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Monday, May 29, 2006
Well if i had a sound link you'd know what i was 'argh-ing' at!!!! Someone across the way is cutting something and they're all being so noisey and it's soooooooooooooo annoying... has been on the go since about 8:30am *argh* And i thought that i'd managed to sleep off my headache/eye pain, but no. It's still there, and currently NOT being helped by the constand and very loud noise across the road... I'm suddenly very glad that i'll be spending most of my day away from here...

I'm meeting a couple of individuals for coffee you see... Will take some work with me to read somewhere inbetween, although i have some stuff that i need to get.... So i dunno. ooooh it's stopped - though not for long i fear :(

Anyway - was a good-ish weekend, certainly busy... As far as i'm concerned, I should have spent the whole weekend (except when i was at church) studying for classes and reading for essays, but although i managed to do some, it just didn't happen... which was very annoying... Anyway - my current amusement is that Classical FM currently have their 100 top film soundtracks on for like the WHOLE day *is very pleased* so i think i may be using my radio on my phone in between meetings today *hehe*

Anyway yeh. I should go 'n clear up in here before i have to head out...
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Saturday, May 27, 2006
X men 3

*hehehehe* well I can't remember if I mentioned it or not... but me 'n Kat 'n Josh all went to see the release of Xmen 3 on Wednesday night at midnight - was awwwwwwwwwwwwwesome!!!! Well i thought so anyway!!!! And it's not completely predictable which is something I really liked about it, and my favourite character from the other 2 films has a really weird thing going on... is she bad or is she good?! *hehe* was great!!!!! I highly recommend it - although probably best if you're seen the first 2 first... I certainly be getting it on dvd when it comes out!!!

Anyway - so still a bit tired... and thats resulted in my eyes being sore, which means i've not been able to do much reading for class... gonna try 'n do more today though... really need to get on with it. Have had myself an easy day so far to see if i can try 'n combat it a bit.... but i really need to get some work done now.... Not much else planned today... just that and prep for Bible Class in the morning... last one before the summer :)
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
busy busy bee...
well yes... i would still be being a busy bee... in fact have actually been very tired this past week or so, which is slowly lifting, but is taking its time in doing so.. which is a tad annoying coz i don't exactly have a relaxing schedule at the moment and it makes it 100 times harder to get through it when you're constantly tired already... but there's not really anything new to report in all honesty... just trying to get refs and CV sorted for application for the job at Kenmure... and of course i'm still patiently working through my list of items to be done...
managed to gain a meeting from nowhere this week... got an email the other night about an Elevate meeting which is tonight... must have left my diary at home or something and then not copied the date into my diary.... i dunno... but I have a feeling that it's going to be a very testing evening... for me anyway... i know of 3 out of 7 that aren't going to be there tonight... so it'll be interesting to see what happens. I found the last meeting quite wearing - so i'm not expecting this one to be much better, but at the same time i'm trying not to let myself have a negative attitude about the whole thing.

ach i dunno... i could so easily get bogged down in it all but i'm choosing not to... I'm there as an advocate for my young people and that is what i will remain to be...
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Saturday, May 20, 2006
A nice surprise...

Had a nice surprise last night.... my aunt and uncle had arranged for me to meet them for dinner at the Hilton, but when i got there I found my Grandma and Granda there too *grins* was veeeeeeeeeeeeeery good to see them, especially seeing as Grandma hasn't been well... has put my mind a rest a little bit. So i was pleased - we had a lovely evening and the food at the restaurant was great as expected *grins*

We had a good laugh... even if they did persist in talking about the boyfriend i don't have (and they think i'm hiding from them) but that's just parr for the course...

I've not really done much else that is of interest over the past couple of days i'm afraid... spent a lot of time doing prep for a new girl that's joined the Youth Band at church - getting music sorted for her 'n stuff... Time-consuming, but worth it once it's done... am also steadily working through my list which sits on my desk... has a lot of scribbles on it now which is somewhat satisfying... BUt still plenty to be getting on with...

Oh yeh and I finished book 4 of Narnia last night (Prince Caspian) so tonight i'll be starting 'The voyage of the Dawn Treader' - only 2 left after this one... am actually quite looking forward to the last book 'The Last Battle', but i have to get through the Silver Chair first... remember seeing the BBC drama of that and not liking it much, so i dunno, we'll see...

