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Monday, January 31, 2005
wow... what a day... tired and had a sore head *argh* but i worked all day on prep for band tonight, then had band and went to the end of the ramblers social night which was good... they sang lots of old scottish songs which was cool, but the one that put a lump in my throat was 'the northen lights' - such a good song... never thought it would mean so much!
ooooooh and season 3 of ER came too *grin*
but yeah i'm tired.. nite x
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Saturday, January 29, 2005

think the madness of the last couple of days is finally catching up on me... took me ages to persuade myself to get up and have a shower this morning... did some retail therapy online and bought myself a pair of chucks *woot* and since then i've had lunch and been vegging about... i'm sitting here looking about my room and i reckon that i should perhaps skip the cinema and give my room a good clean... ah well, got nights off next week so i can go to the cinema then i guess.
ah well... i suppose i should do my prep for bible class in the morning...
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Friday, January 28, 2005
tired... bed...
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it's been a busy busy day, hence the reason that i'm only just getting the chance to wind down at 2am... spent the day at college. The Chief constable from Grampian was giving his testimony at worship which was good... morning class with Steve was great as usual. Afternoon class was boring as usual, but was made aware of some really annoying (but i guess needed) law for the protection of children. As of the 31st of March EVERY person which has access to children and young people NEED to be disclosed... if they're not then the organisation (or in my case the church) is liable for prosecution *fun* so that's going to make work VERY hectic over the next few months *doh*...

Anyway, then had sup meeting which was good, followed by Inspired, which was really good tonight *grin* raced back here (limping i might add) and then set up for leading fellowship tonight which was really good... God is good. But yeah, we all hung out after that and watched iRobot, and now i'm only just getting to settle down... anyway off to sleep now...
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
(music - rush of blood to the head, coldplay)

right ok... sorry for not updating yesterday, but there wasn't really that much to say and i was tired... but i'll update now.
ok, so college all day. first period of history good, then looooooong fellowship which i skipped coz i was tired, the very boring session of history.
lunch. ooooh and ER series 2 arrived *woot*
then afternoon class was good, so can't complain.
at night i worked a bit on my essay, and then went out for dinner with dad which was good - nice to catch up.
then after that came back to the flat for a kitchen meeting. we defrosted our freezer and chucked out like 3 bin bags of unclaimed food. *yikes* nice clean and more or less empty freezer now tho *wink*. Good anger management treatment too *wink*.

right ok, today, was up early for a meeting at 9am with Tim. Was a good chat, then i spent the afternoon doing ref report and my essay. Also foned springburn academy about a placement for next term, but the lady didn't fone me back, so will have to phone again tomorrow *argh* struggling to find refs for my choice of discussion for my ref report *argh* but i'll sort that on Friday, done most of essay... willl finish that off before bed.

ok so most annoying thing to happen today, was when i logged onto the impact forum at 8:30am to find that i was 250 posts down (very annoying) one of the MODs had deleted a thread... doh! but anyway, i'm past it so i ain't going to moan about it on here too.

next annoying thing to happen today was i went for a walk and fell flat on my face in argyll street. was dark, and not tooo many people about. But i didn't care it was in public, it was just sore. However all limbs seem to be intact, no blood, not ever a graze, but i think i may have a few bruises in the morning, went down quite hard. *ouch*

but then i get back here to find that ER series 3 has been posted, so all it right with the world again *hehe*

but yeah, that's my 2 days... now i've got to finish my essay, prep for fellowship tomorrow night and do my reading for tomorrows classes... who said college wasn't a bundle of laughs?!! *cough*
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Monday, January 24, 2005
(music - nowt)

it's been an ok day except the stupid royal mail didn't deliver today *argh*, but i spent the afternoon doing my essay, (now at 900 words so almost there) and also reading for the meeting i was at tonight. Also had a nice long walk which was nice... cold, but nice.
meeting was ok, but in most ways pointless, too tired to get into that now though... not sure i've mentioned it on here, but throat still bothering me.... my friend Iain whose a doc reckons i have a thing called globus pharyngeus *what joy* and thinks its yet another way that my body is telling me to take time out *argh* but whatever... if it's still annoying me by the end of the week then i'll seriously consider taking his advice and going to the doc. *grrrrrrr*

