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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
(music - feelin' love, paula cole)

Very tired... had a busy busy day - but dad picked me up from work and we went food shopping and then i cooked him food which was cool...
sorry, can't be bothered typing anything else - just too tired

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Sunday, November 28, 2004
(music - moblie, avril lavinge)

Just in from church - was quite good tonight and the choir practice was pretty good. Now just about to settle down to some studying once i've managed to get some food. Had a great afternoon with Philip. We went to pizza hut and then did some Christmas shopping - which was fabby...
*content sigh*
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(music - all who are thirsty, Doing the stuff)

not long in from church this morning... Session with the young people on the occult was good.... I used scripture to back up everything i said and answer all of the questions that they had asked a few weeks ago. So it was quite good. The problems with leadership for the bible class continue however *headache*, although it's not directly my problem, it's sorta being made to be - ARGH!
Choir was practice was good again - i think we're getting there, slowly... I almost forgot again - i don't know what i would have done if heather hadn't reminded me... ARGH so busy!
This afternoon, i had planned to do some studying... but Philip's coming over to spend the afternoon with me and is apparently wanting to treat me to lunch (so cute!) So it should be a good afternoon before i have to head back to church tonight. But when i get home from work i'm going to HAVE to get some more work done... so much to do! *eeeeek*
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Saturday, November 27, 2004
(music - for the love of a princess, braveheart)

well not managed to get much studying done today to be honest as i went to the cinema this afternoon to see 'The incredibles' with some friends and then ended up watching the X-factor when i got back. But since then i've been working hard at getting my stuff together for Bible Class in the morning... I did study before i went out to the cinema though... Might turn back to the books before i head to bed, but feeling a bit tired to be honest.
anyway - 'twas a great film - def one to go see *wink*
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(music - i surrender, doing the stuff)
well the plan of getting up early didn't work... My alarm was set for 8am, but again i kept on putting it on snooze and then must have switched it off completely and gone back to sleep coz i didn't wake up until not long before 12noon. ARGH! Ah well... so i'm going to study again a bit now and then a few of us are going to the cinema to see 'The Forgotten' and then i'll be back to sort out my lesson for the Bible Class tomorrow. Then i'll head back to the books again depending one what time i get my stuff done for that. What fun...
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(music - main title, braveheart)

oooooooooops forgot to post today as i've been totally up to my eyes studying all day (still am - but back is hurting so taking a break)... Today's topic is the 'inclusive community' of the church to young people... or at least whether it is or not. But at the moment i'm just reading for it... got 10 books out of the library (max you can get) this morning and have been working on them since... On my second one but it's taking a while as it's based on the sacraments and so there's lots of stuff that i need to take notes on. Was also at BB tonight which was actually quite good... a couple of the guys were acting up but we managed to have a decent conversation where they really started talking about some deep stuff relating back to the basics of faith - *woot!*
oooh and we just had another delivery of M&S food - ehhehehe... so i managed to grab a couple of nice things - so that'll be my food for tomorrow! Tomorrow is gonna me more of the same from today i'm afraid... just me and my laptop (for music) a note pad, pen and a pile of books. Although i also have to sort a session on the occult for the Bible class on Sunday tomorrow afternoon, so i'm going to have to make sure that i split the day enough to have time to do both that and doing more study!!!! I think i'm gonna try and get myself up at a decent time tomorrow so i can work right through... i TRIED today... i promise i did... I had my alarm set for 8am, but i kept putting it on snooze - doh! But at least i was up by 10:30am!!! Haven't done THAT for a while!!!! (apart for classes and church - i'm not THAT bad!)
Right think i'm about ready to give up on this book and try again, refreshed, in the morning... eyes beginning to sting from being tired!!!
nite nite x
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Thursday, November 25, 2004
(music - none)

ok things have turned a bit sour in the last hour... bit annoyed with myself because i knocked my laptop off my desk when i got up for the break and the power cable socket is a bit squished and the plug itself is a bit squished... still seems to be working, but i'm still really annoyed at myself for it happening in the first place... my leg at caught the cable - argh! Also one of my yp just informed me that she didn't get an article in on time for the church mag - a tad annoying - but no point in dwelling on either i guess... head quite sore now - hopefully will be relaxed at work tonight though... it's gonna be yet another relaxing night i think.
dum de dum...
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(music - jesus loves me this i know (in my head))

