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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
(All i ask of you - PoTO)

man... in some ways i love my kids, but right now at this very second they's driving me barmy... aaaanyway - machine wrecked my jeans - blue jeans now black... nay happy coz they were new, but ah well, Cat is maybe gonna add her artistic flare to them at the fast if they're not sorted... Which would be quite kl...

but yeah - whatever... maybe go to the cinema tonight - we'll see...
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(come, Yvonne Lyon)

ah yeah... sorry i haven't posted in like sooooooo many days but yeah, i've been busy and ill 'n stuff.... hmm but anyway - Good Friday service went well, Saturday i was ill and managed to do like nothing... Sunday the morning service went really well and then i spent the afternoon doing stuff for the evening which again went really well... God knows.
uh. yesterday mmm I dunno - i studied most of it and then had youth band at night which rocked. hmm yeah. So today I had lunch with Sheena which also rocked... *grin* and then i came back and wrote my essay... and I've finished *yay* dunno if it'll get a high grade, but i just want it to pass tbh... i'll look at it again in the morning before I print it etc... but I'm gonna get books out for the next one in the morning... The history of the BB, what fun.... but yeah, that's the last one for this term *yay* so when i come back I'll be able to concentrate on all the church work i have to do *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek*

anyway - need sleep...
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Friday, March 25, 2005
(my heart will go on *hehe*)

man.... so busy! enjoyed my time with Sheena yesterday tho. She had me helping with stuff for the favours for the wedding. but yeah was an interesting night at group. the yp are doing really well with all the stuff they've been preparing 'n stuff *grin*

hmm. Spent today doing various bits and pieces... was spent most of the afternoon doing my video thing for the mini youth service thing we're doing on Sunday night. I think it's ok, but no one here at the moment to give me a second opinion. Might ask Sheena tonight when i'm at work.

But yeah - so tonight the yp are doing 'In Christ alone' and they're at the very start of the service... eeeeek.... should be good tho. and Margaret has been such a huge help *grin*

anyway - although i really can't be bothered and really just wanna sleep i suppose i should go do some studying for my next essay. Blah.
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Thursday, March 24, 2005
busy busy busy
(la nuit, the chorus)

man... have been soooo busy... managed to grab 5 mins to quickly write something down... I've at least managed to do one of my essays... just handed it in 10 mins ago... and have managed to get the books out for my next one, so i'm getting there slowly... Got good news on Monday - my 3 girls from Kenmure have been accepted to go on mission with me to Cumnock in the summer... it's all very exciting *grin* but yeah so i had to make up forms 'n stuff for them, so i've made up the packs for them and their parents.... man i've jsut got so much to do!!!!!!! I'm just about to head out with Sheena... she asked me to help her with some stuff, and i reckoned that seeing as i've managed to get a lot done yesterday and this morning, that i deserved the 'break' before work tonight... so off i go *grin*

but anyway... must go.
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Monday, March 21, 2005
so much to do and so little time...
(les avions en papier, Les Choristes)

dum de dum... well yesterday was an extremely busy day. elevate in the morning and then again at night. Was good. Had a laugh with my yp too all walking down the road to the bus stop *hehe*. But yeah, was a good day although i was whacked by the time I got home. But anyway plenty to get on with today so must go....
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Saturday, March 19, 2005
soooo tired.
(incomplete, switchfoot)

soooooo tired... had a good day tho... headed through to edinburgh early to meet up with mum dad 'n philip so he could go to his badminton comp... was sooo cool - reminded me of the good ol' days *wink*, but then we went up arthur's seat, headed to mcarthur glen (shopping) and then went and visited Cath which was kl. Then came through to Glasgow and went for food and went to see 'the chorus' - i thoguht it was good.. amazing soundtrack. don't think philip was amused tho *hehe* but anyway - home now and ready to sleep before yet another early start tomorrow... *doh* should be a good day though... Elevate morning AND night *grin*
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Friday, March 18, 2005
exhausted already...
(your love oh Lord, Third Day)

well last night had the potential to be a really bad and depressing night... first person i saw was Lauren and she was in tears. Her dog went missing about 6 weeks ago and Lauren has worked hard to find her since and has always been hopeful... but last night her parents got a phonecall from someone who had found Lucky's body in the canal. She was so upset, and to a degree everyone else was too... but we did our practice coz we have stuff to do next friday for the service and then we prayed about it all at the end... so all in all it still managed to be a good night. An example of everyone working to support one another etc... oh yes and the amusing part of the evening was when i was dancing on the carpet with everyone else on the chansel, and i slipped *blushes* off the step and man my foot hurt last night.. but the thing is that i have a bruise just below my knee today (and it takes A LOT for me to bruise) but oh well... lol...

