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Thursday, March 29, 2007
The Thursday Night Project...
Tonight was the first night of our new group for p7-S2's and it was great *grins* like really great *grins*
We had a decent number of kids. Not too many, not too few... new faces, old faces which were back, usual faces... was great. The older young people that were leader were amazing... they did so much better than i expected them to, especially for a first night coz I knew that they were all quite nervous. God was really there and working through them *grins*.

I'm knackered now though... I forgot how knackering rock solid material was too... So yeah it's been a good day. a busy one.. but busy. meetings and prep for tonight 'n stuff...

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Am exhausted again today... head kinda hurts, but then thats perhaps just coz i'm tired... mmm. Was back at the hospital yesterday. Was kinda gutted when i left, coz i had fully expected to get an all clear, and i didn't. I have to go back for a more complex "precautionary" scan, coz there's an abnormality that they want to check out. The likelihood is that its due to the optic neuritis, but don't know that... so at some point in the future i shall be back there again, only this time for an MRI scan... can't say that i'm looking forward to that at all.

Anyway.... not much else to say really... been really tired, so when i've not been working i've been sleeping... or ordering craft stuff online... someone should really take my debit card off of me. *heh* Dad and I did go for a meal tonight at Bella Italia tonight... that was nice... =) oooooh and I got Phil and I's Third Day concert tickets today *grins* looking forward to that... =)

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Monday, March 26, 2007
shock to the system...
Oh my... Was at the school this morning advertisting "The Thursday Night Project" aka T.T.N.P. Just back in, and soooo tired. Could easily go back to bed. I think i shall try to stay up though, and not give into the temptation of crawling back into bed. It was ok this morning... Lauren (one of my older yp) also spoke in front of the 1st years, which I thought was very brave of her =) she did very well... and of course we're back to do it all again tomorrow morning - what joy =) Got some phone calls for work to make this morning... Can't think what all they are off the top of my head, but i do have a few to make...

In fact, looking about the flat, i really need to clear up a bit... there's paperwork everywhere *heh* See, this is what happens when dad's not here *heh*...

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Ok... so it's take like the last hour and a half... but look!!! new blog template... took ages because it had to go through all the html to work out how to change stuff and add in my own links 'n stuff... but i got it all working - eventually *grins* now i just need to figure out how to either get rid of the nav bar at the top or bring the blog title down a bit... perhaps dad will have more of a clue with regards to that *heh*

It's been a busy day, with challenges and all, but a good day too...
Am going to the school in the morning to advertise the new group to the first years. Should be interesting *heh* we shall see... i just hope i manage to get up in time! *heh*


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Friday, March 23, 2007

No i'm not gonna talk about Faith in God... *heh* not today anyway... I was watching Oprah Winfry this morning and there was a dog called Faith on the show. She was born with both her front legs deformed and was gonna be put down until her current owners took her on and put many hours into helping her to learn to walk and sit on her back legs... pretty amazing really. it's not like dogs can naturally do either of those things. So in this case perseverance paid off... =)

That aside, am knackered. Yesterday was a good day. Tiring though. Have got lots to be doing today... prep for sunday and also a heap of video editing for tomorrow night, and of course i'll have BB tonight... so yeh. Am well tired though... But i should really get on with things... haven't done all that much this morning... have been lazy. lol.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Sponsor me please?

Look at this... isn't my brother soooo cool at making me posters 'n stuff?! *hehehe* Well this is the latest challenge *eeek* I'm fasting for 24 hours, will be in fancy dress for at least half, will be trying to keep 20-30 teenagers happy in a relatively confined space for a long period of time, will more than likely get very little sleep, and will have to stay happy and hyper for the duration *heheh* oh my... I really must be crazy...