whoo hoo!!!! very high just now despite having a sore head (took pills before i came into class) and being quite tired (ach it'll ware off soon)... Have had a good day today so far... was up early for class having got to sleep at a decentish time last night... can't have been asleep much after 1:30am - which is good for me at the moment... Had a lovely evening with dad... Pizza and then went to see a film 'After the Sunset' with Pierce Brosnen, which was very good... enough action and comedy to keep me happy... and dad was in hysterics at various parts of it... may be a candidate for buying on dvd when it comes out? anyway - after than i spent the rest of the evening until about 1am in the lounge with the guys mucking around online 'n stuff - was a good laugh... but anyway - this morning we were looking at the videos of us with our young people for our assessment for Y241. Was ok i guess, but because we were in groups it meant that i had 1 hour of nothing to do which was good to chill and break up the afternoon... Then had worship which was ok. Music was a bit retro in a way - quite weird to hear contemporary worship songs from like the 80's, but whatever... Then we had placement seminar which again was cool enough... didn't as great a grade as usual for my ref report this week, but it was ok. Ooooooooh and the MAIN reason for me being so high is that i got one of my essays back today - the essay i had to write from the summer camp in July and i got a B+ - soooooo happy!!! Was a bit bummed out after my D+ in the last essay i got back... But it's all good - so i'm pretty happy!!! All the hard work does sometimes pay off! Maybe i will get an A... some day...
Ah well... in class at the moment and we have another lecturer instead of Darrell... We've got David Millar, i think it's probably just because of the subject in hand... (base communities) maybe he'll be kinder that Darrell on giving us a better break... remains to be seen...

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
(music - complicated, Avril Lavigne)

Talking to an old friend from school on msn at the moment... 'tis very cool coz i literally haven't spoken to her for over 2 years! Anyway was up quite late today... *blushes* but got reading which i HAVE to do before dad comes for the evening, so i'm gonna have to get my skates on!
Grandma's op today, hope things are going ok....
Anyway... things to do.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
(music - keep walking, Veggie Tales)

Just finished dinner... went to the cinema to see Ladies in Lavender and it was quite good... not a normal film of my choice, but it was still quite good and it was good to get out of the college with Em and Suzi for a bit. Classes were ok today... not really got anything else to say... except VEGGIE TALES!!!! eheheheheheh
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(music - the water buffalo song, veggie tales)

argh so tired... OT was ok this morning... and i've just had lunch and am waiting for our next class to start... going to the cinema to see Ladies in Lavender tonight... i'm sure it'll be amusing!
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Monday, November 22, 2004
(music - Losing grip, Avril Lavigne)

Working away... still got to do my reading for tomorrow as i didn't get it done yesterday afternoon... ended up dozing most of the afternoon instead... Watched Home Alone 2 last night - such a funny film... i giggled the whole way though *tee hee* Anyway i'm just having my lunch at the moment and then i'm busy for the rest of the day *eeeek* but ah well...

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Sunday, November 21, 2004
(music - Amsterdam, Coldplay)

Just in from Catalyst... had a couple more young people with me tonight so we needed two cars... I thought it was great and each of the young people really seemed to enjoy it... of course the problem everytime is that they don't know all of the songs, but then IMHO that's because we don't do any modern stuff at Kenmure... but then what can you do?! *rolls eyes* anyway - i'm encouraged that they came and that they enjoyed it... here's to the next one in January!!!! *woot!* now off to get some food!

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(music - Tremble, Nicole Nordeman)

Just in from church. Had the older group this morning and it went ok... Looking at why and how we should read the bible - i think it went down well *grin*. Then we had choir practice for Christmas... I forgot *oops* and didn't have my music with me... at least i was there for the rehearsal though *rolls eyes* Think it will be good when we eventually get it sorted properly though.
Got the Evening service tonight and Catalyst after it... so it's gonna be a good night!
As for this afternoon - i'm just gonna chill and perhaps do some reading for class... Not gonna have much time for stuff on Monday, so need to do as much today as i can!
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Saturday, November 20, 2004
(music - knockturn alley, HP COS Soundtrack)

hmmmmpf... A bit annoyed right now. But i'm sure i'll get over it pretty quickly. The older youth have the ability to make my blood boil sometimes, but ah well.
Been busy pottering away today... been doing washing, stuff for church and keeping warm inside since it's sooooo cold outside today -brrrrrrrrrr i get cold just looking outside let alone GOING outside...
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Friday, November 19, 2004
(music - autumn leaves, Eva Cassidy)

feeling a bit more chilled now... Just chatting to a couple of friends before I start doing some prep for church... BB was good again tonight. They had their elders visiting which was amusing... but that's another story.
My friend Em has just booked her tickets for coming up to Kemnay to stay!!! *woot!* so you guys will all get to meet her at long last... and she'll get to be a part of a good ol' scottish hogmany! *big grin* it'll be a lot of fun i'm guessing - hehehehe...

