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Monday, June 26, 2006
a good soaking...
well lets just say i got completely, and well and truely soaked after church yesterday,... they had a fundraising 'soak the youth worker' thing... so yeh... i was very wet... even once i'd dried and changed i still felt wet... maybe i'll be able to get some pics from folks...

but yeh... i found out that i got the job *grins* (at Kenmure of course) so i'm really pleased about that... means that i've been able to concentrate on getting this placed gutted again... and my kids are pretty pleased too.... so all happy all round. Feels a bit weird though... have gone from not involving myself in long-term stuff to being completely involved in stuff for September 'n stuff... just a very weird feeling... but hopefull this week i'll be able to getting everything packed and off to George's flat for the next month or so... then i'll be able to go home for a bit... which will be nice.

but yeh. just weird being able to plan long-term again... very weird. i start offically on the 1st of August - but August is gonna be a busy month... so yeh. what joy *lol*
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Saturday, June 24, 2006
*is still waiting*
well the essay thing was fine - didn't fail... although was borderline, so redid some of it anyway. Was really annoying because there was nothing wrong with my theory etc, i just wrote it differently from what he wanted. *argh* practically all of the 2nd 'n 3rd year youth min have failed. pretty harsh. but yeh - not gonna get into that now.

as for church. well who knows. i'm still waiting. They apparently wanted to have a meeting with the Kirk Session first... which is apparently happening after church tomorrow- so part of me really doesn't want to go. But yeh. i get soaked tomorrow by the kids anyway - ah what i wouldn't do for some fundraising.....

tonight i went out with friends though... last time we'll all be together for a long time... is sad, but hopefully we'll all go out into different parts of the country and spread God's word and have a great time doing it...

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
blah is exactly the word to describe how i'm currently feeling... I heard tonight that the 'majority of our class' has failed Darrell's Knowledge of God essay... am gutted. Rightfully so I don't know if I personally have failed... will be very gutted if I have coz i worked really hard at it even though i wasn't feeling all that great when i was doing it... Hopefully those of us who have failed will get a helping hand at re-doing it otherwise its going to be a hell-ish weekend *sad*

I'm just so gutted. It would be soooo annoying to get through a 3 year course never failing anything, and then trip up at the last hurdle even though i worked so hard at it. True i didn't feel overly confident in it, and i'm not going to place blame anywhere, although it does seem to present a problem if the majority of our class failed, coz surely that means it's not completely the 'fault' of the students?

but yeh... I don't think Bonnie submitted hers coz i think she's planning to do it next year instead... which means that out of 7, 5 or 6 have probably failed, which is just crazy. And lets just say that there are people in our class who are a looooooot better than me at writing essays - essays has never be a natural things for me and is certainly not my strongest part, although i usually work hard and do not too badly... So i'm slowly resigning myself to the fact that i'm probably one of the people that has failed *sad*

It annoys me though... coz when people 'fail' they're immediately labeled with not working hard enough... well, i did. I really did.

it's just a bit pants. *sad*
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Thursday, June 15, 2006
Interview *eek*
*deep breath*

well i got a phonecall this morning... well actually it was a 901 message *cough* but yeh... it was Dave asking me if I would be able to make an interview at 11:15am tomorrow... which is good, but very scary... well actually I asked him if I needed to do anything or bring anything and he said no, which is good... just a 'chat' or as he put it the first time, and 'interogation' *eeek* Nah although i'm stupidly nervous about it just now, i probably won't be tomorrow, coz essentially, they're wanting to know about my ideas for the development of the ministry, and I know how i'd love to be given the chance to do that, and God's always inspiring with stuff as to what we could do 'n stuff... but it sounds as though the other interviews won't happen until next week which kinds sucks... more waiting... I wonder if they realise that they're slowly killin' me? *takes another deep breath*

So yeh... we'll see what'll happen. it'll be another week or so before i'd be any the wiser anyway... annnnnnnnnnd if i don't get it, then i guess i have the summer to find myself a job.

anyway that aside, i'm wrecked... was up at 7am today to get to F.A.R.E in Easterhouse for 9am... we were in one of the primary schools for the whole morning... just finishing off the stuff we'd been doing with them - so that was kool... then we went to pizza hut for lunch, followed by the 'show' with all the primary schools - was quite good :) - long day though.... my last at Easterhouse which is kinda sad coz I really enjoyed it, but i'm just so tired, that i'm glad that's me finished another part of my course... Matt made me cake too which was very cool *grins*....

