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Saturday, December 01, 2007
Back in Glasgow...
Well thats me back in Glasgow... Arrived to various packages 'hiding' under my front door mat which ammused me somewhat... I wonder how long they've been lying there... *heh* One of them was one of the packages which has been sent again by Amazon coz the Royal Mail is pants and 3 of my packages have walked in the post. Should have arrived 2-3 weeks ago and haven't. And one of them was a 'sign for' package which seems to have completely disappeared. See... Royal Mail is rubbish. Someone said to me the other day that the Royal Mail has no right to have the word 'Royal' in the title. I think I agree. It's just been one thing after another with them for me recently - the rubber bands lying all over the streets aside.

Anyway - people have been asking me for a 'wish' list... so here is something along that lines....

All 'boring' things I'm afraid...
+ itunes voucher (I tend to download random singles a lot - so that would be practical)
+ ooo - going through a CSI phase at the moment - so CSI DVDs would be welcome. (Currently borrowing a friends season 2 - so not that one please)
+ one of those wee cheap dvd players for my room...
+ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - have been holding off getting that coz i thought it would be an easy pressie for someone to get me *wink*
+ one of those big Laundry hamper things. I've thought about getting one from au naturale but never have a car, so that would be pretty difficult to get home. Would just be useful coz i only tend to put the washing machine on once a week and Abbz has had a tendancy to nick socks etc out of my existing little basket (although she's not doing that so much anymore - but it would be useful none the less)
+ Leona Lewis' new album would be nice...
+ I'd love to get myself a new pair of trainers - but i guess thats more of a money, then i'll get them kind of thing *lol*

*hehe* well those are just some thoughts since folks keep asking. So yeh. there ya go.

Anyway - Abbz was very sleepy again tonight - i think having a few days running about with Hollie has obviously tired her out *lol* have tried putting her bed in the hall though - hoping that it will be a wee bit warmer for her so that she's not gonna be whinning in the middle of the night [FYI mum, i've put my clothes bag (which i haven't emptied yet *heh*) against the door so that she can't body flop against the door to get through in the middle of the night *hehe*]

But yeh... it was a good few days at home. Was meant to catch up on paperwork, but it was much better just kicking back and catching up with family. Highlight was defo hanging out with my Grandma and Granda on my Grandma's birthday yesterday *grins* we ate out twice! *lol* and I went for visit my great aunt Annie too, and saw my cousins for a wee while too. So that was nice. Am looking forward to getting back in a couple of weeks for my proper 2 week break for Christmas *grins* 24 sleeps!!!!!!!!! *grins* (aye till Christmas, not till i get home *wink*)

Anyway - I've done all of my prep for tomorrow morning. We're looking at David 'n Johnothan, and the whole theme of friendship. Should be good. I'm working with the younger ones, so nothing toooo heavy *grins*. Am doing Anathallo tomorrow night too. I haven't finished my prep for that yet... But the thoughts are all coming together in my head. It's on Discernment tomorrow night. As you may have guessed Anathallo is a bit more indepth *wink* It'll be interesting though. Have got a film clip in mind which will hopefully get the discussion flowing. It'll be a good conclusion to our term as we've been looking at various Christian life issues surrounding the image of the 3 legged stool. (the 3 legs of good Christian living being, Fellowship - being with other Christians, learning together etc - the Bible - reading it, getting to know it, trying to understand it and apply it to our lives - and Prayer - getting to know God and making sure your relationship is good with Him. All good and important parts to 'succesfull' Christian living. So hopefully it'll go well and will continue to help the young people - all sorted. The great thing about Anathallo is that it allows for accountablity for the young people without being overbearing. It's good.

Anyway - it's late, and i'll be up early walking the pooch before church, so i should head off...

g'nite x

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