anyway - should go do some work!
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(music - are we the waiting, Green Day)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Stress!!! Was late in getting up today because i couldn't sleep again last night and then I ended up almost missing the deadline for my ref reports (managed JUST) and now i have to prepare my bible study for the BB for tonight - although having said that, it shouldn't take me more than 30 mins to do that now that i have the outline from the BB Captain... (always helps.)
NOt much else to say... much to do!
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Thursday, November 18, 2004
(music - Catch-22, Pink)

Well it's been a long and in some ways stressful day.... Class was ok this morning and then we had Steve Chalke speaking to us this morning at worship - he was very good and inspiring so i likey... Then placement seminar was ok, although i was sitting in the eyeline of my tutor and ended up moving coz she check looking at me - was all taken in good fun tho *hehe* Then this afternoons class was ok i guess... got my essay plan back and he said it was ok *woot* so i'll be able to start looking at it this weekend so i can get it written sooner rather than later! Then i had work tonight which was really good as usual and dad picked me up and took me back to college in time for the reisdents devotions (not before helping me figure out a chord to a song...) so it's all cool... now have my advent calander *big grin * (thanks mum) not long till Christmas *wink*

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
(music - none coz i'm importing video into my laptop)

Well it's been a long and busy day - can't believe i almost forgot to post! *shock* Started off with me running around like a headless chicken and dashing off to see my tutor to give her some stuff and get some stuff from her... then being late for a prayer meeting with Sheena *blushes* But it was a good one when i got their so can't complain *big grin* then i headed out to B'briggs straight after that with Ruth to have lunch and my fortnightly line-manager meeting with Ian... Then caught the bus home via Tesco and spent far too much money... but oh well, i reckon i can last till Christmas now barr fresh stuff like milk and veggies.
Then when i got back to the college it was after 5pm, so i made myself some dinner and then settled down to do all of my reading for tomorrows classes - took me all evening, around 5 hours, but at least it's done... Also managed to book my train ticket for going home at Christmas time - *woot* which is cool... Anyway then i was checking the Biggar Impact DVD to make sure it was ok before I wiped the original off my hard drive coz it was taking up over 25GB!!!! EEEEEEK! now i'm importing a video of me and a couple of my young people which i need for class in the morning... what fun! *rolls eyes* Ah well at least it'll be done once i've sorted it.
Just looking at a note i currently have bluetaccked to my wall... it's from a readingi had to do the other week... I think think it's pretty good...
"Why are sermons on biblical joy so rare and outbursts of joyful worship often considered a sign of 'Pentecostalism'?" - David H.C.
It's very true you know... *goes away to think*
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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
(music - Christmas spirit, Johnny Cash)

Had a really good night at GB - had to do my presentation which went down well and some of the girls really took interest... especially in Catalyst and Evotions.. and you never know we may get new members at the mid-week groups! They were also doing crafts which was great fun - but i got a bit of a sore head so was suffering by the end of the night - bit better now mind...
Anyway - got lots to do in the morning so the quicker i get to sleep the better *wink*
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(music - none, in class)

Sitting in Class waiting for the lecturer to hand out all of the essays... Well i passed - although i only got a D+ which has slightly bummed me out coz i'm normally a C+ - B student... But apparently it wasn't our normal lecturer that marked them and i think everyone is a bit dissappointed with their marks - hard marker i suppose.... But i'm still gutted. The guy said i had lack of exegegetical commentaries in my bibliography... which i took a bit hard coz i used as many as i could psyichally find and then included them in my bibliography. Also whoever it was said i wasn't critical enough - which is true, but then all of the info that i could find agreed with eachother *confused*... ARGH. Ah well. Starting class now...
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Monday, November 15, 2004
(music - I adore, hillsongs)

Not long in from work... Was chatting to Hazel (warden) before i left so missed the bus i should have been on but was heading out there early anyway so it didn't matter much. Apparently I can't have Philip to stay here anymore (overnight) because of some law that has been passed which has resulted in the college saying that NO ONE under the age of 18 can stay - doh! But we're hoping to find some way round it - but i'm not sure what we'll do... Ah well.
Youth Band was good tonight - they're sooooooooooo fabby! One of the girls got all paranoid when she broke my keyring - i wasn't bothered mind... *chuckle*
ANyway - i'm really hungry coz i've not eaten much today, so must go get food!
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(music - grazed knees, snow patrol)

