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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Found this article and found it most nostalgic... although i though that Rainbow was on later than 1992... am I talking rubbish???

Anyway - they're saying that they're bringing re-runs of Rainbow on as some sort of nostalgic tv thing... I bet you'll have only adults watching it though *hehe* Anyway... you can read the article here...
Rainbow Article

That aside... the last 24 hours have not been my best. Finally cracked with some college stuff last night. *blah* still feeling quite down about it... but i'll perk up again. eventually. That aside i'm just doing the usual... and working hard to at trying to get some more of these essays done... determined to finish my first one as much as possible tonight! So it'll probably be a late night, but that's just how it goes...

They re-did our hall floor at church at the weekend and then duffed it up... and so he was in finishing it last night which meant that all the groups were moved about... i wasn't too pleased, but you know how it is with these things, you just work together to make sure that everyone gets the very least of what they need... but the fumes where manic. I can't believe that they had the bible class in there on Sunday - i think I may actually mention that to Iain tomorrow... *hmm* But yeh... aparently it takes 72 hours for the floor to dry 'n the guy apparently told Harvey that 48 should do it but Harvey was a bit confused coz he thought that from 6pm last night till 6pm tonight was 48 hours *ooops* so as I had expected (and prewarned one of the leaders just in case on her way out of the Guild last night) the GB was cancelled tonight, not just because the floor isn't dry but probably because of the rather ridiculus fumes... i'm sure there's a guideline somewhere about not having young people and children subjected to that sort of thing... although i would actually argue that its just good common sense... but there you go, some folk don't think that way.

Anyway - my essay is calling...
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Monday, February 27, 2006
oh look...
before we split yesterday we all headed off in cars so that dad could show us where the old and new offices sites for his company were... and at one point we were going along the clyde (at which point Fiona turned round and asked me where the Clyde was... was quite amusing at the time *hehe*) anyway... so while we were doing that I was pointing out some of the landmarks coz Fiona hasn't been to Glasgow much to know such things... and i pointed out the Gorbals flats.... but check this out.... (!!!!!!!!)

Two tower block are demolished

how harsh is that??? Ah well, probably better they're gone... the did look pretty mingin' from the outside. *blurgh*
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Hehehehehe.... such an awesome weekend with family at the Rugby!!!!!! Scotland managed to win against England against all the odds for the first time in 6 seasons!!! How awesome is that?!?!?!?! Great atmoshpere at the match, surprised Phil still has a voice.... Was cold, but sooooooo worth it!!!!!

got back mid-afternoon and back to earth with a bump. Problems with this girl are still going on and its in a word driving me crazy. She really nice to my face 'n stuff and then goes and has a right go behind my back, and it's causing great problems amongst the young people which i think is really sad. It's really annoying. Bah. I'm praying loads about it.

anyway - back to studying... also got to get right in my head what i'm going to say for my part of this stupid presentation tomorrow. Hoping to have finished one of my assignments by the end of tomorrow night... dunno how achieveable that is, but i need to at least try... Concentration just isn't happening as fluidly as it usually would these days... not with regards to essay writing anyway.

yeh. i should go work...

oh and one last thing...

18-12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grins*
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Saturday, February 25, 2006
Top Gear... *giggles*
Came across these this morning and they've left me giggling *hehe*

Speed Skater vs. Jaguar

Ski Jumper vs. mini

(if this link doesn't work properly then you should still be able to view it by clicking the appropriate link from the "Speed Skater vs. Jaguar" link *grin*

I have to say that i thought that the mini one was hysterical... do have a look... it will brighten your day...

Don't you just love it when folk do completely off the wall stuff for entertainment?! *hehe*
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Friday, February 24, 2006
Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" - (Matt 19:26)
Wow... what an inspiring piece of scripture... and humbling... i think sometimes we think it's all about us. It's never about us.

Anyway.... got my guitar back today *grins* although they didn't actually phone me to tell me it was ready like they said they would... dad phoned and found out that it was indeed ready though *grin* So after lunch me 'n Kat headed off to the centre... got some shopping (i got chicken korma and rice for tonight *grin* was feeling like korma... niceeeeeeeee.) kat was getting her workout for the day as she had loads of heavy stuff on her back 'n stuff *heehee* - but yeh got to the shop 'n got me guitar back *grin* and a dark purple cable, and a wee stand for when i have my guitar out of it's case in my room... Didn't think i'd get to try it out before work on monday night but decided to go 'n see if the PA system was on downstairs and it was so me 'n Kat 'n Hugh too had a wee jam session... me on guiter, Kat on drums (she's just learning but is really good already!!!) and Hugh on the piano... he's one of these folks that can jam along by ear... was great.

