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Saturday, January 30, 2010
Dog or a chicken?!


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Magic eye...
When i was younger there was this thing call 'Magic Eye' which was really really popular... do you remember that?

Well as part of the session i'm organising for our discipleship group tomorrow night I'm using some Magic Eye images... i forgot how incredibly cool they are!!! And tbh for some odd reason I totally didn't expect it to work over a computer screen.. i dunno what my logic was... i just didn't think it would work - but it TOTALLY does!!!!!!!!

What do you see?????

See thing is that some people just don't see the shape.... they're adamant there's nothing there coz they don't see. Funny how belief in God can be like that...

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I"m tired... i know i should be asleep... but oh well =)
Ok... so i took a young person out for a hot chocolate the other week... and the most amusing thing happened... i got my hot chocolate and looooooook....

Is it an outline of the UK?!?! or maybe it's a dog?!?! who knows... but it certainly amused me for all of five minutes before i decided that I actually would like to drink the hot chocolate (much to the young person's amusement...)

ok i'm really tired now... so i should sleep.


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Friday, January 29, 2010
More snow...
LOL ok... so I wake up this morning... get up to go and give Abbie her breakfast.... and am greeted by snow falling outside. It was lying too!!! but lol the sun is out again now so what has managed to lie won't be there for long i wouldn't say. It was quite amusing though, because the majority of folks online were like 'oh man not MORE snow' LOL!!!!!! Ach snow can be fun. I don't mind it, just don't particularly like driving in it....

So yeh... this has been a busy week on many levels... although its quite amusing coz I've still been managing to keep the flat relatively clean.. the dishes are all up to date, the ironing is almost up to date - that a job to finish today - the hoover has been out twice this week!!! (I know?!?!?!) and yeh.... my bed is even made. How impressed are you!? And just another wee thing to make fiona happy.... I even pulled out the couch (which hasn't moved for the past 3.5 years) and hoovered under it, and along the skirting board... so yes. Ooooooh i should take pictures of my defrosted fridge for you all to marvel at... LOL>>>
I didn't remember to take a 'before' pic... but be assured that it was a crazy monster of an iceberg!

two of the many huge chunks of ice i took off the freezer compartment that day - heh...

I couldn't open this compartment or slide the tray out from below it THATs how much ice there was... there had been a box of choc ices stuck in there for the best part of 2-3 years - crazy!!!!!!!

Proof that the iceberg is no longer... it was only a couple of inches from touching the top shelf at the back... and it was about 3 inches thick up the back of the freezer compartment.....

And finally... A happy picture. =) nice clear freezer compartment. happy days XD

Anyway.... I should do some work. I'm already gonna end up well over my hours yet again this week... and so have deliberately put the breaks on and given myself a bit of a break so far today.... but i really should get some stuff done...

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Monday, January 25, 2010
Facebook is being annoying and I still have a cold. =(
OK today has actually been a rather wonderful and in some ways productive day. However its also had its not so wonderful parts... like for example. I realised after getting up this morning that my right knee was rather sore =( - i dunno what i've done to it... twisted it maybe? but yeh. its not very comfy, actually if i move it or put weight on it at the 'wrong' angle at all it can be pretty sore. It also clicks, which Pamela and I found rather amusing in the car on the way home tonight LOL >.<

So that is inconvenience number one....

number 2... I still have this pesky cold. I honestly thought it was getting better when i didn't cough up as much gunk this morning, especially when i wasn't coughing so much during the day... but no. I ended up coughing my lungs up for most of band tonight. Just as well Pamela was there too, otherwise there would have been no lead, coz i was struggling a lot to sing in order to lead at times.

Number 3... Facebook is being annoying. I'm trying to post stuff and its just not working. this has been a common occurrence of late... its rather annoying. and they expect us to pay for this? (rumour I know, but still) I wouldn't keep using it anyway i don't imagine (if they started charging to use it i mean)... Wouldn't be worth it if the yp weren't on it. I would just have to keep in touch with others by other means...

all of that aside... I have been thinking about Lent... and what i may give up for lent... Apparently Pamela is giving up unnecessary internet use (which today turned out to perhaps be a bad idea, but thats another long story)...
I dunno tho... I've certainly considered a few things. Perhaps chocolate again... I've done that before. I dunno tho. And i've kinda stopped with the fizzy drinks and started drinking loads more water again (she says sitting with the remainder of the bottle of diet coke next to her LOL) but yeh, so i've already done that... and I've already more or less conquered the nail biting thing (for how long I don't know, long may it continue)...

