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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
just occured to me that i have hugely neglected this blog recently... sorry about that... it's been a really busy few days actually... Celidih, preparing for 2 sessions on Sunday (instead of the 0 i was originally down for), Easterhouse all day yesterday followed by work at night... and then today i've been prepping all day for the fast (and still not done *doh*)... so yeh... sorry *oops*

I've not actually been feeling 'right' over the past week... funny feeling in my stomach... *blah* had been coming and going... but has managed to be 'gone' today so that has to be a good thing... it's not stopped me from doing anything or particularly stopped me eating or anything, but just hasn't been nice.

but generally i'm fine... i'm alive and i'm breathing and more or less relaxed (not having the extra pressure of college has been most appreciated) and i've been quite enjoying sitting watching Stargate and making cards 'n stuff in between the busy-ness that i've been apart of...

mmmmm yes. Going home on Saturday night... quite looking forward to that... and i'm prewarning you mum - i'm going to be laaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzy! *hehe*
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Thursday, March 23, 2006
You know, i probably write on here less even though i'm not doing much... well i am, but it's just not as structured and there's lots of relaxing in between... Or messy about *lol*
Ach, so not been up to much... working through prep for church 'n various other bits 'n pieces... Went to see the Pink Panther last night... was quite a silly film as expected, was funny too though... and there was this lady sitting further along our row that was laughing soooooooooooooooo much!!!! *was secretly glad that dad wasn't there as he would have been soooooooooo embarassing!!!* xP *hehe*

Anyway i'm off to write me a CV....
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Monday, March 20, 2006
chillin's with friends...
Yesterday was a looooooong day.. left the flat at 10am and didn't get back again until almost 11pm... it was a good day though... bible class as usual in the morning, invitied out for lunch by one of the families, back to church to sort out the youth band who were leading the worship... was also a healing service... was good though - the young people did really well and by the sounds of it a lot of the folk really enjoyed the worship...

Anathallo was good too - had girl come along... same age as me i think... she's considering getting involved in Anathallo.. which would be really good.. so we'll see..

Today started off as a day which i planned to do a load of paperwork that i had to do... but didn't coz i had a long lie, then faffed about doing other things i.e. helping Kat look for a particular episode of Friends that she wanted... But then i headed off to Sheena's to 'keep her company' while Geo is away at a conference with the minister... nah lol... we just chilled 'n chatted and i had a wheat free, sugar free (and i think yeast free, although i may be wrong) dinner... was nice. no complaints.

then had band... was good... we've got a couple more gigs coming up... is kl...

anyway - i'm bushed.......
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Saturday, March 18, 2006
dum de dum
well today has been nice... haven't had to do anything. =)
had a nice long lie in bed this morning, then pottered about... watched some more stargate SG-1 (i think i'm hooked!! *hehe*) Have been borrowing Kat's boxsets, but she doens't have season 3.... *cries* but i found it cheap online so have bought it *grins* am considering collecting the boxsets... dunno though.

not really done much other than that in all honesty... apart from some prep for the service that the youth band are playing at tomorrow night though! This is the 2nd evening service that they have lead the worship for... it's a healing service though... much quieter than our usual, but it'll be an interesting challenge i'm sure and will hopefully show certain members of the congregation that the young people don't just want to play loud, happy clappy songs all the time!

So yeh... Kat 'n Josh are at work... so i'm quite bored... dum de dum....
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Friday, March 17, 2006
another day another list of stuff to do...
yesterday was quite busy.... just the usual though... college and then church. Was a good laugh last night though... we've had the boys coming along these past couple of weeks, so it's been good to have a different dynamic. :)
Been trying to get some folk together for a meeting tonight in prep for the 24 hour fast in a couple of weeks time... hopefully a few will come and we'll get some stuff sorted.
not much else to say i'm afraid... Still looking for sponsors if anyone is feeling generous?
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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
a day for me...
not really done much today... and have quite enjoyed it being that way... don't get me wrong, i've been working away at stuff, but done it at my own pace and had a nice wee walk up sauchihall street just because i could *grins*

thought i'd share these pics now since it wouldn't let me yesteday when i was talking about the snow from Sunday *hehe*

the snow was sooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!! I don't think they've seen snow like that in Glasgow in a long time... surprise surprise that is didn't last for very long though... it's completely gone no (except the left-overs from a snowman outside the building), but is sooooooooooooo cold!

