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Monday, February 28, 2005
(music, oh had i a golden thread, eva cassidy)

Hmmm... sorry i haven't updated for a couple of days (again) - it's pretty busy at the moment... so i just haven't had the chance. Ok... so here's the update i guess...

Saturday... hmmm *thinks* oh yeah, saturday was MEANT to be my day off, but instead i got up earlyish and went down to the library and spent the morning looking for books for one of my essays and doing photocopying out of books in the reserved section. Then spoke to Grandma on the phone *grin* was nice to hear her voice again now that she's out of hospital. Then i spent the afternoon starting my essay and getting some thoughts jotted down... So although i didn't actually start writing my essay, i got quite a bit done. Then watched the Scotland vs. Italy match on TV with Abe, and also ended up watching the Wales vs. France match... Was so chuffed that Scotland won *grin* even if they didn't get their try... it was a good match *grin* And of course, was more ammused to find out this morning that England lost again yesterday... who thinks England's gonna get the wooden spoon this time??? *hehe*

Yesterday, well the usual i guess... Had over 15's group in the morning and we were looking at what the Holy Spirit does. Spent some time looking at gifts and what we can offer the church 'n stuff. Was good. After church i had a few people i needed to grab for a chat, so did that. Forgot that i was meant to be going to Susan's for lunch, turned out she forgot too *hehe* so Sheena and Geo gave me a lift home on their way to Office world. Oh yeah, and Sheena now has a ring, it beaaaauuuuuuutiful *grin* Yeah, so i got back here and had lunch, then watched PoA and ended up falling asleep. Had meant to start writing my essay, but that's just life i guess. Then eventually headed back to church and spent some time with Sheena beforehand, and she showed me her wedding invites (that she made herself) - they're really pretty *grin* Service was ok... was all about worship and how we should focus on God and not ourselves.
Then headed off to Catalyst with Lauren, Pamela and Lauren's mum. And it was AMAZING! The mannie was talking from the first chapter of Daniel. Was talking about conformity faith and commitment faith. Was really inspiring for me, and i hope it spoke to the girls that were also with me. The Worship was amazing too... but yeah. When i got back here i just had dinner and vegged. Too tired to do anything... so i read for a bit and then sleeeeeeeeeeeept.

Today is sorta another busy day. Been cleaning/hoovering/dusting my room this morning, and also updating my laptop... Had some updates to download and install from mac, and then i also got Norton anti-virus software through the post this morning so I installed that. And currently have it checking my harddisk for any problems. Doesn't seem to be any so far *grin* But yeah, the plan for the rest of the day is that I do at least 600 words of my essay, and then i'm out tonight. Was meant to go into town to get some stuff but i think that's gonna have to wait until wednesday. Nothing important though *grin*
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Friday, February 25, 2005
(news on TV)

man i'm shattered... *yawn* sitting in the lounge, waiting to see if M&S are going to deliver free food tonight... *yawn* also about to start doing my prep for Sunday morning. Hoping that if i get as much as i can done today then i can focus on my work for my essays tomorrow, and perhaps even get most of at least one of them done tomorrow. but we'll see... Would like to go to thei cinema tomorrow night for some time out - but i guess that it all depends on how much work i get done... what fun!!!

anyway - work to be getting on with...
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(music - he wasn't, avril lavgine)

yeah ok, so sorry... been a bit busy this week... not that i'm any less busy just now, but i'm just procrastinating online for a bit... Got a bible study on sin to sort for BB tonight this afternoon *what joy* - why do they always leave the hard ones for me! *rolls eyes* although it IS an amazing opportunity. And now that i know the boys a bit better i reckon i can probably do a good 20 min session which will get through to them. but yeh... here's the low-down from the week...

Tuesday - ummm... *thinks* oh yeh, was in college all day which was ok. But by the evening i was green (feeling sick) i think it was just lack of sleep at the weekend catching up on me. So i did some work, but ended up in bed pretty early. Was talking to the yp on msn though and had an idea about having a mini easter service type thing just for them focusing on the point of the cross... something which they could possibly take their friends along to, and they were keen. So i've got that to organise too now, although i have a vision for what i think i need to do, so God is good!

