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Friday, August 17, 2007
Working away... or not.
Sorry for the lack of posts... have been 'busy'... well not really, i've been doing very little... still a bit tired after having a very busy 2 weeks at church. We had our holiday club with the other parish churches in bishopbriggs last week... it was good, but not the greatest of ideas for me to be doing that straight after coming back from a week of mission. Left me rather tired. So i've been relaxing lots... chilling out with Abbie. It's so good to have her back... and reading lots. Trying to get through HP6 again so that i can head into book 7 and get it read before anyone accidentally slips spoilers in my direction. But yes... still got some prep to do for church on Sunday morning, but i reckon i know what i've got to do... so it's all good.

I made a banana cake last night... tis sooooo good *grins* i need to have to learn to make other things I think... oh my, Abbie is barking at me... (well as much as a puppy can bark, it's more of a yap) which probably means she wants up on the couch *heh*


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Sunday, August 05, 2007
Back to Glasgow for good (for the time being)...
Thats me back in Glasgow again after a rather successful (thought not exactly as we had expected) mission in Troon. Am abosultely exhausted though and have another early start tomorrow morning... So i'm not going to go into detail now... as i'm just about ready to keel over... so i'm going to bed.


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