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Sunday, May 29, 2005
well am feeling a lot better today... hopefully will last tomorrow *grin* got our last over 15's before the summer tomorrow.. still not sure what's gonna happen with that next year.... mmmm... but yeah, we'll see. Have really missed my Season 2 and 3 of ER today... edned up watching LOTR instead... was ok i guess. Not much else to report really.. have been laying low again today and haven't really seen or spoken to anyone... well apart from mum on the phone and folk on msn i guess... but hopefully the last two days of rest will pay off tomorrow and the rest of this week, which looks as though it's gonna be busy. As for college, i have an essay outline to write, eeeeeeeeeek... well actually, worse, i have an essay to try and write, sucks, doh. ah well, no rest for the wicked... i should probably head off to bed...
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Friday, May 27, 2005
yeah sorry... it's been a looooooong time since i last posted on here... not intentional i have to say. Well it's been a pretty busy week i guess... we went to Polmont Young Offenders Institue the on tuesday as a field trip for college... was really interesting... basically it's a prison for 16-21 year olds... was interesting to see how it was laid out 'n stuff. But yeah have also had end of year assessments and such, which went well... needless to say i'm apparently doing a good job... and plenty of potential to grow next year... what joy. Have been a bit ill this week though, particularly the last few days... but am beginning to feel a whole lot better after a rest day today... 'n tomorrow i'll just be doing some reading and some prep for Sunday, so nothing overly energetic... hopefully i'll feel a lot better by the beginning of next week, coz it looks as though it's going to be a busy week. Blah.

But anyway...

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Saturday, May 21, 2005
the last display of the year!!!!
Well last night was my last display for this year... was good... but i'll be glad to be back to normal groups with my yp next week. Been working away at various bits and pieces yesterday... got a loooooooooot of stuff to do today. Various reading stuffs and of course SSS prep. *blah* so yeah. Thankfully don't have any prep to do for tomorrow... plenty to do for Wednesday and the SSS meeting though. Doh.

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Friday, May 20, 2005
Dum dum dum, dum de dum, dum de dum...
Hehe... ok, so yesterday I had schools placement and then I spent the afternoon doing prep for church and some study... then me and Kat cooked dinner together and we had korma... then everyone from the flat went out for a coffee at starbucks *grin* was kl. But of course i wasn't feeling all that great... feeling really tired a lot of the time this week and have waves of feeling sick.. what joy.
ooooooh and I had G at scissors point *hehehe* nah, he had this hair which was like an inch and a half long growing out of his forehead and he asked me to cut it off... I'd just like to point out though, that he wasn't so trusting!!!!!!! *lol*

but yeah anyway, was a laugh *grin*
Was in bed 'early' and slept practically instantly... obviously needed the sleep.
this morning me and Kat went to see Star Wars... Was actually quite good...... I'd recommend it to ya all... Even makes me want to get hold of the next 3... was very cheesy *hehe*

anyway... it's all gd.

GB display tonight.. i'm sure it'll be a laugh... but i'll be hiding so as to make sure that they don't make me do anything like dancing *eeeeeeeeeeeeek*
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
sorry again... not been good at keeping this up to date recently have i?

anyway - since Saturday quite a few things have happened...


Church was ok... had bible class this week... was a laugh. Also got the final count for the fast which was...

£1397.40 *grin*

and the treasurer also said that he'd find me the funds to pay for the transport to go to Frenzy *grin* - prayer answered...
and dad and Phil and Richard have all decided they're gonna come with us too... *grin*
so yeah... it's all good.


spent the whole day being lazy, watching ER season 4 which arrived in the post, had a meeting at night... then was lazy some more...


Again was lazy all day, but did some bits and pieces in between... also went out to Prontos with dad at ngiht... and then we went to the bookshops to have a walk and then headed to the cinema to see the interpreter, although i'd seen it already... but is good second time round too!!!!!


yeah well today i've done bits and pieces... put an expesenses cheque into the bank... after spending £225 on frenzy tickets... which thankfully i'll get most of back *hehe* and then.. oh yeah... it's raining. thats about it... we're having a 'girlie' night tonight in Hazel's flat... i'm sure it'll be amusing... but i'll be in bed early so i can get up early tomorrow for School placement instead of going with the gang to see Star Wars 3 tonight.... i'm sure i'll see it at some point though *grin*

dum de dum...
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Saturday, May 14, 2005
ssoz for not updating more often... it's been a busy week. mmm... ok so the last time i updated was tuesday...

