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Saturday, April 30, 2005
well was reaaaaaaaaally late in getting up this morning *oops*
faffed about a lot - then went and saw grandma and granda 'n the smiths... was nice to see them.
saw Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and liked... I looooooove Marvin!!!! might buy the book now me thinks...
finished the DVD for church and that's about it...

ah well... chatting to folk online now.
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Heehee... thought this would be fun... have a good...

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wide awake..
faffing about coz i cannae sleep yet.. blah. ah well... made a 'to-do' list for tomorrow... hopefully i'll get a lot of it done and out of the way.

The BB display was good tonight, although i was hiding behind my hands when they were doing the vault and the parallel bars coz i was convinced someone was gonna hurt themselves!!!! Was gd though. Also got some sponsor money back from the guys... so so far I know we've raised £530... but I know of at least 4 other folk who have raised around £100 each so i reckon i can safely say that we'll have over £900 and will definitely be able to sponsor a child right the way through school and get letters from them 'n stuff... which is fab. Am hoping we'll break the £1000 barrier, but i won't know until the yp all give their money in on Sunday which is their deadline...

mmmm... wee note for folks to remember my tutor Cherie and her husband Tim this weekend as it's the anniversary of the death of their wee baby Molly... well i'll be remembering them in my prayers anyway.

mmm yeah - not much else to say i guess... so off to sleep for me.
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Friday, April 29, 2005
oh yeah... forgot to say last night... Cherie told me yesterday when i saw her that I got a 72 on my last reflection... now the scoring system for reflection and practice is just wierd so i'll explain it...

32 - low novice (fail)
36 - high novice (fail)
(from now on is a pass)
42 - low advanced beginner
47 - high advanced beginner
52 - low competant
57 - high competant
62 - low very competant
67 - high very competant
72 - low proficient
77 - high proficient

yeah... so like you can see a very weird scoring system... but yeah, they hardly ever give out proficient... but i got one *grin*
but anyway - work up sorta averagely this morning... someone keeps foning me with a private number and it's annoying me coz they don't let it ring long enough for me to answer. They foned twice after 10 last night and again twice this morning *grrr* but yeah, got up and then went and cleaned our kitchen and gave it a good scrub... have kept forgetting i was on duty this week *doh*. Done now tho. And i've spent some time cleaning my room and doing washing - so i'm working away i guess. hmmm my radio has gone all funny *grr* anyway going for a coffee to starbucks soon with Haz which will be cool i'm sure.. it's a lovely day outside again tonight... nice change from the rain and wind we had yesterday!
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well finished the video - bit longer than I told Iain it would be, but that's not a bad thing...
had an awesome group with the guys tonight
came back had a good fellowship night with the folk in the flat... we played sardines *hehe*
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Thursday, April 28, 2005
right ok... was at schools placement again this morning... was gd. Helped a guy do his maths test (i was his reader) and then I play anger management bingo with a few girls. Most taxing *wink*

but yeah anyway - it meant yet another very early start... so i'm currently fighting the triedness and yawns... but yeah whatever... the result has been that i've done like nothing since i got back... well actually that's not true, i have i've done a few things... Put library books back, caught up with Kat, had another chat with cherie, got washing tokens *hmmm should really go put some stuff IN the washing machine*, got a phone call from the paper about the fast *blah*, watched some TV, sorted out cheque for Martin and my impact jumper *hmmm* well yeah that's about it. Just wanna sleep just now and strictly I'm on 'free-time' but i should really use my time to do some of the video for sunday i guess... started it last night - think i'm gonna use 'History maker' as the backing track - but it's all gd.

Anyway i guess i should get back to work...
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
well yeah there's still lots of tense, but i'm good. Had a gd chat with Cherie and then a gd chat with Iain. Then went food shopping, spent far too much, but ah well, just won't have to buy anything for a while... *grin* but yeah, it's all gd. Anyway - i'm gonna do some reading tonight i think...
Back at Springburn in the morning... which i don't mind, except for the fact that i'll need to be up insanely early!!! duh.