Anyway - was up early today... partly because i had set my alarm for 9am (but then i usually put it on snooze for like 2 hours if i can get away with it *hehe*) but Gordon texted me coz he wanted a chat, so i was talking to him at 9:30am *shock* turns out he got offered the Job in Uphall and was deciding whether he should take it or not ... he did *grin* but anyway so i was talking to him about that for a bit and then I spent the rest of the morning doing wok for church. Had to make up a consent form and letter about the fast. Then spoke to Emily for a bit and then got a text from Bonnie asking me to print out and hand in an essay for her coz she's in England *duh* well anyway - that turned out to be really stressful coz the my printer decided to become temprimental and 'run out of ink' and then when i tried to open it on the pc's downstairs from my hotmail it wouldn't let me. But i used my pen drive and copied it from my mac so it worked... stupid pc's. BUt yeah, because the printer was being stupid i then had to finish off my form/letter and go back downstairs to print it too *rolls eyes* but anyway - now i'm just shattered. Too much stress. Decided to chill for a bit before i head off to work and photo copy all the forms. Then i'll have to make a wee presentation to the BB tonight about the Fast, the easter service in 2 weeks and elevate on Sunday *thinks*, oh yeah, and i'm meant to think of a icebreaker for Sunday *doh* ach well...

oooooh but i got my Pixar boxset today *grin* happy happy happy... it's got:
The Incredibles
Finding Nemo
a bug's life
Monsters Inc


but anyway yeah... i'm off to chill and watch a dvd before i have to head off back to work...
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Thursday, March 17, 2005
People suck.
i give up. Tomorrow i'm going to lock myself in my room and doing work prep, clean my room, and then go to work at night... then Saturday i'm going to go to Edinburgh (yet another day free of people) and then i'm going to be working all day sunday, so that'll be another free day, and then i'll work all monday again.

maybe by the end of all that i'll be sane again, and not half as angry as i currently am.

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Exhausted... and now covered in ink...
(music - rush of blood to the head, coldplay)

right... ok... whose idea was it it be all environmentally friendly and get ink cartridge refill kits instead of new cartridges?!??! ARGH...

ah well.

my hands are covered... and it looks like they're gonna be covered for a while... stupid printer *sulk*
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005
(Bridge over troubled water)

Tired... in fact tired doesn't even come close and i wanna try and check over my essay and tweek it a bit before handing it in tomorrow afternoon...
The meeting this afternoon was good. He was actually quite helpful in helping me see how i can learn from last night *grr* so yeah it was good... As for tonight there again was only like 5 people there, but i thought it was really good... we just spent 2 hours talking about or groups etc and talking about prayer points 'n stuff. was good. and then Tim gave me a lift home in the car again and we had a good chat. God is good.

Anyway - not got class int he morning coz Steve gave us the time to work on our essay, but i think we still have to register *thinks* hmm... anyway, i'm gonna muck around with this essay i think, maybe, and then head to bed.... sooooooooo tired!

nite x
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Rant 2...
(music - everytime, Britney Spears)

Right ok... So had that meeting last night. There ended up only being 4 people there. No one turned up from Woodhill for some reason, most unusual. But oh well. But yeah, was an ok meeting i guess, although i think some people are already losing the vision and the POINT of the whole thing *argh*, and i felt myself falling into the 'not listened to young person' (i was the youngest person there by far, but in some ways a certain person kept on talking as if my points were void *grrr*). And this annoys me HUGELY because the whole POINT of this thing is that we are Advocates for our young people, so if you're going to sit there and put your OWN view forward instead of your Young people's view, then i'm sorry but...