ARGH i'm not getting very far with the prep for this presentation at ALL!!!!! doh! ah well - off to work soon...
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(music - Losing Grip, Avril Lavgine)

Well i'm currently sitting trying to prepare a presentation on the Youth Sector in Bishopbriggs for the GB for tomorrow night... whoo hoo. Well last night at church was ok. Nothing spectacular - although i did take my guitar. Got lots of post this morning - hehehehe - shame though, not all of it was actually for me *wink*.
Anyway - not much to say and i really should get on with preparing this presentation. later...
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Sunday, November 14, 2004
(no music)

Forgot to say last night - classic quote from Anacondas which made me laugh...

'I'm so hungry i'd sell my gran for a tic tac' - made me chuckle

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(music - Do you have a little time, Dido)

Just back in from church and the Christmas choir rehearsal... (yes, i have finally given in and joined the Christmas choir after a lot of hinting from the organist.) Geo, the gem that he is gave me a lift (without me asking) coz Sheena went home to prepare for a birthday party that she has organised for her neice... Anyway - as you may guessed, it was the Rememberance Day service this morning. A couple of my mid-week group kids were carrying the flags and they looked sooooo proud *big grin* Not much else to report... i'm gonna chill this afternoon and probably do some reading for class - then of course head off to the church again this evening - i've had hints at them wanting me to tak emy guitar again tonight - dunno if i will.
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(music - Jesus loves me this i know)

Hmmmm... well i didn't get a WHOLE lot of study done today, but i did get some bits and pieces done. Just back from the cinema with the guys (Gordon and Simon). We went to see 'Anacondas' which was mingin' (the guys sat as laughed at me hiding in my jumper for the duration of it) and then we went to see 'The Grudge', which has to be one of the most twisted films i've seen in a long time. Was a very intense film and was quite clever, although not one i will be planning to buy on DVD or see again for that matter. And i'd just like to add comment that Anacondas was ONLY a 12A and The Grudge was ONLY a 15 - what exactly is happening to our film certificates?!??!?!?! It's ridiculas that someone that young can go and see something that terrifying!
Anyway - rant over... I didn't mind going to a late film coz i knew i didn't have to be at church early for prep. Having said that I STILL have to go so i'd better get some sleep! *wink*
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Saturday, November 13, 2004
(music - a rush of blood to the head, coldplay)

Had a good nights sleep again once i got to sleep last night - i love saturdays when no one can judge you for having a long lie *big cheesy grin*. Ah well, Last night at the BB was actually really good. Thanks to Suzi helping me with some inspiration (which i was running dry on while trying to prep the bible study for the BB last night) I managed to get something together and it went down well with the boys. Also They did the bars at the end of the night and i sat the whole time hiding behind my hands... The boys that COULD actually do stuff on the bars were very good and impressive, but that didn't make up for those who didn't have a lot of upper body strength and didn't have control... i tell you i was expecting SOMEBODY to end up with their blood all over the floor... Anyway the boys seems to be getting used to the presence of a girl on a Friday night and the group i worked with in the Bible Study is a good bunch of lads. I thought this would only be for the next four weeks, but it looks as though it's gonna be after Christmas too - doesn't really bother me all that much - i'm glad i'm getting the chance to work with the lads.

As for today - i've got a fair bit of work to get on with for college which i need to do. And i need to look some stuff for Tuesday night with the GB, but other than that i'll be able to chill - *woot*
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Friday, November 12, 2004
(music - people get ready, Eva Cassidy)

Not a very happy bunny this morning as there appears to be no hot water - argh! So i can't have a nice long shower - Argh! Anyway group last night with the kids was fantastic again!!!! They all did really well! And the sketches we did were quite good too! We used a few from Youthwork magazine this week and they were actually really good! Just need to find a time to use them *wink*

Came back to the flat and knocked on the warden's door as they were having a video night there while i was at work, but they didn't hear me... so i ended up back here at the computer mucking around before i headed to bed... Was too bad a nights sleep i guess, and was up around 10:30am this morning - but of course i couldn't get a shower *argh* - but i'll investigate that i think...

