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Thursday, May 31, 2007
fun fun fun...
well tomorrow is Phil's baptism up in Kemnay *grins* which means that i'm going home for a day... annnnnd taking a couple of young people with me which is actually really exciting coz it means that they'll get to see where i come from so to speak which is really cool!!! *grins*

Also... I think Fiona is coming down to see the pups on Saturday *grins*. Am maybe gonna go with her 'n I'm gonna take a doggy blankie with me... The thinking is that if you give the pup a blankie before I get her then when i take her home then she'll still have the scent of the other dogs on the blankie so it'll give her more security. Plus Sheena thinks that if i make sure that my scent is on it too, then it'll get her used to that for when she comes here too stay so it'll make her a bit more secure... Am soooo looking forward to getting her *grins*

Mack (fellow dog lover and one of my yp from church) and I are going to go to a big Pet shop in Parkhead tomorrow morning before we pick up everyone else to head north *grins* It'll be cool... i'll be able to get a grooming kit 'n bowls.... any maybe even some toys for my wee pup!! *grins* Mack also has a spaniel... although a cocker spaniel... but it's useful coz she knows little tips like getting a deeper bowl for their food so that their floppy ears don't get covered in dog food *grins* She also forgot her dogs birthday *lol* so she needs to get something for Bonnie... dad seems to think that the dog won't have noticed... which i'm sure she probably hasn't.. but *heh* it's still nice to mark a pooch's birthday like you would anyone elses...

It amuses me that when i was talking about Sunday my dad didn't even click that it was his birthday then. *lol* i think you must get to a stage eventually that you don't take much notice of birthdays anymore *lol*

Anyway... gonna be heading out soon. WIG tonight *grins*

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