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Friday, September 29, 2006
ooooo an exciting afternoon.... cheered me up muchly..... what did i do do i hear you ask!? well..... *heh* dad came for lunch 'n then he took me to Argos (coz i had vouchers from Fi and Rich) and this is what i got........

Isn't it sooooooo coooooool *grins* - for those of though who are not 'cultured' enough to know what it is, it's a water filter jug.... i drink a whole lot of tap water... so a very useful thing to buy....
also got this today.... *grins*

Hehehe.... so yeh... it's a magazine rack... but the IMPORTANT thing is that it matches the bin that i bought for my living room a couple of years ago and it will be useful to hide papers 'n magazines *hehe*

Yesterdays purchase is this......

Will hopefully help with the problem of my craft stuff taking over the place!!!!!!! Will probably spend time filling it tomorrow i think *heh* but YAY - dad being a lovely person went and got it from COSTCO from me yesterday while i was at work...... *grins*

Ooooooh and possibly the BEST thing of the week........ a gift from dad for staying with me this week.......

Yes - i have finally given in and got myself a TV Lisence, and yes that is a freeview digital box, and yes the very embarassing reason that i wanted a freeview bos was so that I could watch the BBCNews 24 channel *isn't watching it just now*

*looks innocent*
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Struggling a bit today... though i'll get myself going again soon enough i suspect... A friend of mine is suffering from a long-term illness at the moment, which is essentially 'baffling' the docs... What i'm struggling with is the severe lack of quality of life that the person has at the moment - really hard to watch someone you love struggle that way... but moreso the fact that it's like a rollercoaster... everytime there's a little ray of hope... or a couple of 'good days' you allow yourself to believe, 'maybe this time....' but no. Well yesterday they had an 'ok' day... i spoke to them on the phone and they sounded bright and happy enough i guess... but today is a different story... it's heart wrenching. Like really gutting.

Where is God in this I hear you ask?

Well.... my heart says that he's right beside them and their partner... and he's supporting them both in this difficult and confusing time...

for some reason, even knowing the above doesn't make it any easier to deal with........... i think it's probably the element of hope (that seems to keep being snatched away) which is causing most damage.....

but hey, what do i know.....

Our God is an Awesome God,
He reigns from heaven above
with wisdom, power and love
Our God is an awesome God......

God is Love... i guess that's why its so hard to understand why he lets stuff like this happen... but i don't know. In some ways i guess we've created this mess for ourselves....
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Monday, September 25, 2006
is it just me?!

ok..... so tell me... when you see this picture does your eye not immediately go to the left and see dad's ass???????? i mean that is TOTALLY dad... but no... apparently not... this is a webcam shot from a cruise ship that my aunt and uncle are on at the moment... the lady in the top right corner is auntie alison *hehe* she was getting email lessons today apparently *grins*

ah the joys of a cruise.....
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and it just gets better *heh*...
ah the joys of church politics... can't say much on here, but things are fun generally at the moment nevermind in the youthwork... *heh* (sense the sarcasm) Anyway - yeh... it's been an interesting week... quite tired of it all... though a bit more positive about it now i guess... am quite tired though...

Was at Lazer Quest in Motherwell on Saturday for a friends birthday - was much fun *heh* i'm thinking we should take the kids there sometime for a social *heheheh* would soooooo be worth it!!! It's got like THREE levels to run about on and like FOUR teams and you don't even know what team you're in until you're in and the game starts!!! *hehe* i think it would be great having 25 kids running about in there *heh*

but yeh... youth band was good tonight too - was quiet coz it's a holiday today, but it was good... we spent the evening looking at new songs =)

urgh i'm tired. oooooooooo i've decided to make bread tonight - first lot since i moved into the flat *heh* hopefully it works ok *grins*

on a more depressing note, Sheena's not been at all well this week... well since Friday particularly... makes me sad :( *hmmm* I'll maybe see her tomorrow, but we'll just see what happens...

right i give up... that's all thats worth updating with and i'm very tired.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
and so it goes on...
work still a bit *blah* but trying to keep a positive reign on things... Had a lovely afternoon/evening with George and Sheena, muchly enjoyed their company... as always... and Molly the dog is just lovely... she spent half of the time i was there sleeping on my lap *hehe*
but yeh... was a muchly amusing evening at times... we had the most random conversation about cows and whether all cows were considered 'dairy' whether they were used just for milking or just of meat, or whatever... well... at least Sheena and Geo had the convo, i just sat there and giggled... see, thats one of the things i like about hanging out with them *grins* i can relax and act a whole lot younger around them *heh*

But this had to be a defining moment for Geo... *heh*
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but anyway... like i said, was a good evening... and Molly is just sooo sweet =)
But that aside, i had a pretty average weekend with much workage... the most amusing point probably being Anathallo on Sunday night when we were playing pictionary... that game really shows the competitive nature of folks!!! *hehe* really wish i'd had my video camera... if i had, then i would have shown you exactly how they were acting... was good fun though *grins*
it's moments like that that make me really really glad i'm back *grins*
Anyway - tomorrow is gonna be another busy day... meeting a friend, who incidentally is one of my yp's mum's tomorrow morning for coffee.. that'll be nice.. not spoken to her properly in a while... then some food shoppage i think... and in the afternoon i'm going into town with a yp who has to get a birthday pressie... i also have to get a birthday pressie, and some stuff for work, but i'm sure it'll be amusing none-the-less... never a dull moment in my job i tell you!

