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Sunday, October 31, 2004
(music - anything but ordinary, Avril Lavinge)

Well thats me not long back from church and again I came home to be confronted by the guys playing lazer quest in the corridors - heheheh... At least Josh ASKED if he could use me as a human shield this time... Unfortunately for him i didn't allow him too - hehe. Well it's Halloween... Not much to say I guess... So many people down here, even in my church think it's so harmless... i'm not convinced to be honest.
Urgh - sitting here looking around my room and it is such a state! i suppose i should try and clean it up at some point - but the essay has to come first before work tomorrow, so my room will just have to wait! Must remember and put the books back to the library too, otherwise i'll be getting fined big-time! Suppose i should get the reading sorted for my classes for next week too - where did all my time go?! argh!
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(music - the scientist, coldplay)

Did a session on Halloween and the Occult this morning in Bible Class and it went pretty well... The kids seemed to really get into the dicsussions... Heading back to church again soon... But i'm not doing anything tonight - just the evening service - and i get to jsut sit and relax - whoo hoo!

I think i can say my exciting news now... My pastoral carer and supervisor are going out - it's very sweet!!!! I'm so happy for them...

Anyway - i'm just waiting on food coming out of the oven, so i think i should go rescue it....
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Saturday, October 30, 2004
(music - Losing Grip, Avril Lavigne)

Been sitting doing my PP for tomorrow all evening and it's done now - whoo hoo! So all is good... Just have to make up a basic worksheet and then i'll be heading off to bed!

Hoping you guys are all remembering the clocks go back tonight!!!! It was Peter that reminded me! (thanks peter) pheeeew!

Anyway i'm off again...
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(music - everytime, Britney Spears)

It's mad in the corridor at the moment - went to get my washing out of the machine and got caught in the cross-fire... a few of the students have invested in lazer quest stuff... you know the game you run around and you're in team and you have to shoot the pack on the other person to 'get them'. Well apparently these packs give off a small shock every time you get shot... they're have a great time... I got caught when Simon was using the clothes horses in the drying room as a baracade and i was needing to put my stuff in there to dry and then on my way back to my corridor he used me as a human hostage and body sheild - most amusing... anyway, back to doing my prep for tomorrow...
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(music - this mystery, Nicole Nordeman)

Sitting chatting to my friend Ruth fae Cumnock at the moment... Having a laugh... 'tis good. Didn't make it to the tutorial session this morning, was too tired. But about to start getting stuff together for tomorrow's session on the Occult for the Bible Class (11-14's) oh... there we go - thats mum now online... Anyway - i've been doing some bits and pieces in research for tomorrow, but not much so today i have to sort the Powerpoint and gather all my info - hopefully it'll be good.

got a few other bits and pieces to catch up on too, but i'm sure if i pace myself then i'll get it all done!

gotta dash...
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(music - Further on up the road, Eric Clapton)

Eric Clapton is such an amazing guitarist... which i could play like him *cough*
Anyway - just thought i'd let you all know that i have finally managed to write 1151 words of my essay! it's not great, but the basic skeleton is there so i can come back to it again on Sunday or Monday and work on it - which is fab!
Now talking to Kirsten online - whoo hoo - not talked to her in AGES!

Anyway - off to bed for me so i can get up for the study session!
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Friday, October 29, 2004
(music - Amsterdam, Coldplay)

well, i've been sitting in my room from when i got up this morning until now, and i've spent the majority of that time reading commentaries and other secondary literature for this exegesis... But i can now annouce that I've managed to write a grand total of 78 for my introduction up until this time - whoo hoo! i'm hoping i'll get quite a lot of it done before i go to bed tonight, coz now that i've done a lot of reading, the theory is that i should be able to just write and refer to the appropriate sources... that way i can focus on my Church:mission and meaning class reading with the guys and then do my prep for Sunday morning class tomorrow. Whoo hoo. The theology guys who are good at the Belief and thought classes have been doing 'tutorials' with us youth min students. I didn't get to go to the last couple coz i was busy, but i'm hoping to be up in time for the one tomorrow, hopefully it'll help with my understanding of the topic in hand - it's all very heavy stuff!
Anyway - i should get back to writing some more of my essay before Emily comes storming into my room!
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(music - Love is all around me, Wet Wet Wet)

awwwww... ah well... if nothing else i'm getting to remenisk in a classic song which talks about loooooove... Should be doing my essay, and i'm just about to go and start it. But talking to Lynda on msn at the mo - haven't talked to her for months, so we're catching up a bit...
lying low today so that i can get my essay done... meant to be going to the cinema but dunno if i feel like it anymore... we'll see.