Perhaps instead of stopping something, perhaps i should pledge to do something thats gd for me... like eat more fruit 'n veg (as in not just buy it but actually eat it LOL) or listen to worship music in the car instead of the radio (as amusing as Galaxy FM can be...) or read more...

Ach I dunno... I guess I'll have to think about it a bit more... I know i bought a wee booklet on lent last year... i wonder what i did with it...........

alas Facebook as finally done what I wanted it to do 20 minutes ago... Now i will be able to rest at ease LOL...

I have a meeting in less than 10 hours, so i should probably head to bed. Here's hoping for less coughing. heh.

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Deep Impact =)

Soooooo yeh. I got back last night after another long drive... Went up to Aviemore in the Highlands on Friday in order to attend a Youth work conference there called Deep Impact. I've always really enjoyed these conferences partly because it's a great chance to meet other youthworkers/leaders 'n share experiences and ideas, partly because it's a great opportunity to learn something new and be challenged to perhaps think differently, even out of the box you've made for yourself, about how we do youthwork... BUt this year was special coz we had a really gd speaker who really challenged us in our own faith. Kenny Borthwick is actually part of the team that speaks at Clan Gathering (a Christian Conference I normally go to in the summer) and so i've heard him talk quite a few times... But I think that this is very probably the first time we've had a main speaker like him at Deep Impact. Certainly since i've been going...

So it was a wonderful weekend... i've come home refreshed, exhausted, challenged and inspired all in one big scoop. And its a good feeling if i'm honest...

Just a shame i've still got this stupid cold. Its driving me nuts. I even had to leave the main session yesterday coz I was having a coughing fit and jsut couldn't stop. grrrr. hopefully it'll go away soon. =(


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
oooops yes... defrosting.
So yeh i kinda didn't want to spoil the ending of that last post.... but i've realised that i didn't explain about 'defrosting' LOL... Basically I've had an iceberg growing in the back of my fridge for a VERY long time. I have attempted to remove it before, but gave up really rather quickly....

I am ashamed to say it, but the little freezer section at the top of the fridge has been frozen shut (with some choc ices still inside LOL) for probably the best part of 2 years, maybe more. =O

I'm afraid I didn't thnk to take a 'before' picture.... but i'll be sure to take an 'after' one just to prove that i have indeed cleared it XD

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Fundraising and defrosting....
I was working last night... We had our Girls Brigade and because one of the leaders wasn't going to be there, I offered to put together a wee presentation about the earthquake in Haiti... not necessarily about all the facts that the girls would have heard about through the media, but just helping them to realise that it is happening to real people. People like you and me...

In order to do this I had spent yesterday afternoon doing some research... did you know that Haiti is a grand total of 4,322 miles away from Glasgow?

It seems a long way away doesn't it? BUt at the same time, for a short period the media brings it into our living room. the pain, the anguish. But it is only for a short period. In a few weeks time we may not have forgotten about Haiti, but we won't be confronted with images of the destruction everyday... and lets be honest, most people will forget. But for the families who were broken on that awful day, they'll be remembering for a long time yet.

But yeh, the GB have been doing a general theme of 'Same but different' this year... So i did the presentation bringing questions etc into it which helped them to realise how the people in Haiti were the same as us, but what was different. I showed them a Video by Tearfund at the end of the presentation (it wasn't that long), and at the end of the video the person appealed for people not to underestimate what they could do to help with the disaster in Haiti.... after the video I posed the question 'So what can we do?' to the girls...

Now I asked that question wanting more than anything for them all to realise that if nothing else, at least they could pray (which they did)... But last night the girls (as part of their service badge) had been asked to take along cakes etc which they had made in order to sell to the other sections, leader and parents in order to raise some money for the GB and BB folk going to LUWERO in Uganda later in the year... But one of the girls said 'Why don't we send the money we raise tonight to help in Haiti'... and that was a moment I will remember for a while. Yes I had considered asking the girls if they would like to do that, Yes I could have suggested it to them... But for them to realise that Haiti is currently a bigger need and that we could do something else in the future for the group going to luwero just showed me that they understood.

There are so many things seeking out money. But sometimes, you just need to give to those who need it even more.

There was a Haitian lady on the news the other day... she'd come across some bodies in a dumping pit after the earthquake which had obviously been dumped there, and although none of them were her family we was upset.. she said to the reporter...

"But they are all our brothers and sisters. We are all made by the one God."

Amen. May we act and respond in such a way that demonstrates that fact =)

ps Haiti... just over £60 coming your way... a big achievement for the girls =) - hope it helps!

