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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
a day off...
Well yes, a day off, that's the general jist anyway... but you have to understand that in the 'profession' of ministry a day off isn't really a complete day off unless you are away from your minstry area, away from the computer, away from your phone and being consumed by something else instead... i.e. when you're away on holiday - preferably abroad or somewhere where your mobile doesn't have reception *lol*... But the beauty of a day off is that you can do things at your own pace without guilt... get up when you want... do bits and pieces as you please but don't feel the need to finish them or anything - no pressure... no presure to go anywhere or be anywhere at a certain time... so much more relaxing... Well that is me today... i have been doing a couple of work-related bits and pieces, but no pressure so it's all good... just me, and the tv - create and craft was on the ideal world channel all morning - was LOVING that *grins*... *loves*

But yes... check out my Clustrmap... another 3 hits in China and one in Germany *grins* and i've broken through the 1000 mark... not back eh!? started it about *thinks* 9 weeks ago... *grins*

I was talking to dad about the whole Jesus tomb thing last night... I'm wondering when and where this supposed documentary will be out or on TV or whatever... i doubt i'd watch it though... the claims seem to be completely unfounded... not least there was an archeologist on the BBC news yesterday morning who was saying that the marks on the side of the tomb just looked like 'scratches' to him, and if anything there was another name there, NOT Jesus *duh* ok... so more or less all of the Theologians and Archeologists in the world are completely rejecting these claims... who thinks that James Cameron is just on a power trip to try and desperately get some publicity for his new documentary that probably would have come and gone with little if any interest had he not been claiming that this was Jesus' families tomb, and more importantly as he seems to be trying to suggest, that Mary Magdalene is also in the tomb and that they (Mary and Jesus) have a child called Judah... Of course all of these names were extrememly popular at the time... but apparently James Cameron is determined he's right *duh* - here's the URL, just in case you're interested... Jesus' Tomb

ah the art of publicity... some people really are good at opening their mouth and letting their belly rumble... when will they learn that doing this publically is just going to embarass them *duh*.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
plodding along...
Am feeling a tad flat this morning. Really quite tired, and my jaw is really very sore. It's a miserable day outside too *ick* I've got a rant about a thing i saw on the news about Jesus' apparent bones being found...but i shall perhaps save that rant for another time... perhaps later if i've managed to get most of my prep done for GB tonight... That of course is my plan for today coz not only do i have to sort out the session for tonight, but i really need to create an 'over view' sheet so that the girls have something to look at to remind them of key points i shall perhaps assess next week... i can't believe our 6 week program has almost finished already! Its been fun, and challanging, although yes, i have many other things to concentrate on at the moment, so i'm not going to be complaining that this big chunk of prep is going to disappear for the time being, and i can also have some of my Tuesday nights back too which will be nice *grins*
Our next big event is going to be a 24 hour event in aid of LUWERO which is a 5 fold project in Uganda prodominantly helping orphans, but the community too... i'll give you more info on it, but yeh, later perhaps.
Meanwhile, i should stop lazing about and go and get some work done...

oh yes... and btw, remember - no speaking on your mobile or texting if you want to avoid getting points on your license!!!!! (not that i would expect that any of you would, but yes, i've reminded you anyways... *grins*)

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Sunday, February 25, 2007
To say that i'm knackered doesn't actually come close.... I would have gone to bed as soon as i got in, but that requires moving... Have been trying to figure out where the dentist is for my appointment tomorrow... so i'll be up nice 'n early *heh*

Elevate was good tonight... very good... they did a God version of 'I'm a believer' - (from the extra bit in Shrek if that helps) and that was really cool - and Phil Wray spoke, which was great! But the thing that kept on catching my attention tonight and which really inspired me was a boy called Cameron. Apparently Cameron is 21, but has the mental age of about 17, seems like a really good guy though... why did i take notice of him tonight? Well you see Cameron has one of those groovy battery operated Electric Wheelchairs... and during the worship he was whizzing about and lifting his hands in the air to God, and in his own way, just really worshiping God... It really inspired me... partly because he was completely just worshiping God and not caring that people were watching and was constantly zooming back and forth and moving about with a big smile on his face, and zooming forward and throwing his hands into the air, but also the thing that struck me is that despite his obvious disability he was soooo joyful and seeking God... One wonders, if I was in the same situation would i be the same??? Well i suppose i don't know, you can't say for sure until you're in that position, and i'm not going to say that i would, because i just don't know. But it was inspiring to see... He made a mark on me, that's for sure. *smiles*

God is good.

