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Monday, April 30, 2007
Grease Lightnin' 'n all that jazz...
You have got to love this... Am sitting here slightly knackered... have cleaned the living room, but am currently trying to muster the energy to do the dining room *heh* - but check this out...
this is the result of the BB display on Friday night... there were many amusing moments... but i laughed so much during this that my sides were hurting afterwards... This was 'Grease Lightening' by our very own Seniors from the BB *lol* and their trusty leader 'Chizz'... It started off with a bit of banter, particularly with one of the boys producing a car number plate (which was the same as the BB captains *lol*) so that was amusing enough... then the song started...
And at that moment, the boys started dancing along... you know the drill... but then a couple of second who came bursting through the emergency exit?! But the rest of the Senior boys all dressed up as the Pink Ladies *lol* it was soooooo funny!
They were such good sports!!! its not very often that you'll get s group of 16-18 year old lads that will have a bit of fun and do that kind of thing!!! *lol* It was very well done!!! And muchly amusing... and complimented a very well put together evening for those who had gone along to support the boys. I loved the Pipes 'n Drums though... the band are getting on sooooo welll... makes it well good to listen to them! *grins* and they have sooo many of the younger boys learning to play too!! So there's plenty of up and coming talent!!! Just makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end... in a good way! *grins*
But yes... i promised a proper update... so there you go!!!!
I shall be back with more i'm sure... been downloading lots of pics of my phone coz i've ordered an upgrade... so yeh. I'm sure i'll be back later or something...

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Saturday, April 28, 2007
i'm currently relaxing... I was so exhausted last night... Was at the BB display, but by the end of it, for whatever reason, my head was thumping and I just felt like a dead weight (despite only sitting watching for the entire evening)... mind was pretty active though which was pretty annoying coz it meant that i couldn't sleep for ages... So i think today shall continue to be on of relaxation... No plans. I like it that way.

Perhaps i shall go out for a walk to get some air and go and visit Molly... we'll see.

oooooh... the LUWERO sponsor count is currently sitting at just under £1000 *grins* and more than half of the yp haven't handed their money back yet, so yeh... happy happy. *grins*

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Friday, April 27, 2007
I'm tired *heh* feeling a lot better than i was last night though.... I left church rather frazzled. It was a good night though! mUhcly enjoyed it!!! It was our second night of TTNP and they all came back! *grins* so yeh... scope to build that up after the summer i think...
Today I'm relaxing a bit though... Will have to do some prep and decide what material i want to use for Summer Sunday School this year... But tonight is that BB display... The picture is our BB marching on Sunday... they always do that the week before their display... the BB display is always amusing.. but it also makes me want to hide coz they do the bars *eeek* but yeh. But i'm sure it'll be good... It's a couple of weeks to go before we have the GB display... i'm involved in that this year for the first time... quite scary... am doing action songs with the wee explorers and also we all have to learn this dance thing from High School Musical... I would roll my eyes at that *isn't particularly a fan* but it's actually quite fun to dance to... *heh*.
Anyway... i suppose i should get on...

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Thursday, April 26, 2007
If you haven't already had a listen at this then go for it!!! My brother Phil and a friend Robert have been running live request shows on G4G, and will be doing a few more over the next couple of weeks!!! You can text, or email, or leave comments on their blog in order to make your requests... 'tis good!!! They've had a couple of teething problems, but it's all very exciting!
if you're interested... the URL is...
G4G blog... for the blog
for the link to listen!!!! Any problems, then let them, or me know and i'll pass it on!
Do have a go with it... I'm lovin' it!!! It's so refreshing having some good clean Christian music on the radio, and of course a decent request show!! Just loving it!


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Monday, April 23, 2007
silly rain. we've had such nice weather recently... but today the rain has come to be annoying... at least it's not pouring down. Was at the school this morning, and amusingly enough they ended up cancelling the assembly at the last minute again *heh* So i just gave the leaflets to the head of year to distribute... turns out that tomorrows assembly is cancelled too... which means i won't have to get up early - which is a welcome thing coz i was really tired this morning... Am still really tired now actually... got some stuff to be getting on with though, so i should really do that... perhaps i shall write a more interesting update later.


