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Monday, April 28, 2008
sorry for the lack of posts since i got back to Glasgow. It has simply been because i've been soooooooooooooo busy I just haven't had time at all to even look at this blog or anyone elses to be honest. Its just been crazy... Although once i'm past thursday of this week I have a relatively quiet weekend. So i'm glad of that. But prayers for me 'n my exhaustedness would be nice please :)

LOL also prayers that i can get me a new kitchen scales would be kl LOL i kinda killed the ones i had the other day... it turns out that they don't like sitting on top of the cooker when you're using the grill... so no baking for me for a while :(

but yes... even thought life is hectic its been good and i'm feeling as encouraged as ever by God and what he's doing at Kenmure *grins* its all very exciting... but yes...

I know this is short, but it shall have to do for now... hopefully i'll be on more regularly again soon x
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Wednesday, April 09, 2008
It's snowing!!!!! *grins* - i would take a picture to show you but it seems that i've kinda lost my mobile fone. we think that it's at my auntie Annie's... not sure yet though. But i woke up peuking my gutts up at 5:30am this morning (thankfully made it to the toilet first - lol) so my plans for today have kinda been sidelined - which is sad :( I was meant to be going and visiting Ann's flat for the first time - hopefully on Friday!!
i'm off to lie down again...
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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
it's been a while
Well it's been a while which is just appalling to be honest, but that's just how busy things have been - and it's set to be slightly worse for the first couple of weeks when I get back... It'll hopefully calm down a bit after that though. At the moment though i'm up in Kemnay with Abbie having a well deserved relax... I think both abbie and I have done a lot of sleeping (thats exactly what she's doing at the moment *heheh*)
I'm currently working on my 'knit your own shaun the sheep' which is probably driving mum up the wall, but i'm getting there... done his hair, his head and just almost finished his tail (it's not a normal cast off like i learned to do yesterday therefore i'm having to wait til mum comes home to get her to show me before i can move on doing ears - perhaps i shall take it with me in the car so i can start the ears!!! *heheh*) But yes - we had SNOW the other day which was very cool - i was quite disappointed though coz it didn't lie long enough for us to build some snow dogs *heheh* It's falling as sleet at the moment -i'm sure that will be interesting for us driving up the road *heh*
ooooo it's more snow-like now!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! ALthough was watching the news last night and they were up the cairngorms (because of the wee plane crash) and it was AMAZING snow up there! So jealous! lol
ANyway - i am currently writing to you from my new laptop (which still needs to be named)... Unfortunately poor Amos was beginning to die... too slow for the stuff i needed him for 'n on occasion was just dying on me for no reason.... He's still alive though and is capable of all the things that folk would usually use a computer for i.e. internet, word processing etc - so if anyone wants him...?
right well i think i'm going to get abbie out for a walk - tire her out before we head up to Grandma 'n Grandas *grins*
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