... but no. I'm not crazy. there's a very good reason for this... A community in Uganda, where a lot of the children have lost both of their parents to AIDs, and they them selves have HIV and need medication to stay well... We're going to be supporting the LUWERO community project. It's a 5-fold project, of a friend of mine who was at college over my first year there... He's from Uganda and had a vision of how he could work for God in his own community. There's a church, a school (well it's partly there, still more to be built as funds come in) a farm, and hopes for a clinic and a orphanage. My hope is that the young people at Kenmure will reallllly be able to make a difference... in the words of Gabriel...

"nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something"

And this is our chance to work together to do something... And i hope and pray that it all goes well, and that we do do something.

You might not be able to be there to take part... but you can do something too by sponsoring me... please do. It's for a really good cause.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lesson... if you're staying with me, don't attempt to fall asleep while in my presence.... ok so i don't think that dad was actually sleeping... 'meditating' is perhaps the word to use... but still... doesn't he look comfy... and he nicked my new wee computer table for my laptop too *hehe* he looks very comfy... now i'm giggling at him and he knows i'm up to something... *heheh* Ah well.. he'll find out soon enough...

My wisdom teeth still suck. And it's been rather a busy... I'm knackered... quite ready for bed me thinks...

dum de dum...


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Been making a nice big pot of soup *grins* soooooooo yummy and plenty left to freeze for a change which is nice, and of course plenty of freezer space to put it in *grins*

haven't done much else so far today, although am about to head neck deep into prep work for the next few hours before i head to work for the evening... not getting my full day off tomorrow or Saturday, so thought i'd have a good bit of time yesterday and today to chill out a bit.

Anyway... did some searching on the Shaun the sheep website today *grins* so much fun!!!!!!

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Saturday, March 17, 2007
wisdom teeth are just a pest *sads*

that aside, i've had a lazy morning... it's been nice. Am gonna have to spend the afternoon clearing up 'n going food shopping for tonight though... a friend from church was invited when we had the wee dinner party last week but couldn't come coz she was away for the weekend, so i offered for her to come tonight instead. We'll probably watch some Glenshee video (as she can't come to our leaders get-together next weekend either) and probably dancing on ice or something... I'm sure it'll be a lovely evening, hopefully not tooooo late though. Am still very tired. *lol*

Am watching Time Team at the moment... that program has always interested me since i was quite young... it's all very interesting.. they are currently literally digging up a guys garden though *heh* quite harsh really...

anyway - i should stop procrastinating...

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Thursday, March 15, 2007
I was at Sheena's on Tuesday and she showed me an article about this little girl called Akiane... She's 12... and she is an amazing artist. I really encourage you go to to her site and have a look.

It's a really inspiring story... basically Akiane started having dreams when she was 4 years old. Dreams which she described as God showing her heaven. Now at this point her parents weren't Christians, in fact they were cautious of anything religious. But Akiane was having these dreams away, and ended up drawing 'n painting... and she expresses her gift as a Blessing from God which has been given to her to bless others. Like wow. You should see this girls ability. Even more inspiring that she credits God for it all *grins* as she should. It's clear when you look through all the paintings she's done since the age of 4 that this is a talent which is natural. It's crazy in some ways... and yes, in the pic, that is Akiane, sitting in front of one of her own paintings... which i think she did when she was like 11, i may be wrong though... but still - crazy good for someone so young.


