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Monday, August 21, 2006
dum de dum...
back at Sheena 'n Geo's again... although they've actually popped out coz they got the keys for their new house *grins* so they're currently away looking at that.... someone tried foning... twice... i hate it when that happens when you're in someone's house when they're not there, or they're doing something and can't answer the phone... anyway so that be it.

HAd a good day off on Saturday - spent most of the day here helping Sheena 'n Geo pack and move stuff down from the attic... then we watched some saturday night tv, which i've not done for like 5-6 years, so that was quite amusing... we were watching that Maria show thing and also the X factor... was quite glad that Belinda girl got knocked out of the Maria thing... she was a great singer, but she scared me quite a bit *eek* - heh. And X factor just made me laugh... oh bless all these people who think they can sing. *heh*.

Anyway - got to church yesterday to be informed by my young people that Catalyst was last night not next Sunday as I had in my diary *argh* so that made for a manic afternoon of trying to sort who was/wasn't going and sorting out cars to get them there etc........ so yeh. Was good though... Catalyst practically always is... and my kids just seem to let rip in worship when we're there these days, which is sooooo inspiring... just wish we could help them feel that they could do that at Kenmure too..... maybe one day!

But yeh. I should probably go finish of my work stuffs and head back to the flat to do some prep before i head to church tonight.
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