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Monday, May 31, 2004
Have managed to do a fair amount of my essay today, as well as watch Ocean's 11 - couldn't resist... but got to read Mark's gospel now and mark all over it with high-lighter 'n stuff in prep for my class tomorrow afternoon - what joy... will be going out to see HP3 soon though...
and yes... my eye still hurts *sob* but a friend of mine told me to bathe it in saltwater (horrible stuff) which i did... but it's still sore (as expected)...
anyway - work! ARGH...
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had quite a good day at church yesterday, cmae back and watched 'Swordfish' (which i thought was a rather confusing film) and then had the best sleep i've had in a long while!
Got a sore eye at the moment - boo hoo... it's very painful when i open and close it, which is like always! argh!
but meant to be doing an essay today - and as a reward Em and I are going to go and see HP3 tonight.. wooooooooooohoooooooooooo! Although it's practically fully booked, so we ended up with seats at the very front, but oh well, i'm sure we'll see it more than once anyway - so it's no big deal ;-)

anyway - i should be working...
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Saturday, May 29, 2004
Just out of meeting for my SU residential which started at 9am ... and didn't get much sleep, so pretty tried... but meeting Jan soon and then we're heading off to see Susan and Ian with wedding pressies... life just never stops :-)
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Friday, May 28, 2004
three little angels, all dressed in white,
tried to get to heaven on the end of a kite,
but the kite string was broken
and down they all fell,
they couldn't get to heaven
so they all went to...


it's like 'Friends' day on channel 4 today, so everyone is glued to the tv - i've been able to drag myslef away though and have done some prep and bought my friend her wedding pressie 'n stuff... keep forgetting i have to get up to go to a meeting tomorrow - it starts at 9am - on a Saturday i tell you! It just ain't right!!!!!!!!!!!!! so anyway... that's my life... other than watching the last ever episode of Friends tonight, i don't think i'll be doing much.
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not long up... essay to do and wedding present to buy... other than that i don't have plans to do much coz Castlemilk is finished! woo hoo! maybe go to the cinema tonight if there's anything worth watching!
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Thursday, May 27, 2004
just back from placement... it was really good tonight. It was Inspired and was very energetic... anyway - i'm off to fone a friend, then i think i might start some studying... we'll see if i have the motivation or not - tee hee.
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went to see 'the day after tomorrow' last night, and despite the usual critque by the guys on the way home from the cinema, i thought it was quite good... the thing that freaked me most though, is knowing that the events of the film have the potential to actually happen... eeeeeeeeek - now i'm going to have nightmares of freezing to death instanting! LOL...
anyway - the result of going to see the midnight showing meant that i didn't get up until pretty late this morning... i.e. 12:30pm... woops... well my excuse is that i haven't had a longlie in a while and i needed it!
anyway - i'm off to start writing an essay - woohoo! *rolls eyes*
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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
managed to get all of my prep done in time for my meeting tonight for the SSS, so that was lucky... managed to break the photocopier though - woopsie... but thankfully Harvey managed to fix it, so all is well...
it's been a weird sort of day, but i'm just lucky to have people around me who care and help when they see i need it.
having said that, after all of my hard work, everyone seemed to be happy enough tonight after the meeting. and some even thanked me for the amount of work I had put in into getting everything sorted and down on paper... all that's left now is to make sure that i get all of the materials for the craft and then it's just down to doing the practical work on the day... hopefully all will go well...
for the Christians amoung you - please pray for the SSS!

also - i heard tonight that, my friend Ann's brother-in-law Drewie died last night. So please also remember his family in your prayers - i'd really appreciate it.

i'm off - might be going to a midnight showing of 'the day after tomorrow' later - dunno yet though...
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well after i posted yesterday, things went downhill... i got my annual review report from my minister, and after reading it, felt like i had been kicked in the teeth... so that sorta spoiled my day, and i was incredibly angry!
but then me and Suzi had our last evening at Castlemilk... was cool - really enjoyed it again, was very energetic playing rounders at the start, and then we did a bridge building exercise (you know the one where they have to build a bridge that holds a weight) so it was cool... and we got a box of chocolates each!!!! i think that although i'm glad to have it finished, i still think i'm going to miss it... boo hoo.
plus i got my report from Castlemilk last night, and my supervisor was really nice and it made me feel really good and gave me a little bit of confidence again after reading what my minister had written...
and then to give an even better ending to my day, dad took me out to a chinese restaurant for dinner, AND i managed to eat my whole meal (minus dessert!) with chop sticks! was well pleased with myself!!! tee hee...