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got up just under an hour ago... still quite sleepy though, could easily go back to bed *heh*
It's mingin' outside today *heh* i doubt i'll be going anywhere until i have to tonight *heh* The ASM went ok last night... well at least my part did. Although it's always hard to read their expressions. Those who i know for a fact are behind me 100% always smile 'n come up to me afterwards and encourage me, but others just seem to glare at me or their body language seems to tell me that they're not impressed (more in a sense that they're not really listening to what i'm saying, they've just made up their mind before they even come into the church in the first place)... so I dunno. But the thing is that i expect that most people will have very quickly forgotten about what i said, because Iain gave his report after mine, and the words he had to share definitely ruffled some feathers. He felt he couldn't not be honest, and I have to say i have a great amount of respect for what he did. Basically he shared that although the past year has been a great one for him, it has also been one of frustration, to the point of dreading to go to church on a Sunday (hmmm I recognise this somewhat) because of the consistant complaining which came his way every week and inbetween. He pointed out that there is a difference between sharing concern and complaining, and that difference was the attitude with which it was made... He pointed out that people seemed to be insistant on complaining about the same things over and over and over as if they didn't trust him to attempt to overcome it or they just weren't hearing anothers point of view and they were determined to get their way. The list of things people have complained to him about was immense, and he shared it... of course the youthworker was in there. Unforunately there are people in our church who seem to think that if they complain loudly then they will get their way... it's just sad thats all. And for it to have affected Iain to the point that he would have dreaded going to church (as I have at times) is just sad... :( Anyway, apparently there were indignant grumbles on the way out the door by some people.. I dunno though, if they felt so badly about it, is it because they feel guilt? Iain didn't speak in a condeming way... but it would appear that some people did feel condemmed. It'll be interesting to see how things develop *eeek*
Anyway - i need to go and get myself sorted... may come back later for another update about some other stuff i came across at the beginning of the week...


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Drill Marching...
I was going to write an update last night... but quite frankly I was knackered. So i went to bed instead. Oh dear, i must be getting old... Well yesterday was my scan day... Never thought i'd ever have to get a brain scan... interesting experience if nothing else... Was quite uncomfy though... the way the girl made me hold my head wasn't the most comfortable at all... but it didn't last long so no complaints... Got to wait for a couple of weeks before I got back to find out if i do indeed have a brain though... I kinda want to ask them for a copy of the pictures as proof... Fiona 'n I were talking about it last night... I think it would be quite novel... i can see the caption on Bebo now... "Proof that I do have a brain!" *heheh* Ah well... Have to make light of it i guess...

Anyway - last night I was at GB, and I was doing drill!!!! Jennifer got me to be the marker - was quite fun, but also quite traumatic!!! I didn't have a clue what I was doing really, but the girls were good at keeping me right! *hehe*

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Monday, March 12, 2007
Am absolutely knackered today... thought i was a lot better when i was out this morning to the dentist (yes, i did remember this time) but it would appear not... my afternoon has been very unproductive - other than watching Shaun of course! oh yes... and an attempt at catching up on the laundry, and the flats pretty tidy too for a change i guess, so i suppose it's just been an unproductive day work wise *lol*! It was a good walk this morning though *grins* although there's quite a cold wind out there today... But yes, the usual tonight. Youth Band and then back here... Dad's coming to stay again tonight...

ooooh can't remember if i mentioned already, but the way it turns out, I have to give a wee short presentation at the ASM at church on Wednesday night... The ASM is the 'Annual Stated Meeting' which is basically when all of the congregation get the opportunity to go along to this meeting and hear reports from the Congregational board and the session and minster etc... the etc of course being me! *eeeeek* Och it'll be fine, i know it will be... i'm basically just condensing down what I did for my report to the Kirk Session last week... so no panic (how do you spell panic??? that some how doesn't look right, but then putting a 'k' on the end doesn't either *is confused*). As far as my report is concerned it more about informing people what i do... coz they aren't always aware, or directly see the fruit, so yeh... it'll be interesting. Just so long as Iain doesn't leave me up there to be quizzed like i'm on a firing line, it'll be ok. It's quite amusing actually coz usually you can only speak at this meeting if you're a member... which of course i'm not, so the fact that i'm actually doing a report at it kinda actually amuses me... yes i am just that sad! *lol*

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Sunday, March 11, 2007
Still here...
Don't worry... i've not disappeared off the face of the earth... it's just been a busy few days... mum 'n dad were here until just before lunch yesterday 'n then i spent the rest of the day preparing for the folks coming over last night... was good :) Am so tired now though!!! *lol* was up until like 1:30am sorting out the stuff 'n washing up... it's all good though... and the food was well received and we had a good time... so yeh... good night =)

Anyway - look what Phil has on his bebo!!!!!! AM very excited by this!