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Monday, January 18, 2010
it's all gone at last!
Ok so there's nothing more annoying than lingering snow and ice... Snow initially is fun, its pretty to watch it fall and its pretty when there's a blanket of snow over everything... but once it gets messy and icy its just not fun anymore.

so i can on this happy day confirm that it's all gone =) and it's blue skies and sunny outside... =)

I'm not 100% at the moment... seem to be developing some sort of cold thingy... been trying to take it a bit easier over the past couple of days... but then woke up this morning with a rather squeaky voice. Put it this way, Abbie seemed rather confused and unable to understand me that well lol. Seems not so bad now tho..

anyway - got Bible study with a friend later... so i'm intending to do some housework, if i can gather the energy.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010
slippin' and a slidin'...
Well... I'm just back from ATTEMPTING to walk Abbie. The pavements here in Bishopbriggs are completely appalling. I almost fell countless times before getting only a couple of hundred yards up the road and deciding that if i wanted to continue today without a cast on one limb or other than i should probably cut my losses and go back to the flat.

It would appear that East Dunbartonshire council have yet to discover the "pavement gritter"...

I wonder how many lawsuits they've had filed against them... if the answer is none, then thats just pure jamminess.

And of course the sad thing is that so many of the older members of our community are scared enough going out in the cold and snow etc this time of year... isn't it about time the council started making it easier for them 'n not harder?! An elderly person shouldn't have to hide in their home just because of the season. The ways and means to help them continue to get about ARE out there... so why on earth aren't they being used?!

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Monday, January 11, 2010
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And the big thaw begins...
aye... the snow is going away. We were supposedly meant to have lots of snow falling today. the weather forecast fails again.

on another note... remember this?


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Saturday, January 09, 2010
the snow...
heh. So yeah... I kinda wish i was at home coz there's LOTS of pretty pics from up there... Here in Bishopbriggs we hadn't had snow for a few days, so although the snow wasn't shifting at all (very unusual. its usually slush within hours) it was getting mingin' 'n dirty and not very pretty at all...

However I woke up this morning to another layer =) which has freshened it all up nicely. It's not much, but just enough to make it look a bit pretty again =) I'd like some more... well actually I'd like LOTS more... but I don't think that's going to happen with both MetCheck and the BBC weather website claiming that weren't not getting anything... but then they've both been wrong at countless time over the past few weeks anyway. So who knows. Perhaps I can live in hope?

But if you want to have a look at some pics from back home then I'd recommend my dad 'n brothers blogs...

My dad had also been on a flight from London up to Aberdeen yesterday, so he got some cracking pictures from the air! It's so funny though, coz you really need to work hard to figure out where things are when everything is covered in snow. Its quite disorientating. *side thought* I wonder if pilots are ever disorientated... i know they have fancy gizmo's these days... but what if those gizmos failed on them?!

Anyway - talking of a view from the air... there was a pic of the whole of the UK going about a couple of days ago and it's pretty spectacular.. but yesterday I came across a higher pixel copy of it. so you can actually make out where some of the cities are - tis rather cool =)


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Thursday, January 07, 2010
This is stuck in my head for the 2nd day in a row....

it's kinda cute tho =)


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Its sooooooo cold!
OK so i got moaned at a bit for not updating this for a few months when I was at home over Christmas... so here it goes.

needless to say, i'm cold. like actually sitting in my living room in Bishopbriggs with the wee gas fire on with a big hoodie on (hood up) with socks AND furry socks, and my fleecy dressing gown wrapped around my legs.... despite all of that my feet are cold. my hands are cold, my nose is cold. Get the point? its COLD! Meanwhile Abbie is on her beanbag beside me completely comfortable and unaware (and sound asleep, no surprise there then)... oh to have a nice thick furry coat like she has!

But yeh... so... Was at home in Kemnay for a fortnight over Christmas. Got back to the Briggs on Monday... but the big news around at the moment is the 'cold snap' we're currently in... hence the fact that i'm COLD! BUt yeh... it started snowing the day before I went north before CHristmas... and bottom line is that it's never left. We've not really had any more snow here in Bishopbriggs over the past few days... but its so unbelievably cold that the snow is hanging about (which is crazy, that never happens in the city!), not that that is having an affect on life... the yp are still at school much to their annoyance LOL.

But back home in Kemnay is another story... The schools haven't made it back after their Christmas break yet... they've had an INSANE amount of snow...

That... would be Hollie, Abbie's doggy sister. AS you can see she's struggling a bit to move through the snow its THAT deep... and that was last night... they've had even more snow since then.

NOw I know that ultimately the extreme amounts of snow some parts of the country are having is ultimately a bit of a pain and causes a lot of problems... but still. I'd like some more please??????

Anyway I think i'm perhaps going to go first-footing some friends before some work and then perhaps wig tonight... =)


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