hehe - stargate SG-1 can be really funny *hehehehe*

Anyway - I've got to go to this meeting soon *eeeeek*
*stomach doing somersaults*

Just as well i don't have to say or do anything!
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
back again...
I'm back!!!!! at long last they have fixed the connection again... it was just pure laziness... it think that the college should get a more reliable company...
Anyway.. so what has happened since saturday... well i've studied, and studied some more... then hardly slept on Saturday night partly because i just couldn't sleep anyway and partly coz i realised it was snowing at about 1:30am *grin* I also borrowed Kat Stargate movie and season 1 Stargate SG-1 dvds... so i was watching them since i was so bored with not having a net connection either... the snow rocked though - didn't stop from about midnight until 12noon the next day... That in itself is a whole other story because I couldn't get to work in the morning... no one from church could get their cars out... i reckon the council got caught out coz there was no grit down or anything!!! so yeh, some folk walked to church, but andy 'n i cancelled bible class, although a couple of the members did actually apparently take the kids out... and although i thought it was very kind of them i was a bit annoyed that they had, for various reasons that i won't go into now mostly coz i'll just end up ranting about a whole load of other stuff too and i can't be bothered...
So yeah back to sunday... it began sorta raining by the afternoon so the snow was beginning to go all mingin' which was very sad, but we decided to cancel our evening group also. So i had a complete day off... didn't do much except some more essay work 'n watched some Stargate... was really tired by the night though so i slept really well for a change!!! Yesterday, i spent the whole day writing my essay, and happily managed to finish it and mum check it last night... so i just need to check through it one last time and then thats it... printed off and away it will go *grins* Finished it earlier than i thought i would since i had an extra day, but i think me 'n dad are gonna go out tonight... dunno though - up to him.
Yesterday highlights = homemade lasagne and ER videos *grins*
It's the big meeting with the church tomorrow though - prayers would be appreciated!!!

anyway - i should go 'n do something more constructive
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Saturday, March 11, 2006
am quite tired again today... was quite late on getting up... *hmmm* Apparently its forecast to have snow come our way... i doubt it will, and even if it does I doubt it'll lie long enough for me to either get any enjoyment out of it or for it to cause any distruption. *what joy*

Am gonna go make myself lunch soon as they're kicking us out of the library at 1pm... and after that, although i may go for a walk down to sainburys or something at some point i think that i'll just be reading for the rest of the day... If i can get all of my reading done between today and tomorrow and then write it on monday then i'll be very pleased... i'm just sick of the lecturers not really being sure what they want... doesn't help us in the slightest!!!!!!!!

anyway - catch y'all on Monday, coz i don't think i'll be on again before then... wireless internet connection still not working!
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Friday, March 10, 2006
sorry but it does... i am currently sitting at a crappy library computer with a stupid chunky keyboard thats reaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly loud and a mouse that sticks and processor that goes about the speed of a snail *is not impressed*
woke up this morning and the internet, YET AGAIN is not working... the bursar tried getting the guys to come fix...and did they? no. So that'll be us for at least the weekend without a connection. I can't even get my laptop to work in the library so i have no idea what's wrong with the stupid thing this time... I'm telling you, those guys completely take the college for a ride!

mmm not really done much else. Did some college work, handed in my essay... got some more books out of the library for my next assignment... that be about it.. other than trying to get the network working properly again! really sucks.

Am just about to go make dinner i think... am quite hungry. After that i guess i'll just be stuck studying for the rest of the night... blah. oh well.
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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
another one done...
sorry for the lack of updates... been really busy i guess...
finished another essay tonight... nice to have it done... still a lot to be getting on with though... 1 last essay for this term... and another reflective report 'n then that'll be me done. Think i start my extra placement in a couple of weeks though... and once i've got all of this college stuff done i need to concentrate on getting all my prep done for the Sponsored Fast for church... its in like 3 weeks.. *eek*

So yeh... please sponsor me... it's likely to be a very hard a traumatic event coz i'm not only fasting for 24 hours, but i'm organising stuff for the kids to do and trying to get them through it too!

