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Friday, May 11, 2007
Third Day Concert...
Well i'm absolutely knackered but tonight has been a good night *smiles*
Was at the Third Day Concert that I had mentioned before...
The support artist, Brian Housten i believe his name was, was ok, not fabulous, but ok... but Third Day rocked!!!! *grins* I had hoped they'd do my fave song 'Offering' but they didn't... it was still a good night though, and I can see me sleeping, very very late tomorrow morning *heh* It was good fun though... in training for Frenzy in a months time *heheh*
I got 2 of their cds too... Their "Wherever You are" album which i've been wanting to get for ages, and their newest one "Chronology" so i'll be looking forward to listening to these over the next few days *grins*
Anyway... i'm knackered... like really knackered... I was considering going on the walk tomorrow, but i doubt i shall be. Unless I wake up very early full of energy and it's not raining outside *heh*
Although tomorrow night will be my first exposure to the Strong households Eurovision party-ness *lol* i'm sure it'll be good fun!!! I shall need all of my energy for it i guess! *lol*
"we're flyyyyying in the flaaaaaaaaag" *hehehehhehe*


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