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Monday, December 27, 2004
(music - none, just mum chatting to Fiona on the phone)

Today, i am going to share with you the plague of the sausages!!! (mum will kill me, but oh well *grin*)

as some of you may know, my mum was in bed with the flu on Christmas Eve, which sorta put things out of sink and had many reppercussions... One of the more unforunate ones being that on Christmas morning she put the Chippolata sausages in the oven and then, due to a lack of smell from her flu forgot about them and then produced them (they were almost unrecognisable). Let's jsut say they were a tad black and 'hard'. LOL...

Anyway - yesterday, we had Christmas meal number 2. Mum took careful care with the sausages, trying hard not to make the same mistake two days in a row... And so, with my help we managed to produce perfectly browned, but not burnt sausages, for the perfect Christmas meal... *grin*... however, we went to my Auntie Elizabeths yesterday, and there was a lot of too-ing and fro-ing from the hostess trolley where all the food was being kept warm... I saw Kristina, my cousin put the bowl of sauages quite precariously in the trolley and go away again, quite satisfied that it would stay where she had put it... then about 5 minutes later, I was quite amused when my uncle came along and opened the door to the hostess trolley, and yes, you can guess what happened... The pyrex bowl of sausages, smashed into a thousand pieces on the floor... and that was the end of the sausages... was all very amusing... but with both of these incidents in mind, i think i have reached the conclusion that mother's sausages were plagued this year....

I wonder if we will be able to have any at hogmany and new year's day??? hmmm... Watch this space *wink*
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Thursday, December 23, 2004
(music - tomorrow, Avril Lavgine)

tired, so tired... played philip at badminton today and i'm sure i'm gonna pay for that tomorrow - he's soooo good... anyway - Didie has moved out of the cardiac care unit and so things are looking up for him... *grin*
tired... much sleep.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
(music - Winter Wonderland, Kemnay Academy Choir)

it's been madness today already... Turned out that Didie (my dad's dad) had a heart attack yesterday... he's been stable over night which is good, but i think it's all been a bit of a shock for my granny... I'm going in with dad later to see him I think...

other than that i've been pottering around the house and been making cards etc... mum and dad are meant to be going out for a meal tonight - but i think i'm meant to be helping Ann with stuff for church... I should check about that *ponders* anyway, really too busy to be typing on here...
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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
(music - none... the house is very quiet)

Lots to say... i came home on the train yesterday and my mum picked me up and I surprised my weebro... is nice to be back. But today has been a busy day - been doing all sorts. Even got my hair cut - 'tis pretty short - about to go straighten it before grandma and granda come up for Phil's concert tonight... Also got some worrying news this morning... my other grandad (Didie) had a turn this morning... so hoping things are all going to be ok...
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Monday, December 20, 2004
(music - little drummer boy, Harry Simeone Chorale)

well i woke up early today *shock* without reason to *shock* and without my alarm going off *shock* - but then i was in bed early last night... *hehe* must be in training for Friday night *wink* anyway - i'm off downstairs to do some more photocopying in the library i thinky...

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Sunday, December 19, 2004
(music - christmas spirit, Johnny Cash)

WOW!!!!!! The young people ROCKED this morning!! It was awesome... was very stessed beforehand, but it all came together... there were no seats... so during the service i must have sat in 4 or 5 different places... was good though...
Also just had lunch with Sheena... 'twas goooooood!!!
Anyway - gonna make sure room etc are clean... wash bed clothes and then i have to leave here again at 4:30pm... earlier service tonight... they have an agape meal... should be an interesting experience...

