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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
well... last night's music group was fanatastic - not everyone turned up for the first night back, but it seems this church always has a slow start with everything *rolls eyes*... but anyway - the night was great, and they sounded fab playing or songs that we practiced last year... been looking at some knew ones too, so it looks like my work is cut out for me to get some new ones sorted! Other than that yesterday was pretty dull, and i got back from work and watch US Marshalls... which would have been a lot more enjoyable had i not been getting constant OBVIOUS comments from the chinese girl upstairs... but anyway...
in fact no... yesterday wasn't dull... got show the pics on the following site and freaked... i don't know what i'm freaking more at, the logical explanations or the fact that someone i know thinks that they're genuine and great! anyyyyyyway... :S have a look yourself if you want...

heavenly host pics
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Monday, August 30, 2004
Yesterday was an ok day at church... did the last SSS for the summer - whoo hoo!!!!!! Having said that i have NOTHING to prepare for this coming sunday because the Bible class haven't involved me in their plans up until the 3rd weekend in September (long story) and we're not starting the over 14's group, just yet. Then headed off to Catalyst last night... was a bit annoyed coz the speaker was small and she didn't go up on the platform, therefore i couldn't see her, which i hate! BUt she was an ok speaker having said that and i knew more or less all of the songs for the first time in ages, so it was pretty good... Was in a weird mood though - i think Heather and her mum thought i was in hyper overdrive - lol...
Today, i've just got back from the Doc's and i got the all clear... so i can stick my tongue out at my mum now and say i was right... tee hee :-P
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Saturday, August 28, 2004
really feeling a lot better - at last!!!!!
plus dad's got a contract through for a new job - so things are all looking up!
*BIG SMILE* from me...
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Friday, August 27, 2004
i made it to Kenmure for the prayer meeting... nothing exciting there really, just your average prayer meeting... although i did get a bit embarassed when they start praying for me while i was in the room *blushes*. but hey ho... When i got back i watched 'The 6th sense' - what a great movie... watched 'signs' the other night too. This has all be sparked off by me going to see 'the village' at the cinema last weekend - that film is definitely one to watch... it's got a twist in it that no one could surely see coming! So if you get a free minute, then go and see that one... other than that there's not much to report i'm afraid... i'm feeling a lot better, although still not quite right, but i plan to embark upon my schedule next week for church with caution... I can't not have groups but i can be careful with what i do at the groups so as not to push myself too far too soon. This way everyone will be happy... Oh and we're off to Catalyst on Sunday night (bit like powerpoint) so your prayers for the young people going to that as i know it's going to be an evangelistic event, would be fab!
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Thursday, August 26, 2004
interesting sleep last night - not! Yesterday was quite a good day, hung out with a friend for a bit in the afternoon, which was cool... nice to just have a friendly chat for a change! Then i just chilled for a bit and headed to bed... my, my life really is quite boring at the moment!!!! Hoping to make it to the prayer meeting/bible study at Kenmure tonight - it'll be nice to have a change of scenery for a change coz it's getting a bit waring being stuck upstairs all of the time... so here's hoping i'm awake enough to go... having said that though i am feeling a bit brighter today, still tried, but brighter all the same...
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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
well absolutely nothing interesting happened yesterday... i just pottered about, had a sleep, got up and made dinner, watched a film, went back to bed to be wakened up by someone knocking on my door, and then went back to bed again. not really all that interesting, is it - whoo hoo. Just been doing some more admin sorta stuff for Kenmure, have quite a bit of that to do at the moment, so i'm slowly trying to work my way through it, while resting as much as i can. And i can promise you that i have been resting, not that it seems to be helping much - argh!
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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
met dad for dinner etc last night which was cool... didn't really spend my day doing much else... although i did clean my room- tee hee... but got a mountain of ironing to conquer at some point this week as well - whoo hoo! perhaps i'll have more interesting news to share later... you never know, my day could become interesting...
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Monday, August 23, 2004
well... what to say - it was great being back at kenmure from the point of view of getting to see my young people again and SSS went ok so i can't really complain. Was also pretty fab getting to see Sheena again, albeit briefly, coz i haven't seen her in so long and she's a great friend to me.
went to see this village twice over the weekend, and i have to admit it's def a film to see!!!! Other than that i've been ATTEMPTING to take things easy (still not quite right yet with my health - argh!) and will be continuing to take things easy this week! Was at the doc's this morning and had yet more blood taken!!! At this rate i'm going to have none left! *wink* not much else to report tbh... jsut pray for good health!!!
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Friday, August 20, 2004
my poor wee laptop has had to go to computer hospital... Boo hoo... hopefully not for tooooo long, i've already had it away from me for like 2 weeks already!
had pizza with dad last night too which was cool... good to catch up a bit... then of course the gymnastics! whoo hoo!
but not much else to report tbh... might head off to cinema later, but i dunno yet, depends on a few things.
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Thursday, August 19, 2004
well yesterday was an interesting day... watched the olympics for most of it, but by about mid day one of my friends litterally hit meltdown so after she'd had a talk with a couple of tutors, i saw it as my job to accompany her to the cinema and make her laugh... seemed to work... she went to bed quoting lines from 'Robin hood: men in tights' so it can't be all bad!!! heheheh *wink*
It's my weebro's birthday today


not heard from him yet though - might give him a call later...
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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
got back from Cumnock on Sunday afternoon and slowly been recovering. Just taking some time out to watch the olympics mostly! So many exciting things have happened over the past month and i feel that many more exciting things are to come! Hopefully i'll manage to get back into the habit of posting every day again - but don't hold your breath... someone keeps locking the youth min room - argh!
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Sunday, August 08, 2004
on mission in Cumnock - pretty tired coz i didn't sleep well last night - we have internet access here, which rocks! Team seems to be bonding well and getting to know each other - are all currently talking to eachother on MSN, despite the fact they're sitting next to eachother and so are pretty much mad!!!!! hehehehehheheheheh!
anyway - need to dash!
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Friday, August 06, 2004
ooops - haven't been writing anything for a while... well anyway... been up in Kemnay since last Friday night and here are the highlights of my week...

* went to the movies to see 'Garfield the movie' with Fion and Richard... It's a VERY funny movie!
* visited KPC and AoG to see friends and catch up a bit
* then went up to Peterhead to stay with my grandparents and cousins for a few days - what a hoot!
* then back to meet up with my friend Emma to catch up
* chill out on Thursday and out for a meal with my friend Ann - which was lovely!!!!

so it's been busy - but it's been a lovely time... Fi is coming to pick me up just before two so i get into town in time for my train back to Glagow to meet Philip before we head off to Cumnock for the mission tomorrow morrning... Think we might go to see a film tonight - dunno yet.
Anyway - please keep us in your prayers especially over the next week while we're sharing the gospel in the Netherthird area of Cumnock.. Pray that God will do good things through the team and that the young people's hearts will be opened... pray that the team will keep the energy levels up and will shine a light for Christ...

anyway- i should go and pack! EEEEEEEEK!
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