As for today...
well have managed to drag myself out of bed because i still have an insane amount of work to do for a SSS meeting tonight... and then i have various meetings throughout the day... it just never stops!
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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
almost wasn't up in time for class this morning... close! Also texted Kat last night to check we didn't have any homework... (and woke her up - tee hee - not my fault she sleeps with her fone on :-D)... and apparently there is... but i haven't done it - yet - it's for this afternoon, so you never know i might get it done before class... not that she's told me what it was yet *rolls eyes*
Anyway - music group went ok last night - but it was a very chilled night... we didn't really play anything, in fact i don't even think the girls took their instruments out of their cases, but we all still had a good time *grin*
Anyway - need to get to class...

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Monday, May 24, 2004
Well, the childrens talk went ok (apparently) and the kids were great with the music (although i mucked up a wee bit) and then Over 14's group seemed to go well - they got into the meditative part more than i thought they would... and i got the SWEETEST text from one of the girls thanking me for it... so i'm happy...
absolutely shattered though - life never seems to stop still for a minute!
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Saturday, May 22, 2004
Hopefully the music problem is sorted... it however means that i'm now going to be playing though - eeeeeeeeeeeeeek
still got to try and formulate some sort of childrens talk in my head for tomorrow... and today, once i've got all that stuff done i really have to get myself sorted for Summer Sunday School - i have asked for all volunteers to give me the dates they're free before wednesday so i can draw up a rota, but not many have been forecoming - argh!
ah well.... cool cool i guess. all will be well - all i can say is, roll on the holidays - 2 weeks of kenmure free bliss!
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Friday, May 21, 2004
today has been quite eventful...
got a fonecall last night telling me that 2 of my yp won't be at church on sunday and they're meant to be playing in the youth band, which sorta screws things up a bit, so i've been trying to sort that out... then at Castlemilk today two of the guys to involved in a major punch up - which i wasn't going to throw myself into the middle of... blood - lovely...
and now i'm just trying hard to chill... so i'm off to watch American Idol...
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Thursday, May 20, 2004
Just back from WIG (Wee Impact Group) and it was nice to be with my friends again... WIG is a bible study for impact members and I usually don't get to go because of my work, but i grabbed the chance tonight... and the topic under discussion was the second coming - yummy... It was good though...
Think i'm going to head upstairs and play my guitar and eat ice cream now... and if i feel like it i might even do some more placement prep, seeing as i have it coming out of my ears at the moment, and always seem to be doing it, but getting nowhere in reducing the pile that needs to be done - argh!
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Very tired today, despite the fact that i had a decent amount of sleep last night... I suppose it might have something to do with the fact that someone, who i think MAY have been Gordon, woke me up by thumping on my door this morning... ARGH!.... I tell you, there's just never a moments peace ;-)
can't think of anything else to say... dum de dum...
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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
meeting at castlemilk was ok - in fact they made me blush a few times... i've apparently been one of the best placement students the complex has had... *blushes*
BUt anyway - since i've been back i've been working on my prep for the over 14's group on Sunday... Gonna be looking at the tangle of life and relationships, using Coldplay's song, 'Trouble'. Hopefully it'll go down well... but i've still got to sort out a children's talk based on the song 'we want to see Jesus lifted high'... not had any overwhelming inspiration yet, unless you count the thought process last night when i was falling asleep, which if i remember correctly seemed quite good... if only i could remember what i was thinking... ARGH!
Why is that though... why do we always get words of wisdom when we are either...
a) asleep
b) falling asleep
c) we wake up in the middle of the night with it!
tee hee... My pastoral carer from Kenmure keeps coming out with things that she gets in her sleep... how weird...
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Well classes and castlemilk were actually really good yesterday, and i was in bed and asleep by a decent time coz i was so tired... so things are ok i guess. Got a 3-way meeting with my Castlemilk supervisor and my tutor and me today though - scary! and then i'll probably head back here for either doing prep (most likely option) or starting my next assignment for class, a 2,000 word report.