I'm gonna go 'n make sure that i'm sorted for tonight before i (and this will more than likely happen) fall asleep...

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Thursday, March 08, 2007
well today was a big surprise... but i'll come back to that... started off with assembly, where i talk about Team Hoyt, which is a very inspirational story about a son and and a father, and an aim to work towards inclusion... i encourage you to read the story - it's well worth it. Anyway, I used it this morning as part of my address to the 4th years, and contiuned to talk on Jesus talking about loving others, and respecting others etc... so it was good...

then had a nice long chat with a friend followed by quite a lot of prep... then i had a surprise visitor, who is still here... *hehe*

Mum randomly appeared about 3:30pm *hehehe* i was rather surprised admittedly... so that's nice... so i've been punted out of my nice big double bed for a couple of nights *hehe* which is fine. it's all good... i'm pretty knackered though, and a bit sore... hmmm.

it's quite sad actually coz we're all sitting talking on msn *rolls eyes*

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Well today has been tiring, not that i've done much... was up early for school assembly, and Chris 'n I got there only to eventually discover that it wasn't actually happening... we weren't too bothered though... I'm back again tomorrow morning, although after witnessing the conversation and what seemed to be confused (in my opinion) communication between the 2 about the assembly tomorrow, i wouldn't be surprised if it didn't happen either... but the head's last words were, 'yes we'll see you tomorrow for 4th year assembly'... so i shall do as I am told *heh* I'm tired though. I should probably get up that early more often *heh*

I think dad and I are going to start going and playing badminton when he's down... need to get some exercise me thinks... I've offered to take Molly extra walks too... but i don't see that happening on rainy days though *lol*

However, tonight I had a night off work, so dad and I had a relaxing dinner, (thanks for the soup mum) and then went to Costco 'n Tesco shopping... so i'm all stocked up and sorted... but this jsut HAD to get a photo... Yes, that would be dad, in Costco, standing next to giant chocolate eggs... they cost £50 each no less... anyone who ate them would be sooooooo ill afterwards!!!!!

oh my - i have the 'Shaun the sheep' theme tune stuck in my head.... it's very catchy you know *wink*

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I had been looking for a Shaun the Sheep flash to put on my profile page, and found the opening credits on YouTube and was very excited by this only to find that for some reason it doesn't actually work on bebo... so i went into my favourites to change it back to the 'get a mac' advert (you all should btw!!!) and was reminded of the 'Awesome God' flash that I had come across a while ago... I watched it through, and something kept coming back to me the whole way through... it's something that's been coming back to me a lot through different things recently...

Where, is the passion for spreading God's Word? Where is the passion for seeking to save souls? Do we walk along thinking that 'ok, so we're saved, now we can just chill out knowing that God is with us whatever happens and will forgive all the pants stuff we do'? Do we forget that Jesus sent the disciples out to bring the nations to him? Why do we always assume that it's someone else's job? How often do we actually bother to invite a non-christian friend to an event or even talk to them about God? It's all very well praying for them to become a Christian, but if we're not giving them the opportunity to come into a Christian fellowship, if we're not even opening our ears for God to tell us to grasp opportunities then are we failing them? Don't misunderstand me, i'm not attempting to limit God here, but surely, as Christians we all admit that we have been given the greatest gift... So why do we always shy away? or keep to our own priorities rather than God's? Being a Christian isn't about being the perfect model to your non-Christian friends, it's about sharing with them that we get it wrong too, but that we trust in God who is higher than us and has control over all for the good of us...

Why do we persist in keeping God to ourselves? God's Grace is for all. Why are we so selfish so as not to share it? Why is it that when someone reminds us about how we should share the gospel with our friends... we feel bad... wish we could help them understand God... pray for them... and then perhaps forget about it... or at least we may continue to pray for them, but just not actively do anything about it outside the comfort of our own bedroom, or i suppose mind. Why?

