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Wednesday, March 25, 2009
an interestind day...
Well today has been rather interesting. Not has productive as one would have perhaps hoped. Meant to be sorting out the bible study for the reunion on saturday and thus far struggling to settle on one passage.... i dunno - too tired to do anything more about it tonight - need to have sorted it out before I got out to TTNP tomorrow night though!

But yes.. certainly not a dull day...
Listened to a good sermon on my ipod while out with abbie this afternoon for a long walk... was lovely... and an interesting sermon too.
had the Jehovah Witnesses at the door... had a lovely chat with them. First time i've ever seen JW's down here actually - wouldn't even have a clue where the nearest Kingdom Hall was... Was kinda amusing tho - i'm convinced the lady was asking me certain questions about my faith just to make sure that i really was a christian and not just saying that i was to get them to go away or something LOL. But i made my beliefs (as different as they were from hers) very clear... but it wasn't confrontational, and no i didn't get my own bible out and try to envangelise them out of their own faith. And it seems that it was the right thing to do, simply from the last thing the lady said "well its been lovely just being able to chat with you and not argue about different parts of faith" - and it was. Maybe one day she'll see the light... But somehow today was perhaps just the beginning for her... Its in God's hands.
That aside i was also at Christianity Explored tonight - was good as usual... although i figured out that although there are another 4 weeks I'm only going to make it to 1 of them due to 2 meetings and being at home for a week too... am looking forward to going home... BTW mum, all i plan to do is sleep! Hope thats ok ;-)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
A happy ending...
Well Abbie and I had a wonderful surprise yesterday.... but i shall fill you in on the good news first... Remember the dog that I found last week - i decided to call him 'Jake'? Well i noticed while i was out with Abbie late on Saturday night that the wee Tesco down the road had a poster up for a reward for a lost jack russell - it was Jake!!!! So after church on Sunday I phoned the number, but when i did so it turned out that he was home with his owner again! *grins* turns out that the owner had gone to the police station who claimed that no dogs had been taken there *grrrr* but thankfully the Vets told her to try the dog warden...

She was soooooooo thankful... wanted to send me something as a thank you etc, but i said not to - i'm just glad she got him back safe! Even if the police etc were pretty hopeless with the whole thing! So yes happy happy...
So yesteday - like I said Abbie and i had a lovely surprise when we were walking through the park and who comes bounding up to us but Jake! Well it turns out his actual name is Bobby - but he'll always be Jake to me LOL... But yeh apparently he's getting chipped and chopped LOL... Again they were sooo thankful - was nice to speak to the lady face to face too =)
So it all comes down to a happy ending!
That aside - i'm still reading my book, and it's still thought provoking (see previous post) - defo worth a read if you're into that type of thing!

For now though i need to go and do my bible study 'Homework' for Christianity Explored tomorrow night coz I really want to spend tomorrow blitzing my prep for our Troon Mission Reunion this weekend (i keep thinking its ages away and its THIS Friday/Saturday/Sunday - DOH!)


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Saturday, March 21, 2009
Well one may say that today i have procrastinated... but i haven't, not really. Yes I have plenty of work that I could be doing, but to be honest, it's been pleasant to relax and claw back some free-time which has been rather rare recently... Having said that I will have to do some work this evening. I'm leading Anathallo tomorrow night, so i'll need to at least get most of that sorted!

Anyway - so today Abbie and I had a lazy morning - it was wonderful... downstairs had another party last night, and although they weren't loud enough to keep me awake all night as they have in the past, they woke me up on a few occasions. They appear to have an inability to talk at normal level, and have to shout rather a lot. Wearing, but there you go.

So the lazy morning was followed by a nice long walk... that was lovely too - it was kinda cloudy, but it was warm and sunny at times too. It was so nice that I took the opportunity to have a wee sit in the park while abbie was running around chase birds and squirrels and generally sniffing about... I think a trip to the park is quite possibly her equivalent of alton towers - LOL!!!!

That aside i've spent some time this afternoon reading and doing puzzles 'n stuff.. It's been rather pleasant. I got given a book last Friday which i started reading on my day off on Thursday... it's rather interesting reading so far - it's called "Ladies and gentlemen the church has left the building" and basically its all about how the church needs to stop waiting inside its four walls waiting for the 'lost' to come to them, but need to start going 'out' - it starts with one of the authors (who has died since the book was published) sharing an experience he had. In a nut shell it challenges how Christians do church and how it can be exclusive and shut others out.Certainly a big challenge. Needless to say that one of the chapters i read this afternoon actually had me in tears. Was about poverty and our response to it... I shan't spoil it for your just in case you ever read the book.. although I'm considering reading that wee part of that chapter at the 24 hour event at church in a couple of weeks time - i think it would really help the yp to hear about poverty and how our willingness to love and encourage those in poverty is more than just reaching into our pockets...

If you want a challenge - then possibly this is the book for you.
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Thursday, March 19, 2009
A day off at long last...
Today has been lovely... Abbie and I went for a nice long walk... had a short visit from our elder... the ASDA man paid a visit... I've been able to do lots of reading... It's been wonderful...

Planning to meet a friend for some dinner in town before bible study tonight in town too.. SO Abbie will get another short walk before i head off for that... She's currently out for the count on her bean bag lol... it was indeed a long walk *wink*

I suppose the rarity of complete days off certainly makes me more grateful for them!!! Just being able to relax a bit has been lovely!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Busy day but satisfied...
Today has yet again been a long day... Started off taking Abbie her usual walk only to be greeted by a 'wee friend' up in the park on the hill behind Arnold Clark... This wee Jack Russell didn't seem to have an owner in sight... i carried on with abbie in our usual direction although he seemed to rather take a shine to abbie (she didn't like it at all - i ended up carrying her for most of the time after he joined us..)but by the time i got down to the main road, there was still no owner...