ARGH! I'm SICK of people thinking that they know all about young work and their young people where the reality is that they don't even ASK their young people and 9 times out of 10 don't spend enough time with their young people to find out! *grrr*

But yeah... the bit that i actually got annoyed at was when, well basically, I said that i felt it was important that we didn't lose the focus on the type of event elevate is meant to be. By this point there had been mention of getting each youth group to give a list of 'songs they knew', which in my opinion is all very well, but with that you run the risk of singing hymns from 200 years ago coz that's all they know where the VISION of Elevate is to worship using up-2-date material. But anyway, i made my point that although my young people don't actually know a lot of the songs they really enjoy going along to Elevate because they love getting to know the new more modern songs and getting a chance to sing them as part of church. Now, as THIS point another person at the meeting decided to challenge me and, basically made the accusation that I knew the songs and therefore enjoyed it while my kids who didn't know the songs hated it, and i was sorta stunned, coz i was like thinking, what on earth did i just say to give her that impression. But then i tried to make her see but she wouldn't listen... so yeah, i was beginning to feel as though i was being trampled on by this point for being considerably closer to the age of the kids than she was but whatever...

Then she started picking up on Tim using the phrase 'culturally relevant' grrrrrrrrrr... which was when the crap really started.
Firstly we started discussing the fact that most kids are bored stiff in churches today. At this point She screwed up her face (sorry lady, but REALITY CHECK) as she wasn't agreeing... man does she have the wool pulled over her eyes.. i mean come ON... i mean Tim's church is the most up beat church and releveant church for yp in Bishopbriggs and even there kids struggle... she comes from a... well... yeah.

Then when we got to 'worship' she asked Tim to get the guy who does the worship to think about songs which are more 'inclusive'. By this point i was totally confused... and THIS is why... when Tim asked her what she meant (he was also olooking thoroughly confused) she replied that an example would be that we're not all 'sons of God'...


Come ONNNNNNN! At this point i just wanted to totally ask her what on earth she was on! DUH. I'm sorry, but in my opinion, if you're singing and song and you're more worried about that fact that it's not as feminine as you'd like it then guess what??





Man... i was just sooooooo mad inside by the end of it. but hey.

but yeah whatever... turns out this ladies church is getting a student next year and they want me and Iain to go and talk to them... blurgh. Oh don't i just look forward to that day with great joy! *duh*

Anyway - got to go out for a coffee with Hazel, then i'll be off to meeting with Iain, and then back for a couple of hours before I head back the BCC for meeting tonight.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
get ready for a rant...
(music - tears in heaven, eric clapton)

right ok.... i'm reaaaaaaaally annoyed right now. so get ready for a BIG rant. First of all, i'm sick of the lack of communication with people down here. No one tells me anything at church and that is really beginning to bug me.
secondly... what IS it with people and skiving off classes and then expecting me to give them the lowdown on what happened in the class so that they effectively don't miss out?!?!??! I'M NOT YOUR NOTE MAKER!!! IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE! Grr...
Also, what is it with people who are always 'me, me, me'... it's like if you're tired, then they're even MORE tired. If you're struggling with something, then they're finding it 10 times harder. I'm SICK of people making out my problems to be less than theirs therefore making them irrelevant... well guess what they ARE relevant, and they DO exist. Just because i don't flaunt them around in public and moan to people at ever opportunity does NOT mean that they don't exist, and sure as anything doens't mean that you can belittle them if i ever do mention them!
i'm just sick of it.

/end rant...

anyway - other than that... today has been ok. Boring class this afternoon, but i survived. Heading off to a meeting for Elevate in a minute... so that should be good!!! *grin*
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Monday, March 14, 2005
(music - don't stop dancin, creed)

sooooo tired... went shopping today and then went to work. Not much else to say.


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Sunday, March 13, 2005
height of laziness...
(music - hey ya, outkast)

i've done like nooooooothing all day, apart from work of course!!! Should have studied but just couldn't be bothered and still can't. ah well not been an eventful day. except i think Scotland show have been awarded that try... duh.
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Got news about 20 mins ago that a great friend of mine, Bev has passed away. I was friendly with her and her daughter when i was working with NESYFC a few years back.
please pray for her family and their loss.
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PC's suck...
and that's all i'm gonna say.
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Saturday, March 12, 2005
The day of nothingness...
(music - mad tune from the link below)

right ok... am bored. we sorta. Spent an hour or so in the library looking for books and photocopying in the library this morning, then spoke to mum, read a couple of chapters of my book, started my over 15's prep and then spoke to her again over the webcam and she showed me her groovy card that she made using a thing i gave her for her christmas. Then finished my prep for tommorrow and read some more before going and watching some tv for a bit. Am just too tired to actually concentrate on reading for this essay today so haven't really done anything other than get the books. Maybe i'll be able to concentrate more on Monday if i give myself some time out today. But yeah, found this mad link on the impact forum and i thought it was quite funny...

