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Thursday, May 28, 2009
the Church of Scotland General Assembly...
Whether you are a part of the church or not, you've probably been aware of various decisions made (or in some cases not made) during the GA... The News and papers have certainly reported enough about it (and not always correctly)... Typical media huh?

But yeh. I'm not going to comment on the GA. But its taken up a lot of my time watching it on its live web stream, following the debates and following it on Twitter. If nothing its nice to know that the church is moving forward in its use of technology. LOL. But it has been interesting to be able to see what happens and how things work and hear the various reports that were given. =)

That aside, at my church, we arrived the other week to find that the church now has a big screen and fixed projector in the Sanctuary *grins* and also a new fixed projector in the smaller hall *grins* - wonderful huh??? Certainly makes my life a lot easier not having to faff around with portable screens and projectors all of the time, and more importantly means that there's no possibility of children tripping over cables or knocking a projector etc (something which i was always wary of). Exciting times *grins*

But work is winding down a bit now which is nice =) means i'm not running around like a headless chicken all of the time. I even had a whole day off on monday for the bank holiday - was wonderful. Did very little *grins*.

So aye. In conclusion, techology when used well is wonderful, days off are wonderful, and the GA, well the less said about that the better. heh.

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Monday, May 18, 2009
I saw the light...
One of the young guys at my church is joining the Church on his 13th birthday in a few weeks time!! wooooop before that thought he's getting baptised by full immersion... Now we don't have a tank at Kenmure seeing as we're a CofS church, BUT we're borrowing the tank from the local Community Church the Tuesday evening before he joins the church. It's mucho exciting - I'm kinda hoping that my Boss will allow our Youth Band to play at it!! And it got me thinking about songs we could maybe attempt to do for it... but even if we don't get to do this one (i'm thinking it's probably too short notice for us to learn and do it well) it still makes me smile loads!

I saw this on youtube... and it made me smile loads *grins*

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Friday, May 15, 2009
Yes so... A girl I know is a Runner on the DIY SOS... seee...

Sandy, her brother is a youth leader in my team and has been reminding us to watch every week as we have embarked upon the 'spot Christine' game... only this week is VERY exciting, as she's properly on the show!!!! If you watch the BBC iplayer here:

then you'll see her with her swear pot and timing them during their ducking for apples game *grins*

*Wooooooooooooooooooop* for Christine *grins*


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
pastoral care...
the last couple of days have been harsh... one of the parts of my job is to serve those i work with through pastoral care. It's harsh to see young people who are going through rough times. that pretty much sums up the last 48 hours for me. but it's all part of the job. But as i face these things, I remember for myself and for the others that it says in Isaiah, 'Do not fear; I will help you' (41:13) and I believe that to be true. God is amazing. trusting in him is the best decision we can make =)

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Monday, May 11, 2009
Back tracking...
Ok... so since i've been meaning to blog about stuff and haven't been I feel that since I have a wee bit of spare time i shall back-blog now... lol.

As you all know, it's been a very busy few months, not that that's anything new I guess, but for some reason it has felt busier than the usual... but before I went home for Easter break, I was helping some friends for church move stuff from storage back into their house. They've had a massive extension put on their house over the past 6 months, and so most of their belonging were in storage for the duration of the work. But when we were moving stuff I came across a Yellow Teapot!!!!!!!

Now i'm not embarrassed to admit that as a child I loved to play with little figures and make them talk and sing 'n stuff... But the discovery of this big yellow teapot just put me right back to being little and playing with my yellow teapot... I don't know where that tea pot is now - my dad thinks its in the loft. I'm thinking it's probably not survived the many emptyings of that loft space for the Christian Aid sales at Kemnay Church, but perhaps it has. Finding it made me smile loads though - I could hardly contain my excitement! Even held it on my lap the whole way back to bishopbriggs from the storage place (and made sure that all of the people inside it (and the dog) were comfortable! *cough*) BUt yes. Was most definitely the highlight of my day XD

Next thing which I feel is important to highlight is... one night the youth band managed to get through 17 songs! yes i said SEVENTEEN!!!!! Considering we're meant to start at 7:30pm and the yp usually faff about so we don't start until nearer 8pm it's not bad to have done that many songs in just an hour! (we finish at 9pm). Therefore I feel that this needed to be recognised as an achievement, hence the picture LOL!