love is all around me...
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(music - love is in the air (sorry don't know artist))

awwwwwwww... i have some fabby news, but i'm not sure it's allowed to be as public as being on a blog yet - so you'll just have to wait until I know more and know that i'm allowed to publish it... hehehehe...

Anyway - the elders visit to inspired went ok tonight and i can't think of anything else to write coz my head is taken up with the above situation!

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Thursday, October 28, 2004
(music - i'm with you, Avril Lavigne)

Argh - didn't sleep well last night... only got about 3 hours sleep :-( so i'm very tired today and my head is soooooooooooo sore! can't even go to sleep after class because i've got a supervisor's meeting that i have to be out to B'Briggs for by 6:30pm and then Inspired follows that and the elders is coming tonight - so i need to be lively... i can see me falling asleep as soon as i get back from work tonight though... although, come to think of it I have to go to the residents devotions tonight when i get back from work... d'oh! bed after that then I guess!
I had my tutor meeting for this term with Cherie today coz she came to sit in on my group on Sunday - and it was a good meeting - she's pretty happy with my work - whoo hoo!
But anyway - g2g now...
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
(music - he's got the whole in his hands)

Very annoyed right now... as usual the techincians have proven how pathetic they are at their jobs and half of us can't get onto the network - it's VERY annoying!
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(music - clocks, coldplay)

Aahhh sitting on floor in room studying for essay - think i'm going to do my exegesis on the Sabbath - now i have to find my various different versions of the bible and look for various themes within the passage - whoo hoo - of course the reason i went 'aahhh' is that i have no feeling in either of my feet because of the way i'm sitting - doh!
today is just going to have to be a study and reading day for classes, and if i get time i'll do some research for work too... i can do that after 10pm now - 'tis very cool having the wireless connection up and going! Not much else to get up tooo.... it'll be a very dull day! anyway - plenty to be getting on with...
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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
oh look what now...

You Are A Turnip!

You're kinda odd, and come in all forms, shapes and sizes, but you're energetic and pretty okay, even if some people think you're crazy!

dear dear dear...
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(music - everytime, Britney Spears)

Currently typing to you all from my bedroom at the college from my own laptop!!! The college has, at long last, got a wireless network, and I, at long last have finally managed to get my computer connected to it - whoo hoo!
Other than that i've not been up to much. Had class etc today, and dad came by to help me with someone else's computer and to drop me off some DVD's which is cool, but other than that i've not done anything exciting... Really need to go and do some work for my next essay though - it's due next week and i haven't even chosen which passage i want to do it on yet - ARGH!
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Monday, October 25, 2004
(music - everytime, britney spears)

Had an ok day yesterday - having Cherie along to the over 15's group went well, and we managed to have 5 young people there at the same time - has to be the most we've ever had (at the one time) - which was fantastic! Then came home and played the mindless game of Sim City 3000 on the computer all afternoon, which was nice and relaxing and then headed back to church (got soaked AGAIN!) and of course came back to college after church and settled down to watch a DVD.
so not much to report - got to work on essay today and do reading for class - whoo hoo!
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Saturday, October 23, 2004
didn't get a whole lot done yesterday... although i cleaned my room (you can now see the carpet!) and sorted out photocopying and books for classes, but i had hoped to get a large chunk of my work for tomorrow sorted, but the migraine took over! ARGH! Ah well... it's still not gone today, so i'll be on a strict regieme of drinking plenty of water to see if i can shift it (and probably peeing loads too - lol!)