Mad video link *hehe*

oh yeah and you need sound *grin*


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(music - Do you have a little time, Dido)

argh tired... about to go downstairs and hand in books and get out new ones for my next essay... Think i'm gonna start the boring one today for Y342. Hmmm... We'll see. Anyway - got to go get changed... later.
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Friday, March 11, 2005
*yay*..... *argh*
(music - when tears fall, Tim Hughes)

it's been an ok day... spent the morning doing work on my reflective report and eventually got it handed in - last one for the term *yay* then had lunch *sausages, yum* and started finishing off my Y201 essay. Was happy with it and ready to print off my final copy (which i did but the printer ran out of ink so i'll have to re-do it again anyway *rolls eyes* but this was the monent Kat chose to tell me that we may have to re-do it coz Steve told us that we could do up to 1500 words coz what he'd asked us to do doesn't fit into 1200 words. But the problem is that if an external examinar reads our words he'll stopp reading at 1200 and then fail us. *ARGH* so i dunno what'll happen. I might have to totally re-do it - again! *grrrrrrr*
But anyway - stopped doing work around 7pm and have been watchign TV on and off and reading since... Was gonna go see the chorus at the cinema but couldn't be bothered going on my own. The guys are going to see hostage at 11pm but that's too late for me. I'm tired enough as it is. Anyway - i'm off back to my book *grin*
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Thursday, March 10, 2005
boing boing... splat!
(music - back to titanic soundtrack)

well yet another busy busy day... was at college all day... morning class was good, and James lead a wee worship session half way through which was great. Had sausages and mash for lunch *yum* and then afternoon class was actually ok for a change *shock* we had to use all that we had learned and make an application for funding and then we had to get interviewed, was quite groovy. Placement seminar was ok i guess. We were talking about citizenship *joy* but yeah, i had to bomb to work after that, so whatever... work was good though. Ended up going to Sheena's for my meeting with Geo (long irrelevant story) which meant i had the added bonus of seeing Sheena which was kl. She was shopping today and she got her outfit... she was gonna show it to me but Geo was there, but i'm sure i'll see it another time. *grin*
But work was good tonight... was great to see the two older ladies that have been helping out getting more involved tonight and getting stuck in. They even danced which was good fun *grin* So yeah, was good.
Got back now though to find a prayer request on the impact forum... my tummy sank when i saw it entitled 'Vicky and surgy' - apparently Bev (Vicky's mum who's been sick with cancer for a couple of years now) has taken a major down turn. Sucks really. So will be praying for them. Apparently Vicky is also expecting their second child which is exciting, but i guess it's gonna add her extra stress too 'n stuff. *sad*

anyway - i should head off and do my reflection, or go to bed.
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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
(music - one, creed)

tired... very tired... it's been a busy day. Spent the morning doing work 'n stuff and of course trying to finish this stupid essay!!!!! Have now finished a (rather lax) first draft. So will finish it properly on Friday morning, although it may have to wait until Friday afternoon seeing as I still have to come up with and write a reflection report *argh*. But yeah, was meant to go out for a coffee, my treat, with Hazel today, but she was mega stressed about her exams, so we're gonna do it next week instead, which is good, but had made next wednesday mega busy!!! *doh* but its' all good. Tonight though me and dad chilled, had dinner and went to see 'Are we there yet?' at the cinema. Was good, but there was a big break between dinner and the showing so we went to Waterstones and dad bought this funny book *sorry mum* man he was embarassing in the cinema while we were waiting to get in... *blushes*
but yeah anyway - i'm shattered. thankfully don't have to be up early for class.... *yus* but still sooooo needing sleep!! night *grin*
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Originally uploaded by TLT.
hehehe... well this is what the conversations were all about... or at least where they started!!! This photo was taken on Gourock mission in 2003 while i was on CORE. That would be Leigh sporting a pair of Kirsten's pants on her head... there was no pants-on-head wearing this weekend, but it still seemed to be a topic of conversation, especially seeing as Kirsten had black pants on at one point with light coloured PJ's... enough said. There you go nettie, just for you! *wink*
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Tuesday, March 08, 2005
(music - the music of the night, Phantom of the Opera)