on the upside... POA (Prisoner of Azkaban - HP3) is realeased in just over 2 weeks... that'll be a nice treat when it comes out :-)
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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Very tired this morning... didn't get much sleep - couldn't GET to sleep - argh!
ah well - of to class...
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Monday, May 17, 2004
'blessed be the name of the Lord... blessed be the naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!'
hehehe... Had a really good night tonight with my yp at the music group. They really are coming on a the moment... And it's great fun! I also took the decision to cancel inspired on thursday (long and fruststrated story) which frees me up to go to WIG (wee impact group) which is a fortnightly bible study that i've only been to twice because of my placement church. So it'll be nice to be amongest people who aren't from my church or college for a change - don't get me wrong, i love them all, but a change is nice every once in a while!
Anyway - also went food shopping and my food is in the oven - sooooooo hungry! so i should head off!
One last thing though... What on EARTH is the obsession with leaning on a chair and then pushing it forward on the red church carpet, then hiding in a pew???? ARGH *rolls eyes*...
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Well... unfortunately *choke* after we went back upstairs last night, it evolved into a full blown water fight between Gordon and kat 'n me. Was a good one though. Last a while (with random wiping down of walls every so often) *hehe*. Was a good laugh though. Then i had a nice looooooooooong sleep - soooooo good! Should really get one with work though - lots to do!
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Sunday, May 16, 2004
Been a bad girl and sneaked onto a computer... managed to get my essay more or less done yesterday which was good. Also had not a bad day at church today - plus Kat braided my hair last night, so it's looking groovey - got loads of nice comments today - yeah!
Anyway should really go - tee hee...
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Saturday, May 15, 2004
Feelin a lot more chilled this moring, although very tired after such a busy day yesterday. BUt today is essay day. I HAVE to get most of it written, coz if it's left till Monday then i'll be mega stressed... Plus I have to organise Bible Class for tomorrow - eeeeeeeeeek - i'm sure all will be well *grin*
Anyway - enjoyed meeting Pip yesterday... showed him the guitar shop and treated him to a MacDonalds to lunch, but then i had to head off to work - doh! but he apparently had an interesting time when he got to the college - tee hee...
Anyway, i had a supervisors meeting at Castlemilk and she seems very pleased with my work there over the past couple of months - which is cool - :-) only 2 more weeks and then were outta there! And i made cookies yesterday - i have to say, they were very good, and easy. You never know, i might make them at the flat sometime, we'll see. I asked Suzi for the recipe, all i'd have to do was get the ingredients... *slaps herself* but NO, not today - i HAVE to do my essay! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!
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Friday, May 14, 2004
Just a quick blog today as i probably won't get the chance later... had a power outage last night in our 'block' what fun... I couldnt' get in the front door - argh!
It was a hard day yesterday... not a very happy one at all, but the service was beautiful and if it is the right word... inspiring...
Wasn't so happy at placement last night though! VERY angry about that!
but oh well - what can you say.
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Thursday, May 13, 2004
Up early today... But its due to sad circumstances. I'm going to the funeral service of a child who never saw the light of day. It's a sad day.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Been working steadily today... did my 'ticky boxes' (final assessment for placement) then had a meeting with my minister, then back to the college to fill out an SU form for the summer, and then off upstairs to read for my essay - and i think i might be getting there with formulating what i want to do with my essay - which is nice... :-)

One thing though - was watching TOTP 2 while having my dinner... WHAT EXACTLY WERE WE THINKING IN 1991??!??!?!?! This song came on and the clothes were dreadful, the main singers had no style (in fact the rapper was just stupid) and the dancers in the background... well don't get me started on them! Oh it's so depressing... ick!
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didn't touch a book yesterday - bought some though... d'oh! But was at Castlemilk in the evening, which was fine until one of the girls we were working with had to bomb it home to avoid being beat up by another group of girls who had come into the complex looking for her - what joy! Didn't do much else to be honest... watch some of 'Gone in 60 seconds' and then headed off to me bed...
Not doing much today either - only got a meeting with my line-manager and then i've got a date with my laptop in the library writing my essay which is due next Tuesday...