I've said this before... and I'll say it again... Christianity is not something that you 'tag on'. Christianity does not work around our habits, our lifestyles... its not something which is ok to just 'add-on' in later life... later life may be too late... Following Christ IS a lifestyle. And as much as we like to bury our heads in the sand on this, there IS a sense of urgency here... We don't know how long we are here for. No one does. Yes, ultimately it is everyone's own personal decision whether they follow Christ or not... and yes, you can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink - BUT have you actually even tried to take the horse to the water? Or are you so comfortable at the river with your Christian friends that you see no need to venture out to take others there too?

People tend to come to Christ through those they trust... not because of a minister... although of course God can work through all... so take that on board... is God asking you to encourage someone? do you need to wait until an evangelism event comes along to invite a friend into Christian fellowship? i don't think so...

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Sunday, March 04, 2007
Third Day...

For those of you who are unaware... Third Day are a very good Christian band from the states... really good songs... some of which you will probably have heard... like 'your love oh Lord' or 'God of wonders'... both great songs *grins* - been waiting for them to come over for aaaaaaaaaages... They were at the first Frenzy... very good *grins*

Anyway - the exciting thing is that they are coming to Glasgow in May *grins* - third day concert here i come!!!!

That aside... i'm feeling rather rotten today... heads really sore... chest a bit sore... perhaps i am coming down with something... hopefully not though...

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

I've been meaning to tell my sister this for ages... i wonder if she's heard this year... but Shaun the Sheep has his own 40-part series starting this week on CBBC - how cool is that?!

For those who don't know who Shaun is... He first starred in Wallace and Gromit's "A close Shave" Where he was the main sheep... Very cute I have to say... and the link to Fiona, my sister, is that she's obsessed with sheep... *heheh* and has taken a particular shine to Shaun... *grins*

Quite clearly, Shaun ROCKS!! *grins*

Anyway... managed to wind myself up thinking that I had a load of prep to do for Anathallo tomorrow night... only to then remember that I actually have Catalyst tomorrow night which requires no prep... so that's kinda nice. Still have stuff to do for the morning, but feeling rather uninspired and tired. Had a good and encouraging meeting this morning though, which was good. Am watching the Athletics at the moment... haven't done that for years... am looking forward to the Olypmpics next year... Where is it again? *hmmmm*

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Friday, March 02, 2007
tired, but feeling better...
was feeling awful last night... but the weight has lifted. So it's good...

Bought a couple of great CDs the other day when I was in Wesley Owen... They're CDs from bands that will be playing at Frenzy this year... getting more excited about it now!!!! *grins*

First up... Casting Crowns... Linving some of the lyrics on this album. got one of them as my MSN name at the moment.... it's from the song 'What if his people prayed'... Just so happend to be the line "What if the family turned to Jesus, stopped asking Oprah what to do..." - so true... people, even Christians, spend so much of their time looking for answers in the world, but they rarely if at all go to God for the answers... So yeah... American band... huge in fact... but I kinda like their style...

Second... Leeland... A newer band to me... had never heard of them until one of my young people who is very up on keeping tabs on who's going to be at Frenzy sent me a link to their myspace a couple of months agi... They kinda remind me of Starfield who were there last year. But yes... apparently Leeland are from Texas... so another American band... if anything i guess this is kinda proving that we just don't have any good bands over at this side of the Atlantic *lol*.

So yes... those were my purchases... am currently looking into the possibility of get other churchs to join with us to get a bus of some description going from this area... we shall see... it's a while off... but my lesson has been to get these things sorted sooner rather than later...

anyway i was up early for a meeting this morning... well not really, but yeh, was up really late last night, and my heads still throbbing... perhaps some food will help *smiles*

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Thursday, March 01, 2007
tonight i feel weary... very weary... i think i may just go to bed.


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