Now i have a few bits and pieces to do today - get reading from library so i can study and do reading for next week! Also have the BB tonight and i'm leading the Bible Study, which i'm sure will be fun *woot* but it's on Luke 2:1-20, and for those who aren't up on their chapters of the bible, that would be the Christmas story according to Luke - DOH! I'm sure it'll be amusing enough!

Anyway - like you can see i have pllllllleeeeeenty to be getting on with - bye
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Thursday, November 11, 2004
(music - nothing in this world, tim hughes)

ARGH i have the hiccups!!!
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(music - Summer Lovin', Grease)

Just adding some links to my site for your browsing should you be interested... although I would point out particularly the Evotions site... Can't remember if i've mentioned it on her before - but bascially it a Christian site for Young People and anyone is most welcome to join and take part in the discussions which go on... I know a few people have been trying to get on over the past few days, but it's been down - but we're hoping that it's now fixed - so please do go back and have a look!

cya there!
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(music - trouble, coldplay)


Yes, that WAS the sound of the college losing power this morning... and YES there were a few rather miffed students who had lost chunks of essays... and YES we did lose our server connection. Ah well - all good and well again now - but for how long? who knows... Ab seemed to think the whole block had gone out - but i'm not sure if it was or if it was just the college - took them about 15 mins to get the power back though... Most amusing.

also MSN is playing up - stupid mircosoft - ah well...

Got a list of things to achieve today before i head off at 5:20pm to get to a meeting with Geo followed by Inspired with the young folk. I'm sure it'll be good again tonight - plus i have to get them sorted for the Christmas service on the 19th of Decemeber - it's NOT that far away if you think about it - especially since you always end up with concerts etc getting in the way of rehearsals around Christmas!!! luckily though this year the sketch only needs 3 people so it won'y be as impossible to get them altogether to practice before hand!

oh yes - and i didn't sleep properly again last night - well i did once i eventually dropped off - the pills didn't seem to help - but i just ended up watching a DVD until i was sleepy... c'est la vie!
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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
(music - i love your presence, doing the stuff)

had a weird day - haven't done any 'studying' as such but have started my Christmas shopping and went to post some letters earlier... Talking to folk online at the moment - 'tis cool to be able to do this again!

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(music - still, Reuben Morgan)

Praise God!!!! I had the BEST sleep in a long while last night! was sleeping before midnight too which has to be a first since i was ill back in August! Woot!
Anyway - not much to say as i'm just doing boring study and also some prep today - hehehe.

Oh but my mum and dad bought me a silver chain while they were on holiday for my cross (which its own chain had broken a while ago) anyway - i put the cross on the chain yesterday and it's perfect!!! its great wearing it again!
Anyway - plenty to be getting on with...
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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
(music - everytime, britney spears)

went to the cinema with Em to see Finding Neverland this afternoon coz she hadn't seen it - still a good film 2nd time round... Then came back to the flat and cleaned my room - it's spotless!!!!! (be impressed!) then made us dinner and now i'm just chillin... nice for a change. Day off tomorrow - well at least off of work - i was meant to have a meeting but it was cancelled - so i'll be studying and doing prep for the BB on Friday night instead - what joy!

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(music - Gonna be a fine day, Rolf Harris)

Very tired just now - so glad i don't have a class this afternoon - thinking we're going to go to the cinema this afternoon and then study this evening before bed! Which will be good! Dunno what we're gonna go see though... Class has been good this morning - although he keeps moving the slides on before I've finished typing - ARGH! It's quite a good class though... just a shame it's in the morning, otherwise i'd still be in bed!

Not much else to say...
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(music - same, snow patrol)

had an ok day - spent most of it doing prep for youth band and then being at youth band. Was quite good think i may have been able to get my video footage for my assignment for college - WOOT! but will have to check that it's ok first. Then dad picked me up and took me food shopping - so i now have fresh food again - whoo hoo! Then we went and got something to eat which was cool... we were talkin about all sorts of stuff - all cool.

anyway - getting drowsy - have asked one of my friends to make sure i'm up at 8:30am tomorrow so I'll definitely be up in time for a shower before class... NOT going through the same as Thursday!
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Monday, November 08, 2004
(music - the wonderful cross, WOW worhip yellow)

Had a good sleep last night when i eventually got to sleep! Managed to hang the fone up on someone just after 9am this morning thought (who fone's a student at that time?!)... anyway i did it thinkin it was my alarm and was very confused when i realised it wasn't my alarm. But i just went back to sleep - got up and realised that it wasn't a text and so was even MORE confused... wasn't until i was in the shower that it dawned on me what could have happened... thing is i now know SOMEONE phoned me, but i don't recgonise the number - d'oh! what joy ! But they haven't foned back again yet - maybe they will.