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Saturday, December 18, 2004
(music - TV on in the background)

well at least i'm now in the lounge with all of my books beside me... the thought is there at least. anyway - 'tis mum's birthday today, so we did the traditional present session, only over the web cam... hehe... I gave her a lava lamp... a special one though... it was one which gave sea movement.. *hehe* you have to know my mum to know why this was funny... but it was...
anyway - i should really do some work!!!!
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Friday, December 17, 2004
(music - i saw mummy kissing santa claus)

SHOCKING!!!!.... ^ ..... Anyway - took my over 15's to the cinema tonight and they decided to see the Phantom of the Opera (2nd time this week for me) but it's still just as good the second time as it was the first *wink* Anyway, it looks as though everyone is leaving from here tomorrow which sucks quite a bit... Planning on working on reading for my essay if i can get myself motivated enough and then i'm going to head to the cinema at night i think and get a couple of the new films that came out today,... but we'll see. Also just filled out my mission form for 2005 *woot* still not sure that i'm going to get the chance to go on mission in the summer... that depends on placement, but i know that i'll be helping at an MLTP weekend with Ruth etc in March and maybe also one with Phil C in april... we'll see though... depends on a lot of things i guess.
Anyway - i'm tired...
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(music - The Secret of Christmas, Julie Andrews)

sitting chatting to Ch on msn... beginning to feel a bit more relaxed despite the fact that i should really be studying and writing my next essay - but i'll go down to the library later on for a bit once dad's been to pick up the stuff i think... But i was up 'early' today coz Amy came past to drop stuff of and pick up some Christmas cards, which was fabby... short and sweet - was good to see her... But the reason why i had to get up early is that i needed to clean my room and hoover my floor... so my room is now clean *yay*!!!! I'm HOPING i'll be able to keep it that way until i go home... but we'll see - LOL...
Anyway - not many plans for today apart from the above,... except that i'm going out and meeting my older youth group at the cinema tonight... dunno what we'll be seeing, it's up to them i guess... But it'll be a nice relaxing evening hopefully as i won't be responsible for them getting home etc which is nice... *grin*
anyway i should go and get food... hungry!
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Thursday, December 16, 2004
(none - i'm in the lounge and the guys are watching some random programme on tv)

Well i'm just in and absolutely shattered... was a great party - and i was really very thankful for the lift from Sheena to work with all the stuff and then her help in setting up... Sheena, you are a star!!! Then the party went really well... Iain (one of the other Bible class leaders) also managed to come for most of it, which was cool... all of the young people seemed to have a good time... so it's all good...
Also i reckon that we left the place cleaner than it was when we went in - hehehe.. ah well... just been for pizza with dad - yummm... now i'm just gonna surf for a bit and then head to bed - sore tired!
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(music - shadows, Beautiful)

Argh... in a bad mood, a VERY bad mood... You know that essay that i busted my as for for like a week and a half if not 2 weeks? well... i got my mark back today, and i knew already that i had passed and i was really happy about that, coz i knew it was going to be a hard essay... BUT today i got my mark, which was a measly old C - soooooooo annoyed!!! The thing that annoys me EVEN MORE is the fact that i know 2 people who literrally wrote theirs at the last minute and one got a B and the other a B+ Sooooooooooooooooo angry! It makes me wonder if it's even WORTH the extra stress of really working every extra minute you have in order to try your upmost hardest to do an essay well... apparently 'at this stage you essay writing skills have failed you' ARGH! ARGH! ARGH! ARGH!!!!!!!! (altho on the essay i got back 3 weeks ago i was told that my essay was a joy to read and was well written!!! ARGH!) OK, I'm ready to go home now... this sucks.
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(music - the water buffalo song, veggie tales)

well i think i'm more or less sorted for the party tomorrow night now... have also managed to ask Sheena to come and pick me up coz i've got a lot of stuff to take to church and i wouldn't manage it all on the bus!! what joy!!! Only draw backs at the moment are that Kat has left my Christmas CD at her work and isn't planning on being back there until after Christmas *ARGH* and i have no recent pop music, so the kids just going to have to suffer my musical taste *hehehe* so i'm off to create a playlist for tomorrow night and then i'll be off to bed... didn't make it to the library to get stuff for my essay or tidy my room... in fact i cleaned it up a bit, but only to mess it up again with more present wrapping - hehehe... anyway - i'm off...
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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
(music - jingle bells, Frank Sinatra)