But yeah. I suppose i should go 'n make myself some food before i settle down to doing more prep.
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Thursday, May 18, 2006
it livvvvvvvvvves!
my printer works again *loves*
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Wow - don't you feel honoured??? An update twice within 3 days...

Well the start of my week was soooooooooo busy... was at Easterhouse again yesterday... actually was home early because Jimmy (team leader) had to take care of the snooker dude guy that was with us yesterday afternoon, so he cancelled the team meeting... so more of an explanation on the 'snooker dude'...

welll more specifically, it was Graeme Dott current world snooker champion *grins* he came to visit the territorial project we were doing at one of the schools... seemed an ok guy, quiet though... Of course seeing as I haven't followed snooker properly in about 7 or 8 years I didn't know him from adam when i saw him... but yeh. Kids were all going mad to get his autograph *hehe* So that was pretty cool i guess... He's originally from Easterhouse you see... that's why he was visiting.

i've got the next couple of days off work, well not completely off, but i managed to giggle my hours at Easterhouse so that i could get the end of my week back to allow me to do prep work and study for classes. But this means that apart from tonight at Inspired, i've not got to go to work or placement at all until sunday, which will be a nice (and deserved) break. Can do things at my own pace when i'm not having to go out every 2 mins to work.

As have Auntie Alison and co coming down to Glasgow this weekend and they've invited me out for dinner tomorrow night - so that'll be nice i think *grins*

Apart from these things - my black cartridge is being pants and just isn't working even though i refilled it so i had to buy a new one this morning, along with a colour cartridge (coz it's too scary to refill for the first time - get dad to do that *grins*) and one (the newest one) of my power cables for my laptop has mysteriously just stopped working... was working fine, i disconnected my laptop and went away... came back and plugged in and it wouldn't work anymore *isn't impressed* *will also get dad to look at it*

So yeh... at Inspired tonight we can't have the hall coz it's the Anchor Boy display... but we're gonna have to spend the first half an hour or so collecting Christian Aid envelopes round the doors anyway...

oh, and it's quite muggy here again today (is hoping we don't have another thunder storm*
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
i think i have food stuck at the back of my throat *coughs* ach well... Anyways... life is stilling extremely busy - have a list as long as my arm then doesn't seem to be getting any shorter because new stuff keeps getting added to it *eeek* Its been a testing few days, mainly due to work related stuff, but that's just part of ministry...

so what have i been up to i hear you ask?
well... it goes something like this...

Lovely sunny day... went to Easterhouse for the media group in the morning... got back to the flat and pottered about trying to reduce my 'to-do list' - then Kat persuaded me to go out to the city centre with her in search of ice cream... *grins* we bumped into Kirsten on Sauchiehall street which was very cool... Hadn't seen her in months!!! had a quick chat with her before moving on... and eventually settled on thorntons *grins* cool mint crunch has to be the best!!! Then i got back to the flat in time to get my stuff together before heading out to Inspired... Was a good night. Dad picked me up and took me home and of course hijacked my ipod and computer... but yeh.

I'm having trouble remembering Friday... although I do remember spending a lot of time studying... oh yeh and then i headed off to Easterhouse with Simon and we had dinner and then we did the hot chocolate (semi-detached youth work)... was an ok night - time passed fine - was very cold though *brrrrrrrrrr*

*thinks* oh yeh... spent the morning studying. then after lunch i headed out to B'briggs to see Sheena. we went for a wee walk which was nice... then Geo came back from the ramble 'n we had dinner then sat out in the garden for a bit before going out for a run in the car 'n they dropped me back here... Was a really nice day... lots of random conversations... very relaxing.

*thinks* had church in the morning. Which was quite amusing *hehe* then i came back to the flat (via Tesco's of course) and pottered about... before heading out to church again at night... wasn't feeling all that hot in honesty - think i was just tired. Was a good service though 'n then we had Anathallo - we've come to the end of our interpretation of the "Youth Alpha" programme which we've been following over the past few months - so it was a challenging evening... Have guest speakers coming for the next few weeks though *grins*

Well yesterday... *thinks* was very tired and slept later. Got up 'n went to Easterhouse - it was good... managed to get the kids really focused which was nice... but it was raining... and to say that i got soaked doesn't even come close!!!! But anyway i got back and pottered some more (stupid to-do list) and then headed out to church... we'd been given a bag of envelops to put out for the Christian Aid week... so yeh. That was that - was amusing... and wet. but yeh.

