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Sunday, June 04, 2006
good times amongst feeling pants.
Well in all honesty, right now i feel awful... have just not long gotten up from a nice weeeeee sleep when i got back from church. It was a good morning, we did eventually manage to give the bible class kids some books which was nice... and the 2 songs went down pretty well... i think we're getting there!

Feeling rougher now than i have been because of this added cold as it's just making me feel ick all of the time, and there ain't no painkiller that you can take for that!

But anyway - last week was not my best... but i eventually did get to the doc who gave me pills that don't seem to work. So yeh. Still blurry in one eye... but pain not quite so bad. still there though. But yeh... it was basically just another busy week. And suddenly the end of term is upon me - i have a joint presentation on Tuesday that i've not really sorted myself properly for yet, and then a CLAN meeting at night... so the start of the week is really bust.. - actually i think i'm doing something everyday this week! *argh* ach well we'll see.

I had a lovely weekend though... was dad's birthday and I travelled up on the train on Friday to surprise him - so that was nice... came back last night - was a short visit - but got to see lots of folks 'n stuff... so it was good....

check out Grandad catching some Z's... V *hehe*

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