Also it's Kat's birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAT) and she's 21! So i was original and gave her silver playdoh to bring out the child in her now that she's getting 'old' - hehehe - she liked ;)

Em's birthday tomorrow - yeehaa.
PLus i've got my tutor coming to visit my Over 15's group - i'm sure that will be a lot of fun - eeeeeek!
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Friday, October 22, 2004
Argh sore head! Have come down to the library to do my photocopying for next weeks reading and get some books out for the essay i have due soon - what fun! Went to pick up the parents at the airport, seems they had a fab time, and then we all went to a craft exhibition at the SECC... So i'm well tired, but lots still to do!
should really go and do something...
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Thursday, October 21, 2004
(music - Beautiful One, Tim Hughes)

hmmmm... tired this morning - and feeling slightly sick to my stomach - urgh! Was very busy yesterday - and there were good bits and bad bits. Had a meeting with Iain which went ok, and then came back to college and managed to scrap someones car - argh! so i then had various people going on about that at me, and then i headed out for dinner with my aunt and cousins, which was a good laugh as expected!
Then in the evening Kat, Em and Gav all had a joint party in the flat as their birthdays are all this weekend. It was good. They did some games and chatted and had cool music... I spent a bit of time talking to the new warden, and she's really nice... Today however, i have classes all day, followed by going out to B'Briggs where i have a meeting with Sheena for Sunday and then i think i'm meant to be heading to a presbytry meeting -ergh! ah well, life is dull, c'est la vie.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
(Music in my head - When tears fall, Tim hughes)

Had a lovely meal and evening at Jenni's last night. She had invited my year over (there's only 9 of us full-time now) for dinner as she wanted to get to know us, and she had lots and lots of yummy food! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm... and we had a good laugh too... very entertaining.
That was then followed by an interesting ride back to college - 3 cars, all following me. Pollokshields -> college, and i only know ROUGHLY where i'm going... it was definitely amusing!
Bonnie stayed at the flat last night too, so we were mucking around in the lounge for a while which was cool, but i was trying to do my reading for B311Y at the same time and not getting very far, so i headed to bed so i could do it and i managed to do all of the compulsory reading for tomorrow's class - whoo hoo! It's all about Ratzinger's ecclessiology (sp?) of the Catholic Church. very interesting *eyebrows raised*. I didn't realise that Salvation could come only from the church (in conjunction with an act of God) and that the church was more important than Christ or the Bible - DUH! ah well... i'm sure it'll be a good class tomorrow! Anyway - because of that i didn't get to bed until after 2am - doh!
But there's lots to do today... got to finish some reading for class, and then i've got a meeting with Iain followed by dinner with Auntie Alison and the gang - whoo hoo! (haven't seen them since the summer!) followed by a party for Kat, Em and Gav as their birthdays are all at the weekend - should be a laugh.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
tired... and haven't quite finished my reading for this afetrnoons class yet (but i'll do it at lunch). We were up late watching A.I. on the data projector, so it was about 1:30am before i got to bed, and now i'm shattered - d'oh! Was at band last night - i thought the session wasn't going anywhere for most of it, but thankfully it picked up around half way through and ended on a high when i gave the girls a lift home afterwards, so it wasn't all bad.
Up early this morning so i could move the car - disadvantage to having it i guess - but the advantages have totally outweighed the disadvantages so far so i ain't complaining!
anyway - got to head back upstairs and get my stuff for class!
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Monday, October 18, 2004
had a fantastic weekend - it was totally chilling and there was no pressure at all. Got there in one piece and then got back in one piece which was a bonus, then headed straight to bed last night - i must have slept around 12-14 hours! Had a bit of a panick today though realising just how busy the next couple of months are going to be! Roll on the Christmas Holidays!!! (and even during them i'll be writing an essay - ARGH!)
Off to work soon though - got the Youth Band tonight, but we're just going to have a small acoustic session with me on the guitar and the others singing. Hopefully i'll be able to teach them some new songs *big grin*
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Friday, October 15, 2004
Last nights group was good again... we now have 10 regulars, which for a drama group ain't too bad :) Currently stressing slightly about getting everything i need to do today done before i head off to pick Heather up at 5:30pm for Biggar... so yes - this is going to have to be another short entry!
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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Got the car... had a problem-free ride back into town... then had a girlie night with Hazel and a couple of the girls from the flat, and this morning I've been in class and placement seminar. Had about 3-4 hours sleep so very tired! also bought a digital video camera, but it's not wokring so i'll have to take it back tomorrow... argh.
I just need a break.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
well... Philip walked up from the station last night and i had his food ready for him when he came. Pork steaks in a sweet and sour sauce with chips - was quite nice even though i say so myself! Then instead of rushing off to the cinema, we didn't to hang around and check mail and play pool and table tennis. I rocked against him at pool, but he caught me at table tennis! doh!
Then i had some reading to do for classes, which i would normally have done today, so Philip watched a DVD while i did that.
He's still in bed at the moment mind you... i threatened to have the alarm go off at 8am, but he was having none of it... lol.
Anyway - today we're going to go and see wimbledon at the cinema i think and maybe go to some shops... then we'll be meeting mum and the gang, who i'm sure will all be as high as kites before they fly off for their cruise... lol.
Ah well...
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Tuesday, October 12, 2004
last night's youth band practice was FANTASTIC... hav to work on getting the drummer to be a bit quieter though... but it'll come in time.
today i've been in college all day - absolutely LOVED my Law and Narrative class for OT, and this afternoon's youthwork class wasn't too bad either. Did my lounge duty and now i'm checking mail before i have to go and make dinner for me and Philip who will be arriving into Queen Street station in around an hours time. Have to remember and fone my minister tonight to figure out what i'm going to do tomorrow about a meeting i'm meant to have... hm. But i get the car tomorrow - whoo hoo! heheheheheh... *big cheesy grin*
annnnnnnnnyway - not much else to say - laters...
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Monday, October 11, 2004
Gracie made me take a quiz on and this is what i came out as...