Anyway - i'm off to have lunch and i've still got quite a bit of prep to do for this evening - so i should probably get on with it...
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Sunday, November 07, 2004
(music - Shadow, Britney Spears)

It's been a long day - and i did that whole switch off alarm and go back to sleep thing *blushes* missed my normal bus but caught the next one so was still at church with plenty of time to spare. The session with the girls this morning was ok - well Sheena thought it was great, but i'm not so sure. But the silver lining of my day had to be when i saw one of the young people who hasn't been seen at church for weeks and had gone a bit 'dark'. They were SO much brighter - i was so happy!
Also spent a lovely afternoon with Sheena and Geo as they invited me to go out with them for lunch which was fabby (although i was VERY tired) and then we picked up my guitar and headed back to B'briggs and i dozed in Sheena's while she was on the fone and Geo went to visit his sister... then we had to head off to church and i played along with Geo and Maragret on my guitar. Didn't like the sermon tonight - but that's a whole other story that i'm not going to go into on a public blog... *rolls eyes* - but anyway sheena gave me a lift home and now i'm just chilling before i head to bed...
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(music - Dread Rock, Paul Oakenfold (Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack))

whoo hoo i've finished my prep at last!!!! Also just sorted through all of my DVDs and put labels on them as i seem to be lending them out a lot these days... And i figured out that i have around 82 DVDs *blushes* which all bar 1 or 2 have been bought since i got my DVD player last Christmas *blushes again*. However 41 of thoses are actually the Friends DVD's which are in boxset form, but still it's rather sad really... Ah well - i can argue that i use them for my work (because i do)...

Anyway - i should head to bed - early bus in the morning...

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Saturday, November 06, 2004
(music - I'll be there for you, The Rembrants)

Sitting watching Friends series 10 at the moment... James borrowed the series for a couple of weeks and i just got them back this week so i've been watching them - woot!

Had a pretty relaxed day although I've been doing A LOT of prep for tomorrow for church - not quite finished yet... but getting there - quite tired, so i reckon i'll be in bed early - woot! Not much else to say...
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(music - Beautiful Day, U2)

Oh so tired, and i don't understand why coz i didn't get up until 2pm *embarassed*. But oh well i'm up now and have plenty to do today to tire me out, what fun! I'm looking forward to this coming week... Because it's mid-term on Thursday the whole week just looks like it's going to be a lot more relaxing because i don't have to do quite as much work and reading for classes - which is bliss! And i actually have some blank boxes my weekly workplan, which my tutur seems pleases with. Managed to have practically a full day off yesterday, which was good. Got to make up for it today though... but i guess that's just the way it goes.
Anyway - i'm off to get some food.

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(music - tomorrow, Avril Lavgine)

someone left a bunch of pink roses in my room just inside my door - i'm very confused!!! Don't know where they came from, but i can definitely say they weren't from a prospective BF before anyone gets excited... LOL. But they are beautiful... Anyway - got to go to bed!
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Friday, November 05, 2004
(music - 10 green bottles)

Well i slept in late today - which was nice coz i was quite late on sleeping again last night - and then i had a pretty chilled day - only work i had to do was a reflective report for college which didn't take long and then i headed out to the cinema on my own in an attempt to avoid loud bangs and bright flashing lights - so I saw 'Birth' which was good - but random... had a totally inappropriate and unecessary (and rather explicit) sex scene - but other than that it was good.... Also saw 'Finding Neverland' - it was a VERY good film i have to say... i really enjoyed it! One to see!!!

anyway - we just got a delivery of LOTS of free food from Mark's and Spencer - whoot!!! Granted it goes out of date tomorrow - but most of it can be put in the freezer!!! heheheh - fantastic!

i should go...
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Thursday, November 04, 2004
(music - Run, Snow Patrol)