So i have literally just got back from that in the last 30 mins... worked on my essay this afternoon though and have made a half decent attempt at about half of the first essay... so thats not so bad - would ahve another bash just now, but i'm totally in holiday mode. i reckon if i have a good serious time of study on Monday before work 'n on Tuesday when i'm not in class, then i'll be able to finish it by Tuesday 'n then start the self-harm one and finished it by Friday/Saturday. So hopefully i'll be able to comfortably get through them all...

Anyway - no more studying for the next 48 hours!!!! Off to the rugby tomorrow!!!!! *bounce!*


have a good one x
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Thursday, February 23, 2006
Joyful Joyful...
am sooooooooooooo tired... Sorry for the lack of update last night but after spending an afternoon in the library i pretty much dozed all evening and was in bed pretty early... we have the internet back on upstairs now which is more convenient *grins*

not really got much to report. Classes were ok today. Nothing groundbreaking though - this mornings session was on project-managing which was interesting enough and then the afternoon class we had the police in talking about safety when it comes to detached work 'n stuff.. so that was ok. Then had a meeting with my tutor. Was actually ok... he was debriefing me from him coming to visit on Sunday... was ok :) Then rushed off to Sheena 'n George's... was lovely to see them both again.... particularly Sheena... she's been better the last couple of days... so here's hoping (and praying) that she's on the mend, so to speak... was nice just to sit 'n chat about stuff 'n that...

Then had group which was ok... relatively relaxed night.. still think there's a problem with a couple of the girls though - so if it doesn't rectify itself over the next few weeks then i think some stern words may have to be said. *hmmm*

Anyway - hopefully i'll get a call tomorrow telling me to go 'n get my guitar... other than that i've pretty much got to study study study... my books on adolescence and selfharm came today - so that means once i have this urban essay out of the way then i'll be able to concentrate on my pastoral essay.... And i think that i've managed to get the port folio for the outreach class sorted in my head too... so we're getting there... just an insane amount of reading and a lot of writing to be getting on with now!
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Am currently sitting down in the library... the intention had been that i was to study, but i've been sitting here for the past hour and i've not done any yet... been catching up on stuff online instead... am soooooooooooooooo tired too. Although handed in an essay proposal and got and 'ok' back on it today... so i might look into starting that one over the next few days. We'll see though. Don't want to start my pastoral care one yet coz i ordered some books off of amazon, but they were dispatched earlier so hopefully i'll be able to have them by the end of hte week too... that shouldn't be tooooo difficult an assignemnt to do... once i've done the reading i should be able to write it in an evening easy. Have another plan to do for Thursday actually... so between that and reading and doing my reflective reports and workplans for Friday tomorrow is going to be a busy day! I'll probably end up spending the majority of it down here too since as i need a internet connection for research and will also have to get my hands on some books!!!

Have to go 'n hand in my guitar tomorrow too... getting a pick-up installed into it. Hopefully i'll have it back by Friday though *grin*

Anyway - i suppose i should do something...

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Monday, February 20, 2006
a ray of light?
ok so just checked and found that at lassssssssst they are allowing pre-orders for ER season 6... but get this, it's not gonna be released until the 3rd of April!!!! How pants is that?!?!?!

Have ordered it anyway *grins*
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dum de dum
well despite the fact that i've managed to achieve everything that i needed to today for college 'n work i'm sitting here with a distinct sense of blahness... i can't particularly say why... perhaps it's just because i'm tired, perhaps its just because i realised this morning that i have all 4 of my assignments due in for college over the next 3 weeks and i have started none of them... or perhaps its just the fact that i need chocolate - i don't know.

Anyway - had band tonight... although it was very obvious that one of the yp was in a very bad mood and therefore refused to play anything (i've learned just to leave be when that happens) and every one just felt really tired 'n stuff... so we had an easy night... Besides that i've been working steadily again today... Part of me is really looking forward to my time off this weekend (although admittedly, realising that i have 4 assignments due in the next 3 weeks has left me panicking cause i'll be losing out on 2 whole days of working.) I'm in a group thats meant to be doing a presentation next tuesday on this book that we've been interesting, which (the chapters i was assigned to read anyway) was really good and thought provoking.... dunno how we're gonna do the presentation though *hmm*

Anyway - so the most annoying thing to happened today had to be the lack of internet on the residential floor... When i got back from work to find that it still wasnt' working (having not been working all day) i decided to come down to the first floor and see if it worked here just on the off chance... it is (obviously) - but i'm currently having to sit on the floor in the corridor... its' really weird... not quite sure what's going - but that's just college for ya.