Wednesday - was a busy day... spent the whole day working hard at doing various things i.e. relfections and workplans which had to be in by today, and my schools placement paperwork which also had to be in by today. Also started looking at essay stuff... wanting to get all of my essay at more-or-less done before easter, even if they aren't due until after easter break. hmmm can't think what else i did. I just know it was an insanely busy day! *lol*

yesterday - right ok... yesterday was college all day again. Classes were ok. Had worse i guess. And placement seminar was taken up with Scott and his questions *bless him* but yeah was ok. And then rushed off to work for a meeting with Geo, but he was practically falling asleep (he admits to not being a very good listener, even falls asleep in sermons *hehe*) so that was 'fun' but yeah, then we had inspired... which was actually TOTALLY encouraging, coz to older ladies from the congregation have answered our calls for help and came along last night to see what the group is about. Between them they have experience in dance and drama, and both seemed keen to get involved in helping on a long-term basis and the young folk we happy enough having them around, so God is answering yet another prayer!!! *yus!* anyway Geo gave me a lift back *bless him* and then we had fellowship, which was ok. we just sang a couple of the good old hymns and (amazing grace, and can it be and because he lives) and then shared stuff to pray about - so yeh, was good. Then i was mucking around with an orange (was left over from my dinner which i had been eating during the group) and accidentally through it straight into a cup of coffee!!!! DOn't think i could have done that deliberately if i had TRIED!!!! *hehe* But yeah... we watched some of the 'the story of.....' from the Bill on itv 3 until like 12:30am and then i headed to bed and tried AGAIN to send my paperwork to cherie coz msn was being pants, and it worked *yay* and then i just rolled over and went to sleep... so yet another busy day.

Today - hmmm well so far, I've been faffing about trying to find some antivirus software for my beloved laptop, and ordered from amazon! so hopefully that'll come on monday... and i've had lunch... so i'm just procrastinating on prepping for BB tonight and over 15's on Sunday. But i think i know what i want to do for tonight and I DO know what i'm doing on Sunday, i just need to prep the Powerpoint, that's all... *grin* so yeah... it's all good. *grin*

my that was a long post... ah well, it happens when you've not posted in a while i suppose... will try not to leave it that long again if i can help it!!! *oops*

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Monday, February 21, 2005
(music - time is a healer, eva cassidy)

hmmmm... been a busy busy day. Went to get my paperwork from springburn. But they hadn't filled it all in *grrr* so i suppose i'm gonna have to fill in the rest on my own. hmmm... then came back and did some bits and pieces of work before headin out to meeting at work with iain. which essentially was good, but has left me realising the huge amount of work which is facing me over the next 2 months. *argh* came back here, did some washing, and some more work, and then headed out for youth band tonight, which was good, but got a bit frustrated with my yp. but that's life i guess. Then dad took me to tesco's and i got the cooooolest magic roundabout poster *grin*. was good to see him *grin*. then watched some ER with the guys in the lounge and now i'm just wrapping up before i head to bed.

sooooooo much to do for work, let alone the college deadlines i now have hanging over my head. Ach well, such is life i guess...

anyway i'm off. nite x
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Sunday, February 20, 2005
(music - don't be there, switchfoot)

a couple of my yp have been talkin about a band which they claimed had links to christianity called switchfoot, so i thought i'd buy their albums (all in the name of research of course) but wow... soooooo good! here's the lyrics from one of the songs and it's just wooooooow!

There's a song that's inside of my soul
It's the one that I've tried to write
over and over again
I'm awake and in the infinite cold
But You sing to me over and over and
over again

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands
And pray to be only Yours
I pray to be only Yours
I know now You're my only hope

Sing to me of the song of the stars
Of Your galaxy dancing and laughing
and laughing again
When it feels like my dreams are so far
Sing to me of the plans that You have
for me over again

I give You my apathy
I'm giving You all of me
I want Your symphony
Singing in all that I am
At the top of my lungs I'm giving it back

see what i mean??!?!?wooooow!!! Anyway - very tired... heading to bed in a minute i think.... busy day tomorrow i think.

