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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
a lot of firsts...
Abbie has had a good few days... on Monday she was officially allowed out into the big bad world without having to be in her mummy's arms... so she's had her first walks... Yesterday she even went for her first walk in the park *grins* just so happened that a lot of the young people were finished school when we were there, so she got lots of attention, and LOVED it... it was funny to see how her confidence grew the further through the park we got *lol*. She did so well... am proud of her. She also walked to church to collect me from group last night with dad... so to say that she was knackered last night isn't even a slight exaggeration *lol* but she seems bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning *grins* So more of that on the way i reckon...

se also had her first proper encounter with the hoover... was sooo funny... she would be brave and come see and then run away!!! Same with the washing machine! LOL! So yeh all good.

got a busy couple of days this week... but then i'll be off home on Thursday night after work *grins* looking forward to that... Abbie is too *heheheh*
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Saturday, June 23, 2007
Puppy training...
I keep wondering if Abbie and I are going backwards instead of forwards with regards to her toilet training... or training in general *lol* she seems to have moments of brilliance and then goes light-years backwards... She also doesn't seem to eat so much... which seems rather odd. She did. To start off with she's wolf down her food really quickly... these days, not so much. Just seems a tad weird.

any tips or wisdom to offer? Coz i'm majorly stuck.

In some ways I can't wait to get her up to kemnay and try and get her sorted properly on these things. The toilet training in particular... At least at Kemnay she will have a back door that leads straight out into the garden... none of this trailing up and down the stairs business. Plus I think she'll be staying there probably about 3 or so weeks. Coz she's coming with me on holiday there next thursday and then she's just gonna stay while i come back for a few days and then head off to CLAN in St Andrews. Hopefully that'll give her a good start.

Meanwhile Dad is considering changing the hall carpet to laminate as she seems to have a particular fixation with peeing in there. It's a scabby carpet anyways... but yeh. We'll see.

I"m tired. Abbie is definitely keeping me on my toes.

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Friday, June 22, 2007
Thunder *eeeeek*
yes... thunder. Abbie jumped. once. and then wasn't bothered *lol*

then she decided to have a go at the phone cables again.... (first time size last friday mind) so i told her she was a bad girl and told her to go to her bed.. but she chose her box. so that's where she currently is *lol* She's getting quite comfy by the looks of things.

She's been good though... had her second jag at the beginning of the week... so as of Sunday she can go out for walks... no that she walks very well on the lead... we'll see. Am thinking about taking her to a puppy training class after the summer. We'll see.

This week has been somewhat quieter than last week... but it still feels as though it's been a manic week. Am very much looking forward to my holiday. Tonight i'm planning to just chill 'n watch some tv... perhaps have a bath...we'll see.

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Friday, June 15, 2007
coffee morning...
its our youth coffee morning tomorrow *eeek* i feel completely unorganised, although it is really... the young people have taken on roles... but i'm not convinced that there is going to be much baking, or that it'll even be a nice sunny day for the young people that are washing the cars. *meh*

ach i'm just in a grumpy mood coz my wisdom tooth is making my jaw hurts *sads*

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Meet Abbie....
It's been a busy few days... I had a really good birthday! Church stuff was great, and i went and brough Abbie home *grins* it's amusing at times trying to get her to understand where and when to go to the loo *heh* but last night she pooped for the first time IN the garden... *yay* (every other trip to the garden previous to that resulted in her getting so excited about the grass etc that as far as pooing etc went, it was pointless *heh*)

But yes... Isn't she sweet???? Dad's completely fallen for her too *lol* He thinks she looks like sad sam *grins* i LOVED that dog when i was little!!! *hehehe* Anyway... i'm in the middle of doing a big clean at the moment before I have the young people over tonight for coffee morning prep... Soooooo much to do before Saturday! *eeeeeek* it'll happen though... and i'm sure we'll achieve our goals.....

baking donations anyone? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

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Friday, June 08, 2007
The last week has been really busy... and this weekend is going to be no different... sorry i've not updated much. I shall try to do more. Perhaps later. For now i have other stuff to be getting on with...


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