Tired... didn't get up until 12:40pm today *blushes* but i guess i needed the sleep coz i wasn't awake tooooooo late last night... Anyway then me and Kat went to get our last bits and pieces of our pressies and I put my socking up outside my door - yay! not long back from shopping, so now i have to clean my room (it's a state oops) and then feed myself and wrap pressies and you never know i might stumble into the library to get the info i need for this exegesis i need to write for the first day of next term... we'll see *wink*
I'm off...
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Tuesday, December 14, 2004
(music - need you here, hope)

Still got sore mouth from wisdom tooth today! *sob*... but anyway, had class this morning which was average, everyone was really tired, and then we had Christmas lunch which was lovely, although the senior lecturers started a pellet flinging war - was very amusing though *hehe* and susan and sheena were there, which i wasn't expecting, but was cool, so was chatting to them for a bit too... then we had a class this afternoon - and i was really struggling to stay awake... doh!
when we came upstairs Hazel was putting up some decorations in the lounge so we gave a hand and then me and Emily headed off to the cinema... we saw Polar Express and Phantom of the Opera - both AMAZING films and ones which i would recommend to anyone!!!!

Anyway - thing to do before bed so...
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(music - King Karaticus)


What kind of shoe are you?

hehehe - so random!!!! *grin*

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Monday, December 13, 2004
(music - when the tears fall, Tim hughes)

well not long back from work... was good again tonight - Geo had an incident with his fone, so we spent most of my supervision meeting trying to fix it *hehe* then we had youth band which was pretty good... the kids actually LISTENED for a change which was nice and we got immanuel sorted, so should be good on Sunday *grin*
Anyway - i'm off to clean my room so that i can start studying for my next essay tomorrow *doh!*

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(music - White Flag, Dido)

Well, it's already getting dark outside and i didn't even get the chance to go out today!!!! Spent the morning into early afteroon finishing off my essay and getting the bibliography etc all sorted, and i handed it in about an hour ago, so at least thats one less thing on my mind... As far as college goes, I have classes again all tomorrow, although we have the Christmas lunch at lunchtime which i'm sure will eat into a fair amount of our afternoon class, which is good. Not sure what we'll be doing in the morning, or which lecturer we have for that matter because Ted is in India (i think) at the moment... Anyway, so we have a study day on Thursday which means we don't actually have to attend college at all, but it's the lat day of term so they have an end of term service which i'll probably go along to.
Still 2 assignments for this term to complete. One is due on the 6th of Jan, so i need to have all my prep for it done before i go home as I won't be back here until the 5th of Jan, so as far as that's concerned the pressure isn't off quite yet. Also the other assignment is due in January also, but not until the end of January so I'm not so concerned about it. Also both of these assignments are only 1200 words, so not so much detail needed therefore less prep which is good. Although one of them is an exegesis, which is a little more time consuming (that's the one i have to do the prep for before i go home too! ARGH!) but all should be well... It's at least nice to have my two big assignments out of the way... I know that's i've passed the one i handed in a week or so ago, which is a great relief!!!! Will find out my grade on Thursday i think...
Anyway - Got Youth band tonight and it's their last practice before they play Immanuel at church on Sunday morning - should be 'fun' - LOL... Also have to prepare a party for all my mid-week group and bible class kids for Thursday night, which is kinda fun, but i'll have to go shopping for that at some point!!! Also got some last minute shopping i need to do before Friday - doh!!!! Then will probably go shopping again on Saturday - we'll see.
oh and i reallllly need to clean this room of mine before I go home coz it's such a state!!! Also have a pile of washing waiting for me to tend to it - doh! See what happens when you get bogged down with assignments?! doh!
Anyway - should go and do prep for tonight and get myself sorted...
cya x
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Sunday, December 12, 2004
(music - none, watching Home alone 2)

You're an elipses

You are are the elipses. You're an over-achiever. You try so hard to be perfect *sphere* but no one is so you don't have a chance. You are, however, very intelligent because of your three dimensional traits allow them to see a person for who they really are.