Anyway - i shall leave you all in peace and take my pessimistic attitude away with me... gonna go have break i think - nothing left to do for classes and in all honesty with the work i'm going to have to embark upon as of tomorrow i'd probably be better having the 'chilled' time now while i can have it.
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Sunday, February 19, 2006
*is happy but tired*
was sooooooooooooooo tired this afternoon... didn't sleep much last night - no idea why.

But tonight was good... was actually really annoyed when i turned up at the church coz the folk this morning had left the room in such a mess that it took me almost 20 mins to clean it up before i could start finishing my prep 'n setting up for Anathallo *wasn't impressed*

But tonight we were looking at the Devil and evil in the world... was a really good session... and we had a really good debrief afterward - which always really lifts me... My tutor came to visit... dunno what he thought of it all to be honest... and in a way i'm not worrying toooo much about it coz i know that i was there to serve God tonight not to play up to the fact that i was being assessed.

rightyho... well i'm really tired. I need my bed.

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Busy again...
Well today has yet again been spent on the move... things definitely catch up with you when your health is not great... mine's still isn't 100% but i'm more motivated now, so that has to be good...

So couldn't get to sleep last night (had restless legs, i reckon it's just cos i sat around studying all day and didn't get any exercise *argh*) and the result was that i didn't wake up until 12noon today *shock*... i know... i feel guilty! But oh well... then took my time getting organised... so didn't have brunch until 12:45pm *hehe* before getting down to business and getting some work done... have spent a grand total of 6 hours writing out and transposing a song called 'How great is our God' for the youth band... wouldn't usually take so long, but i had to transfer everything into the computer coz i had to transpose for everyone to make it a more singable key... I'm telling you... guys who write worship songs, i.e. Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and Tim Hughes, really don't think about the female population when doing so!!!! If i were to do that song in its orignal key at Kenmure half the ladies would collapse trying to hit the notes!!!!! *hehe* So anyway... has been nice to finally achieve that - have been meaning to get round to it for a few weeks now.

Other than that i spent a considerable amount of time also prepping for Anathallo tomorrow night... My tutor is coming to evaluate me... which isn't really a big deal... although i've never had this guy visit before, and after a few things that have happened recently i'm not so sure how he's going to present himself while there... i just hope that he doesn't make anyone uncomfortable...

Anyway - other than that i went to Tesco's briefly, so that was ok. Am quite tired... as this is me only just winding down now...

oh yes... and the latest comment to come out of Kenmure... this has to be one of the best yet...

'because you're the youthworker i think that you should really be getting involved in these things...'

Ok so it needs an explanation... well... tonight (which, is it just me or is 9pm on a Saturday night an inappropriate time to be calling someone who is in ministry, or a young-ish person for that matter?!) i got a phonecall from a lady at church... now this lady is a lovely lady... and recently she's been playing the piano at the evening services since Margaret our organist passed away... so i get this phonecall, and basically she was phoning to ask if i would be so kind as to start playing my clarinet at evening services (for variety away from guitars)... Now essentially i don't have a problem with this request... but, i don't want to be caught in a pressure cooker which means that i must play my clarinet at every evening service... these would be the reasons why...