but yeah, whatever... i'm off to bed, class in the morning.
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Sunday, January 23, 2005
(no music - ER on in the background *grin*)
just in from church... forgot i was meant to be going to the manse for the afternoon today *oops* and was reminded by the ministers son. LOL... anyway - so yeah been out since 10am and only just back *yawns*... only one of the girls turned up for the older group this morning so we skipped it and i went to Bible Class instead, which 3 of the young people were leading - and it was soooooooo good *grin* but yeah, then spent the afternoon at the manse and we went for a walk along the canal, then church again and now i'm home.
too tired to be relfective...
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Saturday, January 22, 2005
(no music, ER on in the background)

had a good day i guess... got up pretty late coz i was up pretty late watching ER episodes... LOL.. but yeah, spent the afternoon reading for my essay and then writing it... done about 400 words... and i know more or less what i want to write for the rest... so it shouldn't take long *grin*
now i'm just finishing off my prep for tomorrow and chillin while watching some more ER - you never know though, i might get some more of my essay done *grin*

but yeah, that's it.
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Friday, January 21, 2005
(no music - just ER on in the background)

Finished HP 1 last night *grin*. Got up at a decent time today and have been pottering about since. Have cleaned and hoovered my room, and have done my prep for Sunday morning *grin* Also in the middle of doing prep for the BB tonight - just about to go make some dinner *grin*
so yeah, i got my ER series 1 through the post today *big cheesy grin* so i'm watching that while working away... it's soooooo good... Anyway, yeah, BB tonight and then back here to do some reading for my essay. Planning on being up again at a decent time tomorrow so that i can have a good crack at reading and writing the essay. Would be nice to have the majority out of the way before the end of the weekend, although that could just be a pipe dream, but we'll see.

oh yeah, and the culprit who took the milk owned up today *lol*.
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Thursday, January 20, 2005
(music - Free, Unified Praise)

Just had a shower to wash my hair, so all clean *grin*. Spent most of the morning in bed *blushes* then headed to a China Buffet King for an all you can eat lunch *grin* then went to Wesley Owen to buy a new songbook and ended up buying 2 *blushes* then caught up on emails and did some prep for work before heading off to work. Had a good discussion with the girls about the meaning behind the words of songs etc, danced a bit and then came back to the flat in time to cut up 2 apples for my dinner, run myself a glass of water and head through to the lounge for our fellowship time. Tonight was just games. We played the chocolate bar game with the hat and scarf etc, then play dough pictionary and then jenga. Was relaxing *grin*. Then i did Abe a favour by letting him use my computer and scanner, and now i'm sitting here typing... that is pretty much my day. As you can see there is still no reading dun. But it will be - i'm calm *grin*.

Forgot to mention the disappearance of a WHOLE 2 PINT CARTON OF MILK yesterday (of mine, just in case that wasn't clear). It was unopened and i only realised it had walked when i got back from shopping - was most unempressed. But oh well... I live in a christian college, but no one even owned up *argh*, but yeah, i'm past it... bought some new milk today and then proceeded to write all over it in marker pen.

Anyway - gonna go get some sleep so that i can get up early to do work tomorrow *grin*
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(no music)

well i ended up forgetting about studying coz i was too heavy headed and we ended up borrowing a college projector and watching a couple of DVDs which was nice and relaxing... tired now tho...
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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
(music - daylight, coldplay)

