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Thursday, May 18, 2006
Wow - don't you feel honoured??? An update twice within 3 days...

Well the start of my week was soooooooooo busy... was at Easterhouse again yesterday... actually was home early because Jimmy (team leader) had to take care of the snooker dude guy that was with us yesterday afternoon, so he cancelled the team meeting... so more of an explanation on the 'snooker dude'...

welll more specifically, it was Graeme Dott current world snooker champion *grins* he came to visit the territorial project we were doing at one of the schools... seemed an ok guy, quiet though... Of course seeing as I haven't followed snooker properly in about 7 or 8 years I didn't know him from adam when i saw him... but yeh. Kids were all going mad to get his autograph *hehe* So that was pretty cool i guess... He's originally from Easterhouse you see... that's why he was visiting.

i've got the next couple of days off work, well not completely off, but i managed to giggle my hours at Easterhouse so that i could get the end of my week back to allow me to do prep work and study for classes. But this means that apart from tonight at Inspired, i've not got to go to work or placement at all until sunday, which will be a nice (and deserved) break. Can do things at my own pace when i'm not having to go out every 2 mins to work.

As have Auntie Alison and co coming down to Glasgow this weekend and they've invited me out for dinner tomorrow night - so that'll be nice i think *grins*

Apart from these things - my black cartridge is being pants and just isn't working even though i refilled it so i had to buy a new one this morning, along with a colour cartridge (coz it's too scary to refill for the first time - get dad to do that *grins*) and one (the newest one) of my power cables for my laptop has mysteriously just stopped working... was working fine, i disconnected my laptop and went away... came back and plugged in and it wouldn't work anymore *isn't impressed* *will also get dad to look at it*

So yeh... at Inspired tonight we can't have the hall coz it's the Anchor Boy display... but we're gonna have to spend the first half an hour or so collecting Christian Aid envelopes round the doors anyway...

oh, and it's quite muggy here again today (is hoping we don't have another thunder storm*
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  • At 3:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Since you comment that noone comments on your blog, I thonugh I would ask, what the deal with the egg?

    Fiona x

  • At 3:43 pm, Blogger TLT said…

    it's a pet!!!! Since i'm emotionally scared from not being allowed any pets when we were little xP

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