today was ok apart from being tired. Bible class was good... played games and were looking at the future of the church. also managed to catch some parents and youth leaders after church to chat and network if thats the word to use, so was good. came back here and crashed for the afternoon, didn't do too well with tryin not to sleep though. woke up abruptly at 5pm, sooooo close to missing the bus for the second time in the same day *doh* but yeah went to visit sheena for a wee bit before the service... she's not been well so was good to see her. then of course service was ok. but yeah... not much else to say... need bed!
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(music - signs, creed)

found my creed cd *woot*... right ok... so today has been a busy day i guess. Didn't wake up until later *oops* and then spent the afternoon working on bible class stuff and doing various bits and pieces on the computer. Then of course headed out to the youth forum meeting tonight... 16 youth leaders from churches in bishopbriggs all socialising over some chinese food *yum* and then discussing some stuff and praying for each other *grin* was good... although did go on until after 10:30pm and was beginning to get the feeling of a kirk session meeting *hehe* - but yeah. Got a lift back from Kirkie to Bishopbriggs and was all set to catch a bus, but Tim insisted that he give me a lift since Cherie was back from visiting Bonnie at her placement. *blushes* but she ended up taking me home and we were chatting on the way back which was nice. Now i'm wide awake coz i cannae sleep *doh*. I'm gonna change the time of this entry so that no one goes mental at me for being up this late... it's not my fault!!!!

anyway got to be up for church in the morning, so i'm gonna try and sleep, again.
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Saturday, February 19, 2005
(edge of my seat, switchfoot)

ok had an ok day i guess... worked away are various bits and pieces and since 9pm have been down on the 1st floor play all sorts of games in the dark... I did indeed introduce the game 'prewy' to the others, and we've had a blast playing it!!! so much fun! Only just come upstairs now... have carpet burn from Jenni's last hiding place though! *ouch*

but i have to say that there are some classic quotes...

the only one i can remember at the moment is as follows...

Simon: 'Holly, you're wearing a white top'


'take it off!'

absolutely SHOCKING... was funny as we were all hiding in our wee hidy place... you know both Gav and Gordon looked right at us and didn't see us... males *rolls eyes*


i guess i should go to bed now then, seeing as I have a bible class to prep tomorrow as well as a youth forum get-together in the evening...
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Thursday, February 17, 2005
(music - when tears fall, tim hughes)

had a pants day *blurgh* can't be bothered going into it on here...

but had pizza with dad :D

but anyway yeh...
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
(music - braveheart soundtrack)

had a 'day off' today, so i spent it pottering about... cleaned my room coz i had sherbet dust all over the floor from dads refreshers *lol* then was invited to the wardens flat for lunch which was nice... then wrote some letters, and went food shopping. Came back did emails or tried to (email was playing up grrrrrrrr, all better now though *yay*) then made dinner, curly fries *yum* and then played Risk with the guys on the big screen with Kat. Since then i've been mucking around online... so yeah - it's been an easy day i guess. back to the usual tomorrow...

ach.. nite.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
(music - ain't no mountain high enough, marvin gaye)

man class this morning was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring!!!!!!! BUt philip sent me the cutest pic of grandad and emily so that made up for it *grin*.... oh yes and the big annoucement... a girl in my class Bonnie, got engaged yesterday... Jamie has been studying here in the ICC on the theology course since septemeber, they've been going out since December... but yeah, they got engaged yesterday *madness* so i gave them a card which i made which bonnie liked *grin* Also made a nice card from grandma... got the message over text that she was back to the ward and looking good just after 2pm so was pleased with that :) So wrote the card after class and then posted it... (warning mum, i sent it to your address so you can pass it on!!!) but yeah anyway...
class this afternoon was nothing short of amazing!!! I loved it... we spent the first half talking about and unpacking our visit to St Mungo's museum a couple of weeks ago... so that was interesting and opened a couple of cans of worms. Then we were looking at the power of language and the words you use to describe people 'n stuff... so needless to say, i already know what i'm going to do my next reflective report on... Ageism and it's affect on the young people and their predudice... so yeah, will write that tomorrow if i get time coz it'll be fresh in my head... Tomorrow is really a 'day off' but i think i'll work on my plan for the Fast so that i can send it to Iain and George, and then i'll maybe start drawing up essay outlines for a couple of my assignments... 3 of them aren't due until after Easter but i don't want to have them hanging over my head, especially if i'm going to have this Fast event in the middle of their due dates.
Also went to see the Magic Roundabout after college... i thought it was great... quite cheesy, but i liked that *grin* and here has GOT to be the quote of the week...