dum de dum, *bops* right ok... so last night all hell broke loose in the flat... there been a big thing about couples 'n stuff and bascially it all came to a head, and with one thing and another i ended up with one of my friends really upset about it all, and so was talking to her until quite late... so much for the early night (i had in fact been in my bed by 10:30pm reading, but then she asked me to go see her at about 11:30pm)... but when a friend needs you, they need you, so yeah, can't have gotten to sleep until about 1am ish.
This morning i had to be up for a meeting with Cherie at 10am, which was a good meeting. It was really to discuss how my assessment had been on Sunday at Elevate. She had to mark me... and out of about 30 or so competancies, i had about 4 or 5 'competants' and about 7 or 8 'proficients' (the top one *woot* and the rest were all 'very competant' - so yeah.. it's all good *grin* I blushed coz she'd given me 'proficiants'. But yeah... we talked about all sorts of other stuff relating to my placement and the flat and it was just a nice chat.
Off to another meeting soon tho... Got a meeting with Iain. Leaving here with Ruth at about 1pm... Once i get back from that then i might walk down to Wesley Owen. Got a music book I wanna get... but we'll see. Once I've done that then I plan to do some reading for my next essay... see, there's just never-ending demands on my time *wink*
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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
(music - God put a smile upon your face, Coldplay)

had a night of 'work' although i really should have started my next essay which is due next thursday... but oh well... still managed to get loads done though... was doing cards and fixing stuff for a friend back home. So it's done now and i don't have to worry about it anymore *grin*. Class was good this afternoon - as always with Steve. We watched Fahrenhiet 9/11 which i've never fancied watching before, but it was actually quite good *grin*. Doesn't help me like the who Iraq war any more than i did before tho *frowns*. but yeah, so not much else has really happened... Got a busy day tomorrow... Meeting at 10am with Cherie, and then a meeting with Iain at 1pm and once i get home from that i'll probably start working on reading for my next essay. Hoping to get most of it done if not finished this weekend, and also doing prep for groups of course... lots and lots to do...
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(music - none, just the TV)

Ok, so i'm being a rebel and haven't gone to my fellowship group today... We have lots of snow *grin*, but i reckon its gonna be gone very soon... was nice to watch it fall while it lasted though...
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Monday, January 17, 2005
(music - Are we the waiting, Green Day)

tired... had a good day i guess. spent the afternoon doing prep for work and fixing the printer... and i did too *grin*. Then placement meeting tonight, which was interupted no less than 4 times *argh* and then youth band after that, although i was just about ready to clunk some heads together tonight *rolls eyes*. And then an elder came and talked to me, and what i got from what he said was that he was wanting to use the youth band more, but to do hymns (uh... no!) so we'll see what Iain has to say about that - but i'm not about to start making the kids do anything they don't want to do.
Anyway - then dad picked me up and we went for pizza which was nice... I came back here and watched the end of ER... that is such a gooooood program. (i've ordered the 1st 3 series - d'oh!) LOL... but anyway yeah... i'm tired and i still have some ready to do before i go to bed, so, nite.
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Sunday, January 16, 2005
(music - rain down, delirious)

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!!!

I don't know if i'm happy or in shock... God is amazing, and i can't believe i'm so priviledged to be able to watch him doing sooooo many amazing things in my young people's lives!!!!

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(music - Did you feel the mountains tremble, Delirious)

Right - Elevate was this morning... Tim picked me up at 8:40am and then we picked up a few MacDonalds breakfast meals *pewk* for the folk who were setting up the equipment, then i helped set up etc... lots of muffins and doughnuts and fizzy juice *again pewk, it was 9am for crying out loud!!!!* Then after everything was sorted, we all prayed, and were out just in time for folk arriving *grin*
I did the icebreaker... the young people really did mix quite well which was good, and the worship was amazing and the sermon (hate that word) was also awesome... so yeah, it was a fabby morning... I'm extremely tired now tho... lying on my bed and soooooooo wanted to go to sleep - but I have church again soon... would rather sleep to be honest, but i guess that's just how it is.
anyway - i'm off...
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Saturday, January 15, 2005
(music - none, talking to mum via webcams)