uh... other than that there's not much to say. Classes again tomorrow, although by this time in the term it begins to feel pointless going to them coz they're mostly repeating stuff that's already been said since we've writtne most of our assignments by now anyway... ah well.

anyway - i should probably go to bed, nite.
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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Man on Fire
I don't know if any of you guys have ever seen 'Man on Fire'... but if you haven't and you're over 18 then i highly recommend it... I bought it weeks ago but never ever got round to watching it... but last night when i got back from work (and was too tired to work on my essay) and i decided to watch it... It's quite an inspiring story really...
its about this drunk who ends up being a body guard for this little girl in latin america... he used to be an assasin and feels that God will never forgive him 'n stuff which is why he has turned to drink... but anyway - his relationship although it starts of quite icy ends up warming him, but suddenly she is kidnapped and he's shot 'n stuff and basically he goes on a killing trail of revenge... the revenge part isn't much prettiful, but the ending had me in tears... very very good film... sorta has a feeling of Crash about it...

incidentally... I was MOST pleased to see that Crash had one the best film award (albeit apparently unexpectedly) at the Oscars... well deserved... was definitely the best film of 2005. *grins*

Anyway... i suppose i should get back to this essay... no rest for the wicked!
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Sunday, March 05, 2006
being a pain...
lol... tonight we were at catalyst 'n the speaker was talking about David being the Bible's biggst 'pain'... now he was meaning as in a pain of glass, not a pain in the butt *wink* was really good... whole point was looking at how we are communicating God's love through our lives...

Had a rather heated discussion in the car on the way home though... I hate it when folks think they can solve the worlds problems without actually knowing all of the facts... i think one of the hardest parts of my job is that i'm completely sensitive to all the pro's and con's of making big changes within a group, and what may seem completely simple and black and white to others just isn't... There are many fine lines... no one said that the Christian life or the Church life should be easy for anyone, but i know that it's my job to avoid putting huge barriers in the way... *argh* my head hurts.

Maybe i'm not cut out for this ministry business *lol*... everyone around you always thinks they're right... they often think different or even conflicting things and so you find yourself desperately trying to avoid giving into trying to please everyone... and the most ANNOYING thing is that if you have a different point of view, especially one which you feel God is leading you on then they often don't give it much credit... *confused*

Like i said maybe i'm not cut out for this business... Thankfully God's grace is sufficient.
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Saturday, March 04, 2006
the weight has lifted...
today has been a good day... for the first time in weeks i've been able to think clearly... had a meeting with one of my yp this morning which straightened some issues out which is good.. and then did prep for tomorrow morning 'n then sat the whole afternoon writing my essay for Tuesday... honestly was stressing so much, was thinking that i wasn't going to manage to finish it in time coz i've got a really busy weekend, but when i sat down this afternoon i managed to do the main bulk of the writing in only 2 hours... so that was good. So it's now done *grins* Which means that I can relax tomorrow... leading the Bible Class 'n then I'll have the afternoon to chill 'n get my room back into some sort of order before going back for the evening service 'n catalyst at night...

We had the Beetle Drive at church tonight... was such a good laugh *hehe* good harmless fun 'n we had a good group of young people there too... so kl!

don't think there's really much else to say... am quite tired, so i think i'll head to bed soon...

ps. STILL no snow :(
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Thursday, March 02, 2006
I am sooooooooooooooooooo tired. Just can't seem to gather energy this morning at all!!!! Have already been in class this morning... currently on a break though. Got classes for the rest of the day, a meeting with my tutor and then work again at night and when i get back i should really get on with prep for work for this weekend 'n do some studying for my next essay which annoyingly enough is actually due on Tuesday *argh* not quite sure when i'm going to get everything done in all honesty.

anyway so although it's really cold down here we have not yet witnessed any snow... which i personally think is rather unfair (aside from the fact that having snow would perhaps, if there was enough, create an opportunity for me not to have to go and be involved in all the extra stuff at church this weekend and let me work on my prep and essay instead...) i miss the snow... i love watching it fall... currently home, up in Kemnay has looooooooads of snow... in fact they have so much that the schools have been off for the past few days - how unfair is that?!??! *is jealous*

check this out....

this is our front door...

and this is the culdisac (sp?) round the corner on the same street... and that was BEFORE they had another whole heap of snow last night... bah.
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