And that pretty much rounds up the past few days... nothing all that interesting... but it's keeping me busy thats for sure!

that aside i can't remember if i've mentioned this but i'm reading the Narnia books at the moment... and loving them! Have read the first 3 so far and am currently on 'Prince Caspian' the 4th book... I have vague memories of seeing the BBC adaptation of this book, but very very vague... so am quite enjoying it so far... I'm glad i bought the set.

As for everything else... college is mixed... the morning class is great - i've been thoroughly enjoying it, and we're now preparing out group training sessions for the assessment - our group had a really productive session this morning - so it's all good... but then the afternoon lesson is a nightmare - the reading for it is interesting enough (generally) but i find it soooo hard to follow the lecturer, and sometimes i just wonder what on earth he's on about, and does it really matter?! - *is a person of simple faith and would generally like to keep it that way* So yeh... I think most of us had lost the will to live by the end of last weeks class... so i have no idea what this afternoons class is going to be like... As for my reflective reports... I got my best mark ever back yesterday (the highest you can get - i always thought that they never gave it to anyone coz no one could be that good) - but anyway.... I'm at a loss as to the difference between that reflection and any other i've done... *is confused*

As for job... well i'm obviously still in limbo at the moment... The church is now advertising for a FT youthworker... but it'll be the 12th of June before the closing date, so I dunno... it just all takes time.

Ach - got to go to the class of dooooooommm....
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Thursday, May 11, 2006
ach i'm pants at this at the moment....
i'm sooooooooooooooo sorry folks... (well yeh if anyone does actually read this - not like anyone comments *hehe*)

I've had a very busy few days... Was at church all day sunday - and i mean all day... left the flat at 10am and didn't return until 9:30pm... We had Elevate at night though and that was good... the team time beforehand was hilarious *hehe* had much fun *grins*

On the down side, a close friend of mine isn't so well at the moment, so i'm trying to help out there with all of my extra time at the moment (hence my lack of time to write blog entries)... But it's just manic trying to balance between the 2 placements and also college work... I'm in Easterhouse 3 days this week which is just crazy coz it breaks up my days and i get like nothing done! so i've managed to fix it that i'll only be in monday's and wednesdays from now on which means that i'll have my Friday off again... which i need for essays etc... ach it's just crazy.

Right well i have something crazy like 100 pages of impossible-to-understand reading to do for class and a reflection report to write (the bain of my life at the moment - so annoying and unnecessary) so yeh... if i don't do it now then i'll be up all night trying to do it... have easterhouse in an hour and then when i get back from that i'll only have a couple of hours before i have to inspired at Kenmure... and who knows what could happen inbetween...

*tries to keep positive...*
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Saturday, May 06, 2006
look at me - awake and updating at 8:40am on a saturday morning - craziness... admittedly my alarm goes off at 8:30am anyway... but the reason i'm so wide awake is coz I had Emily knocking on my door just after 8am this morning asking if i wanna go paint-balling (is slightly annoyed because who in their right mind knocks on anyone's door that early in the morning on a saturday?!) anyway - apparently it costs like £30 which is craziness... and she was giving me 10 mins to get ready *duh* so i'm not doing that... but of course the result is that i couldn't get back to sleep - and very sleepy though so might try and get another half hour before i get up properly...

Anyway - have this feeling... just really wanna go to church tonight... but don't particularly wanna go on my own... (would go to one of the services in the city, not my own church obviously) but i dunno... if i'm meant to be at a service tonight then maybe that opportunity will arise... I don't really like going into other churches etc alone especially if i've never been to one before.... ach i dunnno.

Anyway plans for today after i've stopped being sleepy is to go into the city centre at some point, and do some reading for darrell's class (which i really need to do) 'n thats about it i guess. unless i go to the cinema or something... Kat's away this weekend on a residential with her youth group so it's pretty quiet up here... (well not really, but yeh - lol).