Captain Quack Rubber Duck Quiz

oh dear... some people just have too much time on their hands!

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Ok so Saturday ended up being an ok day. I helped Sheena cleared out some of the stuff in her spare room and move it up to her attic, which has only recently been floored... Then watched TV and had some dinner, but was home by 8 and fell asleep on my bed for a couple of hours before waking up and realising that i hadn't finished doing the slides for the group on Sunday morning - what fun.
But it was all finished by the time i went to bed and then i headed to church yesterday morning to lead the group, which went surprisingly well. Have to keep praying for them though coz it's such a small group that it's always in danger of being stopped as it's questionable as to whether it's justifable considering our lack of resources...
Then spent the afternoon reading for my Church: meaning and mission class (the hard one!) although fell asleep... lol - i now have a useful tool to put me to sleep at night! and then headed back to church for the Communion service. Then we went to catalyst with a couple of my young people which was fantastic... I'm really hoping that a few more will start coming.
Anyway - today I have to persuade Norman to give me a parking space for a week amongst other things - i'm reall hoping he will! off to do my work then i guess...
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Saturday, October 09, 2004
Had the commissioning service last night and my mum, bro and Ann came down with my dad to surprise me... was cool. there was also a few folk from my church there too and the ironic thing was that they were all sitting at on the same pew but just at opposite ends with a big gap in between - very amusing! so i had a whole pew to support me, how special i felt!
Anyway - it was a good service and James made an excellent effort at leading the worship - it was fanatastic!
Ann and the family came past this morning on their way back to Kemnay and i showed them around the building. Hard to believe i've now been here for a year - quite scary really!
Anyway - i've got to go and help Sheen clean out her spare room today, and then when i get back i'll be sorting out the Powerpoint for tomorrow morning's group - whoo hoo!

