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Friday, June 22, 2007
Thunder *eeeeek*
yes... thunder. Abbie jumped. once. and then wasn't bothered *lol*

then she decided to have a go at the phone cables again.... (first time size last friday mind) so i told her she was a bad girl and told her to go to her bed.. but she chose her box. so that's where she currently is *lol* She's getting quite comfy by the looks of things.

She's been good though... had her second jag at the beginning of the week... so as of Sunday she can go out for walks... no that she walks very well on the lead... we'll see. Am thinking about taking her to a puppy training class after the summer. We'll see.

This week has been somewhat quieter than last week... but it still feels as though it's been a manic week. Am very much looking forward to my holiday. Tonight i'm planning to just chill 'n watch some tv... perhaps have a bath...we'll see.

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