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oh look, i'm growing up...
Well last night, I had a couple of friends over for the evening, and as part of that I made dinner... and i mean i MADE dinner... 3 courses...
Home made Carrot and cream cheese soup with bread...

Main Course:
Home made Lasange and salad

Home Made Grape Brulee

Are you impressed???? *grins* It was all good too!! No distasters... so am happy! Was quite tasty, even if i do say so myself *grins* i would have taken pictures, but my phone camera was out of commission coz the battery died... But yes, it did happen!!!! Ask Gordon or Emily if you don't believe me *wink*.

I've just had another bit of Lasange for my brunch... very nice... lovin' it!

Anyway... am sitting watching 'Time Team' at the moment... love that programme.. it's dead interesting... Wish i could speak educatedly about such things... but i can't... i'm sure my friend Amy would do a good job given half the chance... she was quite amusing at WIG on Thursday night... I can't remember what the thing was, but she got very excited about the prospect of something particular and it's historical relevance... was amusing... we think should have her own little section with her historical musings on the forum *grins* Ah yes, and that's another thing, I got to go to WIG again on Thursday night... not been since October, but it was really nice to be there again. *grins*

My jaw is still sore by the way... although it's becoming more livable, but for the first time in a while i'm actually thankful that i have the dentist tomorrow... *heh*

Ooooooh we had a meeting today about our new group for the P7-s2's - it's very exciting! We haven't got a name for it yet... but we've got a date and everyone's signed up to do stuff and we're a bit clearer on what's happening, so it's all good!

Anyway... Am gonna go and do some music prep I thinks... Got to head out in just over an hours time coz i have to walk to the other side of Bishopbriggs... (Unless i'm really lazy and take the bus... which would make it a 5 mins trip instead of 40 mins walk) we have Elevate tonight... i'm sure it'll be a good laugh *grins* <---- see the graphic Phil made??? *grins*

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Aw... it was such a good weekend... here's some pics to keep you amused for now... xx

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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Tuesday's visit to the Hospital...
Well as i mentioned in my last post I was at the hospital on Tuesday morning... Basically the doc looked at my results and said that from what he could see it looked like i had indeed had optic neuritis behind my right eye... which accounts for the disturbed vision etc when this whole thing started off... got to go back again in 6 months... so we'll see...

Other than that it's been an extremely busy week... am knackered. Have had a meeting every day this week so far. Not tomorrow though... will do some prep, but nothing else... just me time. Just me sleeping and chilling out. Then Saturday will have more chilling and then cooking a meal for a couple of friends coming over at night... should be fun =)

Am going to WIG tonight... that the impact bible study group - that should be good. Am quite looking forward to that... am going coz i'm taking a 'newbie' from my church along... she's coming on mission with us for the first time this year... so it's all really exciting.

BTW... i will at some point post more about Glenshee with some pics... when i have the energy to do so that is...

current complaint is that my wisdom tooth is being really sucky :( really sore :(

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Great weekend!
Was such a good weekend... everyone really seemed to come together and it was just generally really good... busy, but relaxing at the same time. Am knackered today though.... and i ache all over! Ah the joys of wall climbing... it was all good fun though and the kids all really enjoyed it! So happy happy...
Anyway - have much to be getting on with, and have a long day ahead... already been at the hospital today... so was up early... long lie for me on Friday i think. *heh*

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Friday, February 16, 2007
soooo tired...
i am sooooo tired this morning... the thing that eventually got me out of bed despite my alarm going off at 8:30am was a phonecall on my mobile from one of the leaders for this weekend *heh* Ah well am up now... Got loads to be doing today - i haven't even packed yet!!!!!! *eeek*
Looking forward to it though... the kids were so hyper last night! and that's the older ones!!!!! lol. I'm sure it'll be a good weekend, in fact i have no doubt in my mind that it will...
Prayers would be appreciated though!

Right i should go and get things ready or it'll be time to go and I won't be ready!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Troon. *woop*
was out for the day yesterday with a family from the church *grins* was nice... muchly relaxing... was nice, if only to be away from the city and out in the fresh air for a bit *grins*

Was very windy - but we had kites so that was good fun *grins* and i got soem pretty shells too *grins* but yeh... was nice... cold, but good =)

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Monday, February 12, 2007
Am being very lazy today... well now i am... was at a meeting with iain for a couple of hours at 10:30am... heh. I really need a long lie on a Monday *hehe* yesterday was insane as usual... day of rest... aye right. lol. Ach well. It's the long weekend, which has meant that we've decided not to have youth band tonight, which means a night off for me, which i'm quite pleased about... for the first time in like 3 months dad and I can go out for dinner... we've both been busy (although perhaps on different nights) every time he's been down which meant we were never free at the same time, so it'll be nice... dunno where we'll go yet though... we'll see.