Ach i should go...
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Friday, May 05, 2006
THE storm(s)... *eeek*

Well i don't know if you happen to have seen it on the news or anything... but in the West of Scotland last night everyone had a spectacular show!!!!! Seems to have been worst in the Glasgow area with flash flooding etc... with Fire Fighters etc having to deal with a crazy amount of emergencies..... the pic to the left is one that someone took of a tower block at parkhead being stuck...
it was crazy... i was at starbucks with some of my young people 'n my tutor last night and right enough not long before we came out i remember seeing a flash outside the window but I thought someone was using a flash camera... but when we got outside the storm was already in full force... the rain wasn't so bad at that point though... but by the time me and my tutor got up the road the lightening was happy every few seconds and there was some pretty incredible forks 'n some very loud thunder... crazy i tell you! so yeh... but by the time i got into the flat it was just insane... the heavens opened and the rain was just soooo heavy. I showed my mum 'n dad 'n cousin etc it across my webcam... but it was just mental - i don't think a webcam would do it justice... went on consistently from about 8-10:30pm i reckon... was quite for a bit and then started again, although didn't seem to last as long this time... was just crazy though - i've never seen a storm like that in the UK, or ever i don't think, not that i can remember anyway... but it was just crazy... the forks were huuuuuuuuuuge.
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Thursday, May 04, 2006
Busy busy busy...
it's been a busy few days... been at Easterhouse a lot...
Had a great time yesterday - we were in one of the primary schools (the catholic one) doing territorial work... was really good... thoroughly enjoyed myself! *grins*
Today i had a tutor meeting (the last ever *yay*) and then headed to easterhouse and got back with enough time to make myself some dinner... i'll be heading off out to meet the kenmure lot soon... have my tutor coming so i have to pick him up on my way down... so yeh. looking forward to getting back here and being able to settle down with a book and have an early night. I won't be out working so much tomorrow, think i only have to go out for the display at night, but i have a lot of reading to do and reflective stuff to do, so it'll still be another busy day...

that aside... have u noticed my pet egg??? >>>>>>>>>>>>>
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Monday, May 01, 2006
oops. sorry.
i've completely neglected this blog recently. sorry.

I've been pretty busy though... rough count down of the week....
college all day tuesday followed by food --> bookshop --> film at night with dad... saw 'Inside man' was a very clever film *grins* kept having to poke dad in the ribs though *hehe*
Wednedsay... got up and faffed about doing prep for meetings, then had meeting with Iain, followed by coffee meeting type thing with Sheena... then just had the evening to myself which was nice. Slept loads.
Thursday... headed off to Easterhouse for the media group, came back and then did some prep and relaxed for the rest of the day coz my evening group was cancelled... me 'n Kat did the flat fellowship - was amusing... We had singstar *hehe*
Friday... *thinks* spent the morning finishing a reflection report and weekly workplans that i had to hand in for college, did most of my anathallo prep and then headed to the BB display in the evening. - was good... but the parallel bars still make me cringe!
Saturday i was up uber early (7:20am) and out of the flat by 8am so that i could catch a bus to b'briggs so that i could go on the church ramble for a change... they have them bi-weekly but i've never been able to go for one reason or another... but i was determined this time... really enjoyed it... we went to Dunkeld... some of the yp were there, but i got to mix with a few of the adults too which was good. really enjoyed it - was knackered by the time i got back at 5pm though... was in bed sleeping by 9pm after finishing my anathallo prep and watching some stargate... (oooooh and reading some Narnia - on the 2nd book now - lovin' it!!) Had discovered though that then net wasn't working again - wasn't impresssed.
Woke up in good time on Sunday - went to church - found out we raised £1700 *grins* which is awesome! Had bible class, was good... Andy did an amusing thing with a banana... had an educational point, but was funny... Then came back here and watched stargate 'n chilled... headed back to b'briggs to use Sheena's net connection to sort out some stuff, had a nice chat to her and then headed to church... had anathallo prayer meeting, then evening service, then anathallo which went really well...
Today... was up in good time again - sat talking to yp (who are now on study leave) on msn for a bit, then headed off into town for a supervision meeting with one of my volunteers... was good... then headed off to get the prize for the yp who got the most sponsor money *grins*, back up the road, and here I sit... So as you can see i've been busy... but the biggest problem hampering my attempts to update on here at the moment is the lack of internet connection in the evenings and at the weekends - is very annoying. This was the 4th weekend in a row... *argh* hopefully they'll fix it soon.. there's a lot of annoyed bunny's up here....

anyway - hope that makes up for my lack of updatedness...
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