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Thursday, May 31, 2007
fun fun fun...
well tomorrow is Phil's baptism up in Kemnay *grins* which means that i'm going home for a day... annnnnd taking a couple of young people with me which is actually really exciting coz it means that they'll get to see where i come from so to speak which is really cool!!! *grins*

Also... I think Fiona is coming down to see the pups on Saturday *grins*. Am maybe gonna go with her 'n I'm gonna take a doggy blankie with me... The thinking is that if you give the pup a blankie before I get her then when i take her home then she'll still have the scent of the other dogs on the blankie so it'll give her more security. Plus Sheena thinks that if i make sure that my scent is on it too, then it'll get her used to that for when she comes here too stay so it'll make her a bit more secure... Am soooo looking forward to getting her *grins*

Mack (fellow dog lover and one of my yp from church) and I are going to go to a big Pet shop in Parkhead tomorrow morning before we pick up everyone else to head north *grins* It'll be cool... i'll be able to get a grooming kit 'n bowls.... any maybe even some toys for my wee pup!! *grins* Mack also has a spaniel... although a cocker spaniel... but it's useful coz she knows little tips like getting a deeper bowl for their food so that their floppy ears don't get covered in dog food *grins* She also forgot her dogs birthday *lol* so she needs to get something for Bonnie... dad seems to think that the dog won't have noticed... which i'm sure she probably hasn't.. but *heh* it's still nice to mark a pooch's birthday like you would anyone elses...

It amuses me that when i was talking about Sunday my dad didn't even click that it was his birthday then. *lol* i think you must get to a stage eventually that you don't take much notice of birthdays anymore *lol*

Anyway... gonna be heading out soon. WIG tonight *grins*

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Monday, May 28, 2007
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - Pups! Wooooop!

Meet our pups... One belonging to me, one to my sister Fiona and her hubby Richard... Names still to be decided... although i think we kinda know what they'll be... what this space.

They're both sisters. Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniels... 8 weeks old... I'm getting mine in 2 weeks. Fiona's probably waiting until after they come back from their holiday, so they won't get theirs until the end of June. But yeh. Very exciting *grins*...

So accordingly... I shall change my 'wish list' for my birthday... If anyone would like to give me someone for my pooch instead... then that would be appreciated... although i'll have to watch i don't buy something if someone's giving it to me instead *lol*

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Thursday, May 24, 2007
just had a rather nice and relaxing bath... am gonna go and read some more of my book soon i think. Am reading a book looking at various female characters in the bible and who they were and what they had to go through in life... I'm reading about Tamar at the moment (wife of Er, who was the son of Judah, who was the son of Jacob and brother of Joseph) - got it? *lol* It's actually quite good... has got me hooked... I'm sure i shall tell you more about it in time... *heh*

Finished another book the other day which was another good one. It's called 'Hinds' feet on high places' by Hannah Hurnard, and its about this little female called 'much-afraid' and her journey in faith... Amazon says this "An allegory dramatizing the yearning of God's children to be led to new heights of love, joy and victory. This work seeks to help the reader to develop an unbroken union with God by learning to accept His will in their lives." Needless to say, it's a good read.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007
this morning i'm sitting relaxing having had a nice long lie. =) Its absolutely pouring outside at the moment. I'm kinda hoping that it'll calm down a bit soon coz I'm meeting up with a couple of my older young people in order to collect in the Christian Aid envelopes that i put out earlier in the week. It took me an hour to put them out in the first place, so i'm kinda hoping that with a couple of extra bodies to collect them back in we won't end up taking like 2 hours to do it. In all honesty I think it unlikely that a lot of people will be in in order for us to get a response anyway which is a shame. But I've just not had an evening free to collect them in this week which has been a tad annoying. We have little tickets that we can put through the door to tell people to drop them through the letter box at the church if we want though... and they also have the option to send them straight to Christian Aid themselves... But yeh. we'll see. It's actually a long street. 86 doors. *heh*
Then I have quite a bit of prep to finish for church tomorrow morning.. but i plan to do this while relaxing in front of some good ol' saturday night tv. I'm meant to be doing the Children's address tomorrow morning. I know roughly what i'm doing. But the practicalities are still a bit foggy. So i need to think about that too. I wish i had been able to think about it properly earlier on in the week so that I could have been more creative, but oh well. Children's addresses aren't really my thing anyways. No, wait that's not true. I can do children's addresses, i have to do the children's work with the wee ones all summer, every summer, but i don't like doing them on a Sunday morning in front of the whole church coz there are folks who prefer Iain to do it. Which is fair, coz he's really good at it and it always fits in really well with the main sermon. But yeh, I should not stall on it any longer and just sort out what i need to do.
That aside we have our second last Bible Class of the academic year before the summer tomorrow, and we've finished our main program so i have to sort out a wee quiz thing for tomorrow. Which i shall do. I've done a lot of prep work for it already, but i just need to sort out how its gonna work etc. Fine-tuning so to speak.