Hehehe... was at GB tonight and it was such a laugh!!!! *grin* didn't really do anything much tbh except hang around with the girls and talk to the leaders about getting involved with the fast which some of them are up for which is even better, so i'm loving it!!! gonna have a snack and then potter about before i head to bed i think... *grin*
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(music - consuming fire, tim hughes)

ooooooops - sorry i forgot to post yesterday... was a busy day!!! Slept in a bit in the morning to allow myself to recover from the weekend, and then spent the rest of the morning and afternoon doing prep for church and working on my essay.
Then headed to work at night which was good. Good to see all of the young people again *grin*
Then dad picked me up from work and took me to tesco's which was good of him.
ooooooooooh and Heather has now picked a charity that we're going to support for our sponsered fast, and it's gonna be CPA (Christian Partners in Africa). SO it's all good *grin*
here's the url if you want a look...

Christian Partners in Africa

anyway - been in class this morning. No more tuesday classes as far as i'm aware *grin* but will be off to afternoon class with Steve soon. Going to the GB tonight, so i'm sure that'll be amusing - have to try and acutally remember all my posters etc that i wanted to do stuff with yesterday... *duh*
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Sunday, March 06, 2005
(music - trouble, coldplay)

Well... this is me back *hoorah!!!* Did ya miss me????????

Anyway, got back from the MLTP weekend in Dumfries this afternoon. Was a great weekend, but as ever was hard work!!!!

well yeah, was picked up about 4:30pm, but Kirsten was late and hadn't made it to my flat so we had to find our way to her flat in Partick (mosst amusing *lol*) But yeah we arrived in Dumfries by about, och i dunno 7:30pm ish.... and spent the evening doing prep and clearing stuff out of the way (need lots of muscles for that!!! *wink*) EVENTUALLY got to bed about 1:30am after some supper, although lights didn't get turned off until about 2am due to many conversations about pants (see Kirsten and Leigh about that!!!), and to be perfectly honest none of the girls (there were 5 of us in the one room) slept, except from Amy. I dozed from about 5-6am, but that was it *lol* none of us knew we were awake though coz we weren't speaking or anything, just quiet - LOL.

Yeah, so was up very early on having had like no sleep... headed to the hall in time for bible study at 9am followed by further bits of prep before the kids club started at 10:30am. We had about 22 kids which is ideal for a training weekend... not too much that it's stressful for the leaders, and not too little that you can't do anything with them. So yeah, was great. that was on until 12:30pm and we cleaned up, had lunch and spent until about 4pm prepping for the evening event which was an old-fashioned games night. Anyway, had an hour's free-time and we all went back to the flat and collapsed with a cup of tea *hehe* and then changed into our costumes for the evening so that we could head back to the hall for dinner at 5pm. Had some more prep time and then the event started at 7pm. Was fab... was great to see older and younger folk mixing so well. that finished at about 9pm and we spent until 10pm putting everything back as it had been on Friday when we arrived seeing as we wouldn't be using the hall again. Had devotions and then got back to the flat at about 11:30 had supper and chilled before bed again along with MORE convo's about pants... i'm telling ya, they're obsessed!!!!! *shock*

well... was up again quite early, although managed to get a 'decent' amount of sleep this time *grin* so we headed off to church by 10am and practised our songs and then me and some of the other teamers went to the doors to welcome people in and give them hymn books. Service itself was great... only one complaint, the organist, who didn't know 'The Lord's my sheppard (new version)' played it tooooo slow... and i almost got the giggles (we were leading the congregation from the front). But it was a good service and once it had finished we all headed to the door to shake folks hands as they left. So yeah, all good *grin* eventually had lunch and headed back to the flat to clean in before heading back here...

but once i got back i was surprisingly non-tired so i went to the cinema and saw Hitch (which is actually quite funny) and Hotel Rwanda, which was just shocking... Just really makes you think of what the human race is capable of. :(

But anyway - God was amazing this weekend, he answered our every prayer. We spent the weekend using the story of the Jesus feeding the 5000 (john 6:1-15) and its amazing how you THINK You know a passage and the meaning behind it, but you really don't. God has spoken to me in so many different ways this weekend, through my bible study, through other teamers, through the young people and kids i worked with and he never ceases to amaze me with his works... One of the guys said something to me which i really liked... and he basically said that Mission is GOD'S work, that we are priviledged to be apart of... think about that. God calls us to be faithful. We need to stop putting our limits in the way of what he can do IN us and THROUGH us.