now i'm soooo tired and my limbs ache - off to Kenmure soon though... just hoping I can forget about tomorrow and focus on the group....
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
think i owe you one...
think i owe you an update.... *lol*

ah well....... i managed to finish my placement essay in like 1 day which left me feeling pretty rotten, but was well worth it *grins* uh... was a busy week... can't remember all that i did - but i know that i was out working every day... my birthday was on Saturday which was nice... was at frenzy which was awesome... got lots of nice things... so yeh was gd.

made it to church on sunday - faffed about doing stuff... and yesteday was pretty much the same...

sorry not feeling all that chatty *lol*
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
wow. it's been a looooooooooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg day... as was yesterday come to think of it... spent the morning (yesterday) doing prep for F.A.R.E. and some other bits and pieces that i needed to deal with and then went to FARE for a supervision meeting, the last one of my placement *grins* went well, only draw back being that I was full of the cold and quite miserable with it, and yeh, eye/head was still playing up, so wasn't much fun from that perspective... oh yes, and for those of you who care, i made me another Doc's appointment... it's tomorrow morning actually, and i figured out that new surgery is on a bus route which goes here, so it's good that i don't need to swap busses 'n stuff... so yeh that's a blessing... so 10am tomorrow, you'll know where i'll be.

oh yes... yesterday - well after my meeting in easterhouse, i pretty much came back here and crashed for a wee bit before i headed out to youth band.... it was ok, but i think folk were tired 'n stuff, and my co-leader was a bitty ill too, so i found it very hard to get a momentum going... part of me wished i'd just stayed in bed, but hey, c'est la vie. But the annoying thing was that when i got back from work at 9:30pm, although i was wrecked and really needed my bed (and would probably have fell asleep straight away if i had gone to bed), we had a meeting about our presentation today at 11pm, so it was crazy trying to keep myself awake!!!!!

This morning we did our presentations - so i'm quite pleased, one assignment down, 2 to go... i'm hoping to get my placement report done by monday - although i'm not quite sure if i'll manage coz i'm not really coping with reading a lot at the mo :( But anyway - presentation went ok, in fact we were short on time and improvised at the end (although i don't think anyone noticed) and apparently i have the gift of being able to draw something out without it being obvious that i'm covering time *hehe* so that was amusing - i think we should get extra points for flexibility! But yeh... I guess i kinda put all of my energy into that coz after that i was just dead... so tired that i didn't even have the heart to make myself lunch (lazy i know) and when i sat down on my bed i almost fell asleep, so i made msyelf go downstairs so that i wouldn't... then we had the afetrnoon class, which ironically enough i probably understood more of that previous classes, although even though that was our last class with darrell, i currently still feel absolutely clueless as to what i'm meant to do for the assignment... ach it's crazy. so yeh, then i had a quick dinner, and rushed off to meet Sally who was giving me a lift to Edinburgh (Wester Hailes) for a meeting for CLAN... was a good meeting... i think CLAN is gonna rock again this year... it's quite a young team though, which has its good and bad points i guess..... weird though - lots of folk that i know from the team last year but haven't spoken to them since - and they all know eachother already - so bit weird, was good though - am looking forward to it *grins* But yeh, so got a lift back from someone else and only got in about half an hour ago... so yeh. i'm wrecked... i hurt all over, and i just need my bed...
so that's where i'm going.
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Sunday, June 04, 2006
good times amongst feeling pants.
Well in all honesty, right now i feel awful... have just not long gotten up from a nice weeeeee sleep when i got back from church. It was a good morning, we did eventually manage to give the bible class kids some books which was nice... and the 2 songs went down pretty well... i think we're getting there!

Feeling rougher now than i have been because of this added cold as it's just making me feel ick all of the time, and there ain't no painkiller that you can take for that!

But anyway - last week was not my best... but i eventually did get to the doc who gave me pills that don't seem to work. So yeh. Still blurry in one eye... but pain not quite so bad. still there though. But yeh... it was basically just another busy week. And suddenly the end of term is upon me - i have a joint presentation on Tuesday that i've not really sorted myself properly for yet, and then a CLAN meeting at night... so the start of the week is really bust.. - actually i think i'm doing something everyday this week! *argh* ach well we'll see.

I had a lovely weekend though... was dad's birthday and I travelled up on the train on Friday to surprise him - so that was nice... came back last night - was a short visit - but got to see lots of folks 'n stuff... so it was good....

check out Grandad catching some Z's... V *hehe*

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