That aside... there has been an addition to the Buchan presence in Glasgow... Meet Archie. *grins* Have been thinking about getting a car for a while, but just been waiting for the opportunity of the right car at the right price. He's wonderful though. It's been great having more freedom, and dare I say it having the option to use the car if it's raining to avoid a soaking. But he's perfect. I'm not sure that tall people like to ride in him much, but he's just perfect for little me *grins* and Abbie enjoys a ride in him from time to time too! So yus - happy times!!

Although slightly concerning (hehehe) Would be that TWICE this week i have been 'stalked' in the car by girls from the church LOL. Was funny last night - they followed us to ASDA and then stalked us around asda also. 'Twas amusing. But yes...

back to more recent events - i've already been out today putting Christian Aid Envelopes through doors in the Parish.... Was roasting hot though! Funny how the weather just can't decide what it's wanting to do atm. But yeh, I'll have to go round the doors to try and get them back at some point this week. I'm thinking an evening. Possibly Wednesday evening or even Friday evening. Not decided yet.

But tonight is band as usual... although i'm thinking it may be quieter that usual seeing as most of the exams have started now for the teenagers. But tomorrow is the GB display rehearsal. The girls are doing fab with the song they're doing - it's gonna be good fun i think!

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009
Who do you think you are?
Ok.. so thats a question isn't it. Can been a simple question or a loaded question. Part of me would love to ask that question to folks who simply accuse people of lacking grace and love if they do not agree with them when it comes to controversial issues.

I don't often blog about issues like this, but this is bugging me. Not the actual issue itself, but the accusations which are floating around it with regards to which side of the fence you are on so to speak.

At the moment there is a big debate going on within the Church of Scotland, which has been put to the General Assembly in a couple of weeks time for them to debate. Basically an openly gay minister who lives with his partner has been appointed at a church in Aberdeen, and this has been challenged at presbytery by other ministers who do not agree with the charge. So... it goes to the general assembly to debate on the issue and decide whether they feel that it should be allowed or not. In anticipation of this, an online petition has been published for those who feel that this appointment is not in line with biblical principles.

Now i'm not going to start quoting bible passages with regards to homosexuality being 'right' or not. But one thing that is bothering me amongst all of this is the fact that some seem to think that if you sign the petition against the charge being allowed, then you lack grace and love. That really saddens me. Over 7,000 people (including whole kirk sessions etc) have signed this online petition, and I can guarantee that all of those that i know who have signed it do not lack grace OR love when it comes to this very confusing, sad and hurtful issue.

Things like this often make me wonder that if Jesus was here in this place then how would he handle this situation? In some ways it's an easy question to answer, in others not so easy. But is that because we have made the Christian faith an ineffective faith? One which just rolls over to what the world demands?

In Romans chapter 12 verse 2, Paul says..."Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."

Sometimes I think that when it comes to issues like homosexuality that folks get so worked up about 'what MY rights' are and the fact that we need to treat each other with the grace and love that God has shown us, that they come to the conclusion that we almost have to ignore their faults, or even almost encourage them in them - in fact in some instances it feels that if you do not agree with them then you're made to feel that you're wrong to voice that opinion in any way. My understanding of Jesus' teachings across the gospels is that he does not condon sin, in fact quite the opposite. In many cases he is very accepting of the individual that has sinned and tells them to 'go and sin no more'... So when did our faith become something that we couldn't stand up for scriptural truth? Yes there is no need to isolate individuals who are affected by various sins, but I sometimes wonder if those who accuse people who do not agree with those sins of lacking grace are actually more at fault. In John's gospel, (13:35) Jesus says 'Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.' Does disagreeing on a controversial issue such as this mean that I am lacking love? No. If i were to conduct myself in an unloving way, then yes. I believe that although I do not agree with homosexuality and I do believe it to be a sin, I too have sinned in other ways, but by the power of Christ can still show grace and love to those who find themselves affected by homosexuality.

Now I'm aware that some would argue that homosexuality is not a sin, and quite frankly like i've mentioned before, I'm not about to get into a debate about that. In my current understanding of the world, the bible and in my relationship with the Father, this is the conclusion I have come to so far. Please respect that and stop accusing me of lacking grace and love just because I don't agree with you. tah =)

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