c'est la vie
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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
hmmmm... I'm meant to be studying, but instead decided to have a little bit of time out since I wasn't in class, and had a shower and made myself a decent dinner instead.... but i suppose i should go and study, since it IS a study day *rolls eyes*
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Very tired this morning... was up late watching a very random japanese film... then got some, (what i consider to be bad news) about a couple of friends.... is there no sense in the world?! Argh!

anyway - suppose i should head off to class...
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Monday, May 10, 2004
Just back from church... have mixed feelings about the evening - some of my yp flourished and others just sat caught up in their negative teenage ways - argh! ah well... i'm off to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep!

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woooooooooooooooooooooow - came online to post this morning, and although YOU can't see it, i can tell you that the engine I use to upload my posts 'blogger' has totally take over a new look over the weekend and is looking Grooooooooooovy! tee hee...

Had an ok weekend - didn't get much of my essay done on Saturday, although did do a bit of reading - ended up doing Prep for church instead - yeeeeeeha! Church yesterday was cool enough - although it's just as well that I didn't have the over 14's group and had decided to go along to Bible Class, because all of the leaders except one had decided not to be there - argh!!!!!!!!!!!! Then i was out for lunch and tea, which was cool, although i was struggling with a sorehead etc - think it was lack of sleep - but then at tea, I was served a plate of cauliflower (no cheese sauce - luckily) and a slice of pizza. Now people who know me well know that i really struggle with cauliflower, ESPECIALLY if it's covered with cheese sauce... but rather than say anything I ate it like a good little girl like i was taught... but suffered for it later - sore tummy :-( But oh well, worse things happen...

And I got news last night that my friend Vix, who now lives in England, had a wee baby boy last night, called Joshua!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... and i even got to see a pic when I logged into the impact forum this morning - so cute!