1. Sunday evenings are the only time that i get teaching... And at Kenmure the band sits behind the minister and it's extremely difficult to concentrate on a sermon when the person preaching isn't even looking in your direction. I've never found it easy to concentrate on a sermon or on lyrics etc at a service that i'm playing at and i've grown to appreciate being able to sing as part of worship (which is why i don't mind playing guitar and singing quite so much)...
2. I've already been party to the trap within the church of 'oooooooh you can play an instrument so you must play at every church service' - and i don't mean to offend anyone here, because in the past it didn't actually bother me, probably mostly because it was where i was meant to be and it was a big part of how i contributed to the life of the church... but just now that is not what i'm called to do and it's not a 'trap' that i want to fall into again... especially when Kenmure is without an organist it would be sooooo easy for me to end up with a heap of responsbility within the worship life of the church too (which in some ways would be cool, but it's just not for me, not just now).
3. On Sunday nights i'm in 'Anathallo gear' - let me explain.... Anathallo is such an intense group in that we as leaders really work hard to make it a different experience for the young people, to challenge them, to challenge ourselves... we pray before the evening service and we really take time to get into it all... I would have to completely shift gear if i was playing inbetween praying and then actually having the group. I know it sounds weird and probably seems in a word petty and small to some people, but it's true... if i'm in the service then i can appreciate whats going on, what God's saying to me and do all that without shifting gear... but if you're responsible for something you consiously have to get yourself into gear to achieve that.
4. I feel for this lady i really do... but she went as far as to back me into a corner at one point and was trying to make her problem my problem... And i've learned the hard way in recent years that just because you're a Christian doesn't mean to say you can let other people guilt you into taking things on... if you're already busy and up to the brim, then it's best not to take it on if you can help it... I almost resented the element of blackmail which took place during the discussion... but i understand how she feels, but getting another 2 individuals who are already hugely involved in the life of the church and are really busy ourselves involved isn't the answer... the answer is to seek out 'new blood'.
5. As much as i don't want to get selfish or 'technical' about this... no where in my remit does it state that i 'should' be involved in such actitivies as playing in the regular church 'band'. I'm not saying that I will only do stuff that involves young people, far from it, but when my hours are already stretched well beyond what they can be then i'm gonna have to take out the less relevant parts which take up my time...

So yes... I think that 'new blood' is the answer... not quite sure how or where... but exasperating the usual suspects by asking them to take on more is never the answer...

so yeh... i didn't complelely give in (i don't think she was impressed) - in fact i said i didn't mind playing on a few occassions... i still really need to get my 'lip' back in order to play for full services without wrecking it anyway... but we'll see... I won't be taking part tomorrow (although she possibly thinks i will be) as I have my tutor visiting so i'll have enough other things to deal with... and next week is my weekend off... *grins* so yeh. *shrugs*

anyway - it's late... g'nite x
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Friday, February 17, 2006
busy busy busy
ok... so this is my 'break'. Been working away all morning and into the afternoon... Lots of bits and pieces to catch up on that i've not been completely on the ball with... being ill is the most annoying thing ever... duh.

Annnnyway - yesterday was ok. Nothing spectacular. Had the same lecturer all day, which was ok, but sitting listening to the same person for practically 5 hours plus, straight is very hard. But yeh. Then had dad over for dinner which was nice... 'n i headed off to work. Which was good. The yp chose a track for their easter thing - so we're another step on...

well - so i guess here endeth the 'break' i've allowed myself... back to the studies i go.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
I sing because i'm free...
today has been a good day, and a crap day all in one....
started off good coz i woke up feeling a whole lot better than when i went to bed - am still ill, but just not as bad!
Then i ended up banging heads with my tutor yet again... I have now resigned myself and decided that i'm just not going to argue any more. Takes too much effort. I'm just going to do what i have to get through the rest of the course in one piece.

should have done a load of reading for class tomorrow, but turns out the document he gave us is one we've looked at before, so i've skimmed it... wasn't all that interesting...

Was invited out with Hazel to a card making group in her church - was nice... Got Emily to come along too... she made some well groovy cards *grins*

so yeh that has been my day. I have no energy to say anything...

*jives to her new "sister act 2:back in the habit" CD *wink*
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Rain drops keep pouring on my head...
WE used to have a wee music thing that if you wound it up it played the above song ^... awww i miss toys *hehe*
well today has been v hard... hardly slept last night coz i was wide awake and coughing for most of it... went to classes though, and survived, just then got myself motivated 'n went out for dinner with Auntie Alison and Uncle Alan... was sooooooo lovely... both the food and the company *grin* had a good laugh...

not long back now - am shattered... i'm looking forward to the day that this cold leaves me though - is beginning to annoy me somewhat!
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Monday, February 13, 2006
o happy day...
so i'm still miserable with the cold.... but i went shopping today 'n got myself some more medicine 'n also some Vit C tablets, so hopefully i'll get over this spell of bad health as it's really beginning to frustrate me.
Not much else to report really... Had ameeting this afternoon with my line-manager - was ok. *shrugs*
cancelled group tonight.
not done much else... not really in any state to do anything else...... am sleepy, so will probably be in bed before long.
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Sunday, February 12, 2006
*insert title here*
took me a while to get back to sleep last night after all the upheaval - still don't know what it was.... *hmmm*
Bible Class this morning was good... we were talking about the 2nd coming... was really good. plenty of activities 'n stuff too... so yeh was good... was enough for me though - was feeling awful by the end of it. Wasn't helped by one of my yp yet again having a go at me *argh* - why did i follow a calling to work with moody teeangers with bad attitudes?! *argh*
annnnnyway - so since i got back i made lunch 'n have been lying on my bed. I really wish i didn't have to go to work tonight... but it's fine. Deep down i'd rather go coz i really enjoy Anathallo... and Iain's sermons are really good during the evenings at the moment too...

