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Sunday, November 30, 2008
First sunday in Advent

Today started off very busy - am beginning to feel it a bit now - certainly feeling a bit tired. I did the children's address at church this morning - of course we were looking forward to the coming of Christ since it was the first sunday of advent - was good - and the youth band did great doing the first couple of songs - they even taught the congregation a new one - which was fab!

It's freezing outside though - there's been freezing fog all day since last night and i'm convinced it's worse now than it was earlier today lol - but it's been very frosty and beautiful =) But the countdown starts now... Christmas and a nice long break here we come!!!! =D

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Saturday, November 29, 2008
Sky has returned to VIrgin Cable *grins*
Ok so i couldn't think of a better title... As i'm watching Stargate SG-1 on Sky 1 at the moment which i couldn't until they somehow randomly let virgin have it again - i feel that i missed something there, but there you go - happy days.

Abbie is currently sitting looking at me doing her grunting thing - she obviously wants me to do something - although i have no idea what as i don't speak puppy language... can anyone else?

I think she possibly wants her dinner, coz it is getting towards that time - but i'm thinking she can wait another 10 mins or so coz it's not even 5pm yet! (well it will be by the time i finish this but yeh.)

Anyway - it's been a busy few weeks (whats new??) Full of ups and downs and generally just pushing to keep things going... But there had been plenty of cool stuff that keeps me going =)

We had a coffee morning for our youth fund last weekend and my mum 'n dad took my grandparents down with them -it was sooo good having them all here - abbie really enjoyed it too!!!! *hehehe*

Things have been a bit more relaxed this week - though in some ways not so much lol -just a different kind of busy i guess. Even today has been rather full - got prep to do tonight before tomorrow morning now - kids address here I come - *heh*

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Monday, November 10, 2008
A busy week...
Sorry for the lack of update - last week was crazy busy at times... We had our Quiz night on Saturday night - was great - full hall and folks seemed to really enjoy themselves!!! So yes, another success... Now just got to get everything ready for this coffee morning a week on saturday *eeeek*

This however seems to be a week of meetings - what joy... but hopefully it'll therefore end up feeling like a very productive week... well here's hopefully - LOL...
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Sunday, November 02, 2008
Bit of a scare...
Well on Friday we all got a bit of a scare.. Phil (my weebro) had a bit of a car accident and was knocked off the road by another driver. He ended up in a field after rolling 6 or 7 times and by pure miracle walked out of the wreckage along with his friend. I'm just so glad that even though he's a bit battered and bruised, he's ok!
Wee suzi before the crash...

Wee suzi after the crash...

I think you'll probably agree that it's only because of God's great mercy that both Phil and his friend walked out of the car and weren't more seriously hurt. Thankfully the man that caused the accident was charged.

As for my weekend.. it's been busy - had plenty to do - but the highlight was definitely attending the CD launch of a couple of my young people - Ailsa and Eilidh. Both very talented girls!

You can listen to their tracks here -

It's well worth a listen - Eilidh wrote the songs herself... I loved being there and sharing their special nice!! I was very proud of them both... They handled the 'acoustic set up' very well and did everyone proud! They're selling their cds (with 5 tracks) for £5 but all proceeds are going to the WEC building fund and also the LUWERO community project in Uganda which we've supported many times in our Kenmure fundraising before now.. If you want a CD let me know and i'll see if there are any left to get for you!

Anyway - I suppose i should go and get ready to go out for church and Anathallo tonight =)

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