Zeebad: 'what have you done with him you fool?!'

Sam: 'Well sir, i got flattened by a flying cow'

absolute classic!!!!!!! hehehehe... but yeah... think i'm just gonna chill, tidy my room a bit and have a shower then all will be good *grin*
oh yeah... and last night i ordered Wicker Park on DVD... what is Wicker Park you ask??? ONly one of the most AMAZING films of 2004... but yeah... that'll come next week - so exciting!!!! *grin*
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Monday, February 14, 2005
(music, gone to California, Pink)

lol... ok i'm going to bed now...

Your Icecream Flavour is...
Cookies 'n Cream!
Smooth and creamy with a few rough bits mixed in, you are a real treat! You are probably very popular amongst your friends. Remember too much of a good thing is not always good! Don't lay it on too thick!
What is your Icecream Flavour?

Find out at Go Quiz
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(music - respect, pink)

what do you all think of my groovy white band for my blog!??!?! (top right hand corner) *grin*
was quite impressed when i found out i could do that... spent ages trying to figure out how i could do it to my GJ journal too, but just didn't get anywhere! doh....
ah well, so yeah, just faffed about today really... made a cool wee video with all the footage that the young folk have taken at the groups over the last couple of weeks, 'tis quite good. Showed the youth band tonight and they liked it... also gave a copy to Iain through Ruth, so we'll see what he says...
but yeah, had youth band tonight which was kool.. we didn't actually play anything, in fact my guitar didn't even make it out of it's case... instead we spent the whole night just chilling and talking and listening to music on my computer *hehe* was good though.
Grandma's op tomorrow - so prayers for her plz...

Anyway - i'm off to my bed. *nite*

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Sunday, February 13, 2005
right too tired to comment in detail so here it goes...

love the lord your god went fine... funnny but good. Some of the folk in that congregation really need to lighten up - i'm sorry but it's a fact.
bible class was good too.
went to tisco for lunch - soooooo gd.
went to ikea, bought a bright red shower mat - hehee
went bk to church - was good
watch mighty ducks D3
and now i'm ready to sleep.
nite x
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Saturday, February 12, 2005
(The mighty ducks D2)

there are 2 words to describe how i'm feeling right now... sore and very very tired! Last night was my over night session with the BB... they had their (unsponsored) game-a-thon from 8pm-8am this morning. Was such a good laugh though... played badminton for a lot of the night (which is why i'm sore today - those boys can be quite competative) and had a good time just chillin with the guys and getting to know them a bit better... Watched the guys play twister, which was hilarious, and did that puzzle thing where you tie them up and they have to get free without undoing the knotts... that too was hilarious! But yeah it was good... we were struggling a bit between 2 and 3am but generally it was fine... i even managed to write up a rough plan for the 24 hour fast at one point. bad side though of course was that i didn't get to my bed until 9am this morning. Shattered doesn't even cut it! But got myself up again at 1:30pm so that i was sure i'd sleep tonight... since then i've been faffing about online, walking about the flat, and of course doing my prep for bible class in the morning... we're gonna look at how the church works as a team and that's how God designed it to be and how we should work with older members and they should work with us etc... should be good. Have to remember and take the video camera too... i'll let a couple of the young people use it... But yeah, so i'm tired, just about ready to flop, totally!
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Friday, February 11, 2005
(Music - I grieve, city of angels)

hehehe... this is quite amusing...

Your Dominant Intelligence is Musical Intelligence

Every part of your life has a beat, and you're often tapping your fingers or toes.
You enjoy sounds of all types, but you also find sound can distract you at the wrong time.
You are probably a gifted musician of some sort - even if you haven't realized it.
Also a music lover, you tend to appreciate artists of all kinds.