What Shape Are You?

hows random!!!

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(music - Tremble, Nicole Nordeman)

Bit groggy, but made it through Elevate this morning, which was pretty good!!! And the Kids all seemed to really enjoy it too... they started off with a icebreaker (pictionary) and then we had worship, followed by a break with juice and muffins etc and then we had our 'sermon' which was quite long, but still good... so yeah - it was a good morning... then i made it back to church for most of the practice, which was fun considering i have a cold and couldn't sing very well... But anyway - i'm gonna go get food... I hope the Christmas tree is up now mum!!!!!!!!!!!!
Later x
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Saturday, December 11, 2004
(music - Spiderman 2 movie)

having fun with my new journal... *grin* have had an ok day although spent all of it doing this stupid essay. Have now got like 2248 words, but i'm not convinced. Not really liking this essay at all. But oh well... I'll work on it tomorrow and then it'll at least be out of the way so i can get stuff ready for the next one and chill a bit more. I'd love to have everything finished already - agrh!
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(music - here i am to worship, wow (yellow))

well i've managed to write just over 900 words, so i'm getting there, slowly... about to do a brain dump, and then hopefully i'll manage to sort it later.
Also have to remember and do some posters for church for tomorrow *thinks* hmmm... Elevate tomorrow though so i don't have to worry about prep which is nice... kinda wishing it was this time next weekend at the moment though... getting to the stage that i can't be bothered anymore, i just wanna relax and have Christmas - doh!
c'est la vie.
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(music - the Christmas song, Nat King Cole)

Urgh... full of the cold this morning... although throat not actually sore anymore, but now all bunged up. Head still fuzzy to - argh - but i've still got to write my essay!!! I dont' think i'll pass if i hand in all that i've done so far, which consists of 198 about what adolescence is... only another 1800 words to go *rolls eyes*
quite hungry, think i'm gonna go get food.
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(music - When I survey the wondrous Cross, doing the stuff)

well i've done no work at all since I got back from the BB. Feeling a bit better now - although head got heavy again so i took another doze of beechams... great stuff!!! *wink*. Also have decided to create myself a livejournal... it's a long story as to why, but in a round about way i sorta needed a username so i could comment on other folks livejournals, and in order to do that you need your own livejournal, so i thought i'd make use of it. But i'm gonna use it as an online base station for my young people and me. I've not given them this blog address particularly, so this one is gonna stay relatively personal in comparison. The other one should be a laugh though... do drop by from time to time if you want...
here's the address... TLT's Great Adventure

Anyway - i'm off to try and sleep - got an essay to write tomorrow!!!! (just as well i don't have a sunday morning programme to do tomorrow again!!!!)
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Friday, December 10, 2004
(music - bring me back, evanescence)

urgh... ill ill ill but got BB tonight - doh! Won't be staying long though if i can help it!!! Trying to finish studying for essay today but just not got the inspiration to do it - doh!!!!!! But i'm determined to write it tomorrow so i'm going to have to get myself sorted!!!! Think i might just give up on reading for it and jsut start writing it and feel my way through it... *rolls eyes* So yeah, tomorrow is probably gonna be a very boring and life-less day - doh!
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Thursday, December 09, 2004
(music - everytime, britney spears)

Just realised i'm free for the afternoon from classes!! Woot! But really got to study for essay.. Head sore, but gonna knock back some pills to see if that helps. Also got a bit of a raw throat... :-( Also got passport form sorted at long last... have been meant to have got that sorted since mine ran out in August *rolls eyes*. Class this morning was a bit of a waste of time, but oh well, that's just life. Not much else to say... am off to get food and juice!
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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
(music - I believe, Frankie Laine)

must have slept like 13 hours last night... was feeling so ill. Gave up on the studying coz i couldn't keep my eyes open and head was sooo sore and heavy, so i gave up and went to bed and slept right through!!! Which i guess is a good thing... feeling a bit better today - but many things to do! Want to get a lot of my studying done today so that i can maybe go to the cinema with the guys tonight to see 'Garden State' - don't know what it's about but Simon saw it wehn he was in the US and claims we all have to see it.
Anyway - i should go get food and start studying!
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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
(music - none, but i can hear someone's shower *rolls eyes*)

tired, very tired... sore head, very tired... must sleep.
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(music - Trouble, Coldplay)