Right it was the GB panto today - was a great laugh - my yp can really get into stuff which is fabby. *grin*
then i went food shopping and got a couple of things that i was running short on...
then i went had dinner and headed off to the cinema in a brisk walk in the rain with Kat - we saw 'house of flying daggers'. Was quite good *grin*.
was talking to the family on the camera.. and now i'm just chilling - off to bed soon i think - up early in the morning!
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Friday, January 14, 2005
(music - none, just HP3 on in the background)

right ok... today has been a relatively busy day and quite exicting in a way too... wasn't too late in getting up, pottered about a bit... kat got me apples *grin* and i got a letter from Emma *grin*, then this afternoon I got a phonecall from Tim, one of the other youthworkers in Bishopbriggs. He is the assistant pastor at the Bishopbriggs community church (which is my tutors church, and he incidentally is her husband), but anyway, he is responsible for a new youth service we're doing each term for young people all over bishopbriggs... all very exciting, but anyway, he phoned asking me to do stuff for sunday, so i've gone from me an average punter to being an upfront person - and a roadie *hehe*... quite exciting though - haven't had the chance to do stuff like this since I was doing Breathe...
BB was quite good tonight too - good discussions with the boys...
But anyway - this weekend is now gonna turn out to be an extremely busy one... should be a laugh though *wink*
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Thursday, January 13, 2005
(music - worthy is the Lamb, UP)

Right ok - so i was meant to get up early today so i could do some bits and pieces before class (didn't have class until 10:20am today - *YUS*) but i fell asleep again and woke up at 10am - so i didn't do that stuff until lunchtime - ah well... This mornings class was with Steve and was yet another fabby class - good laugh as well as learning loads... Then the afternoons class was just bor-ing... i've never been so bored in a lecture before!!! Doh! But anyway, then we had placement seminar which was ok i guess... Cherie was trying to get a date that she could come to my church to 'assess' me, and the earliest we could come up with was like the 13th of March (last week of term - LOL) which is fine i guess... Then i was meant to have a meeting with Geo, but the poor soul is in bed with a really bad cold *awwwwwww* but it gave me an extra 30 mins to do something for group so that was fine... Group was good, and we chatted about mission 'n stuff too, which if it happens for my young people will be really exciting!!!!
Then after waiting in the FREEZING cold for a bus home, i came back to be just in time for our wee fellowship thingy we have on thursday. Was a good laugh... games and chocolate cake coz it's Chai's birthday *grin* now i'm in my room and tired... off to bed for me i think... bit of reading perhaps... Reading HP1 again at the moment - hoping to have read all 5 again before 6 comes out in July *woot* but yeah...
time for bed.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
(music - with all i am, for all you're done)

right - had very broken sleep last night due to the windy and stormy weather - argh! But today is really meant to be my 'day-off' so i've been having a lazy unpressured day... I did however do my reflective reports for college, so that's one thing out of the way, and then had a chat with cherie about some ideas i have for church work, which was really helpful. I was going to go out to the cinema tonight - but seeing as it's started being really windy and rainy again, i don't see that happening...
Think i might just do some songs for the Youth Band... Any of you guys got any good ideas about songs we could do?

might make some more cards too... we'll see.

anyway - i'm off...
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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
(music - over the mountains and the sea, unified praise)

lol... that was a reaaaaaaallly long post... ah well - that's just coz i haven't done a decent post in a while *hehe*
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(music - everyday, unified praise)