Very good song there - bought their album for myself last night when i couldn't sleep - online shopping rocks - hehehe!
Anyway - i've managed to get through the day - but quite tired... Had a good time of prayer and just hanging out with Sheena before Inspired tonight - i get on really well with her - we always have plenty to speak about, but are quite at ease just sitting in silence - it's great. Then group tonight was quite good... We did some expression exercise which were quite good... and of course some Jesus and Peter sketches which always tickle me... Then George gave me a lift home and to tell you that he is smitten doesn't even come close to describing it... He and Sheena just seem so happy - it's so sweet... hope i have that with someone one day!
Anyway - looks like i'm gonna get an esay day tomorrow - Got an invite from the BB to go along to their games night tomorrow night, but depending on how i am i think i might just take the chance to go to the cinema and chill a bit - i haven't been to the cinema for what feels like AGES so it would be nice to use my UGC card... Hopefully it's gonna be an easy weekend - plenty to do, but i'll be able to do it at a steady pace for a change... Also the youth min students have a 'Study day' next Tuesday which means that we don't have to come into college for our youth min classes, unforunately I still have an OT class in the morning which i'll have to study for at the weekend, but still - it'll be nice to have an afternoon out of class to relax, and then next Wednesday to Friday is Mid-term so the college will be closed which is great i'll be able to relax a bit, although will probably try and get ahead on prep for classes so that it's not so hectic in the second half of the term - eeeeeek!
anyway - i'm tired...
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(music - La la la la lemon, BNL)

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! Didn't get much sleep last night :-(, and then to make that even worse i woke up at 9:11am and then panicked because i had to be in class for 9:15am! ARGH! Well needless to say i wasn't really late for class, but have been shattered since... Skipped worship to get a shower and freshen up myself and see if that would wake me up a bit, and i suppose it did a bit. Hopefully this means i WILL sleep tonight and that i'll be able to get to sleep at a decent time... well i suppose we can always live in hope *rolls eyes*. I think it's pretty serious when a visiting lecturer asks if you're ok coz you don't look very well - ACH well... I'm sure i've looked worse - LOL!
Anyway so i'm quite cranky in some ways today - and was a bit mean to Emily when she came into my room 20 mins ago... Granted she did knock, but then she didn't wait for me to answer the door or say 'come in' before she barged in so i feel sorta justified in my complaint at her doing so... To be honest i'd like nothing more that to just crawl into my bed right now... i'm sure that my next class is going to be extremely interesting with me trying to concentrate! Argh and straight after college i have to head right out to B'Briggs on the bus for a 'working dinner' with Sheena before i then head off to Inspired.. doh! So i'm going to be knackered by the time i get home.
Anyway - random moan over -
Blessings of the day have to be...
The books i order 4 weeks ago have FINALLY come from amazon - they're CORE texts for one of my classes... So i was sorta needing them - so that's good...
Another blessing has to be the strong sun that shon (sp?) into my room this morning, thus waking me up at 9:11am - had it not done so then i could very well still be asleep in my bed not knowing that I'd missed a whole morning of classes - lol.
Also i'm really feeling blessed by some of my young people at the moment - they're fabby!
Anyway - i should go and get all my stuff ready for later.
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(music - are we the waiting, Green Day)

I'm most confused by the title of that song - but oh well...

Anyway - the reason i came back on so soon to blog was that i wanted to share another moment of amusement... While Kat was talking to James on MSN we were sitting on Gordon's bedroom floor chatting and Gordon decided, the gentleman that he is, that he would clear his bed in so that we could sit on it... however his comment was rather amusing....


"there you go ladies, my bed is available" Gordon

04-11-04 12:45am

LOL was very amusing at the time!!!!! Maybe you have to be young to appreciate it - but we were creased!!! *wink*
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(music - everytime, Britney Spears)

Just got my laptop back after lending it to Kat so that she could talk to her BF James... (awwwwww) - it's been an ok day - been studying for most of it and also had a line-manager meeting which was short and sweet... the best kind!!! Managed to get my reading done by a decent time tonight so having been chilling since about 10pm which has been a nice change... Got a very busy day tomorrow though! College all day followed by a work meeting over dinner at Sheena's and then Inspired followed by the residents fellowship meeting... so it's never ending!

Not much else to say... but i had another moment with my young peeps today - they're soo sweet!!!! It's nice to feel needed!

Anyway - should really go...
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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
(music - Agnes Dei, third day (i think))

Well... had a nice long sleep - and got up this morning and i've done a pretty decent job of attempting to clean my room - i will do it properly at the weekend though. Just about to head down to the library to hand in some books and that i have yet MORE reading to do for tomorrows class and an essay outline - what joy! Also got a meeting with Iain at some point - and i know it's here at the college.. just don't know when *puzzled*.
Anyway - i should go and get on with this stuff...
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(music - it's my life, Bon Jovi)

maaaaaaaaaan that was a long haul (although enjoyable)... been trying to do the majority of my reading for Darrell's class for thursday (seeing as he gave us sooooo much to do this week!) and it took be like 2 hours to read one chapter from Pinnock! Was good though. Was all about the charasmatic view on the meaning and mission of the church - i actually thought iwas a very good - was even quoting it to my dad while he was talking to me on ichat earlier - lol. More reading to do tomorrow though as well as an essay outline and of course I have to go to my fortnightly meeting with my line manger - whoo hoo.