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Thursday, April 19, 2007
LOL... well yesterday dad and I had a meal out... we don't get to do that as often these days... and dad was going to take me to Est Est Est, which apparently wasn't Est Est Est anymore... so we didn't go in the end... so after a quick look in Wesley Owen, I took dad to Wagamama's -yummmmmmmmmmm... Wagamama's is a Japanese restaraunte... like yum. Dad had never had that before... don't he was so convinced when I suggested it... i think he thought it was going to be sushi etc... *lol* like i'd eat that!!!!!! Was good though... I like Chinese, but Japanese is so much less guckky. And yes... that is a word xP
However... I was up early this morning again, and off to the school to do another assembly... Then had a meeting with Iain, and went in past Sheena's on my way back to get Molly coz they were going out for the afternoon... So i currently have a very sleepy Molly lying next to me *lol*... But yeh. WIG tonight i think...
Ooooooooooh - when we were at Wesley Owen I came across the latest Hillsongs United Album.... It's called 'All of the above' - i've not had a chance to listen to it properly yet... but i'm muchly excited coz their last 2 albums have been great!!!!!!! I think we can safely say that i'll be making an attempt to listen to it loads over the next while... I'd also like to get an 'itrip' now that i can use Hamish... *hint hint for my birthday!!!!*
Anyway, am off to watch neighbours and then settle down to some prep...

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yesterday was a very fun day *grins*
Jen and I went to Loch Lomond... My first 'mini adventure' in Hamish (sheena's car)... 'twas fun... Of course we had actually invited Molly the dog on a wee play date with us but she wasn't welll *awwww* but we went anyway... nice fresh air for a change *hehe*. It was amusing though, coz Sheena 'n George both had different routes to take, and both was as determined as the other that we should take their route *heheh* So we took Sheena's on the way out and then Geo's on the way back... both were ok i guess... Sheena's definitely was easier, although Geo's more scenic... not that i was getting to take in the scenery much... twisty roads = much concentration, especially when there are big scary double decker buses on the roads... Don't think I could ever go on that road on a DD bus... that's a recipe for sick i reckon!
It was interesting though... we had some lunch at the local pub... 'n then went for a wee walk along Loch Lomond's shore, and then found some random paths *heheh* i'm sure we were on some random dog walking footpath at some point *lol* it was good though... good company and fresh air, able to appreciate God's amazing Creation... can't really complain!
But yes... we got there, and back in one piece... without any particularly major direction problems... and it was a fun day! *grins*

I have to say though... i still think that Sheena was cheating by using a red pen to mark out her route on her map *lol* yes, we did have 2 maps... one from Sheena and one from Geo... it amuses me how competitive they can be at times *lol*

That aside, i was up early this morning... Was feeling a tad rough, bit better now though.. was at the school doing an assembly... went down well *grins* the head of year thanked me... what he said to me was really nice =)

Anyway... I think Jen 'n I are about to watch March of the Penguins... she's heading off after lunch *sads*

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Sunday, April 15, 2007
oh my... what a weekend... *heh* This weekend was our 24 hour event... so after a lot of prep, and a lot of hype it is finally over and i can relax... well for tomorrow morning anyway...

it was really good. all fun and games... very little sleep *heh* good service, good banter, generally a good time.

tonight was our 'bring a friend' night a a couple of the yp did... so that was good... again, good laugh, and Graham was really good at speaking too... so yeh... all good.

Am just really tired now though... and have a very busy week ahead of me. So yeh.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007
The land of nodd...
That's where Phil still is... sleeping... well deserved long lie i think... I on the other hand have been up and pottering about for a while... Need to sit down and sort stuff out for the weekend I think... Had a sudden *urgh* moment yesterday when i was reminded that I still have a heap of prep for Sunday morning and a heap of prep for Sunday night on top of my remaining prep for the 24 hour event *what joy*... doesn't help that certain volunteers seem to have gone awol, and done nothing for tomorrow, or sunday. *meh*. Well that's just ministry for you. I should go and get on with some work....