I've cancelled group tomorrow night though. Have a meeting at 1pm, but that's fine. Thought it would do everyone good to have a night off tomorrow night, not least me. Argh i just wish this cold thing would go away!
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Well about 5-10 mins ago, i was just about asleep (tv on low in the background) and there's this huge boom! No idea what it was... turned off the tv to see if i could hear anything else... didn't... but heard everyone else stirring, so we had a wee pow-wow in the corridor... None of us have any idea what it was... can't see anything which has obviously exploded from the flat... Not heard any sirens or anything, so i dunno - either must have happened a long way away, or... i dunno. Will have to keep an eye on the news.

anyway - am sleepy.
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Friday, February 10, 2006
Loooook what i found *is excited*

ok so my day wasn't a total bust!!! I found a copy of the old version of Prince of Persia online for FREE (and the manual too - a much needed tool!) - we used to be addicted to this game when i was like 8. We got given a copy by the techs at the college where dad worked at the time and we used to play it on dad's little classic computer!!! *wooooooooow* It feels like forever ago!!!!!

So cool though... beats any of the other stuff you get these days *grins*
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ice cream...
Ok, so having a sore throat isn't so bad when it's a good excuse to have ice cream *grins*
have done practically nothing today... just sat/laid on my bed, watching DVDs and faffing about on my computer... what a waste of a day *argh*
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A new change...
Ok, so i was getting sick fed up of the question marks floating across the top of my old blog template... was a really cool template too, but I couldn't fix the missing pictures and I've spent the last few months looking for another groovy template which would be easy to install... didn't really find anything I like though - and more to the point most of them these days you need to have your own webspace to upload the all the bits to - and i'm not really all that literate with these things...

Anyway - I decided on this one as a change... You'll notice that i've added a couple of extra links --> So do have a browse...

F.A.R.E. is the community project in Easterhouse that i'll be doing part of my placement with in April-June... So i thought you may like to see some info on that...

Not much to say today i'm afraid... Woke up feeling like a bus had hit me... sore throat, a touch of gunk in my chest, sore head, little energy, so it looks like it'll be a 'minimum expense of energy' weekend again... may go to the cinema later... but that depends on a lot of stuff... (not least what is actually on)

Anyway - i should probably stop faffing about with this now... *hehe*
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Thursday, February 09, 2006
doodles... *hehe*

So today's classing weren't overly amusing. In fact i was so unengaged at some points that I doodled all over my hand... c'est la vie i guess... The morning class was a re-itteration of a reading that we'd been given to do and this afternoon was just like... well pants.
So yeah... Group was good tonight though - we gained another person... which is always nice. Then i came back 'n we had flat fellowship 'n Chris had organised this treasure hunt thing, so that was amusing... *hehe* me and Andy had to be the best team!!!! *hehe* And then i was doodling on my hand and arm again and me 'n Hugh played on the guitars for a while and Kat sang along... so i'm jst back from that now... am really tired in all honesty - and considering the HUGE pile of reading we were given today i think it's going to be a long weekend... Will hopefully still get to go to the cinema though. Some alone time at the cinema would actually be really nice. Can't really let myself sleep in too late though - but we'll see...

Anyway - i should really go 'n washed off all this ink before i get it all over my bedding...
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
is it stress or not?
Well dad seems to think i'm stressed... although for once i don't actually feel it... at all. Apparently my bodies saying different... ah well. So what's happened since yesterday... well.... we were messed about yet again for our urban mission class... we are now in week 6 of 10 weeks, our assessment is due in a few weeks before the end of term and we don't even have a essay question yet.. that's how organised they are... and it's not the lecturers fault... it's OUR course folk thats causing the confusion... it's ridiculous... they should have these things sorted well in advance... But that seems to be the story of our lives right now... my year group is sailing very close to 'doing something' coz right now even our class rep isn't being listened to over certain issues.... *duh* Anyway - i've felt numb about the whole thing since yesterday, so i won't moan about it. It just seems to be one thing after another... it's really sad when practically a whole class in their final year are feeling left so frustrated that if they hadn't worked so hard for the past 2.5 years, they'd quite happily walk... the course folk are just making it too hard.