right well... ah i must remember and get some milk today *heh*.

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Friday, May 18, 2007
Birthday wish list...
thanks to a friends birthday count down timer (she has the same birthday as me) I have been informed that my birthday is only 22 days away *grins*, therefore I feel the need to post a possible 'wish list' for those who may be interested in what i may like for my birthday this year... so here it goes...

some nice smelling perfume.
the persuit of happiness (dvd)

EDIT: I forgggggggggooooooooooot - the main thing i'd really like is an itrip like phil's got for the car *grins*

em.... i can't actually think of anything else *heh*

ah well...


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Friday, May 11, 2007
Third Day Concert...
Well i'm absolutely knackered but tonight has been a good night *smiles*
Was at the Third Day Concert that I had mentioned before...
The support artist, Brian Housten i believe his name was, was ok, not fabulous, but ok... but Third Day rocked!!!! *grins* I had hoped they'd do my fave song 'Offering' but they didn't... it was still a good night though, and I can see me sleeping, very very late tomorrow morning *heh* It was good fun though... in training for Frenzy in a months time *heheh*
I got 2 of their cds too... Their "Wherever You are" album which i've been wanting to get for ages, and their newest one "Chronology" so i'll be looking forward to listening to these over the next few days *grins*
Anyway... i'm knackered... like really knackered... I was considering going on the walk tomorrow, but i doubt i shall be. Unless I wake up very early full of energy and it's not raining outside *heh*
Although tomorrow night will be my first exposure to the Strong households Eurovision party-ness *lol* i'm sure it'll be good fun!!! I shall need all of my energy for it i guess! *lol*
"we're flyyyyying in the flaaaaaaaaag" *hehehehhehe*


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Thursday, May 10, 2007

I was at Sheena's again today dropping some stuff off.... and again spent a good amount of time playing with Molly... that dog is crazy... Don't you think she's looking like a wee puppy again??? *hehehe* My sister and bro-in-law are looking at the possibility of getting a wee dog *so sweet* Sheena and Geo are currently trying to teach Molly to 'roll over' silly dog hasn't quite caught on yet... I'm sure she will eventually though... molly will do anything for a treat *lol*
I shall have to get her out for walks again soon... one of my yp is actually meant to be talking her out a walk as a 'forfeit' from one of the competitions at the 24 hour event *heh* not that's it's a forfeit really... Lois is quite looking forward to her wee walk with molly-dog.


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Tony Blair

I've just been watching Tony Blair annoucing his departure date to his constituency in England... It was actually quite a moving speech to watch... not something which i had expected. I remember the year that he became Prime Minister (oh that makes me feel old), and in his speech he did admit that he hasn't always got it right... but one thing that he said near the end was that our nation is one that is blessed... and you know what? he's right... we see all of the suffering in other countries, the wars, the poverty, the corruption, and in comparision, we're walking on air.

Just makes you thankful for our many blessings.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
busy *heh*
Well... i've been kinda busy *lol* which is why there has been a lack of updating...
I went to visit molly on Saturday.. my poor pooch has no hair! *eeeeek* i did take a pic, but it's not very clear, so i shall have to take another one I think... it does make her look thinner though... poor thing looked like she was still in shock when I got there *lol* At least she'll be more comfortable as we enter into the summer months with warmer *cough* weather...
ooooh an invite to my cousins wedding just came through the door... very nice... although i'm not able to attend, which is a shame... We have a youth trip with another church to Frenzy that day... oh well. I shall have to make a card to send back to them though...
Anyway... I suppose I should get myself together and do some work...