anyway - enough of me babbling... was a good weekend though.
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Friday, March 04, 2005
(music - One desire, Hillsongs)

decided since i couldnt' be bothered doing my essay to give my blog a bit of a refresh... no more purple... not for the time-being anyway... hope you like *grin* Took a bit of work to get all of my link back in and stuff like that, but i'm happy with the result...

enjoy... this is me signing off for the weekend! have a good one

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(music - every season, Nicole Nordeman)

well... gave myself a nice long lie this morning seeing as i'll probably get like no sleep at the weekend... have spent the rest of the morning packing, so i think i'm ready now... more or less anyway. Have even managed to get round to straightening my hair which i haven't done in a while... so it's all good... Apparently the flat is that 'meeting' place for us all meeting to go down in Peter's car, which is fair enough... Amy told me she was planning on arriving after 4pm sometime, no idea about Kirsten, so yeah, we'll be on our way down to Dumfries by 4:30pm (hopefully). Was sorta hoping i'd get to take my guitar, but i guess that depends on who many bags etc we've all taken... but i doubt i'll get to. it's only a weekend though *grin*. At least i'll have my laptop with all my music on it too... decided not to take the video camera, but just settle on my still camera seeing as it takes up less room, so i've managed to fit everything into the one wee bag i got for my birthday last year, which ain't bad going for a girl!!! *hehe* but yeah, just pottering about now... was gonna do some more of my essay, but have decided that i'd rather wait until i have to really sit down and do it properly.
My prayer request for today is for all those who knew David. Pray that they can remember him with happy memories today and won't be too disheartened.
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Thursday, March 03, 2005
(music - this is my desire, hillsongs)

uuuuuurgh feeling ill *sniff* but hopefully will be ok after a good night's sleep... weekend off work as of tonight... BUT i'm helping at a mission in Dumfries for a friend... plus i really need to work on my essay tomorrow seeing as i've not looked at it since like monday... but yeah all is good. Class this morning was good, this afternoon was pants, but liveable, and then work tonight was great... we're working on stuff for easter at the moment - so all good... then dad took me to get bottled water, and then i crashed here and dragged myself through for prayers with the other folk in the flat... nice.
anyway nite!!
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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
(music - the wonderful cross, wow - yellow)

wow what a busy busy day... got up and had a shower only it took like 10 mins for the water to heat up... apparently our boilers went off again last night *duh*, then did prep work before heading off with Ruth at 1pm to have my meeting with Iain, then he dropped me off at safeway in Bishy and i got some bits and pieces, then got the bus into the centre and got some more bits and pieces and then walked back to college and did some more bits and pieces (you noticing a trend??? *hehe*) then talked to some folk online before heading out with dad for dinner. He bought me this cool storage drawer thing which i'll be able to put all of my card making stuff into *yay* - anyway then we went to Pronto's for dinner and i had nice yummy food *grin* and then went to the cinema to see "Coach Carter" which i TOTALLY recommend you all go see!
now i'm here and reeeeeeeeeeally need to go to bed coz we're not getting a lie in tomorrow as usual, but an extra hours lunch beforehand instead...

anyway -nite
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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
(music - blessed be the name of the Lord, doing the stuff)

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite... this mornings class was chronically boring, but fellowship group was ok, in fact it was quite good... Ken was sharing some stuff, and it was really encouraging. Then at lunchtime Neil (course leader) gave me some good news *grin* i had in fact got a C for my other essay not a D - she had given me 50% but marked it wrong... still not a great mark, but i'm much happier with that. Although it's still being sent to an external examiners to get assessed again, so fair enough, whatever, i'm over it.
This afternoon's class was good. Had a visitor from Phoenix house in Glasgow. She was talking about Heroin addicts 'n stuff... i found it totally interesting, and then Steve finished off the class with a discussion about last weeks lesson where we had the LGBT folk along (lesbian gay bi-sexual transgender) and i KNOW that it got some people backs up. I don't know why people are so homo-phobic... you know it actually annoys me. God calls us to serve everyone, not just those we WANT to serve *rolls eyes*.
BUt yeah, then made dinner and chilled out before heading to the cinema with Josh and Simon to see 'Hide and Seek' which actually turned out to be ok... i was happy enough. Creepy film though - and i totally didn't see the twist coming! So yeah, i'm just in from that, so i'm about to do some work i think and then i'll head off to bed... that way i can try and get up early in the morning to do some more work *grin*
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