Annnnnnnnnnnnyway - so i was just sooo tired yesterday... met up with Sheena at lunchtime for a chat about some stuff... she seemed a bit better, and we talked about some other stuff which i was finding awkward at work... was good to chat with her about it. Helped me catch the ground again...

Then had college again in the afetrnoon which was fine... was wrecked by the end of it though - had to lie down for an hour before i could do anything else.... did some work after that... paperwork = my new best friend not *hehe* so yeh that's pretty much what i've been doing all of today too, except from the Elevate meeting that i was at tonight... But i've done most of the stuff so the list is getting shorter which is nice... means that my weekend will be a bit more chilled... Think i'll do a few films on Friday or Saturday depending on when i get my Bible Class prep done *grins*

Anyway so that's that... am tired... need to sleep. G'nite.
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
am soooooo tired again. Am literally wrecked. Anyway - so yesterday was quite a stressful day.... sometimes i wonder why i answered the call to work with teenagers... but anyway... we had a good night at youth band to make up for it, so that was good.

The tension at work is beginning to get to me though - i wish that the Kirk Session would hurry up and share their proposition with the congregation, coz some of the young people are really becoming apathetic because they think that everythings gonna stop in a few months anyway and be built up again with a new student, so why bother? And to a degree i can completely see where they're coming from... it's the Kirk Sessions job to fix this, as its making my job harder and harder. I think i'm gonna have to talk to Iain about it this week... *hmmm*

Anyway so yeh. Had a good night at band though... and the girls all just about fell over with shock coz i said that Iain's sermon on Sunday night was 'Beastin' - apparently i'm not allowed to use that word *lol*... but it was nice 'n relaxed... we were missing a couple of members though.... but life goes on. Missed the piano last night actually... Ach well.

Saw dad briefly last night too which was nice... dunno if we'll meet up tonight... depends how much work we both have to do i guess....
Ach well....

*hums 'our God is an awesome God*
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Monday, February 06, 2006
the ups and downs of life...
it's been a busy couple of days...
Yesterday I spent a lot of time studying 'n doing some prep - then Kat 'n I went out for a drink before heading down to the cinema to see 'Chicken Little' - which is has to be said it a fabby film... has to be the funniest pixar film i've seen in a while *grins* and i think that Kirby the baby alien is just sooooooooooooooo cute *grins*

So yeh - that was that... today has been pretty busy... the youth band played in the morning service 'n a few folk came up afterward and commented that they enjoyed it 'n stuff so that was good... 'n then we had bible class - Wilma was leadin this morning, we had 20 kids this morning which was fabby... a new girl came along too... and then i came back 'n did some more reading and prep then back went back to set up for work 'n stuff...

had a 'run in' with a couple of parents today which left me quite narked... but i think i sorted it tonight... i talked further with one of the parents and explained certain issues to her... so i think that helped. Service was good tonight... especially the sermon... Iain is still doing ephesians... and he was talking about how if you're in Christ then you can be secure in that and all to do with working in harmony and coming together as Christians and being attracted to God as a people 'n stuff... like i said was very good.

Then we had Anathallo - was good. We were talking about what the Holy Spirit does tonight - Heather did well with the talk and the group time was pretty good too... I had a nice mix of a group (faith-wise) and we talked a lot and really got into stuff - so it was good... and God prodded me to put my foot down with some stuff afterwards with the leaders too... so it's good that those things are dealt, or in the process of being dealt with now...

so thats that. i'm now shattered... g'nite.
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Friday, February 03, 2006
i can't have slept very well last night... Am quite tired today... in fact just had a wee nap... fell asleep *blushes* I really need to do some studying...
I went on my first ever wee visit to Easterhouse this morning... had a meeting about an extra placement next term for college... Think it's all sorted and looks like I'm gonna get a pretty good experience with lots of different stuff... should be good.

Other than that I found out some pretty rough news about a friend today... Was really harsh actually... I just hate it when i see people so hurt and defeated.

So once i got trying to deal with that out of my system i did some cleaning so my room is nice and hoovered and clean again *grins*

Not got many plans for tonight except some reading... Lots of paperwork to sort out for college... being ill last week means that i got behind *doh*

ah well... i'd better go make myself do something before i fall asleep again...
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
well i'm shattered... and i've not really got much to say. but I just thought i'd say hi.

so hi.

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