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Monday, February 22, 2010
MLTP training...
So this weekend I've been in Dunblane for my latest MLTP training weekend (Mission Leaders Training Programme for the Church of Scotland)... I had kinda been dreading it coz i knew I had a lot of work still to do for the upcoming week with the church to The Abernethy Centre in Barcaple down past Dumfries... But it was actually a really gd weekend. Even almost relaxing in some ways. Had a few sessions, some role play (what joy) and I learned not to be too warey of wee babies LOL.

One of the couples involved in the Task Group for Impact (that organise the weekend) had their wee 7 week old daughter Lucy with them... and within 2 mins of walking into the room her dad Colin had put her in my arms.. now i'm not usually one for seeking to hold babies. Actually i normally have a feeling of doom whenever I have to hold one LOL, but this weekend Lucy has won my heart lol.

She's a wee darling. I think it's possible that I probably held her more this weekend than i've ever held a baby EVER! lol. Which is quite a milestone for me if i'm honest... BUt don't u think she's cute?

Anyway - I didn't mention this yet... but it would appear that my guitar has walked from the church which is very sad =( there was a glimmer of hope last night that we may have found someone that borrowed it, but it would appear not. meh.

Anyway a busy week ahead... I should really be asleep, but the GB men are winning the Curling against the USA (for now), its the 9th end (out of 10) so a close match... would really like to see it to its conclusion. hopefully. lol....

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