ah well... off to do stuff...
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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
O happy day...
well interesting day is has been... o yes it has. Started with the workmen making clanking noises constructing scaffolding outside my window, only it's attached to the strathclyde library.. but i swear that they can see into my bedroom window from it now... *blah* but yeah, then headed to class, and we did our presentations - they were a laugh i guess *grin* after that class we got our Community Capacity essay back... which was the one that i really struggled with... but yeah I got a C+ for that so i'm happy coz that's a more than comfortable pass... Then had lunch 'n stuff and chilled with folk before the afternoon class, which was really good... we were looking at the influence of the reader and the author etc in the interpretation of scripture - was really really interesting... and we had a huge debate on Acts 21:1-14 and whether Paul was obedient or disobedient of God when he went on to Jerusalem... was really interesting to hear everyone's view...
Then after that got another essay back... this time it was Power and Opportunity, which was probably one of my favourite classes last term... and I got 75 for that which is another A+ *grin* and yet again that was Steve Mallon and he's not exactly an easy marker so i'm happy... *hehe*
So that leave's just one essay left to get back - the History essay... dunno when we'll get that back though. Week's grace finished today so he should have them all now...
yeah, so then me and Emily chilled for a while and she went off to a meeting and I headed off to the community church for a forum meeting - was good as usual... although again only like 3 of us there, but we had a good chat and a good pray - so all good. Then I decided to ask Tim about Clan, which is by New Wine (the people who set up Soul Survivor in England) and takes place in St Andrews... I know Susan and Sheena and George 'n stuff all go to to the Adult stuff, but i wanted to go along to the youth stuff for inspiration and refreshment... thought it would be a good experience... well anyway, turns out that they're a bit light on team this year, so Tim asked if I would be interested in being on the Team this year, which if I manage to do it would be AWESOME!!!!! I'd be working with high quality youth workers from all over Scotland and Clan is a hugely evangelistic and charistmatic event, so i think it would be awesome to be involved... but the bonus is that if you're on the team your accomodation and ticket for the week is paid for you *wow* (otherwise it would cost a bomb!!!) but I'm just really excited this opportunity!!!! I just think that it would be awesome to work with these people and really have an opportunity to work with God in ways that i haven't before... i've done impact stuff and mission stuff 'n church work, but nothing like this and the opportunity just seems toooooo huge to miss.... Really feel God is blessing me with this... but yeah, gonna think about it and ask Iain about it tomorrow... it's the 23rd - 29th July so it's a good time...
but yeah... it's gd.
scary, but gd.
anyway i should probably go... need to be up early tomorrow to do readin 'n stuff...
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Monday, April 25, 2005
John 14:27...

yeah well... It's been a bland day sorta... spent the morning in the library photocopying reading for tomorrow - blah. I'm gonna be broke at this rate it's costing a fortune to photocopy since they changed the cards! And then spent the afternoon making the outline sheet for the presentation tomorrow - But Suzi still hasn't got back to me to let me know if it's ok or not, so am a bit miffed about that... if it's wrong then i'm not gonna be able to do much about it in the morning *blah*

but yeah had youth band with the kids tonight.. was ok, well some of it was. Other parts some of the kids were really annoying me if truth be told... on one or two occasions, i was close to removing one of them and giving them a 'telling off' didn't though coz i just couldn't be bothered.

now i'm doing readin for class tomorrow - or at least trying to - not much of it going in... but at least i'm reading it!!!!!!

mmm anyway - i should go do some more.
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Sunday, April 24, 2005
am tired.. but it's been an ok day... Elevate was gd this morning... the speaker person was great and God really spoke through him... roll on the next event!!!!
anyway also met with one of my yp today for a chat - was productive sorta, but yeah then got back just in time to head out for the evening service and then got back from it late... watch the 100 all time greatest children's programmes... which was great, but i was most disappointed when Simpsons got No.1, because i don't really think of it as a kids programme, but maybe that's just me... *blah* but i'm shattered now... so gonna go sleep coz i have lots and lots to do tomorrow...

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Saturday, April 23, 2005
well it's been a bland day... had a meeting to sort out that presentation this morning was ok i guess... then I spent the afternoon finishing thank you cards and readin for class... gave up on the reading though - makes no sense to me at all..
then spent the evening doing a profile thing for work.. blah took ages, but it's done now...

got a meeting with one of my yp tomorrow afternoon = think it'll be challenging and i'm really praying God will be there and guide me through it... *eeek*

but yeah that's about it - just sorting out the icebreaker for tomorrow and then that's me, i''ll be off to bed...
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Friday, April 22, 2005
Light up...
Hmmm sitting listening to snow patrol's run... such a great song don't you think?