You would make a great musician, disc jockey, singer, or composer.

anyway - i'm pottering away at stuff now that i've done my report for Cherie. At BB tonight for this all-nighter thing, but STILL haven't been told if they need me all night or not (bit annoyed about that but oh well). BUt yeah anyway... cya!
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Thursday, February 10, 2005
(the mission on the in background)

blurgh... but of a blur of a day to be honest... quite tired, so i'll be heading to bed soon! Was up quite early and pottering about this morning then studied all afternoon and i STILL haven't done it all!!! Killer! Also cleaned my room as we're having a room inspection tomorrow *hehe* and then off to work, which was cool, but i was just tired and lacking enthusiasm during my meeting with George, also got a bit more enthusiaitic when i told him about my idea for a 24 hour fast... he liked the idea, so you never know, we might actually get to do it!!! *woot* The group waas fabby as usual.. those kids a great.
Anyway - now i'm back and managed to get soem food... we're all sitting in the lounge watching 'the mission' - seen it before, but it's quite good... i've be having to catch up with my emails though... i just don't know where all the time goes!!!

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
(music - we can run away now they're all dead and gone, snow patrol)

right ok... so at least 3 people have said things today which have lead me to believe that they read this blog... so why on earth don't any of you comment??!?!?! :-P
Anyway... moving swiftly on. Had a good day. spent the afternoon doing prep and reflecting on my practice and coming up with ideas.. thinking about a 24 sponsered fast with the young people... we'll see.
Then tonight dad and i went to Pronto's for dinner and then saw the Aviator... wasn't a film i had wanted to see, but it was good.
now i'm just chatting to ch, and then i'm offski to bed.

Question... whats better turkey burgers or sausages??? i'm tied.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
oh look the ennaneogram is back (and i still can't spell it LOL)

but yeah, i came out as a 6 again... LOL.

You Are the Loyalist


You have strong relationships and are intensely loyal.

People find you easy to love and care for.

You like your world to be stable and secure, no surprises.

You're cautious. You prefer your inner circle to the outside world.

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Last night at Youth band was such a hoot!!! Hehehehehhe had the video camera and the still camera on the go to catch a bit of what goes on in the groups for a promotional video i'm hoping to put together over the next month. It's great. Just been downloading the footage and it's fabby! But yeah... ran for the bus, got home in time for ER and then went to bed ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Up early this morning for class... was the history of Sunday School... sorry but it was well boring!!! Then G made me some pancakes for breakfast coz he was making a couple of batches for his work tonight anyway. Yummy!!! Then texted mum to get her to send me down some dropscone pancakes *wink* soooooooo good!

Got no classes for the rest of the week... it's a reading week, so lecturers have given us a load of reading and work to do so i'm doing that instead *joy*. Looks like i may be lucky and not have to do the full all-nighter on Friday night with the BB, not getting too excited just in case that doesnt' happen though...

but yeah... i should go study

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Monday, February 07, 2005
(music - rain down, Delirious)

dum de dum... about to go deliver something to Ruth in the office as a favour for her.. *grin* Yesterday was an extremely busy day!!! Was at church early to set up and make sure that Andrew was happy coz he was leading the bible class while i was leading the over 15's. Only 2 of the over 15's turned up, but all was not lost coz we had some really deep and challanging discussions about the the Holy Spirit and other related issues. Was really good.
Then went to the Manse for lunch again coz Andrew asked if I wanted to go to the cinema in the afternoon, and since i had no plans i thought it would be a good laugh. So yeah, saw Oceans 12 (again) but i actually enjoyed it more the second time... I think it's coz it was less confusing coz i knew the outcome *lol*. But yeah, it's important to invest in your youth leaders just as much as it is for you to invest in your yp... so yeah. it was a good afternoon. Then back to church again at night. interesting service. Hm. Then literally came back here and had some food, watched Oceans 11 and slept. Was in bed asleep by 11pm LOL... but yeah - there ye go.
Today was up early... Had to sort some things before i went to Springburn Academy re: my placement with them next term. Looks like it's gonna be an interesting and different challenge. Will be working in the behavioural unit there, and the folk seem really nice, so yeah it's gonna be cool. Start there on the 21st of April *grin*
Since i got back I ordered a couple 'Make poverty history' bands online. The silicon ones have been out of stock since Christmas which is why i'm not wearing a band as yet... but they'll be getting sent home at some point and then i'll get dad to take them down which will be cool.. bit over the top with the delivery charge though!!! Costs just as much to get them delivered as what it costs to buy them in the first place... ah well.
But yeah... not doing much else until work tonight... have a few bits of prep and study to do so i'll work my way through them and then i'll be sorted! WE have lots to do at the group tonight... Video stuff as well as practicing love the Lord your God for next Sunday. We're teaching it to the kids and the congregation *hehehe* should be 'fun'. Anyway - i should head off...

