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Monday, September 25, 2006
and it just gets better *heh*...
ah the joys of church politics... can't say much on here, but things are fun generally at the moment nevermind in the youthwork... *heh* (sense the sarcasm) Anyway - yeh... it's been an interesting week... quite tired of it all... though a bit more positive about it now i guess... am quite tired though...

Was at Lazer Quest in Motherwell on Saturday for a friends birthday - was much fun *heh* i'm thinking we should take the kids there sometime for a social *heheheh* would soooooo be worth it!!! It's got like THREE levels to run about on and like FOUR teams and you don't even know what team you're in until you're in and the game starts!!! *hehe* i think it would be great having 25 kids running about in there *heh*

but yeh... youth band was good tonight too - was quiet coz it's a holiday today, but it was good... we spent the evening looking at new songs =)

urgh i'm tired. oooooooooo i've decided to make bread tonight - first lot since i moved into the flat *heh* hopefully it works ok *grins*

on a more depressing note, Sheena's not been at all well this week... well since Friday particularly... makes me sad :( *hmmm* I'll maybe see her tomorrow, but we'll just see what happens...

right i give up... that's all thats worth updating with and i'm very tired.
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