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busy... as usual
it's been a busy couple of days although i guess that's just parr for the course... few things still to do for Glenshee... the kids were hyper tonight. *heh* am looking forward to it though... i'm sure the nerves will set in at some point though *heh*

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Thursday, February 08, 2007
Snow - bringing parts of England to a stand-still. *heh*
What on earth!? perhaps it's just coz i'm jealous that we are yet to get any decent snow, but why has about 80% of the news on news 24 today been about the 'bad' weather in England and how all the schools are shut??! For crying out loud, some of the places hardly have anything! Silly people not being able to cope in the snow... *shakes head* i guess they're just not used to it!

Would be nice if we got some snow... i believe Kemnay does... Apparently the schools have been shut at 1pm... heh... good ol' Kemnay *grins*

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up again...
i think i can almost guaranttee that i will still be in bed at this time tomorrow morning... second morning in a row having to get up early *heh* such a shock to the system. Assembly was ok again this morning - didn't have Chris this time, just me... Harder bunch to please i think, but it was ok. The teacher dude was quite scary... nice, but very authoritive... ah being back in school again... They were getting their subjects choice sheet out for 5th year... *heh* i just think back to what i chose in 4th year... *thinks* - Art, english, chemistry, biology, maths, Modern Studies, French and music... Sitting here and knowing where i am now, i fail to see how they have directly helped me to get where i am *hehe* although it is very true... the decisions they are about to make re: subject choice for higher, is one of the most important decisions they'll have made to-date... quite scary though... i was there *thinks* over 6 years ago... scary. *feels old*

Ok well, I should have a break i think 'n then get on with some prep... plenty to be doing for Sunday!!!!

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
It's sooooooooooooooooooooo cold... i wish it would snow too! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek accoring to my weather widget it's -5!!!! yikes! Could believe it actually... was quite funny walking to the school with Chris this morning coz his breath was condensing on his moustach and ended up like little beads of ice *heheh* Am really quite tired now... but check it out I was out of the flat before dad this morning!!! I think that's unheard of! *heheh* ach it's just coz he didn't leave until 8:30am for a meeting and I had left just after 8am to get to the school with Chris for the 3rd year assembly... was ok. One of the teachers came running after us which was sweet. Apparently she's a Christian and had been encouraged by us being there this morning =) so that was good. Am quite pleased. WE didn't speak for long though, only a couple of minutes coz Iain had prewarned me that there were quite a few intimations etc for them to sort out, so that was fine. Me on my own tomorrow though - Chris has college so he can't be there, so yeh. i'm sure it'll be fine though.

Dunno what i'm going to do for the rest of the day. Laze about i think - yesterday was crazy busy from 11am - 1am so i'm most definintely due a lazy day. So that is what it shall be. Dunno though, may go out and visit a friend, or since it's so cold just hide indoors. We shall see.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
and so it goes on...
Ach well it just never stops... damage control, compromise, prep and more prep (oh and cleaning) has been my way of things today so far... feels like i haven't stopped (except when i watched neighbours and then lay down on the couch to watch 'doctors'). But yeh. What joy... And so it goes on... *heh* Will put the dinner into the oven for dad soon... Meanwhile i need to make sure the flat is clean enough for visitors tonight... Am off to GB for doing actions songs with the wee explorers (P1-P3's) and then doing a session on friendships with the brigaders (s1-s6) for their spiritual badgework (which i was up doing last night until 1am *ick*), and then its straight back to the flat for a meeting at 8:30pm - this is our final leaders meeting before our weekend away with the young people to Glenshee next weekend... Just last bits of info etc, and prayer. Lots of it.

So yeh. Feeling just a tad busy if i'm honest. And sore. The dull ache is there with avengence today.

you know, i think i'm managing to grow my nails again without them splitting every two seconds... i'm very happy... they've been naff since the summer... *grins*

I've got an insane amount of work on at the moment... I could so easily freak out right now... but i won't. If anyone so much as hints that i'm apparently not working enough hours at the AGM this year I may in fact scream, or pass out because my blood pressure hits the roof... or just laugh *lol*...