Sitting on the freezer in the kitchen waiting for my meal to cook as i'm typing... Rice and Korma for lunch again today. Very tired after having to get up early for class.... but it was a good one today. It was a tutorial with the OT lecturer - so it was fabby. still tired tho. Got another class this afternoon and then i might head off to the cinema on my own for a break before i hit the books, but we'll see. Might just have a nap instead. We'll see. No work tonight though, which is nice. The GB craft fair is actually on and i was going to go, but have decided just to take time out instead. Then i'll be able to concentrate more on the studying tonight.
Should check the food...
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Monday, December 06, 2004
(music - take all of me, hillsongs)

right - it's been a strangly stessful day... did some studying this afternoon and then fell asleep - did more study and then went to work and got there to find out that the caretaker guy hadn't bothered to heat any of the rooms for my group, even thought it takes place every week!!!!!!!! It was just because the Guild wasn't on - sooooooooo annoying!
Anyway - since i got back i got Imran to show me how to use the rice cooker, so i had rice for dinner and i've had a video chat with the folks back home which was cool and now although i should be studying, i'm just mucking about. I'll really have to start concentrating on my essay tomorrow - don't want to end up 'last minute' with it...

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(music - How deep, Yvonne Lyon)

Was up 'early' today... but really tired... didn't get to sleep until late coz we were all up taking until abotu 2:30am and then i couldn't really sleep after that, so I wrote my christmas letter - lol. Anyway - managed to get up in order to put my books back to the library and then get new books out for the next essay *woot* and so i'll work on them today as well as reading for our OT seminar in the morning... So between that and work tonight it looks as though it's going to be a 'fabby' day... doh!
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Reach for the lasers with Antic's Sims-ulator!
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Sunday, December 05, 2004
(music - Let it snow, Doris Day)

Right ok... a lot has happened today, so here it goes...
To start off with I only woke up at 11:05am and was subsequently late for work this morning! ARGH! It was the 15+ group this morning and it starts at 11:15am and i didn't get there until 11:45am by the time I had managed to catch a bus etc... But luckily Sheena was the one leading today (her first time, jsut as welL!!!!) and so it wasn't such a big deal really.. The session was on prayer today and Sheena was really good at leading it, I'll be delegating more in the future *wink*. Anyway, they all thought it was amusing that i was late... Then after church we had choir practice, which is getting better, but i forgot my music - *again*. Ah well.
Then i got the bus home and headed into the lounge to clean it coz it was mingin!!!!! I don't think anyone except for like 3 people have done their duty and cleaned the lounge this term!! *YUCK!* but anyway, turned out that Chai had also slept in today and so instead of going to church had cleaned the lounge... and he was just finishing when i got then, so i cleaned my room and did clothes washing instead, which was fabby! Cos i now have a clean room and clean clothes after a week of doing nothng but study!
Anyway, i eventually managed to get a shower and then played the guitar for a wee bit until I headed back to church for the evening service which again was ok - me and sheena were giggling at one point - was funny *hehe*... and choir practice again, was ok. She eventually gave me back all my dvd's and cd's *wink* adn let me hear a tape of George singing when he was younger... was very good - reminded me of David in a way.
Anyway since then i've made food, coz i kept forgetting to eat today before that and hadn't had anything, so now i'm full and just catching up on things on line before I start my next essay...
This one is for my 'development of the person' class... so i have to choose a question and then write about it - AGAIN it's a 2000 word essay - so it'll take a bit to get it done.. Hopefully this won't be as hard as the last one though!!!!
Anyway - I should stop procrastinating!!!!
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in one place all day long. you like to be free.

which disney princess are you?