So... i decided to walk back up to the top of the hill - of course he followed us... i walked back into the housing estate as i knew of at least one house with a jack russell, but that particular dog came barking at us as soon as we walked towards its house.. so it wasn't theirs. Still no sign of any owner.
I should point out at this point that although the wee dude had a collar on he didn't have an id tag of any sort (take note dog owners please!!!!) if he had then i would happily have taken him back to his home... but no. (silly dog owner!!!) so - the dog is still at my heels (he really wanted to 'play' with abbie) i ended up deciding to walk down to the vets - to see if they could help. to be honest they weren't all that helpful - they wouldn't take the poor wee dude in - although they did scan him to see if he had a chip - he didn't (another note to dog owners - CHIP YOUR DOG!!!!!) so still no idea who the pooch belonged to - they suggested i take him to the police station... so i walk down there with the dog still at my heels...
get to the police station only to be told by the officer that because they didn't have kennels they couldn't keep him until his owner turned up (by this time i was rather harassed) i have to say i dug my heels in. He told me that i could take him to the Kirkie police station - but by this time i have less than an hour before i had to be in town for a meeting for work, and obviously i didn't have a car to take the dog anywhere - and of course when i asked him if he could do that himself his reply was no. heh. so i remained digging my heels in - there was no way i was letting that dog out again next to a main road - that would be careless and reckless. Although tbh the officer didn't seem to see this. But eventually he got hold of a number for the dog warden (after MANY attempts i have to say - lazy man) and then proceeded to tell me that the Warden could either pick the dog up from my flat or the police station... of course i opted for the station - i wasn't intending to take the dog back to my flat! 15 mins he said it would take... 30 mins later and the lady eventually arrived... the police officer easily could have watched the dog - he watched me watching the dog often enough! But yeh... at least the dog is safe in a dog home... or perhaps home with its owner by now... and hopefully if that is the case the owner has learned their lesson and will intend to get the dog chipped!!!!

so a lesson to all pet owners out there:
- Get your pet chipped!!!!
- Make sure your pet always has it's id. tag on!!!!

The thing that i found sad was how difficult it was for me to make sure that the wee pooch was kept in safety while lost from its owner. I would hope that if i ever lost Abbie someone would be able to find somewhere safe for her to stay until i found her. it really saddened me that neither the Vet nor the Police were all that helpful (although the officer did kind of redeem himself in the end - kinda). I've had at least one friend who has lost a dog - not to the main road, but to the canal. It's not a fine situation to face... but why do they make these things so difficult?! doh!

Anyway - i shall stop ranting.. here endeth the tale of Jake (thats what i decided his name was LOL)... I hope that if he isn't already, that he'll be back with his owner soon. =)

So that was the majority of my morning - afternoon i had a meeting for mission reunion next weekend and tonight was a report to the Kirk Session followed by Elevate publicity stuff - it's been crazy - but i have a strange sense of satisfaction...

I'm glad I helped wee Jake out. I'd dread to think what could have happened to him otherwise.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009
Full of the cold...
Am full of the cold =( so i'm taking some time out having been to wesley owen in town to get some stuff for work and for a friends birthday which is today =)

Anyway... I have a facebook account and recently found that there is an Uno application... I love playing ono but don't obviously have people around much to play it... but being able to play it online is sooo much fun - and whats more you can play with folk all over the world!! Just the other day i played with folk from Hong kong, Australia, various states in the USA, Finland as well as folk from all over the UK... it's really kl to think that you can play a game like that with folk from all over the world *grins*

That aside i mentioned a wee while ago that i was working my way through the Stargate SG-1 series... finished that, and am now working my way through the Stargate Atlantis series - its rather different from the SG-1 series, but has many similarities and it's good fun to watch and something to relax to - which is nice.

Work is continuing to be busy - but at the moment i'm trying to gain back some personal time after a very busy couple of months. Abbie and I have been enjoying walks around Bishopbriggs even some without the rain! LOL... Got a lot on over the next couple of days though - so here's hoping that my cold passes quickly.. =)
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Saturday, March 07, 2009
Ok... so i've been back from Glenshee for almost 2 weeks now... i think i'm still recovering to be honest. I'm still knackered - but it was great... It was a lot harder than previous years - just coz moving 50 people about is surprisingly harder than 39 - you wouldn't think that an extra 10 people or so would make a difference, but it really did. heh.

We had a new activity this year - the centre had had a new zipwire installed since we were last their last February - ok so it wasn't completely my cup of tea (don't really like heights all that much) - but the young folks loved it and i even thought it was... well interesting. lol.

But yeh - the weekend teaching was based on changing the world... we had studies from the old testament and the new testament... and we even had Evan Almighty in to help us... lol. Challenging for us all.

One of my favourite things of the weekend though (well perhaps the aftermath of it) is that young folks who never usually go to church or anything are enthusiastic about God, and singing 'God songs' and trying to live for Him! One of the Fave songs over the weekend was 'Prince of Peace' which is the second song on the video below... the yp just love it - and they got to teach it to the church too who i have to say did a FAB attempt at it last sunday morning! So yes... another successfull weekend... but have a look at the video and see what you think for yourself?

That aside... Mum, Fi and Hollie are down for the weekend =) Mum 'n I just took the dogs out for a walk and I have to say that they are both out for the count - so i think mum and I are going to cut our losses and walk up the road to one of the local coffee shops for lunch and cake *grins* I have a meeting tonight though =( -sad times- but they're dog sitting so its all kl =) Hopefully i won't be tooooo late =)

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