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Saturday, May 29, 2010
Banner painting
So if you follow me on her (which i know not many people do, but there you go) you will probably figured out by now that I'm quite arty...

Well before I came down to Glasgow i went through a phase of painting banners. Just a different expression of my faith I guess... I have the majority of my banners in a bag here - we've sometimes used them for missions and such in the past, although all but one have been gathering dust in a bag over recent years. the one hangs in my bedroom... it's one of my favourites. I'll maybe put up a pic of it some time.

But there are another 2 that i did - one has been hanging in my dad's study for the past 7 years, and the other, which i had TOTALLY forgotten about until my visit back north in April, has been hanging in the Church Centre in Kemnay. I was into the centre saying goodbye to a friend when I noticed it - another fave of mine I'd have to say... and was most suprised to see it still hanging there...

However, at the Pentecost in the park weekend my brother asked if they could use all of the banners in order to decorate the tent a bit - of course I was happy for that =)

Perhaps i'll do some banner painting again some day... think i'd need to get some more of that heavy lining tho - the more recent stuff i got wasn't as good to paint on =)

the things you can do with old curtain lining =)

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