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Thursday, October 30, 2008
Marlee Matlin... amazing or what...
For as long as I can remember I've wanted to learn to use Sign Language... Mostly coz i think that it would be a great skill to have in my job... I've never managed to have that opportunity though. It's sad. Perhaps one day will though... I try to learn bits and pieces from the net, maybe one day i'll do a course - who knows...

BUt this blew me away. Marlee Matlin is a deaf Actress from the States... If you're a fan or The West Wing then you'll probably know who she is... But i came across this video the other week and it blew me away... She is profoundly deaf and can't hear the music, yet she is on the American version of Strictly Come Dancing and to be honest she could have seriously shown up some of our stars on Strictly Come Dancing this year!!!! Have a look, hear her story... It's worth it!

Anyway - so yesterday I had a lovely late afternoon with dad... It was nice to be able to hang out together for a bit. It's odd not having him down here every week anymore - but it was nice to see him. And in true style he fixed stuff that needed fixed LOL... Anyway - i'm meant to be going to a meeting soon, so i suppose i should go and get ready...

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Snow... or lack of...
Home up north has snow... we don't have snow here in Glasgow. That just not fair...

Can we have some please God?

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lack of power... *doh*
I'm trying to be patient... although i feel as though i'm failing...

I came home to the flat in darkness tonight. again. 4th time in less than 72 hours... 7th time in 5 days... I'm not a happy bunny.

Don't blame me for not having much belief in the fact that i'll continue to have power for the foreseeable future...

ps Scottish power are a bit naff. =)


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Monday, October 27, 2008
O the memories...
it's been far too long since I've been updating on here... for that I apologise.. It's been a couple of interesting months with some ups and some downs... First I want to mention my grandparents: Granny and Didie...

You may remember that 3 years ago (to this day actually) Didie passed away after a relatively short battle with cancer... However just over a week ago Granny also passed away. I've missed Didie... His cheeky grin and his tendency to play with my hair... I always remember the last cheeky grin he gave me before I came back to Glasgow after my last visit to see him before he died. And i'm going to miss Granny too. I'm going to remember the good times like she asked.

It's odd... I was still at college when Didie died, and I was at a 'girls group' with some of the other females from the college dorms just the night before Didie died... And we had to take along something which was special to us... I took along my picture album. I have pictures of Granny and Didie in there and during that evening I realised how lucky i was to still have all four grandparents... Now I just have 2. I know that life goes on... but it doesn't change the fact that every so often you wish you were back in those Sunday afternoon visits to see you grandparents and cousins... happy times. Just goes to show, we shouldn't take our time here on earth for granted.

Anyway - like i said there's been up's and down's... there's been a lot of exciting stuff happening in the world of TLT over the past while... we've been working at getting our Youth Weekend for Glenshee (its in Feb) together and have ended up with a massive 50 young people and adults going away for the weekend!!! it's sooooo exciting! We've taken over the whole centre in Glenshee - it's like a dream! And quite a few of the young people are kids that don't go to church - they go to groups though, but it's a great opportunity to really share with them about God and his Love and Will for our lives. So i'm very excited about the whole thing!

I also spoke at my first Elevate last night... I was crazy nervous beforehand... but it was cool... Folks seemed to be listening and seemed to get what i was saying - so i'm happy.. More experience under the belt eh? LOL.

Anyway - i suppose i should go and get some work done... Hopefully i won't be quite so bad at updating in the future... LOL...

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