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Friday, October 08, 2004
ooops - only jsut realised that i didn't get a chance to post yesterday... pretty representative of my day i guess... i had managed to get online for all of 2 mins before i had to head to class in the morning, but that was after it took one of the library computers 8 mins to log me in!!!!!! i was NOT impressed! The quicker we get wireless the better!
I did get my battery on Wednesday btw... other than that i mostly studied and did prep for church, not much esle i'm afraid. And yesterday was MEGA busy. We had a class on 'listening and guidance skills' in the morning, followed by placement seminar. Cherie kept on picking on me and making me say stuff - not fair - ah well... then in the afternoon i had a 3rd level (3rd year) Christian Beliefs class on The church:it's meaning and mission... sounds interesting, and it is... but Darrell, the lecturer isn't the easiest to follow and he's a really hard marker and, well, it's just gonna be a really hard class to pass!
After class i headed off to Kenmure pretty much straight away and headed for my supervisors meeting with George and then onto 'Inspired' with the young folk. We gained another new member last night which was pretty exciting :) I've decided to start doing little meditations at the beginning and end of each session in order to get the kids more focused on what worship should be. Last night i used the song 'surrender' after reading them a short passage about the meaning of worship and how its not about us but about God. Seemed to work quite well... And one of them texted me afterwards thanking me as it helped her focus - which made me chuffed!
anyway - i'm waiting for a text from Fiona as I'm meeting her and Richard for lunch (i think) in town somewhere... should be fun!!! Then i've got a couple of bits and pieces to do before i head off to the Commissioning Service tonight. Iain advertised it as MY commissioning service and invited folk from Kenmure - eeeeeek! It's not though, just a general student one. I dunno what they're gonna do yet tbh!
Got to go hand in my sheets to Cherie's tin before i forget!
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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Hopefully getting delivery of my new battery for my laptop today. *whoo hoo* # - not that it makes much difference mind you. LOL. Went to the cinema last night with some friends from college and ended up seeing 'dodgeball' - not the best film i've ever seen and Hannah fell asleep, but it was ok i guess. Not doing much today, just prep for classes starting tomorrow and prep for church, what fun! Anyway - i should go so i don't miss this delivery.
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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
was up early again for the college 'fellowship day' but was failing by about 11:30am, so i headed to the library to do some work and chilled for a bit. Just been to the shops though to get some knew trousars coz my fave jeans have got to the stage that they're really worn beyond repair, well ish, but they're not of a state that i could wear them in church or anything so i bought some nice casual but smart trousars as a treat before i have to start buying Christmas pressies!
Had a terrible night last night - it was just one thing after another, but i can't be bothered going into it all just now... *rolls eyes*
anyway, hopefully i'm going to an 'international food evening' to hang out with the new students and then i'm gonna go to the cinema with the folk from my class, it'll be a good chill out before i have to hit the books tomorrow!!!! eeeeeeek!
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Monday, October 04, 2004
dum de dum... been up early today for our induction day at college... Currently on a break, but heading back to a study skills seminar in half and hour... Talked to Norman (the bursar) about the possibility of using the wireless network with my mac but he doesnt seem to know much about technology, the poor soul, so i'll have to wait until the guys are in at some point this week as to whether i'll be able to start the ball rolling with that or not.
It's been an ok day back at college, has been nice to see everyone again, and also meet some of the new students. Heading off to youth band again tonight - i'm hoping we'll have a great night after them doing so well yesterday at church!
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Sunday, October 03, 2004
At internet cafe... the kids played this morning and i thought that they were AWESOME so thanks for all the prayers guys! NOt done a huge amount this weekend... Was at the BB on Friday night - that was fun! and then yesterday i spent the whole day doing my essay and i'm glad to say that i finished it at last!!!!!!! WHOO HOO! Also went to the cinema with Simon who got back yesterday. Went to see Sky Captain - was actually not too bad... Induction starts at college tomorrow, what fun!!
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Friday, October 01, 2004
Sitting in the library surrounded by new students getting the library tour... gripping! lol. But anyway - sorta flaked around with that essay yesterday and did some more work on it... lets just say i'm 'honning' it at the moment... The lecturers can be so airy fairy with their essay questions - argh! Anyway... so i'll be doing some more of that today. Last night I was trying out my laptop with the church projector (it's an old one which someone donated) but i didn't get it doing sound... maybe i'll figure something out another time. Also had 'inspired' and Heather wasn't there, so luckily Sheena said she would help and come and be my second adult. Was an easy night for her really ;-) The girls are realy beginning to get the timing for Total Eclipse - so it's slowly beginning to look pretty good.
Was quite amusing last night... we were hiding in kat's room. Long story, but it was funny lol! Anyway - i've got lots to do... need to work on my essay again a bit, but then i'm off to pop into the BB tonight i think. whoo hoo.
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