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Thursday, June 15, 2006
Interview *eek*
*deep breath*

well i got a phonecall this morning... well actually it was a 901 message *cough* but yeh... it was Dave asking me if I would be able to make an interview at 11:15am tomorrow... which is good, but very scary... well actually I asked him if I needed to do anything or bring anything and he said no, which is good... just a 'chat' or as he put it the first time, and 'interogation' *eeek* Nah although i'm stupidly nervous about it just now, i probably won't be tomorrow, coz essentially, they're wanting to know about my ideas for the development of the ministry, and I know how i'd love to be given the chance to do that, and God's always inspiring with stuff as to what we could do 'n stuff... but it sounds as though the other interviews won't happen until next week which kinds sucks... more waiting... I wonder if they realise that they're slowly killin' me? *takes another deep breath*

So yeh... we'll see what'll happen. it'll be another week or so before i'd be any the wiser anyway... annnnnnnnnnd if i don't get it, then i guess i have the summer to find myself a job.

anyway that aside, i'm wrecked... was up at 7am today to get to F.A.R.E in Easterhouse for 9am... we were in one of the primary schools for the whole morning... just finishing off the stuff we'd been doing with them - so that was kool... then we went to pizza hut for lunch, followed by the 'show' with all the primary schools - was quite good :) - long day though.... my last at Easterhouse which is kinda sad coz I really enjoyed it, but i'm just so tired, that i'm glad that's me finished another part of my course... Matt made me cake too which was very cool *grins*....

now i'm soooo tired and my limbs ache - off to Kenmure soon though... just hoping I can forget about tomorrow and focus on the group....
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