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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
soooooooo tired.
i am sooooo tired at the moment... no idea why... it's not like i've not been sleeping!! in fact quite the opposite... just hasn't been a very refreshing sleep i guess... sorry i've not been updating this very often, but the next is still switching off in the evening *argh* and seeing as that would be the time that i'd normally get a chance to do it, it kinda sucks...

am very busy as you can probably guess... Easterhouse is going ok... Church is going well... in fact the Kirk Session are now advertising for a Full time worker *grins*... I"ll be applying... we'll just see what God's Will is... am so tired. Although meant to be going out with dad tonight... so it'll be nice to see him... Grandma is still recovering in hospital... oh yeh, didn't meantion that yet... she had a small stroke on Friday... so she's been in hospital... seems to be recovering well though... here's hoping she has a good recovery!

ach i'm tired. Had a Darrell Class this afternoon... i get so lost so easily... there just doesn't seem to be a logical structure... blah.

am so tired... i think i need my bed. Long lie for me in the morning before a day of meetings i think.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
on break from class this afternoon... am trying soooo hard to 'get' it all, but sinking quite easily... doesn't help that i'm sick as a dog... stupid cold... if i knew who i'd got it from... so blocked up... this would be a hard class on a good day, but being ill also is just blah. Head v foggy... am v tired... would like nothing more than to go to bed... might still...

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well... it's not been my fault... internet has been patchy at the best of times since i got back here and annoyingly enough lawrence (the bursar) doesn't seem to be all that bothered because the connection downstairs is ok, or it's only going dodgy outside of office hours... *rolls eyes* so yeh... from Thursday until just before 9am today we had nothing... not a thing... no connection at all... sucked.

but yeh... i'm back for the time being i guess.
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Monday, April 10, 2006

what can i say... i gave in... bought myself a treat... Stargate SG-1 Season 8 coming my way... *grins*
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hi again....
well the fast went really well... had a really relaxing week at home...
am now back in Glasgow, but didn't have a net connection for the past 2 days (typical)... so this is me only just catching up on stuff........

not really got much to say i'm afraid...

although Steve has been called up for jury duty tomorrow - so we don't have class in the morning afterall *grins*... will still have class in the afternoon though of course...
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