Had a good *moment* with one of my young people tonight. She like me has an online journel and i had read when i got out of class that she had had a bad day. One of those days when she was questioning if anyone would miss her had she not been there and my heart totally went out to her - so i left a comment on her board and then texted her to let her know i was thinkin about her. Later on in the evening she came online and i offered to talk if she wanted to and granted she said that it wasn't really anything to talk about, but then we did talk about some stuff, and she inspired me with some of the stuff she said and i told her that she was an inspiration and now she's mentioned me on her forum and it turns out that she was really touched by my taking an active interest in her hurt. I think it was one of those moments where we both had a tear in our eyes - but it was really encouraging at the same time. *big grin*

Anyway - i suppose i should wind down now... nite folks x

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
(music - bring me back to life, Evanesence)

wow... what a day. Class was good this morning, although the last 40 mins or so was a bit dry... and this afternoon's class was ok, but pretty much stuff i did at Aberdeen. This particular module is all about personal development, so not all THAT new to my ears tbh.
Was raging this morning and it was due to some stuff going on in a new Youth Forum that i help to Moderate online called Evotions. It's been set up for the young people around here that we minister to. One of the guys set it up. You can find it at if you wanna have a look, or even register and take part in discussion if you like.

hmmm for some reason I can't make that ad for Evotions a link - soooooo annoying!

Anyway - got lots of reading to do and i've just been told by my sister that i have to tidy my room (just as well I don't have a webcam!!!!) and i've got like 20 peeps trying to talk to me at once! eeeeeek!
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Monday, November 01, 2004
(music - Come, Yvonne Lyon)

I'm sorry but i just HAD to come back on and share this - it's from an email my friend Jen sent me - she's in Peru on her year abroad for her Spanish course - and this is just typical her - she'll hate me for posting it (if she ever finds out) but oh well,... I"ll take the chance - ehehhehehe...

The second one a combined effort: (subject of conversation = pasta)

Jess: "A mí me gusta 'Penne'" (I like Penne)

David: "¿Qué??????" (What????)

Me: "Penne - los chiquitos" (Penne - the little ones!)

David: "¿Qué?????????????????????????????"

At this point a tiny vague memory dawned at the back of my brain... "Pene" in Spanish = penis!!!

(This conversation was at the dinner table with the entire family present)

i thought this was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!
hope you laughed too!
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(music - Holler, Spice Girls)

Heheheh - i have such great taste in much (see above)... LOL... anyway - just in from work and absolutely shattered!! I could honestly sleep right now but i have a MOUNTAIN to get through before tomorrow - this is what happens when they set you essay and huge amount of reading in prep for classes!!! Do they think we youth min student have a 9 day week or something?!?!?!? *rant over*

Anyway - the elders visited the Youth band tonight - which was ok... We were pretty pants when they left though - i think we were all concentrating so much while they were there that once they left we just lost it!!! Plus i managed to clobber 2 of the kids during the evening with a mic!!! Was most amusing... Plus one of them had brought their electric guitar along and kept on making weird noises with it... was amusing - but don't tell him that!

Anyway - must work *sigh*
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(music - Life for Rent, Dido)

WHOO HOO!!!! I just handed my first essay in of the term!!!! I don't think it was great, but i'm just glad that i've handed it in!!! Also spent the last hour doing all my photocopying for this coming week - sooooo much reading to do! I think the lecturers think we sit around doing nothing all the time! So i've got a mountain to read when i get home from work tonight which i'll be heading off to in around 2 hours... which means i might actually get some work done before i go, but i think i might try to tidy up in here instead and of course eat!

What fun.... - ARGH!
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(music - comsuming fire, Tim Hughes)

Fantastic song!!!! Has to be one of my faves that i've learned at Catalyst... I'm up and awake before 11am!!! Be impressed!!! Had set alarm so that i would be up in time to put my 3 day loan books back to the library before 10:30am, but fell asleep again and almost slept through - but i made it - just! So all good... just checking mails etc and then i've got to work on my essay, clean my room and do my reading for tomorrow - eeeeeek! ARGH - soooo much to do!
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