So things are going relatively well at the moment, although i have so much to do I don't know when to do it... eeeek. And I'm also dreading Thursday. My tutor and her Husband are having a service for Molly... It's in my church, and so i'm going along with a couple of the other students. I've got a feeling it's going to be a difficult morning... but we'll see what happens... I just don't like seeing people so hurt...
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Saturday, May 08, 2004
OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooh - i forgot to say - BIG celebration!!!! I was told today that the book that I had APPARENTLY lost had turned up on the shelf afterall, after 3 weeks of the threat of having to pay for the book i didn't have... *YAY*
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well... decided to take out some random books to see if they help any with my essay... but i doubt they will... Really need to see if i can get some work done for it today to be honest. Argh.
Other than that, I'm shattered... Was at Castlemilk all afternoon yesterday, followed by the stressful journey of hopping on and off buses to get to my Kenmure placement. It was the BB display last night, which was actually really good - i especially enjoyed the pipes, but it went on for almost 3 whole hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i wasn't expecting THAT). Ah well, at least I got a lift home - didn't really fancy standing outside waiting for a bus at 11 at night...
anyway - plenty to be getting on with...
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Friday, May 07, 2004
how random... sitting here chatting away with Josh about assignments, and it turns out he didn't know our first one is due a week tuesday, and he's going away and won't be here - woops.... ah well - plus i've missed a call from the complex - big oops. But once i managed to get to sleep last night i had a nice looooooong sleep... getting a bit miffed though - my NEW fone battery doesn't seem to want to hold a charge for more that 2 days... is this unsual, or is it just me?
We went to a Christian Kebab shop last night - tee hee, i got a pizza - was good i guess... (that was AFTER i spent the whole evening in the library studying - argh!) and then we played my new guitar loads - heheheh... cool cool cool...
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Thursday, May 06, 2004
ooops - i was wrong, that's not it - we've got thunder and lightening and i'm scared *eeeeek*
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wooooo hooooooooo - having a good day so far - met a friend for lunch who i haven't seen for AGES, and then saw dad, and he helped me buy a guitar - woooooooo hooooo!
that's it - i'm happy :-)
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didn't go to the town - surprise surprise... But watched 'City of Angels' instead... I love that film, it's soooooo sad! :'-( (for people who don't know about smiley's, that was a crying smiley) *rolls eyes* :-P
Didnt' really do much else with the day though. Spent all evening (about 4 hours- eeeeeeek!) on the computers in the library to see if I could get some decent images to burn onto disc as the library now has burners on a couples of the computers - *yay*. Managed to get some - but seemed a bit of a waste though. Ih 4 hours i managed to get some cool pics, but it only amount to around 10MB out of a 700 MB disc!!!!!!!!! ArgH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think i'll just have to make a new folder of images over time and then burn them once I've managed to get a decent amount... ooooh and i use the images for movies and power points btw, just though i'd explain that.
Anyway - ended up watching ER last night, and then Frasier, and then sat talking about watching the Music channels until about 1am...
Got a friend coming to see me this morning though, and have no idea when she's coming. But it's be a good change to see her. :-)
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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
well, here i am, writing in this blog, yet again. Don't have much to say really. Although there a 4 HUGE bags (as tall as a man) of soft stuffing like stuff in the reception area, which I think look like they're 4 giant pillows waiting for a GIANT PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! (hehehehe - *looks mischievous*)
buuuuuuuuuuut anyway. Not up to much today. Got various bits of prep to do - but have spent the morning cleaning and hoovering me room - so it's all good. Might go down into the town at some point. But that depends on whether i can be bother - tut tut.
oh the life of a student... *wink*
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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
Today has been a funny sort of day. In classes, and people are generally happy enough, but there's still a sense of sadness about the place......
BUt more classes this afternoon - and then heading off to Castelmilk tonight - so really cann't stop!
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Monday, May 03, 2004
Saturday was a lazy day for me... after not having much sleep, i wasn't in the mood to do much other than laze around in the sun...
But Had a intetesting group on Sunday morning with the over 14's. Although most of them didn't come, and before this group has properly began, they run the risk of losing it. Oh well.
Also spent the afternoon with one of the folk from church - we talked all afternoon - Her and her husband are so nice, and supportive...
Bumped into Ruth, the minster's wife yesterday at church, and she jsut came up to me and gave me a hug (she works at the college) and we chatted for a little bit about Cherie and Tim. Apparently Cherie gave birth to a little girl, called Molly, who looked perfect in every way. So they're now having to do an investigation as to why the little girl died, still in her mothers womb.
Our prayers continue to go up for Cherie and her husband at this terrible time. If and when she eventually returns to the college, I think she can count of some of us students to really be there for her. I know they both have such a huge support up here, which is amazing considering they only moved here about 7 months ago. God has given them a supportive community which love them, and are holding them up to Him in prayer...
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Saturday, May 01, 2004
Got this in my email this morning... felt that after yesterday, it was something which was of use to help those around me at this time of confusion with regards to my tutor's baby dying.

The apostles said to the Lord, "Increase our faith!" He replied, "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you. (Luke 17:5-6 NIV)

Consider: Many times when our needs are great, we cry out to God to "increase our faith" but His answer is in the reply of Jesus to His disciples. Faith grows when it is released and planted in the Word. We start where we are with what we have. We release it with our prayers and our confession and we will see it grow to meet the need.

Challenge: If you have a great need and need great faith, take what you have no matter how small it seems and begin to speak over your need. Let your faith be a seed that is watered in prayer and the Word and it will grow to be more than enough.

when i got back from placement last night, I asked one of the youth min guys, who i hadnt seen earlier on in the day to tell him about Cherie, and he told me someone else had told him and told me there was a prayer meeting for her and her family which the BAYAT (my course) leader and his wife. There were a few of the students, and also the janitor who had gone along as well. We must have sat there for around an hour, deep in thought about the days events, praying hard, signed a card - but it was so difficult to know what to put...
After that however, I just felt the need to pick up a guitar and sing to God... I came across the song... 'Because he lives' and almost choked on the second verse...

'How sweet to hold
a new-born baby,
Amd feel the pride,
and joy he gives;
but greater still
the calm assurance,
this child can face uncertain days
Because He lives'

Many things hit me at that point, my head became very busy. i spent a lot of time, into the early hours of the morning, just praying, reading my bible, playing the odd tune in the guitar. I couldn't sleep, so it seemed like the only thing i could do. Us students feel pretty helpless like everyone esle over the situation, but i tried to do the only thing i could. Pray...
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