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Look what I got from Molly.... isn't it soooo cute... and she did it all by herself... and then texted me to tell me she'd sent it to me!!!! *grins* my poor pooch has been attacked by Sheena and some sheers... poor thing... she's lost all of her hair... no wonder she looks so sad in that pic... I shall have to provide a nice comfortable lap for her to sleep on tomorrow when i go over... *lol*

ah well.. the amusements in life....


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wooooooop i have a hit from Africa *grins*
annnnnnyway... I meant to post this the other day.... This was the first thing my dad clamped eyes on when we went into Costco on Wednesday night.... Mum, I think dad wants one for his birthday *wink* They always seem to have so many exciting things in Costco *lol* we should go window shopping there more often... Although I think you shall find that dad shall be keeping an eye out for display models for sale in the TV section from now on... *lol* he just can't seem to get over the deal we got on my new TV *lol* Utter disbelief xP
But yes... I struck gold with the TV cabinet I now have also... It's Sheena and Geo's and they've given it to me for the flat seeing as it's been in their garage since they moved into the new house... so yay for me *grins*
And look at this... a rather bedraggled me (have to say that I was feeling rather shattered by this point on Wednesday... but anyway... we were putting the cabinet into the back of the car 'n dad ended up getting his camera out *lol* but yes... this is me and Molly ma wee pooch. Ok, well she's not mine... but she's my wee cuddly toy when i'm over at Sheena and Geo's. Her usual routine when i go to their's is to go mental jumping up at me all excited until i sit down and then she's up on my lap and 9 times out of 10 has fallen asleep within a few minutes of me getting there *lol* she's sooo lazy. But also so sweet... so yes... *grins*

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Scottish election 2007...
Aye... seems to be a bit of a farse really... *oops* the constituency I voted in, Strathkelvin & Bearsden, has had its count suspended for some reason... There seems to be big issues centred around the computerised counting system, and stupid number of 'rejected' and 'void' papers. Apparently due to a 'lack of understanding' on the part of the voter we, the voter have marked our papers too many times, or whatever, resulting in our ballot papers being rejected... question. Are the scottish people really that thick?! I didn't think it was that diffcult... Yes the guy did see fit to explain to me before i went in (although i think that was more to quench boredom on his part, the polling station was dead when i went yesterday afternoon...) but even without that I would have been able to fill out my ballot paper quite capably... it's not like we've not been told 100 times, or not given an insane amount of leaflets through the post telling us what to do?!
I've been looking through the BBC website this morning, which of course has all the counts as they come in...
Scottish Election Results C/O the BBC
and one thing that has really grabbed me looking through the stats is the shockingly low turnouts... most of the constituencies have below 50%... some as low as 30%... I mean i know politics is a drag... but surely if you have the right to vote then you should grasp that responsibility and do it!
But aye... it's just craziness... It's interesting to see what Scotland has ahead of itself...

Annnnyway... The lady thought i was only 18 yesterday at the polling station *grins* such a compliment... that aside i plan to have a very relaxing and relatively static day today... it's been a busy week... I have prep to do for work... but just having a day at the flat doing that is going to be a nice pace of life for the next couple of days =)

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Thursday, May 03, 2007
Well... yesterday was a long and rather exhausting day... and has left me rather tired still today *heh*...
I hope you're all remembering to vote today though!!!!!!!!!
Anyway... yes... yesterday...
It was the day of my MRI scan... not a physically harmful proceedure, just a bit uncomfortable and not exactly a pleasant experience... if you're badly claustrophobic, then you definitely wouldn't like it!
But anyway... that bit aside... dad and I went out for dinner 'n then ended up going and getting me a new TV *grins*
good deal tooo *grins*
but yes... have been at a meeting with Iain today, 'n have WIG tonight... in the meantime i'm relaxing and watching Neighbours on my NEW TV *grins*...
and on a tangent... BBC is dropping Neighbours - i'm what?! hopefully another channel will pick it up instead! *sads*

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