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(music - My heart will go on, Celine Dion, Titanic (in my head))

well what can i say... I managed to finish my essay earlier on today and within the last hour i have also managed to get the bibliography and references done so it's ready to print - *WOOT!* One less thing to worry about!!!! And i'm pretty satisfied with it, so I at least know that i've tried my hardest! Let's just hope i at least pass it!
Now for the next essay... Will probably look at the question for IT tomorrow so that i can start thinking about it and probably start studying for it on Monday (it's due a week on Monday - 14th). Hopefullu it won't be quite as difficult as the one i've just done... she says *rolls eyes*.
Anyway - drama tonight at the cinema... went to see 'surviving Christmas' (which was ok i guess) and about 20 mins from the end they stopped the movie and we were all asked to leave the auditorium as one of the customers had 'medical issues'... From what i could see, i reckon it was due to a guy that was majorly high on drugs, but whatever... wasn't long before they let us back in and we got to see the rest of the film... (which according to Kat STILL wasn't particularly good).
Anyway - should head to bed soon - got to be up for church in the morning...
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Saturday, December 04, 2004
(music - betrayal and desolation, Braveheart Soundtrack)

look, look, it's before noon and i'm UP without having something to be at. whoo hoo! hmmm anyway the BB was ok last night, although with being tired and cranky I found the boys a little more annoying and harder to handle than usual... but next weeks the last week until after Christmas - woot!
awwwwwwwww don't you just LOVE the Braveheart soundtrack...
Anyway - gave up on the essay last night and didn't even ATTEMPT to do anymore last night - head was too sore and i was too tired. I did a brain dump before i went to BB last night (my procrastination theory worked!) and ended up with about 1200 words which was cool... It's a 2000 word essay, but there's a few things i need to expand and use books for etc anyway... so that's what i'm doing today all day... although i might got to the cinema as a break later. we'll see.
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Friday, December 03, 2004
(music - See You when you're 40, Dido)

tired... was up really late study coz i couldn't sleep... even started writing my essay a bit, but i'm not happy with it. I've got sooooo much information in my head but i just don't seem to be able to consolidate it and access the information in my head at the time that i need it so that i can make my essay coherent... The problem is the first part of the essay. Articulating it at the moment seems impossible almost. But i know exactly what i want to say for the latter part of the essay which relates to my church. But the thing is that i really need to write the first part before i write the second part so it's just annoying me now! ARGH! I might just give up for now and come back to it after BB tonight... we'll see... i certainly have to have the bluck of it written by the end of tomorrow!!! Just as well i don't have to concentrate on preparing a session for my sunday groups!!!! *YAY*
Anyway, sleepy... gonna go for a walk and chat and procrastinate for a wee bit...
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(muisc - i want to come home at Christmas, Marvin Gaye)

Sitting here after heading to bed... I was knackered earlier and had headed to bed coz i couldn't keep my eyes open, but here i am, back up *rolls eyes*... dunno if it's because i'm worrying about a friend, or just because of the essay or what... but oh well, i'm awake now so i'm going to try doing so more work and hopefully that'll knacker me and i'll be able to go back to sleep so that i can get up early in the morning!!!!
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Thursday, December 02, 2004
(music - james playing on the guitar)