right well today has been a good day i guess... nothing to complain about *grin* except the fact that i woke up at 5:40am and didn't really manage to get to sleep again after that!!! Doh! But anyway, yeah, it was good... Started our church history class today and were looking at the history of the church and how it has evolved in britain in the 18th century... i thought i was going to find this class boring, but it was actually good today *grins*.
Forgot i was meant to be co-leading fellowship group with Holly today, but it was ok, coz Gus had been to nigeria last time, so he just talked about that - which was really interesting... i think i'd like to go to africa sometime in the future... one day maybe.
Oooooooooooh, i got my stuff through from Apple today *grin* - i bought a new power adapter for my laptop (the other one still works, but it looks a bit squished, so i'm not convinced it will last - besides, it's handier having 2 adapters) and also isight, which is the mac version of a webcam - very clear and groovy - so i'll be hoping to use that from time to time, and one of the other guys, Chai who is from Singapore has asked if he could borrow it sometime coz he too has a mac and he doesn't get to see his family coz he's here etc... so it'll be good that he gets to see his family every now and then. Anything i can do to help through my own blessings i guess... oh yeah - i bought this stuff with my Christmas money... well some of it anyway - have also bought some clothes and craft stuff *hehe*.
Anyway - the classes have been all confusing this term as there was a problem with the part-time students and the fact that they had already done one of the classes on thursday - but anyway - i think it's all fixed now, but we had to have the first session of the thursday morning class today. This one is about learning and curriculum, and it actually seems ok. I think thats got a lot to do with the lecturer though... we're really lucky this term, coz we have Steve Mallon for 2 classes - and he's fabby!!!! Anyway... due to the fact that our placement church work is worth more this year (25 credits instead of 15 i think) we don't need to do 3 10 credit classes and 1 5 credit class this term as we have done every other term... instead we have 2 5 credit classes and 2 10 credit classes, both of which is on a Thursday, so we'll have a normal day on a Tuesday, but then on a Thursday we don't have class until 10:20am *long lie* YUSSSSSS! and then again have a 2 hours class in the afternoon before our weekly hour of placement seminar *hehehe* so yeah, it's all good... So after last term being really really hard, I think i may be more suited to this term - which is good for me *grin*
oh yes... and the other thing was that I got a B+ for my Y221 developing person essay *does a little dance* which i'm really pleased about - coz i did that one after i did my church meaning and mission one... sorta weird though coz i worked really hard on them both, in fact more so on the church meaning and mission one, and I only got a C for it... but then i suppose that's just how it is...
Anyway, just watched MiB which was a laugh... didn't quite mean to but once i started, i was stuck there... LOL... but i think everyone else is working tonight - so i'm here more or less alone... might actually do some studying, you never know... would have gone to the cinema, but i definitely don't fancy going outside... it's mingin with rain and wind!!!! My fairy lights in my bedroom have partly fallen down because of the wind moveing the roof tiles which are inside... yes, that is how windy it is...
i'm off to heat up some home made lasagne *grins* thanks mum *hehehe*....

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Monday, January 10, 2005
(music - majesty (here i am), unified praise (delirious))

dum de dum... went shopping today for crafty stuff for cards and i must have spent a fortune... hehe... was a t work tonight - was really good, except the fact that the guy didn't put the heating on for us - again *rolls eyes* but it wasn't the end of the world, it was still a good night.
ok so the quick run down....

*still need prayer for volunteers at Kenmure - although be thankful for Maggie, one of the mum's who is keen to be another adult to help if she can...
* Elevate on Sunday - that lots of our kids will turn up and enjoy it again *grin*

that'll do for now...
off to have a shower before bed
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Sunday, January 09, 2005
(music - son of God, hillsongs)

Argh... only been back a day and within 5 minutes of being back in the building i wanted out again!!!!! The Bible class (which i'm not actually responsible for) is falling apart... well it sorta is. There are plenty of kids attending, there's just no leaders. We've gone from 4 to possibly only 1 and it's just a nightmare!!!!! So prayer point there if ever there was one! stress stress stress... who said ministry wasn't stressful?!??!?!? I just wish the congregation would hurry up and take notice and do something, coz right now, they're in danger of losing a perfectly good bible class!!! Doh!

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Friday, January 07, 2005
(music, flashdance)

it's been an interesting day i guess... woke up quite early, but treated myself to a long lie and got up about 11am. pottered about and then had lunch before heading down to the shops to get a new diary and calanders. Came back and updated them. hmmm sounds a bit bland really, but it wasn't... time passed quickly. Now i'm going to do some work for church and maybe watch a dvd while i'm at it.
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(music - Phantom of the Opera soundtrack)

been an ok day i guess. was up early for class, which was ok, but confusing coz they sorta messed things up for the part-time students, so they might be swapping the classes about - but we'll see. tidied my room tonight and then had meeting with the wardens. So it's be ok like i said... about to head to bed now though - net is being stupid... grrrrrrr.
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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
(no music)

right so yeah, that's me back in glasgow now... very tired. So i'm in bed and just about to sleep before class in the morning... not that i know what class i'm meant to be in *doh* - keep forgetting to check... ah, i'll do it when i get up in the morning...

anyway - got my essay finished, so i'll have to remember and hand it and my books etc in, plus the new printer i got for my christmas worked a dream *grin*

nowi'm off to sleep...
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