Anyway - i should go and make sure that at least the toilet, hall and living room are acceptable for visitors... I really don't see the dining room making the grade before i have to leave... Its rather a bomb-site at the moment... dad has done well not to make sarky comments... he must realise that i'm stressed *heheheh*

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Saturday, February 03, 2007
Am really quite tired today... took me a while to persude myself to get up... Heads been a lot better since yesterday though... Not good as it has been in the past, but much better after those tests on Wednesday - seems they really aggravated my head. But yeh, have to get my head down to some prep for our Glenshee youth weekend today... =) Am quite looking forward to it... am slightly concerned that it'll completely wreck me, but i know my limits and will be sticking to them!

This is the Compass Christian centre in Glenshee... Where we shall be spending the weekend *grins* is looking good! There's loads of activities i have to say... There's like 3 3 hour sessions and then a 2 hour session of activities over the weekend, so that's the most part what we'll be doing... I can pretty guarantee that the yp will be wrecked by the time we get back!!! (as well as the leaders of course *wink*)

But yeh i'm looking forward to it now... this time in 2 weeks i'll be doing some random activity like crate climing or wall climing *hehe* scary biscuits... we apparently gained another 2 yp who have decided their coming now too which is good... =) I'm just hoping that everyone gels together... my real hope is that everyone leaves feeling as though they belong and have had a worthwhile experience (apart from the activities)... I hope the teaching is helpful... to both those who are Christians and those who aren't, and those who are sitting on the fence.

Prayer for all of this would be more than be welcome!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007
the eye electrode...
Check it out....... I was wearing 2 of these yesterday... one on each eye... what joy!!!!

Have been a bit better today but head still bothering me a bit - tried to take it easy and chill out... but yeh... headache still very much there... I think i just need to come to terms with the fact that no matter how much paracetamol i take over and above my other medication, it's never going to dull the headache *grrrrrrrrr*

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the latest on the health fun and games...
well... yesterday morning i had a lovely (not) visit to Gartnavel Hospital... I was visiting the Electrophysiology department in the opthamology institute (my doesn't it sound technical)... had a couple of tests... first one was basically measure the speed of the electrical impulse in my brain from the front to the back of my head... although more specifically it was measuring how long it took for it to get from my eye, along my optic nerve and to the back of the head where your sight stuffs are translated by the brain... The test basically involved 5 electrodes being attacked to my head, 2 at the front, and 3 at the back (ick to minging gel stuff) and then me sitting 1 metre away from a computer screen, focusing on the red cross in the middle of the screen which was at the centre of a screen full of black and white squares which alternated giving a major flashing effect... left eye done first, then right... was quite disorienting actually... didn't hurt, but not particularly pleasant either...
then the second test involved 3 electrodes (but different ones) on my forehead, and then 2 special electrodes which, believe it or not actually had very fine thread type stuff which was put under my lower eyelids, yes i did just say UNDER... *heh* not overly comfortable i have to say but fine i guess... I had already had drops put in my eyes to dilate my pupils *woop* i love looking at my eyes in the mirror when my pupils are huge, it's dead funny! Anyway, this time it was same kind of thing as before, only i was 12 inches away from a big screen which was being projected onto, and it was a green cross with flashing hexagons... that one was quite draining actually coz it was 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 8 mins *ick* was ok though i guess... Basically it was mapping the back of my retinas *heh* the lady was quite funny... "oooh i'm getting beautiful results here Linda, just beautiful" - LOL....

My friend Mags had taken me and she had come through with me, so i'm sure it was an education for her *hehe*... The lady person said that apparently the tests were normal... so if i have had an inflammed optic nerve, it isn't anymore and has left no damage, which is good. However, seeing that it's been the main thought of the docs to date that this it what has been causing my headaches and eye pain i'm not overjoyed by the clear results... Means i'm back to square one... well not really, i guess i have a head scan coming up... although it does kinda make me a bit more apprehensive about that now...

Anyway - i'm not sure if yesterday morning and excessive flashing screens are to blame, but my head has been soooo much worse... ended up in bed yesterday afternoon... iain has now convinced me that perhaps we have reached a point where the kirk session etc should be told that i'm struggling with health so that the pressure is off me a bit... As i explained to him the other day, i have not allowed my health issues to affect my work over the last 8 months... but as i'm being weened off my pills i can see this becoming more of an issue which is rather annoying... grrrrrrr. oh well.

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