*woot!!!!!* i got a 67 for my reflection this week (which is one step below 'proficient' which is when like you're like a youthworker god!!!!!!!) so i am very happy at the moment... also just had a pretty good lecture with Darrell... wouldnn't it be nice if church just worked for a change?!
Also got a really nice and encouraging email along with my grade for my relfection from my tutor Cherie, which is fabby!!!! I"m going to her church with my youth next sunday for a youth service - should be fabby!
heading off to inspired soon... might get a bit of study in before that though... we'll see... Will certainly be studying when i get back from work tonight...
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(music - Agnus Dei, worship album)

was up pretty late last night studying... but at least i made another decent dent on the pile of books i had sitting next to the computer... I reckon i'll hopefully at least START writing it tomorrow which will be cool... Have time off this morning and we were meant to have a class, but they're looking at individual videos and i did mine last week, so i've been using the time to study instead, nothing like being productive *wink*. Got another half an hour and then i'll have to head down for worship... and after that i have placement seminar which i'm sure will be amusing. I have Darrell's class this afternoon (the one which i'm doing the essay for) I didn't do my reading for class this week because i was studying for my essay... ooops. However i think it's going to be an empty class today as the theology students handed their assignment in for this module yesterday and they're all now frantically (like me) trying to do end of term assessments and study for exams. It's all madness i tell you!
Was really quite annoyed with the whole thing with people being noisey in the quiet part of the lounge last night... but oh well, it's past now. Think i'm going to head down to the library and put the pile of books that i've already looked at back and see if i can get anymore useful ones about the visible and invisible church. hmmmmm *thinking*...
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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
(music - I"ll be home for Christmas, Perry Como)

Just back from seeing 'The Incredibles' for the 2nd time with Kat and Hazel - still makes me laugh hehehehee... There was one bit that Hazel TOTALLY jumped at... LOL and to think that she wanted to go and see 'Alien vs. Predator' - LOL!!!! Anyway - so much for it only taking an hour MAX for doing our reflective reports!!! Mine took me almost THREE hours before i headed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i've STILL got to finish the references and bibliography - ARGH! Gonna finish it now and email it to my tutor and then i'm gonna do some more study... IF i can get some peace... some folk have just come into the area which is generally being used for quiet study and they're chatting and playing other music - argh! but oh well... i guess you just have to put up with it... *blood boils* i could say alot more but i'm just going to grin and let it pass *grin*
right WORK!...
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(music - the scientist, coldplay)

not long in from my meeting with my line-manager... just catching up on emails etc before i do my reflective report and then hit the books again. Might be going out to the cinema to see 'the incredibles' with Kat and Hazel, not sure yet though - that depends.
ooooooh opened my first door in my calander today... there was a mouse all dressed up for the snowy weather as the picture behind the chocolate, the chocolate was a cracker and the door had a trumpet on the back *grin* good chocolate too *wink*
Will have to get my Christmas cards written soon and the letter's to go in them written - argh!!! So much to do and soooo little time...
ah well... off to get on with some more work!
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Maaaaaaaaaaan... given up on studying for the evening... but i managed to get through another 3 books... hmmmm... it's been an ok day. OT was quite 'boring' but was ok, and then this afternoons class was actually quite good. It was on children's development and i found it really cool, coz certain things clicked about kids that i just hadn't really though about before... plus we had baby photos *blushes*
As a break before I hit the books tonight i went to the cinema with a couple of the folk from class to see 'The Forgotten' - was quite good.. a couple of big jumpy bits though (you'd LOVE it Fi *wink*) and i could swear that Emily left an imprint on the ceiling at one point *hehe* and Hannah told me on more than one occasion 'i don't like this, i'm scared' *hehehe* was good though...
But anyway - since i got back at around 9pm, i've foned Grandma coz it's her birthday today and then checked my mail since i hadn't checked it since lunchtime and then i settled down to my study - and apart from getting a cup of coffee, i haven't moved from this spot since... back getting distinctly sore - but once i've had a good night's sleep i'll be sorted again... have to get up early tomorrow as i have a meeting with Iain at 1pm and then we might be going out to the cinema in the evening as an unwind which will be good if i manage to get a lot of study done when i'm not at the meeting... also have to remember and do my workplans and reflective reports - argh!!! So much to doooooooooooo! *sigh*
Ah well, off to bed for me, i'm leaving these guys to study in the lounge alone...

PS... IT'S THE 1ST OF DECEMBER *wooooooooooot*
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