But yeah anyway... let myself self in today even though i woke up at 7am and then 8am and then 9am and so on... lol. so feeling a lot more refreshed this morning... (or afternoon as it is now) but i even ironed my jeans this morning... be impressed!!! Well anyway, yesterday i had a gd meeting with George and he was pleased with the feedback from the fast and the easter service 'n stuff. So it was gd.
Then inspired was ok. But i hurt my hip.. no idea how, but i did. BUt dad was a gem afterwards and came and got me and gave me a lift back to the flat with all my stuff from last weekend, but that now means that my room is even MORE of a bombsite that it already was... oops. But yeah, anyway I have a ref report to write before 4pm and I also have to do reading 'n stuff... but no church work today *happy* so a rest from that... Might even go to the cinema tonight if there's anything on that takes my fancy *grin*

anyway... off to do work.
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Thursday, April 21, 2005
lovely day...
it's lovely 'n sunny outside today... *grin* Anyway was up and out the door by just after 8am this morning... be impressed!!! Was at my schools placement this morning... the guy decided he'd worked me hard enough this morning and told me to go home this afternoon coz the unit is pretty quiet in the afternoon... i wasn't complaining. Has given me time to breathe today instead of the insaneness that it was meant to be!!!! So all is good. My time in the unit was ok... lots of troublesome kids, but they're not so bad if you just talk to them and do stuff with them... so yeah was ok.
Anyway - got to go do some stuff in the library and then I'm gonna do some bits and pieces for work before I head off to Sheena's at 5pm. all good.
mmmm might get my reflection done... we'll see i guess.
anyway i should go...
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
well thats me literally back to Glasgow... Believe it or not in the last 24 hours i've been here, gone home, and come back. Was Uncle Jockie's funeral today. Was sad :-( I cried. And chewed my lip in mulsh... but yeah. I guess it was still nice to be home. Am so tired though - and i have to be up mega early for my first day at my schools placement tomorrow - Hope they are remembering i'm coming!!! But yeah... have to be there all day until like 3:30pm and then i'll have time to come back and change and get my evening stuff before I head out to B'briggs for dinner and meeting with Sheena and George... then straight to work at church for Inspired with the girls. Then dad's picking me up and we gotta take all the stuff back from the fast. Maybe i'll catch some of the fellowship... we'll see. But i can see me being absolutely knackered! At least i can have a long lie on Friday... Granted i'll have to get up at a decent time coz i have a reflection report to do!!! *argh* but i'll do my workplans tonight so then at least I'll be able to have some of it done in advance.. *blah*

anyway gonna do these workplans and then sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
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Monday, April 18, 2005
getting there... slowly...
well ok, so at least i've now done the BB essay *at last!!!!*

but have therefore had to and find all the readings for tomorrows classes! Have a meeting soon in the college downstairs... hopefully that shouldn't go on any later than about 9:30pm and then i'll be able to do some of my reading once i get back up... hopefully none of it'll be too heavy *duh*. But what i don't do for tomorrow i'll just have to catch up with at some point... *ooh* that reminds me I have my reflections and work sheets to hand in this week *argh* oh well... i'm sure i can't think of something interesting to write about - it's not as if i've had a boring month at work recently...

anyway got to go...
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highs and lows
mmm... yesterday was great in some places but sad in others... started off back at church (man, it feels as thought i'm practically living there at the moment....). Had Bible Class which was ok i guess, but understandably a lot of the yp didn't come and instead gave themselves a well-deserved long-lie. Then Iain and I rushed off to a meeting with the people of Robroyston Parish Church coz they're thinking about getting a student in October and they wanted to ask us questions to find out more... so that was ok i guess. Then went to Iain's for lunch and had roast beed *yum* managed to avoid the cauliflower, so was quite pleased *grin*, but then mum foned me and told me that Uncle Jockie died yesterday morning... quite unexpectedly tbh. I think everyone's sorta in shock back home... but anyway thankfully the funeral is on wednesday so i'm gonna manage to get back without having to miss anything for college or for work or my new placement which starts on thursday morning.
but yeah. Then at night it was back to church again. and i have to admit that i was soooooo tired that i oculd have slept through it. But then Catalyst after that was AWESOME so no chance to sleep there... Really hoping that my yp were really listening to what the guy said and that they'll be letting God talk to their hearts over the next while... *grin*

but yeah - i've got a meeting tonight but other than that i'm writing my BB essay all day really would like to get it done in time so that I don't have to ask for an extension, coz that would be really pants. blah.

oh yeah, and this guy who got the photographer from the paper to come to the fast, just foned... didn't quite wake me up, but i was still in bed... ah welll... made me get up quicker i guess. Anyway plenty to be getting on with...
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Saturday, April 16, 2005
ok so mum phoned me just under 3 hours ago and told me to wake up and get up and i went bk to sleep... soz mum but i got up and went to the toilet and actually felt so ill that i went back to bed! but anyway i'm up now... and still feeling absolutely awful so i don't think there will be any trouble needing to sleep later...

but anyway this ia all because of the 24 hour fast... went well, although i think the yp discovered just how dificult it was,so it was an experience for all... but we had some laughs - so am happy. part of me is just really glad its over, it's the last big work thing for a while... well sorta. BUt the prep for this one just seemed to go on forever so yeh.

anyway whacked so i'm gonna chill and then head back to bed...
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Friday, April 15, 2005
so tired already...
man feels like my arms are like lead already and i'm not even AT the fast yet... ah well... managed to write about 500 words of my essay yesterday so at least it's started now... will have to finish it before it's due on Tuesday though - and i can see that being an interesting task... ah well.