cya x
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Saturday, February 05, 2005
absolutely exhausted... have had a couple of days off since thursday... which has been nice. Had no groups or prep so i took advantage of that. ye, so anyway...
yesterday i eventually sent the cards etc that having been lying on my desk for the past 2 weeks... shocking i know, but oh well... went for a nice walk in the centre - looked in Next so i could spend my vouchers, but got bored in there quickly and decided to go to the cinema instead. Went to see meet the fockers, which i thought was quite funny... don't think mum or dad would like it though *hehe*. Then came back up the road and chilled for an hour or so before heading out to an italian restuarant with a few friends from college for a meal. Was lovely and relatively cheap... 2 courses for £9 - that ain't bad!!! Then we walked back up to the cinema and went to see Ocean's 12 which was good, not as good as Oceans 11 IMHO but good none the less... but yeah so that was yesterday...
today i have been food shopping, had soup and bread for lunch, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned and hoovered my room and subsequently made it a mess again, talked to various relatives across the webcam, play quazer in the corridors, had pizza for dinner, watched some ER, watched the guys play some monopoly and now i'm just about ready to collapse into bed...
right bed.
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Thursday, February 03, 2005

tired... been in college all day... this mornings class was cool as usual, then this afternoons was pants and placement seminar was pretty good so yeah, all good. Then work tonight - back in time for residents fellowship and now i'm finally getting to bed...
so that where i'm headed.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

tired... had a busy day... spent the morning doing, well nothing really. Had a meeting with Iain from 1pm, which meant having lunch etc - good as usual. Got back from that in time to get ready to go out for dinner with Auntie Alison and Uncle Alan... had a meal at the restaurant at the Hilton - was lovely *grin*

but yeah... really tired.
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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

right ok... the rant about the 'field trip' ... well... we went to the St Mungo's museum for look around and then a seminar with a lady from 'interfaith'which wouldn't be so bad... was actually quite interesting except from the fact that in the museum the exhibits are set up as though the faiths are interchangable, well to a degree... and it was obvious that a lot of the christian stuff was biased with a catholic tradition, especially with the life after death stuff, which was a tad annoying, but that wasn't the worst part... the lady was going further than just expressing to us the need to accept and get on with those of other faiths, she was going as far as to make the assumption that all religions lead to the same god... ARGH!!!
but yeah... that's the jist of it... you wonder why she'd take that slant when she had 9 youthworkers sitting in front of her, all of whom were dedicated to spreading the gospel... i know a lot of them, including myself wanted to have a go and correct her a couple of time, but it was neither the time nor the place... but yeah anyway... that's it... i think we all showed some good self control today... learning experience i guess.
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hehehe... ok so got my guitar back from Sheena this morning. Left it with her last night... also gave her the church key back... forgot i had it in my pocket last night and didn't realise until i got home *oops* so yeh that was cool... this mornings class was pretty boring, so much so the youth min 2nd and 3rd years kept handing round a piece of paper with ideas for dress-up days *lol*
this afternoon however the class had a 'field-trip' which left us all enlightened, but frustrated. but, i'll come back on and rant about that later after i've been to the cinema... going to see 2 films tonight i think... probably Ladder 49 first then after that it depends...
but just thought i'd post this up to give you a laugh... remember that OT essay that i had to do over the Christmas, and thought i had done extremely poorly at due to lack of time to work on it and concentrate on it? Well I got a B+ *hehe*

i'm going to skip to the cinema now *bounces*

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