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Friday, August 18, 2006
still no broadband *cries*
still got no broadband *cries* well actually i'm not really crying coz it's not bothering me all that much.... but it does kinda suck... as much as i love coming over to see George and Sheena, it's really a bit of a handicap when i can't do some of my work etc because i don't have a net connection and therefore have to come over here for an hour or so everyday in order to get things done.... it's really quite surprising how much i depend on it... i mean when i'm on mission etc it doesn't bother me at all that i don't have a net connection, but because i need it so much for work, it's doing my head in now that i'm back....
THink i may have found a good deal for broadband though... hopefully i'll manage to get it sorted at the beginning of the week, we'll see.

I can't wait until pay day. I feel skint *sads*

things are going ok so far though.... have had neverending meetings this week... was at the elevate meeting last night... was dreading it for various reasons, but it was kl and very productive... then Nathan gave me a lift home 'n we sat 'n talked for ages *lol* ah well... good though. in fact all of the meetings have been productive, which has been really encouraging =) Am looking forward to getting back with all the young folks on Sunday though *grins* spent quite a while making a newsletter type thing with pics 'n stuff... was kinda fun... planning on sending it out to all the yp we have contact for... kinda cool =)

Man this laptop is noisy!

Anyway i think that's about it... health still not great, but i don't really feel like going into the details about that...

oh, and it's raining, and i'm wet. *doh*
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