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Sunday, November 26, 2006
It's been a while...
its been a busy, atlthough, not so time recently.... but between one thing and another i've just not updated here. So sorry... the coffee morning went well in the end... very well in fact... have raised over £500 so far.

not actually got much else to say...

so that be it.
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Thursday, November 09, 2006
oh so tired...
ok so i'm extremely tired... no idea why i'm still up in all honesty... well i do... i'm uploading pics of my currently extremely messy dining room for Kenny to see...

and here it is........ it is most definitely very messy at the moment - and i have to say that even though the rents are coming to stay tomorrow night (well tonight i guess) there is very little hope in the flat being much cleaner or tidier than it currently is.... I have to sort stuff for leading a session with the BB senior's tomorrow night - pretty def i know what i'm doing, but that takes time and i've still got some last minute prep for the coffee morning so yeh... that'll be taking up my time me thinks...

oh, and my lovely collection of hand painted christmas baubles *is still suffering the after-effects of cramp in her hand*

but yeh. hopefully i'll still be alive by the end of the weekend and we'll raise the money we need and we'll all be uber happy..... here's praying anyways........
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Monday, November 06, 2006
*argh* the last few days have just been constant..... yesterday again was just mental. so much for a day of rest *heh*.

its our fundraiser coffee morning on Saturday..... it's craziness trying to get stuff sorted for it.... lots of politics around at the moment.... one big headache at times. But it'll be good.... =)

Anyway - not much else to say....... not without it being boring anyway - we got our keyboard last week, so i'm now completely out of pocket *heh* but hopefully we'll raise enough on Saturday... *grins*
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