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Sunday, March 05, 2006
being a pain...
lol... tonight we were at catalyst 'n the speaker was talking about David being the Bible's biggst 'pain'... now he was meaning as in a pain of glass, not a pain in the butt *wink* was really good... whole point was looking at how we are communicating God's love through our lives...

Had a rather heated discussion in the car on the way home though... I hate it when folks think they can solve the worlds problems without actually knowing all of the facts... i think one of the hardest parts of my job is that i'm completely sensitive to all the pro's and con's of making big changes within a group, and what may seem completely simple and black and white to others just isn't... There are many fine lines... no one said that the Christian life or the Church life should be easy for anyone, but i know that it's my job to avoid putting huge barriers in the way... *argh* my head hurts.

Maybe i'm not cut out for this ministry business *lol*... everyone around you always thinks they're right... they often think different or even conflicting things and so you find yourself desperately trying to avoid giving into trying to please everyone... and the most ANNOYING thing is that if you have a different point of view, especially one which you feel God is leading you on then they often don't give it much credit... *confused*

Like i said maybe i'm not cut out for this business... Thankfully God's grace is sufficient.
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