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Sunday, March 07, 2010
Barcaple youth weekend away - the result =)
Yes so, last weekend we took our young people away to the Abernethy Trust Activity Centre in Barcaple (down past Dumfries) and despite a hairy time getting things sorted on the run up to it (communication at the centre sucked big time on occasions), we got there and had a fabulous time!!! Like seriously!

The activities were amazing... like at the previous centre we've been to their 'team challenge' activity is basically puzzles that you need to work out as a team... so when my group got to that activity on the Saturday morning we were most amused when we found out that at Barcaple 'Team Challenge' is actually an assault course... which you (as a team) have to carry a bucket of water through, and a big plastic tube and in our case a tangerine (well the instructor had wanted to give us a raw egg... thankfully the kitchen didn't have any! lol). So basically there were cargo nets, small concrete tubes to crawl through, the 'chicken coupe' and although i probably got the most bruises from it (and a grazed knee) it was soooooooo much fun! and Such a laugh!

But yeh, the sessions were great too. Despite worries about how we had such a great range of yp (p7-S6) attending and moreso that they varied hugely in their experience of God and Church, we had a great time. We learned about who God is... How he is Love, our stronghold, our Redeemer, the Truth and is unending. And the yp and leaders got loads out of it! So ultimately it was a magic weekend. God blessed us loads! =) He is awesome!!!!

Anyway - below you can see some video footage from the weekend that i've put together for our service at church tonight =)

Enjoy... =)

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