ok so wednesday, *thinks* *can't remember and actually has to check diary to remind herself what she did*
ok..... so wednesday, i got up late after been up really late the night before and being tired... and then i had a meeting with my tutor... then I faffed about and did some prep before heading off to Elmbank Street (impact HQ) to collect mine and Heather's jumpers... so i now have a groovy grey jumper with impact on the front and tlt on the back *grin*... so yeah chatted to Phil W for a bit... that poor guy was so stressed... but yeah, then i walked back to the flat, had dinner and faffed about some more before heading off to the Kirk Session meeting in the evening coz they were talking about the possibility of an ecumenical youthworker... I had heard the presentations before, but it was ok i guess... I mean the idea is good in principle, but i'm not convinced it'll work... but yeah, whatever. *grin* then i headed home and got food on the way back... *yum*
Thursday was just a mad day!!!! Got up early and was at Springburn for 8:40am. had a gd morning there... spent some time doing 1-2-1 work with a guy, and then with a girl.. and had a brief meeting with my supervisor... so was gd. yeah so I headed back to college after that... and prepped for fellowship at night coz i hadn't sorted the powerpoint for the songs... then i had to head out to B'briggs for dinner and a meeting with Sheena and George, then off to Inspired, which was gd *grin* the girls are making up a dance to 'Light of the World' and it's looking really good... even if they have only managed to come up with 2 lines of it so far... plus we did this kl sketch thing.. was about the creation story, but was soooo funny *hehe* maybe we'll dare to do that at church some time *wink*.
But yeah, so George rushed me back from that so i was back at college for a meeting with Vicki Shaver at 9:30pm. We all had to be there... (from the flat) and it was about Child Protection policies etc in the college and in the flat... Seemed a bit obscure to me... but the gd thing is that it's only under 16's thats a problem... so Philip can some and stay again *grin*
Yeah, but anyway - me and Kat did fellowship... we did songs, and that mad gift list thing where you write gifts about each person so they end up with a list of stuff and then afterwards we made hot chocolate and muffins *grin* and we had the Unified Praise DVD on in th ebackground... Such a gd DVD!!!!!! BUt yeah... folk eventually left that about midnight, so we could tidy it all up... but once we'd done that the guys decided they wanted to go out for a walk so we did... to tesco. Got back... well late and slept.
Friday... *hmmm* well got up late, and spent most of the day cleaning... so my room is now lovely and clean (and my toilet too) *grin* and I did a heap of prep for this guy at church too.... but that's a totally different story...

but yeah... so didn't do much else last night tbh. just bits and pieces of prep and then watched Farienheit 9/11 and slept.

today??? welll doing prep for a bible study for bible class tomorrow... i've been asked to do Titus 2... so that should be interesting... but yeah. thats about it... just about to have a baked potato for lunch *grin*

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
well i'm just in from my first Clan meeting in Edinburgh... Looks like it's gonna be an awesome week... am tired now though...

so yeah. that's about it.
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i'll come back to the 'blurgh' in a minute... but in the meantime, yeah... sorry for the lack of updating... I guess i've been pretty busy with stuff... anyway had a good band practice tonight with the girls... *grin* and I got accepted onto the team for Clan too *grin* so it's been a good night... but what i reaaaaaally wanted to come online and show you was this....

Mingin' people

but prepare yourself... it's rank... THIS is what i have to put up with all the time!!!!!
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Friday, May 06, 2005
uh sorry for the lack of update yesterday... turned into a pretty random day with work stuff... and I didn't get back untl late by which time i just needed to crash with some friends and chill and not think about work or anything... But God is good, the situation could have been a lot more difficult than what it was and God was there guiding me and the others there...

but Kat had a 'turn' over night... very weird... basically she got cramp in her leg and it sorta resulted in her not being able to see properly which resulted in her hyperventilating and having a panick attack... and she felll over and knocked her tv off her dvd player 'n stuff.... i think she gave Gordon a bit of a scare... and gave herself a bit of a scare, but she's been to the doc's now and she's been checked out and seems ok.. just a bit wiped out 'n stuff... so i we went to get tickets for tonight (going to see Kingdom of Heaven) and then we went down to Wesley Owen and i spent like £50 on books 'n stuff which all look fab for my work (thank you Kemnay Parish for that *hehe*) and then i treated her to a hot chocolate at Costa... so it's been a good day... feeling a bit more relaxed than i was last night... but i think that this is a tension that just isn't going to disappear overnight whatever i do, so yeah. C'est la vie. Got a few bits of prep to do this weekend for church, so i'lll use them to keep my mind off things i think.
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
man what a day... woke up at 5:30am and couldn't get back to sleep - then had to get up early to go to Springburn... was good... spent my time with a couple of the young people making sure they were workig 'n stuff... was fine. Then came back via Tesco and crashed for an hour or so watching School of Rock and then dad came over for a coffee... I went to go with Sheena for diner, and dad had a flat, so i helped him change the wheel *YES ME!!!!* and then went back for dinner at Sheena's, had meeting with Iain etc, (got 72, 74, 74 for my marks from him *yay* - see marks from a few days back as a guideline) and then we had other stuff to talk about... and now i'm nervous ... but i'm gonna give it all to God... he is in control... anyway - got a meeting with Kat...
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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
well i almost slept in for class this morning... woke up at 9:08am and had to be there for 9:15am, and i made it... feel minging tho coz i didn't get a shower yet, but i will. Will probably skip worship or something so i can get one. Blah tired.
but yeah, Was weird last night... fell asleep just after midnight coz i was so whacked, but then woke up later (dunno what time) and I was like WIDE awake... don't think that lasted long tho.. was very weird. Maybe it was a dream. *hehe*

but yeh.. yesterday was ok... had a headache for most of the day which was pants, but i managed to get quite a bit of prep done for church, but not all. Then had youth band at night... We did a new song 'Light of the world' - was awesome to see some of the young people really praising God and reaching out to him.

But yeah... just got college all day today and then i'm going to have a night off tonight - dunno what i'll do yet... maybe reading for classes...
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Monday, May 02, 2005
Worthy is the Lamb...
well today has been an interesting one... the service this morning went well... the band was great we got many comments afterward and the video of the fast went down well too... oh and I got some more money back from the young people, though not all money... and so far the total raised from the fast for CPA stands at a wopping £1245.40!!!!!! WOOOOOOW! it's great!!!!

then i spent the afternoon with a friend from church and we chatted lots about lots of stuff and God really blessed me through that - evening service was a bit blah... but i think that was just me. But yeah so overall it's been a good day *grin* Sitting watchin my delirious dvd at the moment... God is good!.
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