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Thursday, March 15, 2007
got up just under an hour ago... still quite sleepy though, could easily go back to bed *heh*
It's mingin' outside today *heh* i doubt i'll be going anywhere until i have to tonight *heh* The ASM went ok last night... well at least my part did. Although it's always hard to read their expressions. Those who i know for a fact are behind me 100% always smile 'n come up to me afterwards and encourage me, but others just seem to glare at me or their body language seems to tell me that they're not impressed (more in a sense that they're not really listening to what i'm saying, they've just made up their mind before they even come into the church in the first place)... so I dunno. But the thing is that i expect that most people will have very quickly forgotten about what i said, because Iain gave his report after mine, and the words he had to share definitely ruffled some feathers. He felt he couldn't not be honest, and I have to say i have a great amount of respect for what he did. Basically he shared that although the past year has been a great one for him, it has also been one of frustration, to the point of dreading to go to church on a Sunday (hmmm I recognise this somewhat) because of the consistant complaining which came his way every week and inbetween. He pointed out that there is a difference between sharing concern and complaining, and that difference was the attitude with which it was made... He pointed out that people seemed to be insistant on complaining about the same things over and over and over as if they didn't trust him to attempt to overcome it or they just weren't hearing anothers point of view and they were determined to get their way. The list of things people have complained to him about was immense, and he shared it... of course the youthworker was in there. Unforunately there are people in our church who seem to think that if they complain loudly then they will get their way... it's just sad thats all. And for it to have affected Iain to the point that he would have dreaded going to church (as I have at times) is just sad... :( Anyway, apparently there were indignant grumbles on the way out the door by some people.. I dunno though, if they felt so badly about it, is it because they feel guilt? Iain didn't speak in a condeming way... but it would appear that some people did feel condemmed. It'll be interesting to see how things develop *eeek*
Anyway - i need to go and get myself sorted... may come back later for another update about some other stuff i came across at the beginning of the week...


posted by TLT @ 10:37 am  
  • At 5:28 pm, Blogger Kathryn said…

    people like a good moan and cause problems even when its not a concern that they should be concerning themselves about! if that makes sense - this is a really good time to show Iain your support and to unite as a leadership team - keep going, you are in the line of work of building bridges - :)

  • At 5:46 pm, Blogger TLT said…

    =) aye... i haven't spoken to Iain properly but hopefully i'll get a meeting with him in the coming week... Just praying that nothing 'hits off' tomorrow at church...


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