes*
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Tuesday, September 07, 2004
i ache all over today... but the badminton was worth it yesterday!!!!! hopefully the more i do it the less i'll suffer afterwards... made good use of my day so far... had a good long sleep and then headed off to Tesco's to get food - but forgot yoghurt - DOH! then i spent some time watching the news and taking world issues in and now i'm checking stuff online and doing various bits and pieces...
I could strictly speaking go and visit the Girls Brigade at the church tonight, but i've decided to take a 'day off', coz if i didn't then i would be working 13 days straight and my poor we body can't cope with that quite yet... nice to be in demand though *wink*
Also was offered by the BB captain to go with the BB to the Scotland match tomorrow night, but i have a pants meeting about music in the church at the manse... no fair!!!! but i think he's gonna invite me to the next one they go to - hoep i can go - tee hee!
ooooooooooh isn't life fun!
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Monday, September 06, 2004
Thanksgiving was great... 'twas fab to see everyone again, and the service was great! The speaker was fab and the ceilidh (SP?)was excellent too!!! Great band *wink* was a bit hot for dancing though and so i spent most of the night outside in the fresh air - i did do a couple of dances though - hehehehe... church yesterday was ok too, i was really tired from the night before though - and so was Heather - but at least she got to go back to bed in the afternoon - i didn't!!!!!!!!!! Went to play badminton with Kat this morning and i won 3 games out of 3 *chessy grin* was good though... i haven't played badminton in YEARS! Tired from that now though... and then came back to the college to find that my shower wasn't working (ARGH!!!!!!!!!) but now i'm just about to head off to church... no music group tonight - instead i'm helping to present a resource meeting for the people of the church who work with young people and children... looks like it's going to be an 'interesting' evening...
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Friday, September 03, 2004
inspired was great last night - and was very inspiring - excuse the pun... didn't do much afterwards just came home to ma bed... but Sheena gave me a lift home and i was winding her up a bit... coz apparently her name is actually Jean.. well actually to be more precise it's Jean Sheena Hair... BUT the thing is that Sheena is Gaelic for Jean... SOOOOOOOOOOOOO her name is effectively Jean Jean Hair... tee hee... i find the smallest of details amusing... lol.
Anyway - not up to a whole lot today - meant to be enrolling in a gym and booking a badminton court for next week - but we'll see and then tomorrow it's THANKSGIVING BABEY! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHA!
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Thursday, September 02, 2004
meeting with Ian my minister yesterday - first one since probably June... it nice to finally be getting back into a routine!!!!!!! just pottered around for the rest of the day and then headed out to see King Arthur at the cinema with Kat - was an ok film i guess... saw the trailer for Alien vs. Predator - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! anyway, i've got to go meet someone from the chruch at Wesley Owen - must dash!
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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Yesterday was a strange day, still slightly freaked out by those pictures for most of it... but caught up with 6 weeks of ironing - whoo hoo - took me a while tho! Also managed to get some admin stuff sorted for college starting next month - so this will be me starting to do all my reading prep - what joy... also went to see Sheena, which was good... stopped me freaking about those pics which was nice. It's good when someone can put things into perspective for you... been playing the guitar a lot too, trying to get my fingers back to playing standard after not playing alot all for like 4 weeks running... but i'll get there...
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