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
feels like i've done nothing today... and that's not true, coz I have... perhaps not been as productive as i could have been though... but then my heads been throbbing since mid-afternoon... so yeh, that tends to slow things down a bit. Took Molly a walk again today... she's slowly losing the weight which is good... we'll just have to keep the exercise up! She was here last night too... Sheena and George had gone out for the evening to visit family cos it was their anniversary yesterday... so i took the dog a walk 'n took her back here... No way she was getting in the back room though... there was craft stuff everywhere! *lol*. She's a dafty dog is Molly... dead lazy too... although she's been taught a couple of tricks by Sheena and she can do them really well... anything for some food *lol* She's a wee hunny really... although she just about ran into one of my young people's houses last night... when i was walking her i decided to drop off a form that a yp needed and as soon as her mum opened the door, Molly went to blot it inside.. I told you she was a daft dog! *lol* A very cute daft dog none-the-less.

But yes... what else has happened over the past couple of days... well the answer to that is not much... well lots... but not exciting enough to mention on here... although check it out... we have an easter breakfast at Kenmure every year and we get boiled eggs at it... and look at the egg cup!!!!! ---->

Hmmm... i should really be doing prep for the weekend.. but the motivation just isn't there at the moment... oh well... tomorrow is just gonna be a busy day i guess. *heh*

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Saturday, April 07, 2007
What a day...
well the day started off kinda 'off'... I got my appointment date through for my MRI scan... and as much as that may seem as a good thing to many people it kinda bummed me out. I think it's just an extension of the 'shock' of going into my appointment with the consultant the other week and not getting the 'all clear' that i expected... But yeh... after a good hug from Sheena and some cheering up at the Reid household I was good to go again... I got an easter present from them *grins* 'twas a wee easter egg 'n a 'paint your own statue' set... an EEYORE one *grins* and of course molly climbed up onto my lap and slept for the duration that i was there.. to the point that i had to lift her off when i had to come home. She was very sweet... I think Sheena 'n Geo are getting jealous of her liking me so much *lol*

Then i've been doing prep the rest of the day, and was then at a family from the churchs house tonight for dinner which was nice =) they're a relatively new family so was nice to get to know them a bit more. And the food was wellll yummy! And their cat Ollie took to my lap and slept there for a while too... *lol* so i have been a bed on 2 occasions today *grins*

So yeh.. that's it... Gonna have to go to bed soonish i think, coz have Easter breakfast at church in the morning...

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Thursday, April 05, 2007
back in Glasgow
well that's it... my holiday is over... *heh* was nice today... headed up to Peterhead again and saw the Smiths too which was nice =) 'n then mum 'n grandma took me into Aberdeen to catch the train... wasn't a bad journey... was very sunny the whole way down, so very pretty. Have decided that i'm not going to allow myself to get stuck into work stuff again until tomorrow... but we'll see... lots of stuff going through my mind... so unfortunately my head is already back in work.. ah well. lists to do *lol* Just as well I enjoy my job *wink*.

Anyway... food.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Check it out... random??? oh yes... "bright sheep" have been spotted in the central belt.... *heh* quite amusing don't you think???? *hehehe*

That aside... am enjoying my time at home =) am really tired though... like really tired... Currently sitting with my dad 'n mum 'n Richard (bro-in-law) watching a James Taylor DVD... is quite good admittedly... =) Fiona is up trying to wake Phil up I think *heh* i've tried already... but no joy *heh* maybe she shall have more joy....
Anyway... i go home tomorrow... As in back to Glasgow...
Highlights of my week (or few days) at home:
+ being greeted by my siblings at the train station *grins*
+ lots of sleeping
+ good service at Kemnay
+ 2 good services at AoG in Aberdeen
+ catching up with friends =)
+ catching up with family
+ more sleeping
+ many laughs...

Ah such a good time...

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Sunday, April 01, 2007
up north...
Am up in sunny aberdeenshire now for a few days to rest and relax... hopefully I'll catch up on sleep, and think about work as little as possible, although that's hard to do when people still text you or whatever, but yeh, c'est la vie. Was at my home CofS church this morning and then AoG in town... both were good... both speakers were good... going back to AoG tonight after a visit from my dads side of the family. Not really planning to do much else. Am really quite tired, so would love a sleep, but i don't see that happening. Will perhaps go up to my sisters for a visit later this afternoon, but we'll see. About to have a Sunday Roast *grins* not had one of those in a while.

and for the record, i'm using mum's laptop at the moment, and she has the touch pad for mouse activitated. it's the most annoying thing ever.... so if there are random letters in the middle of words, it's not my fault.Blame mum. *heh*
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