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Wednesday, October 28, 2009
oh my word... I actually laughed so much at this...


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the Mum song...
this amused me rather a lot =)

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it's been a while...
It's beennn aaaaaaaaaaages since i've updated. sorry about that. perhaps i'll get time over the next week... but in the meantime:

* i get to go 'n visit iain 'n ruth on friday (ex minister 'n his wife) which will be wonderful coz i miss them loads.
* their son Andy's wife is pregnant *yay*
* we have a fundraiser quiz night on saturday - please pray for it.
* Daniel (my cousin) is coming to speak at a youth-led service on sunday - again please prayer for this - although i know it will be gd.
* MLTP is over but i have my assessors review on saturday - again prayers pls.
* life is a bit stressy. coz aye its busy.
* the nomination committee is now elected at the church so please pray for them.

'n yeh basically there's a lot going on. i'll hopefully update more in the coming weeks. As time allows of course. but please be praying. tah.



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