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh - and I also got my ER season 7 dvds yesterday *grins* - Fiona if you wanna borrow 6 or 7 let me know 'n i'll send them up with dad... Am muchly enjoying having new ER episodes to watch again... *grins* Although this of course is continuing to delay my decision as to whether i want to bother getting a TV license... Thing is that I don't actually watch a whole lot of TV at the best of times, but i'd kinda like to get a freeview box so that i can at least have BBCNews 24 - sad i know... oh dear i must be getting old *grins* But anyway, there's not actually a plug on the arial cable at the moment, so i'd have to get Geo to sort that before I could do anything about it anyway... and seeing as i'm not in a hurry for it i've not actually mentioned it to him as yet *rolls eyes*
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Friday, September 15, 2006
Church Bar

This is why youtube is so amazing..... check it out - this is AndyB and Ross Morgan and a couple of randoms i don't know doing a wee thing they wrote for a laugh and perform on Sunday night at the Hootenany at NYA at the weekend *grins*
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Prison Break
ok.... so i think we can safely say that i'm addicted to Prison Break now.... I'm so glad that i didn't give into temptation and watch it properly while i was on TV... I wouldn't have got anything done! *heh* Phil has leant me the first boxset... and hopefully once he's had them for a bit i'll get the 2nd lot too *grins* It's an extremely clever programme *grins*

Also - i got confirmation that my ER season 7 boxset is on it's way *grins* so muchly excited about that... hehe... who needs a TV when you can watch all these great shows on DVD?!?!? Yeh... so I still haven't actually decided if i want to get a TV license... not sure i'd watch tv that much... although i suppose once you have it you do *shrugs* - if i got one i'd probably get myslef a freeview box though... would want BBC news 24 you see *is sad*

ah the mundane things in life...

Other than that was at the BB tonight... was meant to be going along coz the captain is away for the next couple of weeks on holiday... seems they weren't actually expecting me though and so i ended up not actually doing anything *doh* well i did... but just not what i thought i was gonna be doing... they joys of pants communication *heh* - i reckon communication is probably worse within the church - can annoying me muchly at times coz I'm more of the organised type... *heh*

anyway... i'm talking to mum about boiled eggs... toodles...
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Thursday, September 14, 2006
come away with me...
Found my Norah Jones 'Come away with me' album this morning 'n uploaded it on my itunes... so it's been chilling me out today in amongst a whole load harshness at work. Ministry can be so fun... the beauty of trying your hardest to do something and be right before God yet there is always someone who thinks you're doing something wrong or that you could could do it better, or whatever... ah the joys. I"m so tired. ach ach ach.

I think i need to listen to some more norah jones...........
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Well National Youth Assembly was actually really really good this year... they'd obviously taken on board everything we said last year, and had at least made an attempt to overcome certain issues, if not solved them completely - so that was really good....

Was also really obvious that God was just really moving there too... God is GOOD *grins*

but yeh..... fabby times.... really wanna go back next year now *heh* which is such a turn around seeing as I didn't really wanna go this year... on did coz i felt i had to support it after being so negative about things that happened last year... but yeh. I'll maybe update a bit more on it another time... but for now i should probably go sleep coz i have a meeting at the other end of Bishopbriggs tomorrow morning 'n i should really get some sleep!
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Thursday, September 07, 2006
My new car *cough*
Check it out....

hehehehe... nah it's not really. *grins* This was dad's upgrade... quiet amused by it in all honesty *hehe* and i think he was enjoying having a wee toy... *hehe* all good... And no, i didn't get a chance to drive *rolls eyes*

but yeh... am quite tired... Life is busy as usual... been working practically all day in some capacity or other... Off to Dundee for the weekend, again for work... This is National Youth Assembly again... should be interesting - trying not to let last year taint this year in all honesty... so we'll see how it all works out. I'm sharing a room with Heather - so hopefully we'll both be responsible and sleep!!!!! Don't think i could cope with a weekend without sleep at the moment, i'm already knackered!

Anyway - all good....
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Monday, September 04, 2006
fun and games...
just doing my usual. although spent most of the day on the couch all wrapped up... then spent most of the evening at youth band burning up - what joy. WE had the youth centenary service on Sunday - was really well received - everyone did really well with the stuff they contributed. Had Elevate on Sunday night - was ok, but my kids are beginning to get a little bit bored by it... So i'm collecting feedback from them to take to the next elevate team meeting...

Phil is coming to stay tomorrow night - which will be nice *grins*

thats it.
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