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Friday, February 10, 2006
A new change...
Ok, so i was getting sick fed up of the question marks floating across the top of my old blog template... was a really cool template too, but I couldn't fix the missing pictures and I've spent the last few months looking for another groovy template which would be easy to install... didn't really find anything I like though - and more to the point most of them these days you need to have your own webspace to upload the all the bits to - and i'm not really all that literate with these things...

Anyway - I decided on this one as a change... You'll notice that i've added a couple of extra links --> So do have a browse...

F.A.R.E. is the community project in Easterhouse that i'll be doing part of my placement with in April-June... So i thought you may like to see some info on that...

Not much to say today i'm afraid... Woke up feeling like a bus had hit me... sore throat, a touch of gunk in my chest, sore head, little energy, so it looks like it'll be a 'minimum expense of energy' weekend again... may go to the cinema later... but that depends on a lot of stuff... (not least what is actually on)

Anyway - i should probably stop faffing about with this now... *hehe*
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