Spent all of yesterday from about 1pm-9pm doing prep and then setting stuff up at the church for today. Dad was great and helped me which was kl. but yeah so i managed to get all the crafts sorted 'n stuff and went shopping in the craft shops *grin* hehe... ah well. anyway will be leaving in the next hour coz I wanna be at the church to finish setting stuff up by 12pm, and then my volunteers will be around and i'll explain the game plan to them... i'm hoping that once we set the ball rolling it'll keep rolling without toooooo much hassle.

ach it's all gd. Just wish i wasn't so tired so i could enjoy it more.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
busy busy busy
oh man... to say i'm busy doesn't even cut it... spent yesterday in college starting my 2 new classes... got a morning class with Neil on social policy, and he's been mean enough to give us reading for tuesday AND a group presentation to organise for a week tuesday (so they think we do nothing?!) and then the afternoon is interpreting the bible which is kl, but again the guy gave us reading *cry* dunno when i'm gonna get it all done when I still have an essay to write for Tuesday and i'm finding it difficult fitting THAT in *blah*
but anyway - then dad came and i cooked him dinner *grin* then had Elevate meeting at night and that was totally encouraging... *grin* came home and crashed...

then today i've spent the morning writing my presentation, then a meeting with Cherie, then more prep for the fast, then out to Iain's for a meeting, dinner, and then back out to the church for me doing a presentation to the Kirk Session, which by all accounts seems to have gone well *grin*... anyway now i'm off to do more prep and i suppose i may do some essay writing *blah*
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Monday, April 11, 2005
*argh* BB *argh*
ach well... been sitting here most of the day reading yet more books on the history of the BB... went downstairs to get a couple more coz they were still out last time i tried and they STILL weren't there... Also needed a book on something else and someone has taken them ALL out that are related to that subject.. so nae particularly happy... but yeah... So the plan for the rest of the day is that i'm reading so stuff from online about the BB and then maybe i'll do a brain dump so i'll at least have something written down... and then i'm gonna have to make lists 'n do stuff for the fast and of course write as much as i can of my presentation.... argh. ah well... *sigh* you never know, if i manage to do all that then i might get to watch a DVD before bed...
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Sunday, April 10, 2005
O happy day...
hehe... had this mad dude chaplin guy leading this service this morning - i thought he was great... we did mostly old hymns, but they were all great classics and he didn't decide his last hymn until after the 1st one and informed the organist during the service of what it was - fabbby!!!!
and the yp got a heap more sponsors for the fast which is great too... my money alone now stands at around £248 *eeeeeek* so hopefully all is good...

but anyway - i gotta study and do prep for all the work stuff i gotta do this week.. *blah*

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Saturday, April 09, 2005
Just wanna cry... church work can be soooooooo frustrating sometimes!!!! had 7 leaders (3 over 16's and 4 over 18's) staying overnight for the fast on Friday - Saturday, and in the past 18 hours 4 of them have backed out!!!!! *cries* We should be ok, but i would really really like it for us to have at LEAST one more leader over night... we'll be ok on friday afternoon and evening and then again on Saturday morning, but overnight is potentially a problem area *blah* - Emily has been really sweet and offered to stay overnight if i don't get anyone which i'm really grateful for, but i'm still a bit annoyed that people have backed out like this at the last minute... blah.


ok, i'm dun.
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Friday, April 08, 2005
ickle cards...

ickle cards...
Originally uploaded by TLT.
hehe... made some ickle cards... now i'll need to find ickle envelops... ah well... *grin*
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Thank you card up close

Thank you card up close
Originally uploaded by TLT.
there you go there's one up close.... *grin*

i'm gonna have to get some more ribbony stufff *grin*

anyway, yeah... I'm working away at stuff for work... its the fast next friday - so i've been making my scedule, so i think i'm almost there...

getting a bit frustrated coz i need to talk to iain my minister about a couple of things and he's not around *grrr* but hopefully i'll manage to phone him tonight...
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Thank you cards

Thank you cards
Originally uploaded by TLT.
Hehe... well when i got myself back and sorted last night I made some thank you cards for the folks i got pressies 'n money from for my 21st birthday at the party on saturday night... and no it's not my birthday yet... but i'm not going to get home for my birthday so my parents had a surprise party for me while i was back... was gd tho....
but anyway - will post a close up too... *grin*
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